Ashley’s Fantasies Ch. 02

Abella Danger

Here is Chapter Two of the Ashley’s Fantasies story that I am writing for fun. It picks up right where the first chapter left off. The first chapter was a little difficult to categorize. The series overall probably fits best in the Exhibitionist & Voyeur category. The story will have Exhibitionist elements in a lesbian setting, with cfnf scenarios where Ashley is the only one naked in front of several older women. The first chapter really did not have Exhibitionist elements though, because it was only Ashley with Ms. Stephens in the privacy of Ms. Stephens’ house. I put the first part under Lesbian Sex because of that, however it was one-sided lesbian sex where only Ashley was naked and aroused. So it might not fit perfectly in the Lesbian Sex category. Life is full of dilemmas I guess. But anyway here is part two. The first chapter was for story developing purposes, and so you might have to read the first chapter to catch up. This chapter has some exhibitionist elements, and then the third chapter would be when the really good stuff starts to happen. ? I hope you enjoy!


Late the following morning, Ashley drove back to Ms. Stephens’ house. Her parents wondered where she was the previous night, however they made no fuss about it, as Ashley told them that she was at Ms. Stephens’ house later than normal. Ashley’s parents had no idea that she stripped completely naked and allowed Ms. Stephens to caress and pleasure her. She told her parents the following morning that she was going back to Ms. Stephens’ house for lunch to discuss more career related things, and Ashley’s parents had no objection to this. They thought Ashley went to Ms. Stephens’ house for career tips, and Ashley was doing that. However, they did not know that now Ashley was going over there for other reasons as well.

After the previous night, Ashley was very excited to go back and see Ms. Stephens. She had developed a very good relationship with Ms. Stephens over the last few months by visiting her often for help in pursuing a career, although now that relationship was much different. Now Ms. Stephens had seen Ashley completely naked and had pleasured her to orgasm. Ashley was one who had always been very modest, and as a result she developed very extreme fantasies where she was completely naked and brought to orgasm in front of a fully clothed older woman, or perhaps several fully clothed older women. She wondered for some time about how she might be able to make this fantasy real, and found the answer with Ms. Stephens. The previous night, Ashley was able to make one of her sexual fantasies real, and to think, she was still going to see Ms. Stephens often! This was hopefully only the first of many times where Ashley would be in such a situation.

The previous night, Ashley asked before leaving if she could see Ms. Stephens very soon, and they agreed on lunch the following day. Ashley wanted to talk about what happened that night. After the previous night, Ashley felt like she could tell Ms. Stephens anything. She was going to tell Ms. Stephens why she did the things that she did that night, and Ashley was going to tell Ms. Stephens about her biggest and deepest fantasies. She was not sure how Ms. Stephens was going to react, but she certainly enjoyed Ashley’s show the previous night, and she had no problem touching Ashley erotically, so Ashley felt like she could tell Ms. Stephens everything.

Ashley was pulling in to Ms. Stephens’ driveway. She saw that someone else was there too. A truck was parked by the side, and there were gardening tools in the back. Then after a few seconds Ashley saw two women walk out from the back of the house. They were both middle aged, one with long hair and the other with a butch haircut. Both were wearing jeans, flannel shirts, aprons, and dirty gloves. They were clearly doing gardening or landscaping work. Both saw Ashley after a moment or two, and both smiled and waved. Ashley waved back, and then went to ring the doorbell.

She was wearing a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt jacket. Underneath was a tank top and then her bra and panties. She had only sandals on instead of shoes. Ms. Stephens opened the door before long, and was happy to see Ashley as she always was. Although after the previous night, Ms. Stephens was happy to see Ashley in a different kind of way. She suddenly started talking to Ashley differently, and Ashley liked it.

“Hey there!” said Ms. Stephens when she opened the door. She was completely covered, as always, wearing a sweatshirt and jeans today. “Long time and no see! You sure had quite a night last night!”

“Hi,” said Ashley smiling. “I see you have some people over.”

“Yeah, my gardeners are over today doing some work in the back. Sometimes I just can’t take care of everything here. Come on in!” said Ms. Stephens. She walked in and removed her sandals by the door. Then Ashley and Ms. Stephens went onto the kitchen. The room was bright with sunlight. They both sat at fikirtepe escort the kitchen table, where the previous night Ashley was lying naked and having her clit rubbed by Ms. Stephens.

“Look familiar to you at all?” said Ms. Stephens fixing some soup for them. “I have to say that you look really good lying nude on my kitchen table. Especially when I’m rubbing your clit.”

“Well thanks,” said Ashley smiling. Ms. Stephens was somewhat flirting with her. Ashley saw the two gardeners in the back before long.

“So,” said Ms. Stephens. “You wanted to see me earlier than when we usually meet. What is it that you want to talk about?”

“I want to talk about what happened last night,” said Ashley.

“I would love to talk about last night,” said Ms. Stephens. “That was a great show you put on.”

“I’m really glad that you liked it,” said Ashley.

“So what made you want to do it?” asked Ms. Stephens.

“Well that’s a very deep subject,” said Ashley. “Last night I was able to live out a fantasy that I’ve been badly wanting to do. I’ve really wanted to get naked in front of someone else, an older woman.”

“I certainly enjoyed seeing you naked, and I sure enjoyed seeing you lose control of your own body,” said Ms. Stephens. “You have the cutest and best body I’ve ever seen, and you sound so sweet when you’re really aroused.”

“Were you a little surprised by what I did last night?” asked Ashley.

“Well, sure. I suppose I was surprised,” said Ms. Stephens.

“I was nervous about how you would react when I started to dance for you,” said Ashley. “I wanted to get naked in front of an older woman, and I wanted that woman to see me have an orgasm. When I learned you were a lesbian not long ago, and that you enjoyed seeing younger women, I began to think that you would be able to fulfill my fantasy. I was nervous though about how you would react, because you have been a friend with me and my parents for some time, so I worried that you would object to touching me.”

“When I saw you again for the first time in a while, I was amazed at how pretty and attractive you had become,” said Ms. Stephens. “I’ll admit that at the time I did undress you with my eyes, and I’ll admit that I did fantasize about touching you.”

“Really?” said Ashley.

“Yes, I will confess,” said Ms. Stephens laughing. “However I am a good friend with your parents. Therefore, even though I imagined you naked and I imagined myself touching you, I never considered actually making an attempt at these things. Then last night you took me by surprise.”

“Did you start to imagine those things when I surprised you?” asked Ashley.

“At first when I saw you stand before me in the basement, I suspected that something good was going to happen,” said Ms. Stephens. “Again, I was never going to try and seduce you in any kind of way, because I know your parents. Then you began dancing for me, and little by little everything you wore came off. Because you were initiating the whole thing, I felt like I could enjoy watching you. Then you said that you wanted me to touch you and take control of you. I didn’t know for sure what that meant, but I thought I had an idea.”

“I didn’t want to directly ask you to make me orgasm, but that was what I really hoped that you would do,” said Ashley. “It took a while before you finally touched me where I wanted you to though, so I was a little worried that you weren’t going to do it.”

“Oh no, I was going to do it to you. My mind was made up on that rather quickly after hearing what you said,” said Ms. Stephens. “However, I waited a while before I finally touched your clit. I focused on every other part of your body. I wanted to arouse you as much as I possibly could first. I was strategic by touching everywhere except your pussy. My goal was to make you really want it. It looked like you wanted me to touch your pussy the whole night, but I tried to raise that desire as high as I could first.”

“So that was what took you so long. I was getting worried,” said Ashley.

“Once you looked like you couldn’t move or speak, I knew it was time,” said Ms. Stephens. “Again, I didn’t know for sure that you wanted me to rub your pussy, but I thought that was what you wanted. I was a little nervous, because if by some chance that wasn’t what you wanted, then I would certainly be in much trouble. That’s the risk. I am good friends with your parents, and if they knew that I had violated their daughter, especially without her consent, then I would feel terrible, to say the least.”

“Don’t worry. I wanted you to touch me, and I wanted you to arouse me,” said Ashley. “With that said though, I don’t want my parents to know what I did. Please keep it a secret.”

“Oh I’ll keep it secret. I would be in more trouble if they found out,” said Ms. Stephens. “I sure enjoyed seeing everything you had, and I definitely enjoyed seeing and hearing you orgasm.”

“I want you to feel like you gebze escort can do that to me whenever you want,” said Ashley. “You can strip my clothes off whenever you want to, and I want you to feel like you can touch my pussy whenever you want.”

“Ooh,” said Ms. Stephens with a smile. “Whenever I want? And why do you want me to feel like I can do these things to you whenever I want?”

“That’s what I want to talk with you about,” said Ashley. Her nipples were starting to perk up a little. She could tell that Ms. Stephens wanted to touch her again. “I have perhaps a strange kind of fantasy, and I wanted to talk about it.”

“And what is it that you fantasize about?” asked Ms. Stephens. She was acting different from last night, perhaps less nervous and more in control. Ashley liked it.

“I have never really acted sexy until last night,” said Ashley. “I have always been fully dressed and modest around others. So I fantasize about being exposed and vulnerable in front of other women, particularly older women.”

“So what exactly does that mean?” said Ms. Stephens.

“I want to be completely naked in front of older women, and I want have orgasms in front of them,” said Ashley. Her pussy was beginning to get wet. She was feeling turned on just by talking about what she liked.

“I like the sound of that,” said Ms. Stephens in a flirtatious tone.

“I learned you were a lesbian and so I thought I would be able to live this fantasy out with you. So I tried doing a strip dance for you, and I hoped that you would touch me and make my lose myself,” said Ashley.

“And it was very enjoyable to watch,” said Ms. Stephens.

“There is one thing that really turns me on though,” said Ashley. She was sounding a little embarrassed. “If you remember last night, I asked you to keep all of your clothes on.”

“I do remember,” said Ms. Stephens. “That was a very interesting request to make.”

“In every fantasy I have, I’m the only one who is naked,” said Ashley blushing. “I like when the other women are completely clothed the whole time.”

“Whoa!” said Ms. Stephens. “And why do you like being the only one naked? That’s a rather interesting fantasy.”

“I don’t know!” said Ashley giggling. She was sounding embarrassed, and her face was a little red. “I guess that I like feeling exposed and I like feeling vulnerable. If I have sex with another woman, I would feel this way, but they would too. If only I’m naked and having an orgasm, then I guess I would feel a lot more vulnerable because the other woman is in no way exposed.”

“Well that is an interesting fantasy. I suppose that makes at least some sense,” said Ms. Stephens. She got up and walked towards Ashley. “In fact, I kind of like the idea of only you being naked now that I think about it. Tell me more.”

“Well, I like the idea of being completely naked specifically in front of older women who are fully clothed,” said Ashley.

“Why older women?” said Ms. Stephens. She stood right behind Ashley.

“I have a strange way that I look at lesbians,” said Ashley giggling. Ms. Stephens was feeling her fingers through Ashley’s hair.

“And what is it?” said Ms. Stephens.

“Well,” started Ashley. She could feel Ms. Stephens’ fingers gently touching her neck. It was arousing Ashley.

“Yes?” said Ms. Stephens.

“You really only see younger women exposing themselves,” said Ashley. “I never see older women showcasing themselves, at least not in fashion, modeling, or anything else like that. Older women are almost always dressed. Usually it’s the younger women being sexy and not the older women. The younger women are the ones that everyone desires. So I have this strange worldview where the job of younger lesbians is to show themselves off, where the job of older lesbians is to enjoy the younger lesbians.”

“Well that is an odd way to look at things,” said Ms. Stephens.

Ashley giggled embarrassingly. Ms. Stephens was still feeling Ashley’s hair. “Don’t judge me! It’s strange how I got this idea but at the same time the thought of being in that kind of scenario turns me on more than anything else! I love the idea of displaying myself for older women.”

“Stand up for me,” said Ms. Stephens. Ashley got up out of her chair and stood by the table. Ms. Stephens walked in front of Ashley to face her. “So you want to be naked in front of older women? And you want to be the only one naked?”

“Yeah,” said Ashley. Ms. Stephens gently grabbed the zipper of Ashley’s jacket and slowly started pulling it down.

“You want to feel exposed,” said Ms. Stephens walking behind Ashley. Ashley’s jacked was now unzipped. “And you want to feel extremely vulnerable.”

“As vulnerable as I can be,” said Ashley. She felt Ms. Stephens slowly pulling her jacket off. “And I think I am much more vulnerable when everyone else in the room is clothed and therefore protected and safe.”

“Everyone else in the room?” said Ms. Stephens içerenköy escort raising an eyebrow. She removed Ashley’s jacket and put it on the table. Ashley was now in her jeans and tank top. “Do you fantasize about being the only one naked in front of a crowd of older women?”

“That’s my greatest fantasy, to be naked and have an orgasm in front of a crowd of older women, all watching me,” said Ashley. Ms. Stephens had her hands at Ashley’s waist, caressing her. Ashley felt her pussy getting wetter, and her nipples were hard and perking through her tank top.

“Why in front of so many women?” asked Ms. Stephens. She walked in front of Ashley again. Ms. Stephens hooked her fingers inside the bottom of Ashley’s shirt and began to gently play with it.

“The more women there to see me naked and watch me orgasm, the more vulnerable I would feel,” said Ashley. Her tank top was lifted up a little. She felt Ms. Stephens’ hands gently touching her midriff and her belly button. Ashley’s body was beginning to feel as it did the night before. Her nipples were already hard again, and her pussy was wet and slowly getting wetter.

“Put your arms up,” said Ms. Stephens. Ashley did so. Ms. Stephens slowly walked behind Ashley again, with her hands still on Ashley’s midriff. “So you want many older women to see you naked? That sounds very interesting.”

“I don’t just want them to see me naked,” said Ashley. She felt Ms. Stephens lifting up her tank top. It slowly went up over Ashley’s head and was off. Ashley stood there in her bra and jeans. “I want them to see me have an orgasm too.”

“And why is having an orgasm in front of so many clothed women so important to you?” asked Ms. Stephens. She walked in front of Ashley again to face her. Her hands were gently feeling the skin on Ashley’s stomach.

“I feel like an orgasm is the greatest form of exposure,” said Ashley. Her face was beginning to look a little aroused. “It is a girl’s most guarded secret if you ask me, but there are so many other reasons.”

“And why else do you want them to see you orgasm?” asked Ms. Stephens. Her hands worked their way to Ashley’s jeans. She unbuttoned and unzipped them.

“I think that a girl’s arousal is the most erotic thing a person can witness,” said Ashley. Her voice was starting to get weaker. “I want so many women to see me lose control of my body. I want them to watch and enjoy as I get to that point.”

“So you want an audience watching?” said Ms. Stephens walking behind Ashley again.

“I want them to watch me,” said Ashley. She felt Ms. Stephens beginning to pull her jeans down. Her body was feeling hot, and getting hotter.

As Ashley felt her arousal building, she noticed something in the back yard. She had forgotten that the two gardeners were there! Neither appeared to notice that an 18 year old girl was having her clothes stripped off in the house. Ashley was not sure what to think when she remembered that they were there. They were women, and older women too. These were the people that Ashley wanted to be naked in front of. However, Ashley was not sure if they were lesbians, and therefore she worried a little about what might happen if they saw what Ms. Stephens was doing to her. Ms. Stephens knew that they were there too though, and she was stripping Ashley anyways. If Ms. Stephens was not worried, then perhaps there was no need for Ashley to worry. So Ashley decided to keep going with it.

“You want them to see you touch yourself? You want them to see your most erotic secret?” said Ms. Stephens. Ashley’s jeans were down at her feet now, and she stepped out of them. She was down to her bra and panties. Ashley felt her skin beginning to crawl a little. Her pussy was very wet and very hot.

“Actually….I don’t want to touch myself,” said Ashley. Her breathing was starting to get a little heavy. She was getting into the same position she was in the night before, and it was arousing her greatly. This time though, there were other women outside in the backyard that might see her, which added to the arousal. “I want them to make me orgasm.”

“Ooh. And why would you rather have them touch you?” asked Ms. Stephens. She slowly circled around Ashley again.

“I want to just relax and feel what they’re doing to me,” said Ashley. Her body was beginning to feel a little weak. It was getting a little harder for her to speak. “But that isn’t the biggest reason.”

“And what is it?” asked Ms. Stephens. She was now behind Ashley again.

“I want them to touch me,” said Ashley sounding weaker. She felt Ms. Stephens unhook her bra, and it slid down her arms to the floor. “I want them to enjoy having my body under their control.”

“So you want to get completely naked in front of a crowd of fully clothed older women, and you want those women to make you have an orgasm?” said Ms. Stephens. She could see that Ashley was very aroused. Ms. Stephens walked in front of Ashley. Her hands were on Ashley’s panties, the only thing Ashley was still wearing.

“I want them to take turns touching me……I want everyone else to watch and enjoy,” said Ashley. Her clit was beginning to tingle a little. Ashley’s breathing was getting heavier. She was beginning to feel a little dizzy.

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