Arm Chair Theatre Pt. 02 – The Play


I jumped out of bed and drew back the curtains not caring who would see me in my short little nightie. I took in the sunlit vista before me and aspired in ecstasy. I was in love with everything and my head was dizzy with euphoria. I had come out! I was a lesbian and was deliriously happy.

Charlotte loved me and I couldn’t believe it. The Anointed prom queen of my colleagues whom I had fawned, followed and worshipped for years was mine. Little me, Jo the mousey tit-less wonder! I had only one sexual fantasy and Charlotte was it. I was so faithful and had masturbated in sexual congress with her and her alone.

Charlotte really was the girl of my dreams and she lived up to them in every way. There was only one problem. I had confessed to myself I was a lesbian and then openly admitted that to Charlotte. It was the rest of the world I had trouble with. I had trouble with public shows of affection and often pushed her away as I blushed profusely.

Charlotte would kiss me hard in the middle of a pub to the cheers of many male onlookers and it made me blush. I could take her kissing me in public with a little peck, it was when she couldn’t keep her hands off my erogenous zones I had a problem. She would devour me in the bedroom and I was in heaven. I was just wasn’t turned on in public, scared of what people may think and that was when I put my foot down.

We were in line for the theatre once when she had her hand on my ass. I could manage that, but when she slipped her hand up my short skirt and slipped her fingers into my pussy I reacted quickly to remove her probing fingers.

“Don’t,” I protested with a whisper blushing immediately. Charlotte laughed and removed her hand but as soon as the queue started moving her hand was pushing me along, up my skirt with her fingers between my legs. I would protest again, but I couldn’t get mad at her, she was the girl of my dreams, she was all I ever wanted. She was persistent and her hand was up my skirt again, pushing me along by my pussy with me blushing like fury.

“Jo, you’re so sweet, just wait until we’re in the dark of the theatre,” she sexily teased.

It appeared that Charlotte liked the thought of being watched, which was not surprising as she lived for the theatre. Her saucy threat was not an idle one as she soon had me pinned in the seat, kissing me hard. My skirt up and her hand deep in my panties working my pussy, much to the amusement of a couple nearby. I struggled to keep my noise down as she was an expert at bringing me off no matter where we were. Luckily Charlotte was understanding of my shyness and found it quite endearing, or so I thought.

Charlotte was away with her theatre group doing a play in rep and had been away for three weeks. They had only just opened up north and I was to see her play when it was local. She wanted me to have a front-row seat for some reason and told me I had a surprise in store.

I still had two weeks to wait and was missing her like crazy. I slipped into bed dreaming of her doing my best not to masturbate. I had some mad reason not to. I felt that by playing with myself I was somewhat cheating on Charlotte. She was the only one who was allowed to play with me now and even though it gave me an excessive amount of wet panties I remained loyal.

Work could be a bit hard at times as I would sit and dream of our lovemaking during any spare moment. One afternoon there was hardly anything to do but dream of her. I sat on my computer chair and let my skirt flow over the sides so my panties were in contact with the cotton fibres of the seat.

I rocked a little and sighed as it reminded me of my first time with Charlotte where we both rocked on a separate arm of her sofa until we both cum. We reached out to hold each other’s hand as we cried out in our orgasmic bliss.

I had been prudish back then but thanks to Charlotte she brought me out into the light. Out of my repressive dark little world into the shimmering light of sexual ecstasy. I promised myself that as soon as she got home I would never be so prudish. If she wanted to finger me in the theatre queue so be it!

In my time alone I became incredible wet and wanton, my face was always blushing as my pussy tingled. One hot dreamy afternoon at work I had brought myself too close to cumming for comfort. I decided to go to the toilet and finish myself off as I was sure that all the office could see me in my state of bliss. I swivelled on my computer chair to go and it caught me! It caught me dead centre, it twisted my wet panties and Ignited my pussy and I gasped out.

I groaned as my head hit the desktop and I kept stock still as I was precariously close to the edge.

“Are you all right Jo?” Asked a concerned work college.

I kept my head down knowing one small brush of my panties could have me orgasm in front of her.

“It’s okay, it’s just a bit of indigestion,” I uneasily grunted into the desk.

“Can I get you anything?” She asked.

“No, it’s okay, it’ll pass,” I grunted as I squeezed my base Şerifali Escort muscles to stop myself going into an unwanted Nirvana.

I waited for a few minutes until I was sure I was back from the edge of the abyss. I slowly got up and gingerly walked to the toilets. I had never known my panties to be so wet. So wet they were uncomfortable to wear.

I got to the toilet and decided to take them right off and put them in my hand-bag. In the cubicle, I stood examining my wet panties. I was amazed at how all this holding back had built and flowed over into my panties. “God if this could happen with me just thinking about Charlotte imagine what will happen when she gets to have her evil way with me?” I thought.

I stepped outside and immediately felt the effects of being sans panties. The chill was freezing against my wetness, as my ardour had still not abated. I got into my car and drove home at speed. I was very aware of being pantiless as my pussy shifted slightly on the seat every time I changed gear. It made me feel as if I were driving home bottomless and made me feel very vulnerable.

The traffic lights changed to red and skidded dangerously to a halt. I reprimanded myself for being so hazardous and took a deep breath.

“Oi, Oi, darling!” I heard from above. I looked up to see a leering man in a lorry alongside me at the junction. He was in the passenger seat smiling down on me and signalling a thumbs up!

I looked down and to my horror saw my exposed pussy as my skirt had somehow ridden up as I stopped. I pulled it down and blushed like crazy.

“Having a crafty wank,” he sneered! As I just looked down in shame praying for the lights to change. He made sure I knew he was still looking, “Nice trimmed bush!” he teased.

The lights took an eternity to change and as the lorry started to move away it hooted its horn loudly. I pulled my skirt hard down towards my knees as if I could scrub away the history of my genital display. The deep throttle of the engine pulling away singled an end and I made sure I went a different way home so I didn’t follow the lorry.

I went to bed missing Charlotte both psychically and mentally. I gave in to the cries of my wanton pussy and started to masturbate as I didn’t want a repeat of being caught so wet at work again.

I tried to keep some control and one evening I went for a long run to tire myself out and help keep my fingers off myself. I soon fell into a deep sleep.

Charlotte moved out of the dark mist. Her dark hair was up and her big sexy glasses were poised on the end of her nose as her big eyes peered over the top of the frames.

“What have you been up to?” She asked as I gazed at her tight white blouse stretched across her breasts.

“Nothing,” I pleaded standing before her in my short see-through nightie.

“Are you sure?” She quizzed placing her hands on her hips. She was wearing a pencil skirt that really enhanced her hourglass figure.

“Yes I’m sure,” I refuted as my hand went up to my little nightie and gently started to rub at my pussy.

“You haven’t been masturbating while I’ve been away have you?”

“No not at all,” I lied as my body started to stir to my touch. I was sure Charlotte was teasing me. Pouting with her big red lips and running her hands over her hips.

I looked down in shame as I gasped. I marvelled at my slyness as she couldn’t see what I was up too even though I was masturbating in front of her. Looking at her sexy nylon covered legs and high heeled shiny black shoes.

“Are you sure?” Charlotte asked again, as I carried on pleasuring myself in front of her.

“I swear,” I lied again as I marvelled at my extra light touch.

I wondered why she couldn’t see me as I began to shake on the edge. It slowly dawned on me, It was a dream. Oh god, I was masturbating in my sleep.

I slowly came up from my deep slumber, I decided to give in and go over the top. My hand was unusually moist as I slowly pieced things together as I came out of my reverie.

Gosh, my hand was doing a good job, fuck I was good, I groaned. It was then I realised that both my hands were by my face! Hang on, how could I be getting myself off? I jolted out of my slumber and looked down. The bedsheets had been stripped down and my nightdress was up and in-between my legs was Charlotte!

“Charlotte!” I cried as I sat up to grab and then kiss her.

“Hello, you!” She smiled while still pumping my pussy with her fingers.

“What are you doing here? Oh, fuck! that’s good!” I sighed and gave in as she pushed me back on the bed and kissed me full on the mouth.

She broke off from my lips and giggled, “my god, you’re sopping wet!”

“Oh, how I’ve missed you!” I yelled as I started to cry into her shoulder. Charlotte was as cool as ever, she simply added another finger and introduced her thumb to my clit!

“And me you, I’ve come back because I need your help.”

“I’ll do anything! But first things first,” I croaked!


“Fuck Şerifali Escort Bayan my brains out!”

Hours later I lay back in a state of bliss my head laying upon Charlotte’s ample breasts. “So good to see you again.” I sighed.

“I’m only back for a while, I’ve got to find a new actress, someones dropped out at the last moment and we’ve no stand-in.”

“That’s strange, why did she drop out?”

“I don’t know, its only one scene and I’ve just Sunday and Monday to find someone,” she sighed.

“Oh dear, that’s going to take some doing.”

“I know, that’s why I’ve come back here, I think you could do it.”

“Me! I’ve only been in school plays,” I protested nervously.

“It’s only one scene and it’s with me, please help me?” She begged desperately.

I became full of nerves at the very thought, although it could have been excitement. I always envied Charlotte up on stage and often thought I could act. I’d have no trouble remembering the lines as I often helped her learn hers. I went over them so many times with her and ended up learning them myself.

It was just two scenes, one in the middle of the second act and one in the finale where I said nothing and waved to the audience.

The lines lasted about a couple of pages, which Charlotte had photocopied for me. It was a dialogue between our two characters about our fight to keep a spa open against the council’s wishes.

We practised and practised all afternoon and very quickly we were up to speed.

“I think we deserve a coffee,” said Charlotte as she bounced off in the direction of the kitchen. I looked at my script, something felt odd about the conversation and I thought it was due to a lack of stage directions. I went to see Charlotte’s script as she boiled the kettle and got out the cups. I could see why the stage directions had been left out of my script.

Charlotte came in brandishing two cups of coffee and I stared at her holding her script.

“What?” Asked a puzzled Charlotte.

“This scene in this play?”

“What about it?”

“What about it? I’m on a table topless with you giving me a massage!”

“Oh, come on Jo it’s only one scene.”

“Yes, in front of an audience of hundreds,”

“But you’ve been topless on the beach many times, you don’t mind that,” she argued.

“But not everyone is staring at me having a massage by another girl, and why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I thought you wouldn’t do it.”

“You were right, I’m not!”

“Come on Jo, we’ve no one else, just one scene,” she pleaded, “come to a full cast rehearsal and all will be fine. Anyway, I’ll be topless too.”

“Oh, it’s okay for you with your big tits and hourglass figure, I’ve got nothing!”

“Your tits are fine, and anyway you’ll be on your back looking at the ceiling with a towel over your pussy, don’t worry!”

Charlotte had lied again, there was no rehearsal it was straight out onto the boards. I’d already been introduced to a very grateful cast and felt I couldn’t let them down and, more importantly, put up with a partnership breaking sulk from Charlotte.

I watched from the wings as character by character went out and stripped off in front of an audience, studying everything their bodies had to offer as I felt inadequate in comparison. There was no hiding place from the bulging eyes of the audience, some had no concern about the story they were just getting off, leering at young nubile bodies and a shiver went through me as soon they’d be ogling mine.

I lay on the bed naked bar the towel over my lower regions staring up at the dark theatre ceiling. I could hear the mummer of the audience as they waited for the lights to go up.

The lights went up and I could feel a thousand eyes upon me. At least I didn’t have to strip I thought as Charlotte came out dressed in her figure-hugging white coat and started rubbing my stomach. I said my words and my breathing intensified as she slowly worked her way up onto my breasts.

“What do you think?” Said Charlotte smirking in character as she started to work my nipples as I croaked my answer. The bitch! She knew I wouldn’t leave, I was trapped on her table before a leering audience.

“Oh, the steam seems to be seeping into the massage room,” projected Charlotte. That wasn’t in the script and I began to panic. Charlotte stepped back and slowly brought her hands up to her cleavage. She sexily popped button by button revealing she was naked under her tunic. She pulled off her costume and threw it away and stood to pose naked with her hands on hips.

I heard the gasps of the crowd as they admired her body. At least they will be looking at her, I thought until she grabbed my towel and whipped it away leaving me naked on the table. I started to get up but Charlotte easily pushed me back down.

“You’re so tense,” her character said, “Let me relax you.” With that she kissed me, pinning me to the table and then got on top of me joining me up Escort Şerifali high.

I looked into her eyes and mouthed, “you bastard,” as she started to grind her pussy into mine. The audience fell silent in a concentrated shock as Charlotte ground into me and sucked each of my nipples.

I felt my only action was to keep to the script. “Its a pity they’re closing these steam rooms,” I croaked as Charlotte caught me clit to clit. The crowd laughed as the words were so incongruent.

Charlotte stroked me from my neck over my breasts, down my body and rested her hand between my legs.

“I won’t know where to go!” I squealed and the crowd laughed as my voice went up and octave as Charlotte’s fingers penetrated me.

She kissed my neck as she finger fucked me and much to my surprise being worked on in front of an audience began to excite me.

“I’ll have to work from home,” ventured Charlotte, “I’ll give you my card!” With that she quickly finger fucked me and kissed me hard.

The audience laughed at the innuendo as my body relaxed and I surrendered to Charlotte’s invading tongue.

We kissed as she worked my boobs with hers, nipple to nipple, both of them hardening all the time. Our moist tongues mingled as Charlotte’s thumb worked my clit. I groaned into her mouth and immediately she lifted. Thankfully Charlotte knew we couldn’t stay doing a sex act for long and so she got up and got off the table.

“You’re a little tense down below so I’m going to work on your legs now,” projected Charlotte and I heard the audience chuckle.

I felt the table being turned around and to my alarm, I was facing the audience pussy first! Charlotte jumped up on the table and straddled my body sitting on my stomach. I forced my knees and ankles together but Charlotte had other ideas.

“Let’s work on these legs!” She said pushing them apart at the knees. I fought to keep my legs closed and a little tussle ensued.

“Now, now, don’t be shy,” Charlotte smiled at the audience causing them to titter. “Come on, don’t you think she should open her legs?” She asked the audience breaking the fourth wall.

“Yes!” They all cried as one and so I gave in and let her spread my legs for all the audience to see.

I imagined the crowd gawping at my pussy, spread and puffy from Charlotte’s handy work. I flushed red and closed my eyes in a warm glow of delightful humiliation. Charlotte pulled my pussy lips wide as I dared to look around the plump ass of Charlotte. The faces in the front row were all wide eye and dropped jaw staring unblinkingly at my pussy.

“I think you need a little massage,” and with that Charlotte went straight down on me! The crowd gasped as she roughly licked and frigged me. She used her long dark hair and whipped my pussy with it in breaks between long licks.

My body broke into shivers with every stroke as I was already out of control fast approaching my edge. “No, not here!” I admonished myself, “No, not here!” Don’t cum, don’t cum,” I begged to myself, “Not, with all those people watching!”

Charlotte’s head came up from between my legs, “Oh, I can see why you come to the massage parlour,” she projected out to the crowd, “what’s the matter, doesn’t hubby give you what you need?”

The crowd laughed watching Charlotte majestically astride my body caressing herself while wetting her fingers ready to penetrate me again.

I imagined the view of the crowd, my legs spread, the moistness of my pussy glinting in the spotlight for all to see and know. Knowing I was about to cum.

I decided to be proactive and reached up and cupped each of Charlotte’s boobs and pulled her back.

“Oh!” She cried as I pulled her back onto of me, letting my fingers find her nipples to get a good grip. Still, she turned around, face to face on top of me and kissed me hard and then to my surprise she lifted from the table.

This was my chance to escape. I got up and moved to the front of the table facing the audience. I caught the faces of the front row all spellbound looking at the fruits of my body. I wanted to go but the looks of admiration had me in paralysis.

It could only have been a few seconds while I took in the adoring looks upon my body before Charlotte wrapped her arms around me from behind. She kissed my neck and my head went back in rapture. One of her hands went to my boobs, the other in-between my spread legs. I gave in and opened wide as her fingers pushed my lips against my clit. I sighed loudly and let Charlotte do her work, kissing my neck, tweaking my nipples and rubbing my wanton spread pussy. I was soon back on the edge, my body visibly trembling before the spellbound audience. I spread my legs further apart for all to see and did hold back my cries of ecstasy.

I peered through my eyes at the bulging eyes of the crowd just as my dam broke. I cried out my orgasm shamelessly as my body flexed with wave after wave of head breaking pleasure. Charlotte held my trembling body and kissed me hard as I rode surge after surge of body stroking delight. I slowly came down. The lights went out for the end of the scene and a huge round of applause followed.

I kept to myself backstage in my white robe as Charlotte finished the play. The final scene had us all out front in protest, naked waiting to be arrested by the police.

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