Ask Me If I’m Ready Pt. 03


So I was wrong. This third chapter got too long and I needed to break it in two. There is one more chapter, the conclusion, which I’m working on and hope to post soon. Please enjoy!

All people, places, and things described are imaginary and do not represent real places, persons, or events. All characters in this story are over the age of 18 years.

Ask Me If I’m Ready – Pt. 3

The Proposal

Darby Steele was begging tearfully, “Please Daddy… I’m so sorry! Please don’t do this! Daddy, please… what did I do?” She was lying naked on the bed, face down.

Jake Steele, her father was fastening neckties around her wrists and ankles, securing her to their new four-poster bed. He and Darby had picked out the new bedroom set earlier that year. Darby’s mother, Meredith Steele, had been found to be cheating on Jake, who promptly divorced her. After mom’s affair ended their marriage, Darby decided to fully replace her mom in every way. The divorce was finalized just last month, in September. To celebrate, they went out and bought the bed they’d picked out, and rushed home and immediately started breaking in their new mattress. They’d been lovers for almost 10 months, and their time together had been positively blissful. But now, it seemed that a punishment was in order due to some transgression, and Darby was pleading for mercy as her dad tied her to their bed. Jake did not seem to be in a forgiving mood.

“I can’t believe you did this, baby. I warned you not to. And now, you have to pay,” he said pitilessly as he checked her restraints. He stood up and looked at his handiwork. He never got enough of looking at his girl. She’s biracial… Jake is black and her mother Meredith is white. Darby was blessed with that ‘best of both worlds’ look biracial kids sometimes got. Smooth, flawless, permanently tan cinnamon skin, distinctive yet ethnically ambiguous features, and long soft, curly black hair with brown, blonde, and red highlights. She had full, toned athletic legs, and a positively spectacular ass… full and round, perky as hell, firm, with just enough jiggle. Her delectable ass was Jake’s focus for the evening.

“But what did I do, Daddy? Please, daddy! I love you! Please, no, Daddy,” she sobbed.

Jake sat on the bed next to her and stroked her full, sexy ass. He let his fingertips slip into her crack and he teased her asshole with the pad of his finger. “This is it, baby girl. Are you ready?” He heard her sniff as he looked into her big, brown eyes that she got from him. Eyes that were entirely dry. Eyes that looked eager and excited. Still, she managed to nod sorrowfully.

“But Daddy, what did I do?” she begged. “Please tell me.”

Jake slid his hand down between her legs, cupping her hairy sex. Darby lifted her hips in anticipation of what was coming. Jake tugged gently on her long, lush pubes. “I told you, babygirl… never ever cut this hair.”

“But I didn’t, Daddy! I know how much you love my long, thick, sexy pussy hair. I’d never cut it!” she said, slowly and seductively as she pressed her pussy against his hand.”

“I don’t know what to tell you, sweetie. It feels shorter to me. Hell, it’s practically bald! That’s not good, baby. Not good at all,” Jake said as his finger sought out and found her swollen clit. He massaged it around while his thumb teased her tight little asshole.

“Mmmmmmmmm…” Darby groaned despite herself. “I mean, no, Daddy! Don’t do thisssss…” she hissed as two thick fingers slid inside her drenched pussy while the other kept assaulting her clit.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Without warning, Jake started spanking his daughter on her naked ass, hitting her hard enough to redden the cinnamon-hued flesh. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He continued the brutal assault on her soft, pliant, delicate ass. He delighted in how her full cheeks jiggled with each blow.

“Owwwww! Owwww! Owwwww! Owwwww! Owwwww! Daddy! Please stop! It hurts so much! Daddy, please stop! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Pleeeeease Stoooooppppp!” she screamed even as she lifted her ass to meet each blow. She felt her father increase the attack on her pussy as he roughly fucked three fingers in and out of her tight young gash and he furiously worked her clit. Then, his thumb stopped teasing and pushed all the way into her waiting asshole even as his other hand continued striking her ass. Darby exploded, “Daaaaaddeeeeee Fuuuuuuuuck! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh! God, daddy, beat my ass and fuck me! Mmmmmmmm…” Her ass was on fire as her pussy and asshole throbbed in orgasm around her dad’s hand.

Jake removed his fingers from his daughter’s pussy and rubbed her tender cheeks, smearing her juices all over them. He bent down and softly licked the girl-honey from her abused tushy, soothing her. “There you go, baby. Let daddy kiss it and make it better,” he murmured as his mouth slipped between her cheeks and sought out her tight little sphincter. He pulled her cheeks apart and started licking and sucking her rosebud, bursa suriyeli escort escort pushing his tongue as far into her snug orifice as he could reach.

Darby spread her thighs apart as far as her restraints would allow and lifted her ass, inviting her dad to eat her ass good. “Mmmmmm, that’s it, Daddy… eat your baby girl’s ass… you spanked it hard… make it all better. That’s it, Daddy…just like that…mmmmmmm… God that feels soooo good… I have the best Daddy in the world, eating his little girl’s ass like that…mmmmmm.” Her father continued licking and sucking her, rimming her rear hole like his life depended on it.

Once the ache in his jaw became too much, Jake quickly untied the knots holding Darby in place. He turned her over and knelt between her spread legs, and placed his hard cock against her wet, hairy pussy. As he slid himself into her, he groaned in pleasure from the sublime feeling of all seven inches pushed deep into his baby’s waiting quim.

Darby wanted to give her daddy a special treat. She spread her thighs wide and rotated her hips in synch with his, accentuating the friction of his thick cock sliding in and out of her. She softly stroked his face with the back of her fingers and looked in his eyes and saw him looking at her with unending love and adoration. In a whispery, sexy voice, she said, “You like this, Daddy? You like fucking your only daughter, Daddy? You know it’s wrong to have your thick hard dick deep in your baby girl’s tight little pussy. You know that’s wrong, don’t you? You know you’re not supposed to do this, right?”

Jake groaned in pleasure. Darby knew he loved her beyond compare, but she also knew that the taboo of their affair drove him wild with lust. “You know, Daddy,” she continued throatily, “Of all the tight,” she humped her pussy at him with extra force to emphasize each tantalizing word, “Wet. Hairy. Young. Pussies. In the world,” she kissed him deeply, sucking his tongue into her mouth. She continued, “This. This one. This is the one tight, wet, hairy, young pussy you absolutely shouldn’t be in… Mmmmmm, fuck me, Daddy… fuck me soooo goooood Daddy! You’re such a bad daddy, fucking your baby girl like this… Oooooooo… so fucking bad, Daddy…”

Her words were inflaming him. Jake pounded her pussy deep and hard, slamming his cock into her over and over… chasing the peak…

Darby, relentless, kept going, hissing as if angry with him, “Don’t you cum inside me! You’d better not cum inside your daughter’s pussy! You could get me pregnant! How would you like that? Me all pregnant with a big belly, full of babies you fucked into me! Your own daughter! Getting your own daughter pregnant! Fucking your own daughter and getting her pregnant! How would you like that?! What would everybody say?! If you get me pregnant you better fucking marry meeeeeee… Oooooohhhhh Daddyyyyyyyyy!!”

That image threw him past the peak and into orbit. He screamed her name as he rammed his iron-hard cock as deep into her as could and pumped a river of cum right against her waiting womb. She could feel it surging inside her, and the mental image worked both ways, triggering her own intense cum. They held each other tightly as the powerful orgasms seemed to go on and on. As they rode it down, they both pictured a smiling pregnant Darby, Jake’s pearly cum dripping from her soft, thick curls. Mmmmmm… some day…

Darby sighed deeply, smiling shyly at her dad. Jake looked at her, kissed her nose and said, “Happy Birthday, baby.”

She told him, “It’s exactly what I wanted. Thank you, Daddy!” She cuddled next to him and fell asleep in seconds. Jake gazed at his beautiful sleeping Darby, secretly pleased with himself at being able to keep up with this sexy 22-year-old nymphet. Moments later he joined Darby in slumber.


Just a couple of blocks away, Nate Rochester was naked and in bed with his loving daughter, Nora Rochester, Darby Steele’s best friend. They were kissing passionately, their tongues wrestling together, mouths hungrily devouring each other. Nate’s fingers were busy between Nora’s thighs, making a wet squelching sound as he slowly slid them and out of her tight, bare pussy. Not hard, not rough… gently caressing her soft, smooth delicate pussy, and dipping between them to slide inside her syrupy center. Nate was in no hurry. They had all night. He wasn’t trying to fuck her tonight. No, tonight was about romance, kissing, and making her feel loved. Somehow he knew that this was exactly what she wanted tonight.

Nora’s hips undulated as her father’s fingers worked their magic between her legs. She loved how he was just inside her pussy, not driving in too deep. “Mmmmmm, daddy… Just like that… Yeahhhh… Ooooohhhhhh…” Every so often he’d let a fingertip slip down and lightly tickle her tight back door, sending a little jolt that she felt in the center of her sex. He was kissing bursa ucuz escort her so deeply, so urgently. Nora could feel how much her dad loved her. Their tongues caressed, first inside her mouth and then his, swaying back and forth together in a sensual, rhythmic dance between their lips. She loved deep-kissing with him… he was so patient and tender, and such a good kisser. She hugged him tighter to her body as she felt the familiar beginnings of the delicious climb to her peak. As they continued, she felt herself getting closer, and closer, until…

“Mmmmmm, yesssss… sooo good, Daddy…Mmmmmm…” Nora let the wave wash over her she came, breaking the kiss to bury her face in the crook of Nate’s neck as her cum went on and on, her father gently stroking her clit to prolong the sensation. She tightened her grip on him as her pussy throbbed and pulsed around his hand as his skillful fingers played her orgasm like a soft guitar. Her only sound a strained, prolonged grunt as her weeping gash poured more of her sweet essence onto fingers relentlessly strumming both her clit and her ass, not letting her come down. He kept rubbing and fingering her just so… making at last… inexorably holding her at her peak. It was becoming too much… “Daaaaddddeeeee… pleeeeeeeeeeease…” Finally she felt the intense and protracted orgasm begin to relax its grip on her. The contractions in her now hyper-sensitive pussy began to lessen and finally stop, and she collapsed back on the bed, breathing as hard as if she had just run a race for her life. Her mind could barely register a coherent thought. Finally, after several minutes, she was somewhat recovered. “Jesus, Daddy,” she said between several deep breaths, “How can you make me cum so hard with just your fingers?”

In answer, Nate just planted light kisses on his daughter’s face… her eyes, forehead, mouth, chin, finally kissing her once more with tongue.

“And how do you always know exactly how I want it? I don’t even have to say anything. You always just know.”

“What do you mean baby?”

“Like sometimes I want to be fucked so hard that I can barely walk, and then, like tonight, I didn’t really want it all the way. I wanted just what you did… kissing and hugging and petting. And that’s just what you did. How do you always know?”

“I guess I’m just in tune with you, baby. I just love you so much and I know what you need to be happy,” Nate answered. “Plus I’m older. Older guys know what women want. And as for me, well, you know… your man got mad skills.”

“I’ll say,” agreed Nora wholeheartedly. She kissed him gently, “Thank you, Daddy.”

“For what, baby?”

“Everything. For all of this. For this life we’re sharing. Mmmm… I love you so much, Daddy…” She cuddled up against her father and fell asleep before she knew it.


The next morning as he was finishing his coffee, Nate asked Nora, “You and Darby hanging out tonight?”

Nora, wearing one of Nate’s old tee-shirts, answered, “Yeah, but no big plans. You and Jake playing tennis again?”

“Well, yeah. It’s Friday. Friday tennis and Wednesday gym. Gotta stay in shape.”

“Oh really, Dad? Why is that? Did the doctor say something,” Nora joked.

“I didn’t wanna say nothin’, but me and Jake got these hot young girlfriends. Now I don’t know about Jake’s, but mine is… whooooooo! She’s fuckin’ insatiable! I gotta stay in shape just to keep up. I love her, though… so I gotta keep her happy!”

“I’m sure you do. Daddy, before you go, since it’s Friday, I made you a special breakfast. Would you try it before you go? I just wanna see how you like it,” Nora said innocently.

Nate looked around the kitchen. The stove was cold, and he didn’t see any pots or pans out of place. “Okay, babe. Where is it? I’ve gotta run, but I got time to take a bite.”

Nora took his cup from him and put it in the sink and then sat on the table in front of him. “I made you some chocolate cheesecake,” she said as she spread her legs in front of him. “And you don’t bite it,” as she leaned back and sprayed a dollop of whipped cream right at the top of her mons, “you lick it.” She pulled her father’s face between her thighs and served him breakfast.

“Damn, baby girl,” Nate moaned as he took his fingers and smeared the whipped cream all over her wet sex, and licked her from her tight, puckered rosebud all the way up to her clit, which he sucked into his mouth and flicked back and forth with his tongue. He repeated the motion, forcing the tip of his tongue against her tight sphincter, slipping in just a little, and then licking and sucking deeply all the way back up to her clit. He put his mouth tight against the opening of her vagina, greedily coaxing more and more of her honey into his waiting mouth. Nate delighted in the delicious flavor of the sweet cream mixing with her tangy, musky syrup. Nora’s moans were increasing as her hips lifted off the bursa üniversiteli escort table to present herself to her dad’s ravenous mouth. Her hips gyrated as she frantically fucked back at his mouth as he sucked her higher and higher to her summit. Nate slipped two fingers into her snug little pussy and slid back and forth all the way in and out, making her cry out. He stroked the top of her slick, wet channel with the ‘come here’ motion she knew so well… pressing against her G-spot…

“Ohh, ohhh, ohhh, Daddeeeee! God, I’m cumming soooo gooood!! Oooooohhh!” Nora screamed as her surprisingly strong orgasm washed over her. Nate kept up the attack on the mouth of her sex, greedily swallowing the sweet-tasting honey she was pouring into his mouth. Not letting her relax, her moved back down to her tight asshole, which was now covered in a tantalizing blend of sweet girl-cream and whipped cream. He lifted her butt up to his face, and he ate her asshole, fucking his tongue in and out of her tight chute, loosening and relaxing her passage until he could get his tongue all the way in. Then he went back up to her clit and sucked it into his mouth, licking and sucking it until she screamed out loud in another orgasm. Again, he drank up her juices as she came down. Nora slumped back on the table, her thighs falling wide apart in exhaustion.

Nate stood up, dropped his pants to his ankles, pulled her hips to the edge of the table, and slid all eight inches of his thick cock into his daughter, right there on the kitchen table. “Mmmmmmmm… Daddeeee…” Nora moaned loudly as she felt the welcome intrusion, and her hips started humping back hard of their own accord. He grabbed her ass in both hands and held her in place as he pounded his dick into her deep and hard. He looked down at her, this woman he loved more than life, and he had to lean down and kiss her. “Nora, I love you so much, so goddamn much!” he said as he looked her in her eyes.

“Unhh! Unhh! Unhh! Then Unh!! Show me unhh! Daddy! Unhh! Gimme… Unh! Gimme your cummm!” and she exploded on his cock, coming hard for a third time that morning. “Daaaaddeeeeee!!”

Nate felt his dick erupt inside Nora, her pussy pulsing and sucking the cum from his balls… from his very soul. He could only grunt as he emptied himself into her. He pulled her up to him and held her tight as he rode the ecstasy of cumming inside his own daughter. As his heart rate slowed, and Nora’s breathing returned to normal, they kissed deeply and soulfully. As Nate gazed at her lovey face, he was so overcome with love for her, he couldn’t speak. She knew what he was thinking. “I love you, too, Daddy. Always, and forever.” After holding each other for a few minutes, she pulled back from him and looked at with a mischievous grin, “Hey, don’t you have to go to work?”

Nate shook his head as if clearing his thoughts. “Fuck! Gotta go, baby!” he said, as he quickly pulled up his pants and fixed himself up. He kissed Nora quickly one last time before heading to the garage. He stopped at the door and said, “But save that cheesecake… Im’ma want some more of that later!” And he was gone.

Nora sat there on the kitchen table, with a fresh load of her dad’s cum seeping out of her well-fucked pussy, pooling at the very spot where her dad usually ate. She’d never been happier in her life.


That evening, Nate and Jake were furiously battling it out for the second set. Jake had won the first set by one point, and Nate was serving to stay alive: Jake was up 5-3, and they only played two sets. This was for the match.

The shit-talking was flowing as heavy as ever. Jake shouted out, “Bitch, you gonna serve or you stalling tryn’na think of more excuses why I’m whuppin’ yo’ass? AGAIN??”

“Like you can hit my muthafuckin’ serve! Negro, PLEASE! Here!” and Nate tossed the ball up to serve, but the shot was too high and went out into the back court.

“FAULT! Bitch! I can’t hit it ‘less you get it inside this li’l square. You do remember the rules, right? Now serve! I got shit to do after I finish with yo’ lanky ass!”

“Here, mothufuckah!” And Nate served an absolute winner, touching down right on the center line. He was sure it was a point, saving the match. Jake chopped his racquet down and to the front, slicing the shot deeply. The ball zoomed back to the net, so low that Nate, thinking it would hit the net, hesitated. The ball just cleared the net, but when it hit the ground, with Jake’s devastating backspin it bounced back across the net on its own. Game. Set. Match.

“Gaaaagh!!” screamed Nate in frustration. “HOW THE FUCK DO YOU DO THAT SHIT YOU WEIRD-ASS MOTHERFUCKER!!”

Jake raised his arms above his head, dropped his racquet and proclaimed, “Bow down all ye before me!! Bow down ye lesser -“

“Hey, Daddy!” Darby and Nora shouted as they walked from Darby’s car, Jake’s old X-Model. After Meredith’s affair where she let her boyfriend drive Jake’s car, a Range Rover that Jake loved, he never wanted to see that car again, and he traded it in for the X-Model. But he just didn’t like it nearly as much as the Range. Once he and Darby got together, he felt that he had no reason to let Meredith’s unfaithfulness affect any choices he’d ever make. So he gave Darby the X, since she adored it, and he went out and got another Range. Just not a blue one.

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