Artist Model Pt. 02


Carol went home feeling both happy and satisfied. Happy that she found a new source of income with a great group of guys that she liked and satisfied that her body still hummed after the intense orgasms she experienced with the same guys. There was something she enjoyed about exposing herself in front of these men. She had never considered herself to be an exhibitionist before, but she found herself loving it, especially having an orgasm in front of them.

She enjoyed George’s cock, a bit longer than what she was used to, but then she hadn’t been used to any in quite a while. She felt herself getting warm all over again just reliving the feeling of his cock inside of her.

She remembered the promise she made to pose with someone else next time and she blushed again. She thought she knew who she wanted to pose with next, but could not remember his name. She could only remember Jack and George and of course George’s long cock. She knew she had been introduced to all four of the men, but could not remember the names of the other two. One was shy and reserved, but the other was almost as forward as George. He also sported a nice budge between his legs. This is the man she wanted naked on stage with her next time.

She would have to ask Jack the name of the man who liked to fondle her. Was it Pete? Paul? She could not be sure, but he did have an erection when she stood next to him naked. She fantasied about how they would pose together, maybe with that big cock in her mouth. That fantasy lasted all the way home. She opened the front door humming.

She knew that she could only model twice a week, so she would have to wait three more days, but hopefully she could talk to Jack tomorrow.

The next morning as Carol set up her display and positioned all of the day’s flowers she noticed Jack sitting on his normal bench with his artist pad. She quickly finished arranging her stand and walked over to him.

“Morning,” she announced as she approached. “I really liked yesterday’s session and wondered when we could do it again. I know you said that it would be maybe once or twice a week.”

Jack looked up from his pad and smiled, “I’m really glad you liked it, so did we, especially George. I have to warn you that if you want to do that again, it must be kept secret. If the owners of the manor found out they would shut the whole thing down and we would never be able to draw there again.”

“I can keep a secret.” Carol replied with a naughty smile. “It wouldn’t be fair if I posed with George again, but I can’t remember the name of the guy who was seated next to him. Was it Pete? I think he would enjoy posing with me next, that is unless you want to.”

“Yes, that is Pete and he was upset that George offered to pose with you before he could.” Jack said with a bit of humor. “The other guy is Ramon, he is a bit shy, but he wants to pose with you too. I’ll wait until the other guys get a chance to pose.”

“Thanks, I couldn’t remember their names. When is good to have another session? I know you said that it wouldn’t be every day.”

Jack thought for a bit then said, “How about Friday? I’ll check with the guys, but I think Friday is good. I can let you know if anything changes. 2 o’clock works for us, but it would depend on your schedule and how many flowers you still have unsold.”

“Friday is perfect. It is a slow day for flowers anyway and I normally have fewer to sell on Fridays.” Carol replied. “I better get back now, as I think I see a customer. Talk to you later.” Carol reached out to give her friend a hug and he stood to embrace her feeling her breasts pushed against his chest. Memories of her naked breasts against his from yesterday flooded his mind as he absentmindedly gave her left breast a squeeze.

Carol smiled as she pulled away thinking how much she enjoyed the attentions of these men.

The day passed quickly and she had just a few flowers left over. She packed them up and headed over to the manor to distribute them to the older women.

“Hi Judy,” she announced as she walking into lobby.

“Oh, hi Carol,” the receptionist replied. “I see you have a few flowers for us. Do you want to head on back or just leave them here?”

“I only have a couple left over, not really enough to distribute. How about if I just give them to you?”

“That’s fine,” Judy responded. “How are you doing with the guys and the modeling?”

“It’s great. I’m loving it; I never knew that modeling could be so much fun.” Carol gushed, barely containing her enthusiasm.

“That’s great. I was a bit worried. You know that older guys can get a bit handsy, if you know what I mean.” Judy cautioned.

“The guys are fine and I don’t mind a little attention. I know they are just lonely but they are perfect gentlemen.” Carol lied. She wasn’t sure if what she enjoyed was allowed here and didn’t want to jeopardize what she had going with the guys.

“That’s good but if that changes let me know and I’ll have a talk with the guys. This art thing is really good for them and I don’t want it Casibom to end.”

“Why would it end?” Carol asked.

“A couple of years ago we had a woman care takers here who complained about one of the male patients fondling her. She threatened to sue the manor if he wasn’t removed. The owners had to inform him and his family that they would have to find another facility.”

“That’s horrible. So they just dumped him because of a grope?” Carol asked shocked.

“Yes, it caused a huge moral problem among the men, but they got back at her. After a week or two there were first one complaint about her hitting a male patient, then another, until she had 12 complaints against her and none of the male patients wanted to be around her. They all asked for anyone else to take care of them. She was asked to leave and the owners decided not to use any more female caregivers.”

“It’s hard to believe that any caregiver could not handle one old guy. It seems that she is in the wrong business, I’m sort of glad the others got rid of her.” Carol added.

Judy nodded, “It did change the attitude around here, and that’s why you are so good for the moral around here at least among the guys. Let me know if they get too forward, but don’t tell the owners. They will shut down the art in a heartbeat.”

“Tell you the truth. I do hug the guys and I love it. Is that allowed?”

“Sure, physical contact is very healing for all of us. As long as you’re okay with it, it’s fine, but I wouldn’t let it get out that you are doing it.” Judy glanced around as if looking if anyone could eavesdrop on them before adding, “I have known a few artist models before and they posed nude. If you are nude in front of the guys, don’t let anyone know that either. The owners are very skittish about anything that might seem sexual.”

“Okay.” Carol responded.

“Just between you and me. I hug the guys too, when no one is watching and I allow them to feel me up a bit too. It’s exciting.” Judy confided with a sly grin. “Jack gives great hugs, but if you really want to get your motor running give George a hug, or Pete.”

The smile was contagious and Carol responded, “You have been holding out on me. Who knew that a senior living home could be so erotic.”

They both giggled and Carol knew that Judy would have no problem with what she was doing with the guys, but didn’t want to share too much too soon.

The rest of the week proceeded as expected. Carol sold her flowers and occasionally saw Jack on his bench sketching her. On Friday, she only saw one customer and had half a dozen flowers left over after the lunch crowd. The day was over for a Friday and she closed up her little shop, gathered up the six flowers, and strolled over to the manor and her modeling appointment.

” Hi Judy,” She announced as she walked into the lobby carrying the flowers.

“Hi Carol,” the guys are excited that you are going to model for them today. They are already in the room waiting, so if you want you can leave the flowers here and I’ll distribute them for you.”

There was a grin that Judy displayed indicating a hidden secret, and that secret had a sexual undertone. Carol returning the grin and said, “Thanks, I wouldn’t want to keep the guys waiting too long.”

Judy hadn’t lied; the guys were in the room and all set up waiting for me. It was fifteen minutes before she was scheduled to arrive. The smile on Carol’s face gave away her excitement and if that wasn’t enough the twin points of her braless nipples would make it clear. She gave each man a hug and felt hands on her butt and breasts.

Carol walked over to the chair and did what she considered an erotic strip tease, making sure to expose as much of her body as possible. Once completely naked she giggled and said, “That was fun. Did you guys enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed showing?” She didn’t wait for answers, but gave each man another long and very close hug. She could feel their answers through their pants.

She climbed onto the stage and got into her first pose. It took a minute for the men to recover their wits and to start drawing. Just like last time once the timer indicated the time was up Carol got up to walk around examining each man’s art and allow each of them to examine her breasts and butt.

Carol loved the way these men stared at her body and made sure she took her time climbing back up onto the stage. They hadn’t mentioned wanting to see her ass, but didn’t most men have a butt fetish? She leaned forward onto the stage with her feet still on the floor. She spread her legs a bit and thrust out her butt. “Would you like a pose like this?” She asked. “Or do I have to get back up on the stage?”

Jack was the one who finally responded after clearing his throat a few times, “On the stage would be better as you would be higher.”

Carol climbed onto the stage and leaned against the overstuffed chair placed there as a prop. She spread her legs and leaned over as far as she could into the chair. She imagined that the view she presented to the Casibom Giriş men was one they did not often see.

The timer went off after the standard twenty minutes and she got up to take a look at what they had drawn. Each man fondled her ass as she examined each of their drawings. She kissed each man deeply as her ass was being fingered.

She returned to the stage and announced, “You know you can’t show any of these drawings to anyone here. I understand that what we’re are doing is not allowed by the owners.”

Jack chimed in as well, “She’s right, if we want to keep doing this, no one can know what is going on in here.”

The men all nodded in agreement.

Carol noted that the time was running out and she wanted to pose with Pete. “It seems we only have time for two more poses, so I guess it’s Pete’s turn to pose with me. I assume you have no objections and I really want to see you naked. Strip down and come on up.”

Pete was out of his clothes in record time and Carol noted his erection. She wanted his cock as close to her mouth as possible. She sat in the chair with her legs spread facing the other artist. She directed Pete to stand beside her and lean on the back of the chair with his cock almost touching her lips.

He got into the pose easily then asked, “Is this too close?” His cock was an inch from her lips. “Or is this better?” He closed the distance and now had the head of his erection resting on her lower lip.

Carol looked up at him and opened her mouth. He moved closer. She engulfed his penis and slowly pulled back with her lips tightly around his hard-on. Once she cleared his member, she looked up again into his eyes and said, “This is perfect.”

Pete held the pose with just the tip of his cock resting in her lower lip. Every few minutes Carol would flick her tongue back and forth across his opening until he pulled back a bit. The sensation was a bit much for him. She’d wait for him to return to his original position then lick the length of his cock on the underside and end up with her gently holding the tip of his cock with her teeth, before allowing him to rest in the original position.

The timer sounded and she took all of his cock into her mouth again for another long slow suck before getting back up to check on the others artwork. Like last week the art was of a higher quality with two models than it was when it was just her posing.

When Carol climbed back onto the stage Pete had recovered and Carol asked, “I defined the first pose so you get to define the next jus like we did last time.”

Pete responded, “Last time you and George fucked.”

“That was not planned. What pose would you like?” Carol repeated grinning.

“I sort of liked the pose we were in, but this time you can hold me a little deeper in your mouth.”

Carol resumed her position in the chair and leaned over towards him. She grabbed his cock with her hand and pulled it into her mouth. She took as much of him as she could and pumped him a few times. “Like this?” she asked.

The timer was not even set this time as Carol gave Pete the blowjob of his life. He exploded in her mouth after several minutes. He lasted much longer than Carol thought he would.

They both slumped down exhausted.

Carol again hummed on her way home after her modeling for the guys. She could not believe her luck in getting involved with these old horny guys. She knew this had to be a secret or else it would all go away. She enjoyed it while she could. She could not remember a time she had been so sexually satisfied. Part of it was the exhibitionism, but a big part was the sexual tease of holding a sexual position, like having Pete’s cock in her mouth for twenty minutes.

On Saturday morning in the park Carol opened her flower stall for business and prepared for the day. By 2 o’clock she noted it had been a busy day and she was almost out of flowers. She scanned the landscape looking for the last few potential customers before packing up for the day when she saw someone she recognized walking towards her. It was Judy from the manor waving at her. She waved back. She had never seen Judy in the park before and wondered why she was here now.

“Hi Carol,” Judy announced. “So this is your flower stand.”

“Hi Judy, Yes this is it. I have never seen you in the park before. Is everything okay?” Carol asked concerned that something may have happened to one of her favorite guys.

“Everything is fine, but I wanted to talk with you away from the Manor.”

“Okay, what’s up?” Carol asked.

” Well, it’s a bit awkward, but it is hard to model? I mean, well, the guys really like you and you are giving them what they need. I want to do the same, but I can’t. I make sure to give them hugs and even encourage their roaming hands, but that is as far as I can go. There are far too many eyes around and the owners are really afraid of anything erotic. These guys really need a bit of female flesh to fondle. They get depressed otherwise. You can tell the difference when they get Casibom Yeni Giriş to hug a bit and maybe grope a little, they are easier to talk to and engage in what is going on around them. I was wondering if I maybe could model with you in front of the guys.”

Carol smiled, “So you want the guys to see you naked?”

“Well, maybe a bit more than that.” Judy admitted. “How far do you go with the guys?” She paused, and then added. ” I know you’re doing more than just letting them see you naked. The guys are acting ten years younger than they did just last month. They are now going to our exercise room and asking for free weights.”

“Well,” Carol said. “I’m not sure how much I can share with you after the story you told me and how this could all go away if word got out.”

“I knew it!” Judy exclaimed. “That is why I needed to talk with you away from the Manor.”

Carol, with a sly smile, admitted that she hugged the guys when she was naked and never wore a robe during her sessions with the guys. She also told Judy that she encouraged the guys to fondle her as much as they liked. “I love the way they touch me.” She added. “Plus they all have erections when I’m naked and near them.”

“Can I pose with you?” Judy asked.

“I’m not sure that would be a good idea.” Carol said hesitantly, “The stage is very small and we would get in each other’s way.”

“Okay, there is more going on than just you being naked and letting the guys grope you isn’t there? I know how big that stage is how big the room is. I set it up for the art studio.” Judy responded with skepticism. Her eyes suddenly got big and she put her hand to her mouth. “You are having sex with them, aren’t you?”

Carol didn’t answer but the signs of guilt were written plainly across her face. She tried to stare down the woman looking at her, but couldn’t. “It’s all fun and, like you said, the guys have never been so happy. No one is being hurt and we are all consenting adults.” Carol was babbling and couldn’t stop until Judy put her hand up.

“Now I know I want to be a part of this.” Judy said smiling. “Do you have sex with all of them, like a big orgy, or is it a one on one thing. I have never seen any of the drawing they are supposedly doing.”

Carol regained her composure once she realized that Judy was not going to end her playtime with the guys and actually wanted to become a part of it. “No, they are drawing and I’m not sure how it happened, but last week I suggested that two models might make a more interesting picture and George offered to pose with me.”

“I can imagine what happened with George posing with you. He is pretty assertive and sexy.” Judy interrupted.

“Well, He took off his clothes and joined me on the stage.” Carol added blushing.

Judy just smiled. “How big is that cock of his?”

“It’s nice. Well it wasn’t planned but after trying to hold an erotic pose and accidently touching each other for about a half hour, we couldn’t control ourselves and it just happened.” Carol explained.

“That’s hot,” Judy responded. “Was that the first time? Do you still model with the guys? Or is it all just about the sex?”

Carol stopped her now friend and explained. “Yesterday, I modeled for the guys for over 2 hours then asked Pete to come up and model with me. He was upset that George got to model with me last week instead of him and I thought it was only fair. I wasn’t thinking of sex with him, well not really, but I guess I knew it was a possibility. We posed in a very compromising position for twenty minutes and nothing happened.”

Judy interjected, “What was this compromising pose that you could hold for twenty minutes?”

Carol blushed a bit and then smiled before explaining, “He had the head of his erect cock resting on the lower lip of my open mouth.”

Judy squealed and laughed, “You two could hold that for twenty minutes without going through with it?”

“Pete was exhausted after that pose so after the ten-minute break we got back into that same pose, but this time I gave him a blowjob.” Carol responded.

“You know, I may agree with you that the modeling needs to be with just you. You seemed to have a way with the tease and driving the guys crazy. I have another idea that maybe we can do together.” Judy offered.

“What’s that?”

“The guys are starting to go to the gym every day now and what if we offered them a yoga class to help with their flexibility?” Judy said.

“Oh, how is that sexual?” Carol asked.

“I can tell them that you and I will offer this class just for them after diner when everyone else is watching movies. I have keys to the gym, and no one uses it after about two. We can set up floor mats, lock the door, and tell them it is naked yoga.” Judy explained excitedly.

It was decided that Judy would talk to the guys this afternoon about heading to the gym after diner tonight at six. They would skip the movie and instead partake in a yoga and stretching class directed by Judy. Carol promised to show up at 5:45 to help set up the room.

Judy headed over to the Manor. It was her day off, but no one questioned her presence. She often came in on her day off to set up things, or just to chat with a few of the patients. She saw Jack in the rec area and pulled him aside.

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