Asian Masseuse, Stereotyped Again!

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Female Ejaculation

*** This is a 3 part story about a young Chinese masseuse and her sexual awakening after moving to the US. It contains exhibitionism / voyeurism, interracial sex (white male / Chinese female/s), and taboo sex (mother / daughter).

I hope you enjoy.***


Part I – A Hard Day at Work


I zoned out as my hands kneaded the fatty folds on the back of the hairy, 50-something Mr. Nicolaides. It was preferable to mentally escape into fantasy than consider where I had wound up after 4 years of studying sports and fitness therapy at an over-priced American university.

I had moved to the US to study from my home in Chengdu, China at 18. I was lucky enough to obtain a visa that allowed me to work after graduation. I now planned to work hard and save enough money to operate independently, though it may take a few years to accomplish.

I was now working over 20 hours weekly in a seedy massage parlor and waitressing at the weekend to pay off my student debt. By the end of each week, I usually soaked my aching hands in ice water as the physicality of the work caught up with me. Generally, massage therapists worked 15 hours at most, but the Sun Lotus Massage Parlor demanded longer hours from its staff.

That afternoon was my first session with Mr. Nicolaides. As much as I liked easing others’ pain and tension, I would be lying if I said I enjoyed it equally across all clients.

As my mind drifted, my hands massaged the middle-aged man’s lower back. When I finished his pale, chubby legs, I asked him to turn over with a slight sense of dread.

Having worked there for a few months, I was now used to the occasional erection. At first I had found it kind of funny. Now it was just a hazard of the job. I was not terribly surprised that this old and frankly unattractive man had become aroused after being touched by a petite, 23 year old Chinese girl.

My eyes avoided his… and the tent pole under his towel. I began to rub his shoulders and arms. The sooner I finished the session, the better. I could feel his eyes on me as I worked. It gave me the creeps.

I was more than a little wary of male clientele.

I had previous clients who tried to grab my ass while I worked, or ‘accidentally’ showed me their dicks. Usually I would respond by shouting a tirade of abuse at them, or once with a firm slap across the face. I was not there to take abuse from horny old pervs. When it came to dealing with unwanted advances, I was my mother’s daughter. Her temper is legendary, and I’ve seen grown men forget how to speak when she lost it.

As much as I loved my mother, I was glad to be free from her. She didn’t know that I had had a boyfriend in the US. She is extremely prudish, even by Chinese standards. Despite her striking looks, I gathered that her and my father had a stale sex life. She would be furious if she found out I had slept with a man before getting married. She was constantly keeping busy with her favorite pastime: lining up potential suitors for me to return to China to marry. Through blind luck, I had managed to evade her schemes so far. Little did she know, her crushing repression was the main reason I had relocated 12,000 kilometres away. Once I was out on my own, I became free to explore my sexuality a little. I finally lost my virginity at 20. Had I never left my mother’s constricting embrace, I think by now I would have been married to the Chinese version of Mr. Nicolaides…

The thought was enough to make me want to wretch.

Just as I was about to tell Mr. Nicolaides that we had finished, he raised his head, a third chin forming as he did. “Do you do any… special massages?” he asked innocuously, a lustful glint in his eye. His gaze dropped to the towel over his erection before returning to my eyes.



The thought of touching this old man’s penis made me feel nauseous. There was no amount of money that would make me enjoy that.

I knew some of the other girls did favors for clients. I assumed just handjobs, but maybe they did more. I also guessed that the parlor took a cut. To be honest, the less I knew about it the better. I joined to earn money through good, old-fashioned labour, not sex work.

“I do a deep tissue massage which is slightly more expensive, though I’m afraid that I have another client booked now so we would need to book it for another day.” I answered, mechanically.

His face dropped with disappointment, the sleazy glint in his eye was gone, replaced by a sulky anger. No doubt he was surprised to meet a masseuse in Sun Lotus who didn’t give ‘special’ massages. I finished up quickly and left the room so he could get dressed.

As I washed my hands in the next room, I allowed myself a shudder of revulsion.

I promised myself that if I ever considered sexually satisfying a client for money, I would book a one way ticket back to China.


After 10 minutes, I stepped furtively into the waiting room.

Please bahis şirketleri God, I thought, don’t let the next client be a dirty old creep.

Referring to my clipboard, I called out “Mr… Edwards?”

A tall, athletic White man in his mid 30s dropped a newspaper onto the coffee table, rose slowly to his feet and stepped forward. He moved with some discomfort, wincing slightly. I guessed he was recovering from an injury. He wore light jeans and a plain black t-shirt which hugged his well defined muscles. He looked very fit, the prominent veins on his arms suggesting a rigorous lifestyle.

“Hi. Just through here?” he responded, his deep, masculine voice surprising me somewhat. I swallowed, suddenly nervous. His face was freshly shaven. He had a strong jaw, and deep brown eyes. His dark hair was trimmed short. He looked clean-cut and professional.

“Ummm, yes please sir.” I stammered slightly.

Oh my! What a hunk! The thrill of anticipation moved through my body.

I wondered if he was a boxer, or even a dancer perhaps. I had to admit, I felt lucky that I would see and touch this man’s body.

“I’ll be with you in one moment, if you can just get undressed and lie on the table face down, with the towel covering you.”

I waited in the attending room, nervous energy overtaking me. My hands shook a little as I washed them. I casually wondered if Mr. Edwards would get an erection too…

I certainly hoped so.

The thought made my pussy tingle a little.

I returned to the massage room to find him laying down, as instructed. His face was hidden from me by the hole in the massage table.

“Now Mr. Edwards, my name is Jia. Do you want a standard massage, or are you experiencing specific muscle pain at all?” I asked politely.

“Nice to meet you Jia, please call me Billy. I strained my back in work a few months ago and it occasionally flares up.” His hand moved to point at the lower spinal discs above his coccyx.

“Ah I see… That is quite common. I can certainly take a look.” I thanked God he couldn’t see my eyes roaming over his body. Every part I could see was lean with well-defined muscles.

I started by massaging his lower back, my strong hands teasing out the tension stored there with increasing intensity.

He moaned deeply with relief, his body shuddering as he did so. For some reason the primal sound affected me. To my sex-starved ears, it almost sounded sexual.

“Oh my God, Jia!” he groaned with pleasure. “That feels amazing!”

“I’m glad to hear it, Billy.” I replied softly. Just hearing him say my name that way kicked my imagination into overdrive.

I hadn’t been with a man in the last two years and my body ached for contact. Since breaking up with my asshole boyfriend after finding texts to other girls on his phone, I had focused on my studies and work. This often left me very horny and I regularly fucked myself silly with sex toys, although I was never fully satisfied.

Unfortunately, a sex toy can’t grab you by the hair while fucking you from behind and call you a dirty slut.

In the last few months, in my sexual desperation, I had taken to sunbathing topless on my balcony. It gave me a thrill to display myself for others’ enjoyment. Being on the 6th floor, only a handful of other apartments could see where I lay. I wore my sunglasses which allowed me to scan the surrounding windows for voyeurs. I was so nervous each time I did it, but that just seemed to add to the thrill. My mother would be disgusted if she ever found out what I was doing.

One day as I lay on the sun-lounger, I noticed in my peripheral vision a teenager in the opposite apartment block, watching me. I thought I may have seen him before, perhaps in the local grocery store. He looked to be 18 and was pretty cute for his age. My mouth became dry and my heart beat wildly. After a minute or so, I began to idly play with my nipples, tweaking and flicking them. Eventually I slid a hand into my bikini bottoms, teasing my clit. I was soaked. I could see his hand pumping furiously as he watched. A few minutes later I saw his body tense. He was cumming, I realized, with more than a little satisfaction. I had given him an intense orgasm from across the street.

I had gathered my things and casually retreated to my room, where I promptly fucked my dildo for hours. It was the most erotic experience of my life… up to that point.

As I massaged the physical specimen before me, I knew that evening I would have a new fantasy to cum to.

“What kind of work do you do, Billy?” I asked.

“I was in the Army for a few years, one tour overseas was enough for me. Now I’m a member of the SWAT team.”

“Oh my!” I said, genuinely impressed. I wondered if he had ever shot anyone, or been shot at. I didn’t dare ask. “I’m sure you have some incredible stories! How did you injure yourself?”

“Well!… We were responding to a robbery in a jewellery store. One of the perps tried to escape down a stairwell. My colleague was about to blow his head off, but I could see he wasn’t armed. Don’t ask me bahis firmaları why, but for some reason I decided it would be a good idea to tackle this punk instead and try to cuff him before he got himself killed. The two of us scuffled before we fell down the stairs… Guess which one of us ended up in a hospital bed?”

“Oh my!”

“Yeah… and the kicker is, the guy is suing SWAT for the injuries HE sustained during the fall! The little shit doesn’t even realize I saved his life!” Billy chuckled wryly.

I laughed a little at that. “I guess you’ll think twice before saving another criminal!”

He laughed and replied, “A few bullets would certainly have reduced the paperwork!”

We chatted and shared some laughs while I worked. He asked me where I was from and how long I had been in the US. I asked if he was married. He hesitated before saying yes. I was a little disappointed, but it wasn’t unexpected.

We both relaxed a little, enjoying the conversation. I wondered if he found me attractive. Even though he was married, a part of me hoped he would ask for my number. I would gladly give it to him. At the very least, I hoped he would be a regular client.

As I began to knead his shoulders, the conversation tailed off and I noticed after a few minutes that his breathing had deepened. I suspected he had fallen asleep.

As I continued the massage, I finished working his legs. I shook his shoulder lightly. He stirred, lifting his head to look at me.

“Please can you turn over for me?”

“Oh, I must have dozed off.” he said groggily. “You have gifted hands.”

Due to the discomfort of his injury, he groaned as he shifted.

Once he had completely turned over, I glanced down and saw a MASSIVE bulge under the towel! My eyes must have gone wide open because Billy blushed a little.

“Sorry ’bout that, Jia…” he said brusquely. He cleared his throat, evidently embarrassed by the situation.

“It’s… ummm, no problem, Billy.” I stammered.

Oh my God!

I wondered how big it was! I suspected it was at least a few inches longer than any cock I had ever seen.

I could tell my pussy was dripping now…

As I began to massage his legs, my mind was racing. I knew he was married, and it didn’t seem like he was going to ask me out. Still, I felt a need in my pussy that I would love him to satisfy.

As I worked, I tried to keep my mind on the task in hand. I noticed after a few minutes that his eyes were closed once more and he was breathing deeply. Had he fallen asleep again?

His erection was still clearly visible. In fact, it looked like it was stiffening the closer the massage moved towards his groin.

I bit my lip.

God, I would just LOVE to see it!… It would fuel my fantasies for months.

All I would have to do is lift the towel…

If he woke up, I had no idea what I would say. I would most likely lose my job if he complained. Or I could be totally humiliated if he began to berate me.

Still though… the sordid thought wouldn’t leave my mind.

I was breathing rapidly now, acutely aware of my heightened state of arousal. I could have sworn my sensitive nipples were rubbing against the fabric of my uniform as I worked.

Was I seriously considering it?

I don’t know if it was the fact that I hadn’t been with a man in so long, or that I was naturally voyeuristic, or that I had never seen a big white cock up close before. Whatever the reason, I watched my shaking hands move to the edge of the towel. I stared at Billy’s face for any sign that he may be stirring as I ever-so-slowly lifted the towel.

My heart skipped a beat as Billy inhaled sharply. After a tense few heartbeats his breathing deepened again. I sighed inwardly and my eyes travelled down his sculpted body, from his muscular rounded shoulders, to his defined pecs, to his six pack abs, before coming to rest on the largest cock I had ever seen!

It must have been 8 or 9 inches long, and much thicker than my ex boyfriend’s. He was clean shaven and he had large, heavy balls. I imagined what it would be like to suck them. I watched the veins on his magnificent dick pulsing, a deep primal lust overcoming me.

I couldn’t seem to stop myself.

“Oh my God!…” I muttered.

I wanted to reach out and touch it. I wanted to lean down and lick the head, before sucking it into my mouth. I wanted to feel his cum hitting the back of my throat before I greedily swallowed it. Most of all, I wanted to climb on top of this white stud and fuck his giant cock while my hands roamed over his muscular body.

“Mmmmmmm…” Billy yawned and stretched his arms, a grin forming on his face. His eyes were suddenly open, and fixed upon my own. “Normally I would never do anything like this, but to be honest, when I saw you I was sure hoping you’d offer!”

I gasped and lowered my head. My cheeks were flushed with embarrassment and I found I couldn’t speak.

“So, how much for a blowjob?”

“I, um, I don’t…” I stuttered, my eyes avoiding his.

“You don’t… what?”

“I don’t… kaçak bahis siteleri ummm, do… that.”

“Oh…” He looked puzzled. “So… why did you take off the towel?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

Shit, shit, shit!

I had no choice but to confess.

“I’m so, so sorry Mr. Edwards! Please don’t tell anyone!” I pled desperately. “I just wanted to… well… see it.”

“Ahhhh…” His lecherous grin returned. “I get it! You wanted to see a big, white dick, right?” It wasn’t really a question. He knew the answer, and the shame of being caught in the act made my cheeks burn.

“… Yes, I did. I’m sorry… sir.” I responded, my head bowed. I wanted to disappear.

I felt guilty, ashamed, embarrassed, and incredibly aroused all at once. I prayed he would not be angry with me.

“No need to be sorry, Jia. If you wanted to see it…” he reached down and wrapped a hand around his still rigid cock, and began lightly stroking it, “… all you had to do was ask.”

I gasped softly again as I watched his hand ever-so-slowly rubbing his massive dick. My mouth was open and I felt my heart pounding in my chest. He moaned a little, and I could tell he was enjoying putting on a show for me. I glanced towards the door. I should leave, I thought… but I didn’t. He continued to pleasure himself.

“Mmmmm… that feels good. You like that, Jia?” he asked with pride.

I hesitated before nodding. I was mesmerized by his hand moving up and down.

“You like watching me stroke this big cock, Jia?”

My eyes met his.

“… Yes, Billy.”

God, what I was doing? I couldn’t help myself.

“Damn, you’ve got some nice tits! And a sweet ass too… Now, I want you to take off your top.” he ordered, the authority in his voice turning me on even more. My hands obeyed automatically, clumsily unbuttoning my blouse before shaking off the sleeves and allowing it to fall to the floor. I stood there in my plain white bra and skirt.

“The bra too.”

I unclipped my bra at the back, letting it too fall to the floor. My full, C-cup tits were now exposed to his hungry eyes.

“Mmmmmm!… your tits are so fucking hot Jia. I’d love to cum all over them… Why don’t you play with them for me?”

I obliged, shyly at first. I cupped and squeezed my tits for his pleasure, occasionally flicking and twisting my nipples. His hand was moving faster now. My eyes shifted between his hand pumping his cock, his arm and torso muscles flexing with the movement, and his deeply lustful expression. I was so turned on, I thought that if I rubbed a fingertip around my clit even once, I would cum immediately.

“Want to touch it Jia?” he offered, softly.

I looked at his long, fat dick as he removed his hand. Some precum had oozed from it and was spread all over the head. I nodded dumbly.

My hand seemed to know what to do without any instruction. I felt electricity pass through my fingers as I made contact with his heavenly cock. I tried to wrap my hand around, but my fingers didn’t fully encircle it as I began to stroke. He groaned with pleasure. The contrast of my Chinese hand against his pale skin made it even more erotic. My mother would die of shame if she knew I was doing this to a married man, especially a white one.

As if possessed, I leaned forward slowly, my tongue slipping out of my mouth. I heard his breath catch as the tip of my tongue made contact with the head of his cock. I licked around the head, swirling my tongue repeatedly as I tasted his precum. I knew then I would soon have his cum flooding my mouth, and I couldn’t wait.

I started sucking him deeper and alternating between licking his shaft and balls. I pumped his cock while I sucked his large sac. He gripped the sides of the table in ecstasy, grunting as he did so.

“You sexy little slut!…” he moaned. “Once my back is healed, I am gonna fuck you senseless! And don’t think your ass is safe either…”

In response, I stared into his eyes as I dragged my tongue from his balls, up his shaft, and around the head of his big cock.

He started pushing his tool deeper into my mouth as I sucked it. He was rock hard. I tasted his precum in my mouth. It only made me want more.

I had never talked dirty to anyone before, but I wanted nothing more than to be this white stud’s slut.

“Mmmmmmmm, I can’t wait… You can fuck me here, on this table, or you can come to my apartment and fuck me on my balcony, where everyone can see…” I purred, surprised at my own kinkiness. I knew as soon as I said it that I would do whatever he wanted me to.

“Oh fuuuuuck!” he groaned, writhing in pleasure at the prospect of fucking me like a whore. I guessed he was close to cumming.

“I love your big white cock, Billy! I want your cum in my mouth so bad… I want to swallow it all.”

As if in response, he looked down at me, gritted his teeth, grabbed my ponytail and proceeded to fuck my mouth hard. I felt him fill me until he hit the back of my throat. He pushed in deeper once, twice, and on the third time, a flood of his hot cum shot into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat. His whole body tensed as he came, his hands gripping both sides of the table. I struggled to swallow as much as I could, though some spilled from the side of my mouth, dripping onto my tits.

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