April Does the Freshman Dorm


The April stories I’ve written are based on a real girl who lived in my dorm hall my freshman year, about ten years ago at a big university in Arizona (you can probably guess it). Our floors were divided between boys and girls and April lived in the floor above mine. Most of the guys from my floor stayed close, and at our fifth year reunion, a bunch of us went to a bar and reminisced, and April’s name came up. To our surprise, we discovered that over the course of the year, she had hooked up with all twenty guys on our floor. This is the story of how she hooked up with each of us, as best as I could piece together from everyone’s memories. It’s not totally chronological, but more along the lines of how I gathered the stories.


1. ROB

April hooked up with Rob during fall break, when the dorm was mostly empty since everyone had gone back home for the long weekend. Students were allowed to stay in the dorm, but they had to endure whatever repairs that were done over that weekend.

As part of those repairs, the plumbing on April’s floor was shut off, which meant she couldn’t use the bathrooms. She didn’t realize this until the first morning of the break, when she walked down the hall in her bath towel to find out that there was no water. She decided to use the showers on the next floor downstairs. It was the guys’ floor, but she assumed no one would be there.

She walked downstairs in just her towel and holding a shower basket, and was walking down the hall when Rob walked out of the bathroom door. He had just finished his own shower and was wearing a towel wrapped around his waist.

The two didn’t know each other very well up to that day, and in fact hadn’t even talked to each other yet. But April immediately saw Rob’s eyes drift up and down over her slim figure wrapped in a tight towel.

“Sorry,” he said, “didn’t know anyone was here.”

April looked over Rob’s body, which was a muscular football player’s body. “Lucky me,” she said, smiling coyly as the two passed each other.

Rob turned and watched April’s cute butt as she walked away to the bathroom. When she got there she turned and caught him staring. He quickly glanced away but it was too late, and she tried to suppress a giggle.

April didn’t see Rob until that night, when she was heading back home from a party. The two of them ran into each other in the lobby.

“Hey there,” Rob said, as they walked upstairs together. “Had a good night?”

“Yep,” April said, smiling. “You?”

“Yep. You gonna steal our shower water again tomorrow?”

“Thinking about it…” she said.

Rob smiled as he stopped on his floor. “Just one of the guys, huh?”

April smiled back as she kept on walking up the next staircase. “Just one of the guys!”

The next morning April went back downstairs to the guys floor in just her towel and shower basket, as before.

Before she opened the stairwell door, though, she saw Rob walk into the bathroom, with his own towel wrapped around his waist. The sight of his body turned April on, and she got a flirty idea. She took off her towel and re-wrapped it around her waist, then waited until she heard Rob open the bathroom door. Then she pushed open the stairwell door into the hall.

Rob stopped in his tracks as he suddenly saw April saunter down the hall with only a towel wrapped around her waist and a shower basket in her hand. Her big, firm tits and soft pink nipples bounced gently as she walked up to him.

“This is how us guys wrap towels, right?” she said as she walked past him, his eyes glued to her jiggling bare breasts.

April left him wide-eyed and went into the bathroom. She was a minute into the shower when the shower curtain suddenly swung open, startling her. Rob was standing there, completely naked, with a thick cock swinging from his trunk.

For a second the two of them stared at each other’s bodies.

“I thought you already took a shower,” April said.

“Thought I could use another one,” Rob grunted, and lunged for her. The two of them smashed against the shower wall and began furiously making out. After a couple of minutes of rough fondling, Rob turned April around and pushed his cock deep inside her cunt. He began pumping into her hard and fast, giving April two orgasms before he pulled out and shot his load on the shower floor.

For the rest of the fall break, April and Rob fucked constantly. She slept in his room the next two nights, fucking him until they fell asleep, then fucking the next morning in the shower or in her room, then meeting back at the end of the day to fuck again. By the end of the weekend she was even letting Rob cum inside her.

Once the break ended and everyone got back into the dorms, Rob’s girlfriend returned, and April and Rob hardly ever even talked again.


April gave Samir a blowjob the first night of freshman orientation. After the day of orientation classes was over there was a party for the students. April was a little homesick and Samir was funny and reminded her of her high school boyfriend. They spent a chunk of the night hanging out and checking in Kütahya Escort with each other, and after a while just spent the rest of the night together.

Toward the end of the party, they walked outside of the student center to catch some air, and ended up kissing. Eventually they went back inside the student center and found a private room, and April sucked Samir’s cock until he shot his load into her mouth.

April didn’t even know that the two of them shared the same dorm hall until they walked back together. Once they realized they were walking into the same building, they had a good laugh, but April told him that that was the end of their relationship, since she didn’t want to date anyone in her own dorm building.

Samir wasn’t looking to date anyone anyway, since he got a blowjob from a hot girl his very first night of college and was looking forward to others.


April gave Liam a blowjob during the fall semester, just because he asked. The two of them were studying for a class in Liam’s dorm room, along with Danny, an awkward nerdy guy. April had taken a liking to Danny, which was the best thing that ever happened to him, but she also didn’t mind teasing the poor guy, who had never seen a naked girl before going to college.

April, Liam, and Danny were taking a class together and had started study sessions for it, which was mostly Danny explaining the answers to April and Liam. During one of the study sessions in Liam’s dorm, April mentioned that she thought one of the girls in the class was pretty.

“Yeah,” Liam said. “Too bad she can’t follow it up.”

April sat up on the bed. “Ooh, what does THAT mean?”

“Well…a couple of weeks ago, we were at a party and kind of hooked up,” Liam admitted. “And it wasn’t great.”

Danny just blushed and stayed quiet.

“Aww, too bad,” April said. “Why not?”

“She can’t give a blowjob,” Liam said. “A lot of teeth.”

“Ouch,” April said.

“Yeah. I haven’t had a good blowjob since junior year of high school,” Liam continued. “Girls just don’t know how to do it.”

“Hey, I give great blowjobs!” April responded. “My boyfriends in high school never complained.”

“You probably just THINK you did,” Liam teased. “They were too nice to say anything.”

“No WAY,” April said. “I know exactly how to do it.”

“What’s your secret?” Liam asked.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out,” April smiled.

“Haha, you’re such a tease!” Liam said.

“No, I’m not,” April said, matter-of-factly. “I’ll give you a blowjob right now if you want.”

Both Danny and Liam’s eyes shot wide open.

“What, for real?” Liam said.

“Sure, I feel bad for you if you’ve never had a good one,” April said. She pushed herself off the bed until she was siting down on the edge, her bare legs dangling off it, and turned to Danny.

“Danny, can you give us some privacy?” she asked.

There was a moment of silence.

“You mean, like, now?” Danny asked.

“Yeah, it’ll be a study break,” April said, then turned to Liam. “Unless you’d rather not.”

“Danny, get out!” Liam said. Danny jumped up, startled. He walked to the door, and for a brief second looked back, like he couldn’t believe he was about to leave the room where April was about to give a blowjob. Then he reluctantly stepped out.

Liam immediately unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants and underwear. His rapidly hardening cock popped out. “Are you sure about this?” he asked, stumbling over to April.

April leaned over and started stroking his dick. “Don’t get any ideas about this being a regular thing, I’m just doing you a favor,” she smiled, looking up at him. Her bright eyes and smile while holding his cock almost made Liam cum right there.

“I won’t!” he said. “I’m looking forward to learning.”

April stroked his dick another couple of seconds, then wrapped her mouth around it and started sucking him off.

Liam immediately moaned. “Oh, god, April, that’s incredible!”

April played with his dick for a minute or so, slowly licking up and down his shaft and sucking on the head while her hand pumped his shaft. Then she started pumping harder and harder. After another minute, Liam started to groan loudly and shudder.

“Oh, fuck, fuck April I’m cumming!” she suddenly shouted, and a second later April felt his cum start shooting into her mouth. She sucked him through as he pumped out load after load down her throat.

For a second she held his cock in her mouth and then let it pop out. Liam was breathing heavily. “Oh my God, that was great!” he breathed. “You give the best blowjobs!”

April grinned. “I know.” Then she called out, “Danny, you can come back in now!”

Danny walked in sheepishly. “I heard that through the door, that sounded great.”

“It was!” Liam said. “It was the best I’ve ever had!”

“Any…any chance I can find out?” Danny stammered, awkwardly.

“Maybe later,” April winked, swigging from a bottle of soda. “Let’s get back to studying.”

It was horrible to tease Danny like that, but we learned later that April Kütahya Escort Bayan didn’t tease him forever.


April and Ethan hooked up when Ethan gave April a ride back to her hometown a few hours away from campus. April’s dad was going to pick her up, but the day before he found out he had to travel for work. He asked April to take a bus home and he would drive her back to campus.

April was ready to buy a bus ticket when she overheard Ethan tell someone that he was driving to his parents’ house for the weekend, too. As it happened, April’s hometown was on the way to Ethan’s town, and she asked Ethan if he could give her a lift.

“Sure! You can either pay for gas or show me your boobs,” Ethan said.

“Ummmm, I’ll pay for gas,” April said.

“You’ll change your mind when you see how bad my mileage is,” Ethan joked.

The next morning April met Ethan at the campus parking garage and the two of them set off for home. It turned out Ethan actually had a convertible, which impressed April. The two of them chatted for a bit, then fell quiet as the road stretched out before them. It was an unusually warm day for autumn, and April loved the feeling of sun on her arms. After a half hour, she pulled her shirt up to the bottom of her breasts, to get her tummy some sun.

“Keep going…” Ethan said.

April laughed. “I almost wish I could, if I had a bikini top on instead of a bra.”

“What’s the difference?” Ethan said. “Seriously, go ahead if you want, you wouldn’t be showing me anything.”

“Oh, I’m SURE you wouldn’t mind,” April said.

“Suit yourself, pasty,” Ethan said.

April laughed, then went thought about it for a few minutes. Her bra was an opaque padded bra, so it really was just like wearing a bikini.

“No staring!” April said to Ethan, and started to pull off her top.

“How could I, I’m driving!” Ethan responded.

April pulled her top up and over her head, revealing her firm round tits encased in a light green bra. She reached back to throw the shirt on the backseat, but forgot she was in an open convertible. As she soon as she opened her fingers, the shirt caught in the wind and in a blink of an eye was gone.

April squealed. “My shirt! Oh no, it blew away!”

Ethan laughed. “Why did you let it go?”

“I don’t know, I forgot! I can’t believe it, that was my shirt!”

“Do we need to stop and go back for it?” Ethan asked, although they were already miles away from it.

“…no, it’s okay,” April sighed. “It was cheap. I’m just embarrassed.”

“It’s okay,” Ethan said, “I don’t mind!”

April giggled. Ethan’s joking made her feel more comfortable, and besides, she had more shirts in her bag in the back seat. She lowered the seat back and stretched out. For the next hour she laid out, in a bra and shorts, dozing on and off in the sun. Occasionally she and Ethan would trade a couple of sentences, but it was mostly quiet.

After a while, April became more aware of Ethan stealing glances at her. With her sunglasses on, he couldn’t see her seeing him trying to keep his eyes on the road but taking long looks at her tight tummy and bra-encased tits. At first she shrugged it off, because she WAS partly to blame for it, but as time went on she found herself getting more turned on by his long glances.

Bit by bit, she started thinking about taking her bra off. She didn’t want to give Ethan the wrong idea, but then again, he WAS giving her a long ride home, wouldn’t that be the least she could do? Plus, she would avoid tan lines…

She was getting so turned on by the thought of doing it, of seeing Ethan stare at her naked tits, that she decided to take a step toward it. She casually raised her arms, enough to catch Ethan’s attention, then slipped her bra straps off her shoulders.

“Don’t want to get tan lines,” she murmured, pretending to be half-asleep.

Ethan stared harder at April’s full tits, now almost slipping out over the top of the bra. For another twenty minutes she let him stare, getting hotter and hotter at his lustful gaze, before deciding to give him his reward.

She sat back up and looked at him. “So it’s gas or boobs, huh?” She asked.

“Blame the economy,” Ethan said, trying to keep calm.

April paused for second, as if thinking it over. “Don’t crash,” she finally said, then reached back and unclasped her bra.

Ethan’s eyes went wide as she pulled it off her chest, exposing her round, full breasts and rosy nipples. She leaned back again, flush with excitement, hoping that he would be careful enough staring at her and driving the car.

For the rest of the trip home, April laid out, naked from the waist up, letting Ethan stare at her tits. She thought he would get bored of her breasts, but even after a couple hours, Ethan was still stealing glances. It made April even hotter.

As they neared April’s town, Ethan turned to her. “Hey, cutie, I gotta get gas. I hate to even suggest it, but do you want to get a shirt?”

April was so turned on she didn’t want to put a shirt on – in fact, she wanted to escalate it.

“You Escort Kütahya dare me to pump the gas topless?” April asked.

Ethan laughed. “Of course I do!”

He pulled off to a gas station on a fairly deserted stretch of highway and handed April his credit card. April looked around. There was one other car at the pump but nobody in it. The station itself looked empty except for a couple people.

April bounced out, her naked breasts bouncing with her, and grabbed the gas pump handle. Nobody was in sight, so she didn’t even bother covering up. She grinned at Ethan while she held the lever down, not even bothering to cover up her breasts.

When the tank was full the lever clicked, and April put it back on the pump station. She closed up the gas tank cap and turned to get in the car, when she suddenly noticed an older man standing at the other car, staring at her. His mouth was wide open as he looked up at her face and down at her exposed tits.

April squealed and clapped her hands over her boobs and jumped back in the car.

Ethan laughed — he had been watching the whole thing. “I didn’t know if I should say something! He was staring for half the time!”

“Oh my god!” April squealed. “I think that was my old boss!”

“What? Who?” Ethan said.

“My boss from Candy’s Ice Cream!” April said. “I used to work there in high school!”

Ethan burst out laughing even harder as he pulled out of the gas station. April slapped his shoulder in mock anger. “It’s not funny! He’s like my dad’s age, and now he’s seen my boobs! I can’t ever go back there!”

Ethan kept laughing. “What are you talking about, it’s free ice cream forever!”

April laughed, even as humiliated as she was. She looked adorably sexy, her bare breasts flushing pink in embarrassment.

The two of them drove a while longer. Soon, April said, “hey, my house is a few blocks away, pull over here,” she said.

Ethan pulled onto the shoulder of the road. April reached over into her bag, her naked tits wobbling. “I need to find something to cover up.”

“This is the worst part of the trip,” Ethan said.

April looked over, smiling. She was incredibly horny from showing off for so long, and getting caught by her old boss only made her more excited. She leaned the seat back again and stretched out. “Do you want to cover me up for a bit?” she cooed suggestively.

In a flash, Ethan was out of his seat and on top of April. The two of them made out for a few minutes, until April started unbuckling his pants and pulling them off him. He likewise unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down with her panties. In a few seconds he had his cock plunged deep inside her and was pumping away. The two of them fucked on the shoulder of the road, right nearby April’s childhood home, until Ethan pulled out and shot his load all over her tits and stomach.

It was so much fun for Ethan and April that he drove her back to campus at the end of the weekend, with similar results. During the rest of the year, Ethan would give April rides now and then. They usually ended with the two of them fucking in the passenger seat near her home or with April giving him a blowjob while he was driving down the highway.


Alex was a huge asshole, but he was charming, the star of the soccer team and was very good-looking, so much so that he could have any girl on campus he wanted. That included April, who was usually the one in control of any sex, but with him she was just happy to fuck him, no matter how poorly he treated her.

It’s not clear when he seduced her, but at some point in the fall semester she would start going to his dorm a couple nights a week. A lot of times he would just have her wait outside, pretending he didn’t hear her knock, while she would have to stand outside embarrassed, with everybody knowing why she was waiting outside.

Rumor came out that Alex pushed April into having a threesome with one of his soccer friends Trevor. Apparently one night while April was over in Alex’s dorm room, Trevor knocked on the door and Alex made April open it. April had already taken her shirt off and expected Trevor to leave once he saw there was a girl in Alex’s room, but instead he walked on in and started talking to Alex as if nothing was going on.

April sat there, in a bra and skirt, just watching while Alex and Trevor talked soccer. Before long, Trevor and Alex started pushing April to give them both blowjobs. Ordinarily that would have creeped April out enough to leave, but she was so smitten with Alex that she just tried to shrug it off. But they kept insisting, and soon they just both stood up and stood over her and pulled down their pants. April eventually started stroking both of their cocks, and after some more goading she began switching between sucking one of their dicks while jerking the other one off.

At one point while she was sucking Trevor’s dick, Alex lifted her up off the bed and sat her down on his lap, and started pulling her panties to the side. Trevor grabbed April’s head and kept her mouth firmly on his cock so she couldn’t move, and pretty soon Alex had worked his cock into her and was fucking her while Trevor pumped her mouth over his dick. Trevor soon came in April’s mouth, after which Alex pulled April back and bounced her up and down on his dick while Trevor watched, until Alex pulled her off and spurted his cum on the floor.

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