Annie’s Story Ch. 04


While this is part 4 and makes a nice little story on its own, Chapters 1-3 add more to the characters, but are not an absolute necessity.


After dinner, Annie sat lazily yet anxiously on the bean bag chair in her pink satin shortie-pyjamas with the little Snoopies on them. She watched TV while waiting for Beth to call, and had a couple of scotch and cokes to ease her nervousness, but the remnants of her dreams and sexual antics over the last few days caused a small telltale throbbing somewhere in the vicinity of her thighs as she pondered telling her all she had to tell. She and Beth had got to know each other in a torrid 4 day car trip across the Nullabor plane from Melbourne to Perth, and got up to quite a few things that had initially shocked the timid, shy, inexperienced younger girl. But that had changed, somewhat.

She heard the phone ring. Cath, her father’s new wife, the “evil” stepmother, answered it and called out to Annie, who quickly raced for the cordless phone, taking her drink with her to flop back into her bean-chair. They hadn’t spoken properly for quite a while, Beth having been on the south coast doing a major electrical fit out, with, as it turned out, a very sexy co-worker. She told Annie all about the job and the area before asking Annie the question she wanted to know the answer to.

“So what was it you had to tell me?” Beth enquired.

Annie looked up at Cath in the kitchen wiping the bench and putting things away.


“Ah…” said Beth, “The evil stepmother is within earshot and you can’t say anything can you?”

“No…I mean…yes…you’re right.”

Annie couldn’t tell Beth much of what had transpired, with Cath hanging around downstairs cleaning up. Annie was bursting to tell her so much of what had happened, and it just seemed that Cath was walking in molasses, taking forever to leave her alone.

“Ok then…” Beth continued, “… I’ll tell you about what’s been going on here, and I can tell you anything I like and you won’t be able to say a thing will you?” she teased.

“Remember I told you about the guy I met…the one with the tongue?…well, Godddd he was good…and he took my cherry… in my ass!” Beth blurted out for shock value.

“Beth!!!” Annie exclaimed loudly, causing her step-mother to look over to her.

Beth laughed along the phone line, happy to have shocked Annie. Annie looked over towards Cath and smiled sheepishly. She wished Cath would go to bed so she could tell Beth all that had transpired. She had some shocking revelations of her own.

Seizing the opportunity to shock Annie some more, knowing she couldn’t respond freely, Beth filled in the blanks, giving Annie some of the details of how she met the man, and things that he did to her. Beth sipped her scotch and coke as she retold how his tongue had done wonderful things to her pussy, how it had curled and licked and circled around her bare pussy lips and that right there and then they were responding slightly to the images she was describing. Her nipples had begun to harden a little when she had started telling Annie the story not just from the images in her mind of how they responded to his tongue. Annie listened intently to the details, trying not to blush, trying not to let Cath see her blushing. Annie slipped down in the bean bag a little more, making the firm seam of her pyjamas dig into her pussy a little, trying to make the tingles that were forming there go away. She placed her arm between her legs and carefully squeezed it into her pussy so Cath wouldn’t see. Beth’s voice was getting softer and softer as she spoke and Annie couldn’t help but hear the dreaminess in Beth’s voice. She could hear the older woman’s breathing getting deeper and her voice slightly raspier.

As Beth retold the story, she let one of her hands trail along her t-shirt. It trailed across her large breasts as she looked at the outline her erect nipples made against the material of the cotton t-shirt that she always slept in. She circled them, enjoying the sensation. She had initially been going for shock value for Annie, but the images in her head as she described in intimate detail, made her own body respond, and the muffled “uh huh’s” from Annie to the incredibly intimate sexual descriptions told her that Annie was enjoying the story just as much.

“It’s quite a turn on, isn’t it?” Beth asked quietly.

“What is?”

“Listening to someone else ‘s sexy encounters” offered Beth, drawing out the younger woman.

“Uh-huh.” was all she got back.

“You should see my nipples… they are sticking right up, almost through this material… are yours?”

“Uh-huh.” Annie replied, looking down at the two bumps that had formed in the satin of her pyjama top.

“They feel so hard.” said Beth, teasing, knowing Annie couldn’t say or do anything with her step-mother around and enjoying it.

The fact that Annie was getting Anadolu Yakası Escort turned on and was unable to respond was quite a turn on for Beth. She then allowed one fingernail to scratch along the line of her pussy lips through the soft t-shirt material as she described how the guy’s tongue had slipped from the bottom to the top of her lips. She let out a small sound as she did so, knowing Annie would hear it. Annie couldn’t help but hear the sound, a sound she had heard before, in the back of a car on the road trip, and again on a bed in a motel on the Nullabor Plain a few weeks ago. Her insides did a small flip and the pressure between her thighs, in her pussy, increased while she thought of what Beth might be doing on the other end of the phone. Annie just squeezed her arm against the growing throb felt between her legs again and enjoyed the conversation.

Cath finished the few dishes left in the sink, and was very curious as to what was going on, on the phone. She had seen Annie slip further down and not thought anything of it, but when Annie had placed her arm between her legs and squeezed it to herself, Cath knew something was going on. She remembered how Annie had done something similar when they had been watching from the window together, where Annie and she had become very aroused. Here she was, talking with her ‘friend’ and doing the same thing. She had only to assume that they were talking about things sexual, and Cath was very intrigued.

Annie saw Cath walk towards the stairway, her father’s robe billowing behind Cath as she walked. She knew Cath would be naked beneath it and for an instant, an image of her naked body against the window crossed Annie’s mind. The image lingered a few seconds and then Annie went back to listening to Beth, hopeful that Cath was retiring for the night. As Cath neared the top of the stairs on the dimly lit landing, Annie heard Cath call out goodnight and enter her room and close the door. What she didn’t hear was Cath climbing onto her bed and lifting the upstairs phone receiver and pressing the mute button so the other two wouldn’t know she was there.

The four drinks Annie had consumed in the last few hours made her head spin a little, and all the juicy details she had been listening intently to were making her squirm in the bean bag. The seam of her shorts had pressed nicely into her pussy folds but was becoming a little uncomfortable. With the absence of Cath, she was able to put her hand inside her panties to rid herself of her front wedgie and was a little surprised to see how totally wet she was. She trailed her fingers up and down to ascertain just how damp the area was, and found her lips very slick, both inside and out. The front of her panties was also soaked and the satin material of the shorts had turned the Snoopy’s white fur a little grey. She had never noticed before that the little dog’s tongue was right where her clit was and wondered if that was someone’s sick twisted little joke or just an accident in the manufacturing. “Earth to Annie, come in Annie!” she heard in the ear piece.


“Are you playing with your pussy again?” chided Beth jokingly.

“Well…” stammered Annie huskily, “I , er, was, er…”

“You were!” It was Beth’s turn to be shocked. “You sexy little minx!” she continued a lot softer.

“No, I wasn’t, well, not technically, it’s just that, I was, you know,…” came the reply.

“Hey, no need to be embarrassed, it’s me, remember. Didn’t we always agree to be honest and tell each other everything?”

“Yes…but…” allowed Annie, “OK…I was feeling how, you know, wet I was and it…was… nice.”

“Wet? Is it juicy too? Puffy? Slippery? Come on girl, I need details. Mine is all of those things right now.” Beth almost whispered for extra effect.

“Uh Huh” was all the reply she could handle, her mind playing with the images in her head.

Cath listened intently. So this is what these two get up to, she thought. No wonder Annie had squirmed and wriggled in the bean chair. She had heard that Beth and Annie had shared some special times crossing the Nullabor, but had never heard the details, but from the tone of the conversation, she could only begin to imagine what these ‘special times’ had consisted of. She chinned the phone and sat up to slip her robe from her shoulder, the better to absorb the cool air from the air-conditioner, and it had just become a little hotter in the bedroom hadn’t it? In pulling the satin from her shoulder, the phone slipped from its place beneath her chin and clattered to the floor, un-muting the phone as it bounced from the bedside table onto the floor.

The two women on the line heard the loud clattering through the ear piece, followed by a muffled.. “Oh shit…”

Thinking quickly, Cath picked up the hand-piece and spoke apologetically into it.

“Sorry, I was just getting something off the bedside table and knocked this damn thing onto the floor, Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan sorry” she added at the end and put the phone back on its rest, her heart beat loudly in her chest.

After a few seconds of silence, the conversation continued, but it was different, for one of them anyway.

“So, where were we?” Beth asked. “Didn’t you have something that you wanted to share with me?” she added conspiratorially.

Annie suddenly felt a little vulnerable and remembered the other telephone hand-piece in Cath’s bedroom, and, while she felt close to Cath, she didn’t want her listening into her conversations, especially if she was going to be part of the topic of discussion. Annie silently cursed the turn of events. She had so wanted to talk with Berth about things, and wanted it to be over the phone, but now it looked like she would have to wait to talk with Beth face to face. It would be ok, she thought. Wouldn’t it?

Annie changed the subject and enquired when Beth was coming. Beth was intending to come up on the Monday, but after Annie’s urgings, they decided that Beth would drive up on the Sunday evening after Beth finished the electrical project she had been working on over the weekend.


On Sunday morning, Annie lay in her bed pondering Beth’s visit when it struck her that she hadn’t even asked Cath if it was OK for Beth to come over for a few days. She leapt out of bed and padded downstairs, to find Cath on the phone making very animated plans.

“…Ok…love you too… see you soon…bye!” Cath hung up. “I’m glad you’re up, that was your father, he was due to come home tomorrow, but he’s invited me to go to Kalgoorlie on the fast train for a few days and we’ll come back on Wednesday, you’ll be ok for a couple of days won’t you? Why don’t you invite that nice friend of yours to come over for a couple of days?”she prattled on as she scurried around and gathered bits and pieces then hurried off upstairs to pack without waiting for a reply.

Annie smiled to the empty room, as that seemed to clear up all the problems all at once, although there was a slight disappointment that she wouldn’t get to see her father for a few more days, and then when she did finally see him, he would have to go back a few days after that. She examined her feelings and while it was sad, it gave her an immense pleasure to think that she had developed such nice feelings towards a man she hadn’t known as her father for almost 12 of the 18 years of her short life.

“OK… I’ll do that!” she yelled to the empty room, and set about tidying up the kitchen and her bedroom. She rolled the fold away bed from the store room to her bedroom and put it into place along side hers. She looked over to it from her own bed and realised that it would be too low. She took the three padded chair cushions from the back patio and placed them under the fold-away’s mattress and was happy that it was now up at the same level as her own, because the only other way they could talk with each other in bed would be if they were in the same bed. While, in more ways than one, she had shared a bed with Beth once before, she didn’t think that it would be appropriate, despite all Beth’s teasing. This would do just fine, she thought. Somewhere in the midst of all this, Cath left in taxi in a flurry of goodbyes and last minute shouted instructions and Annie was on her own!

With the house finally how she wanted it, Annie settled down with her Tom Clancy book to await Berth’s arrival, but as the time wound down towards Beth’s allotted arrival time of 5.30 pm, Annie became more and more unable to concentrate on the book’s complex plot and was filled with a growing excitement at her friend’s arrival. She smiled at that. This woman was her only real friend. She had had friends at school, but none you could just hang out and relax with, talk to, tell anything to, and while she remembered her earlier sentiments about her father and how wonderful her arrival here had been, she also liked the idea that the journey across the country to stay with him had resulted in Beth’s friendship too.

The next couple of hours seemed to take a week to pass by, and after rearranging the food canisters on the kitchen bench for the fifth time, she finally heard the slamming of a car door in the driveway. She ran through the house to the front door, her bra-less A cup breasts bouncing slightly up and down behind the material of her singlet top as she went. She threw open the door to see a hot and bedraggled Beth dragging a large suitcase towards her and they both beamed a smile of welcome followed by a genuine hug of happiness to see each other. On parting, Beth looked straight down at Annie’s erect nipples plainly visible standing erect behind the thin material of her top.

“Are they a couple of guns in your singlet or are you just happy to see me?” Beth joked, paraphrasing Mae West. Escort Anadolu Yakası

Annie blushed a little but laughed it off.

“I just ran to the door, I imagine it was the friction” she said jiggling them with her hands a little, but wasn’t sure.

Beth had not had her car’s air-conditioner fixed and she was extremely hot and bedraggled from her two hours in the car; her hair was damp and the backs of her t shirt and jeans were wet through with perspiration. On finding they would be alone for a few days, she peeled off the wet top and jeans and to Beth’s delight, shocked Annie in doing so and then walking around in her bra and panties. Annie looked again at her friend’s breasts and envied her the size and wonderful shape that she had often remembered in the last few months. She marveled at the older woman’s figure, her curves, her fleshy bottom, the softness of the curves of her body at odds with Annie’s own straight up and down. But her eyes always found themselves back on Beth’s breasts.

“You still can’t keep your eyes off my tits can you?” Beth teased and shimmied her shoulders making her D sized orbs jiggle violently from side to side.

Annie watched as they moved and then went to speak, but nothing really came out. Embarrassed, she guided Beth towards the kitchen for a cool drink. Beth looked on as Annie got her a drink and finally prattled on about why they were on their own for a few days and about the weather, but Beth’s mind was processing all her surroundings as well as the young woman before her.

Beth liked this younger woman who was, what, only 5 years younger? She liked her a lot, but not necessarily “that” way. She wasn’t into women per se, although the two of them had had some very sexy times together, and Beth knew that she herself was ‘up’ for anything. It hadn’t bothered her that Annie had taken advantage of her when she had been drunk, but had been surprised by Annie’s actions given how uptight she had seemed. She smiled inwardly at the thought, as she had a few times since, but couldn’t blame the young woman; Beth after all had been teasing her and feeling her up all night in front of the people in the bar, and what a night and next morning it had been! She liked that the two of them were close enough and had shared enough that she could relax, and if that meant talking dirty or getting turned on about something, then great.

She felt comfortable in her sexuality and comfortable with it with Annie around despite how Annie seemed to need constant reassurance that it was ok to say and do whatever she wanted around her. She had to admit though that Annie made her feel big. This tall slip of a girl with her waif like figure and cute butt and lovely shaped tiny tits made her a little jealous, but she knew that she wasn’t fat herself, just that she was a little shorter than Annie and a huge set of D cup boobs that guys saw first and the person second. While Annie talked, Beth wandered over to the sliding patio doors and stuck her head out.

“This is pretty cool… can the neighbours see into the yard?” Beth interrupted.

“No, it’s secluded, free from prying eyes…why?”

“Because I’m fucking hot!” Beth burst out.

Beth stepped into the yard towards the pool, relieving herself of first her bra and then her panties as she got close to the pool’s edge, and when she was naked, she dived straight in. She came to the surface with a relieved look on her face and proceeded to lay on her back and float in the cooling water of the pool. Her D cup breasts wallowed slightly in the wavelets and ripples of the water’s surface; the hardening nipples puckered and pointed straight up towards the sky while her clean shaven pussy pointed straight at Annie.

“This is heaven, I may never get out” Beth called up to the sky. “Come on you, get your gear off and get in here. How can you have a pool like this in this weather and not spend all day in here?” she added looking towards Annie. “Come on… come on in… and we can talk while we float and get cool.”

Annie shrugged yet reluctantly walked to the edge of the pool where she sat side on to remove first her singlet then her shorts and panties. She climbed down the ladder into the pool with her back towards Beth. It was one thing to do stuff over the phone or from a distance, but Beth was right there. Despite their past, she couldn’t help feeling a little shy. She couldn’t help it, she thought, she could get all brazen when she had been around Beth or on the phone to her, but her shyness and uncertainty kept creeping back.

“Gone all shy on me have you?” Beth shouted accusingly across to her. “I have seen it all before, and quite close if I remember rightly” she added with a grin.

“I know…”Annie began, “… but mine are….” She looked down at her naked breasts, “… and yours are…” she looked directly at Beth’s large round breasts before turning away.

Suddenly Beth was right behind her, and she cupped both of Annie’s breasts in her hands. Annie’s nipples hardened at Beth’s touch, but Annie wondered if perhaps it was just the coldness of the water.

She could feel Beth’s breasts pressing into her back.

Either way, she made no move to escape. Beth was so close behind her that Annie was able to lay her head back and rest it on Beth’s shoulder behind her.

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