Angela and Bruiser 3


Further exploits of man and his best friend.

It was getting beyond a joke! My dog was getting all the boning he could handle and there was I, miles from home, phone in one hand and cock in the other! It was going to have to change, I was going to get this job done and get home as soon as I could.

I worked my arse off but still didn’t manage to get ahead with my work, or even catch up, having left early to install the additional cameras. Whilst working away I thought about what I had seen. The Wicked Witch getting “Dogged”, I had it recorded, I suddenly remembered, blackmail? O.K. she wasn’t the most attractive flower on the wall but still as shag is a shag. And what was the “Treat” that Angela had promised my faith-full hound? I couldn’t let on I knew, nor that I had cameras about the place but I had a plan.

I phoned Angela and told her that I wouldn’t be home until Saturday morning, whereas in reality I intended to be home Friday night. She promised to look after Bruiser and I was sure she must have had the biggest smile on her face as she chuckled to herself whilst talking to me. Was Friday night going to be “Treat” night?

Friday, I wrapped up at work and set off home, phone laid on the passenger seat and “logged on”. After a couple of hours, about seven o clock, I saw movement on the phone, it was Angela plus she had a friend with her. I couldn’t quite make her friend out as I was concentrating on driving, as there was no actual action going on I put my foot down and decided to keep driving until I needed to stop to look at my phone properly. I turned the volume to high and listened in.

“This is Bruiser” I heard Angela say “And he’s the dog I’ve been telling you about” she continued. “Oh he’s lovely” exclaimed her friend. With a quick glance at the phone I saw my mutt making a fuss of the new girl and her making a fuss of him. Was she to be his “Treat”? It didn’t take Angela long to strip off and she soon had Bruiser licking her boobs and nipples. “Come on try it Karen” she encouraged her friend. Karen was a petite little thing, curly blonde hair and a “Barbie doll” figure, form what I could make out. Sure enough she removed her top and bra and sat next to Angela, on the sofa. Bruiser soon moved over to his new play mate and gave her pert little mounds the benefit of his long tongue, I’m sure he was sucking her nipples, can a dog do that? I thought to myself. Whatever he was doing both were having fun. “This is the best bit” Angela said as she leant back, parted her legs and splayed her pussy lips open with her fingers. “Bruiser come lick my pussy” she instructed. Bruiser didn’t need asking twice. Tail wagging her buried his tongue up Angela’s snatch. Karen, her friend leant forward to see the action. “Ooh he’s got such a LONG tongue” she told her friend. Angela was moaning with pleasure “Mmmm Sex hikayeleri get your panties off and try it” she instructed her friend. Karen slid her leggings off and then her panties. “Are you sure no one will know”? she asked. “Nobody can see us and I’m not going to tell, are you”?

With that Karen took the same prone position as Angela, parting her pussy lips through the matt of blonde curly hair, which matched her head. Angela took hold of Bruiser by his shoulders and encouraged him onto her friend. Bruiser wasn’t bothered whose pussy he was licking, he just licked the taste of pussy juice. He soon had his head between those long slender legs of Karen’s. “Oooh” she squealed as he dug deep into her. Angela I could see now had her right hand between her legs, massaging her pussy and sliding a finger between her slit, her left crept around and under her butt as she fingered her butt hole, burying a finger up to the knuckle into her anus.

“Oh you bad dog” Karen suddenly said. “What’s the matter”? Angela enquired. “He’s just stuck his tongue up my bum”. Karen replied. “Nice isn’t it?” Angela responded, “Just wait until he sticks his cock up there and fills you with cum!” Karen looked across at her friend, now with her eyed shut tightly and biting her bottom lip. “You are joking” she retorted to an Angela almost in the throes of orgasm. “I thought you were making that bit up” she added with surprise on her face. Angela groaned in response “Pussy, ass, whatever, he doesn’t mind”. Karen relaxed and enjoyed Bruisers’ attention. “You wicked, wicked doggy” she chastised him.

I should have pulled over but as I wasn’t far from home now I decided to welly my foot down and get home and join in the fun. I heard Karen reach her first orgasm and a quick glance and I saw Bruiser giving Angela a seeing to from behind. “Not far from home now” I whispered to myself. I pulled slowly and quietly into my driveway, turned off the engine and grabbed my phone. I wondered what the girls were up to before barging in. Bruiser now had Karen on all fours, his front paws on her back and his back arching as he went ten to the dozen. “He’s stretching my bum hole” Karen squealed as he pounded into her. “Don’t let him knot inside you” Angela said to her friend as she watched the action. Not knowing what she meant Karen just let bruiser her shove his cock deep into her. Her whole body shook as she reached yet another climax, Bruiser also reached his and sure enough knotted up the poor girls back passage. “Oh shit” she shouted as Bruiser’s cock knot spread her anal ring even wider.

Time for an entrance. I raced inside, pushed the door open to be confronted by a curly haired little vision of beauty, dog on her back and Angela knelt beside her friend consoling her and rubbing her boobs. Angela looked up and smiled “Hello, I didn’t think Sikiş hikayeleri you were back until tomorrow”. Karen ,her friend had a shocked look on her face but couldn’t manage to say anything other than “Oh noooo”. “Looks like fun” I said as I took Angela and planted a passionate kiss on her lips, delving my tongue into that sweat mouth of hers. “Can I join in?” I asked. Angela whooped with joy “Yes please” she shouted. I quickly removed all my clothing and knelt in front of Karen, pointing my cock straight at her face. “Needs a little lubrication before I stick this in your friends pussy” I informed her. Karen still grimacing, wrapped her hand around my shaft and slowly swallowed half my member down her throat. My could she suck cock! Being so horny from having a week without anything other than a wank, I quickly instructed Angela to take the same position along side her friend. I then, alongside my faith full mutt, slipped my rather hot and hard cock into her smooth, silky pussy. I could feel every muscle inside her as I slid in. Bruiser, seeing his master alongside him, jerking in and out of this beautiful dark haired girl next to him, copied my actions in the blonde he had at his mercy. Unfortunately his cock was on the wain and slipped out of it’s tight little dungeon. He strolled over to the corner and started to lick his cock, satisfied that he had had his fun.

Karen’s butt hole was still gapping open, doggy cum leaking out of her. She gave a relieved gasp as he took his now quickly shrinking cock from her sore anus. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, I pulled my cock from Angela’s sweat pussy, shuffled to one side and aimed my shaft at Karen’s open hole. Her gasp of relief was soon followed by a quick shriek as I penetrated her rear end. Angela, a bit disappointed turned around to see what was happening. I mouthed a “Sorry” to her and nodded towards Bruiser. “Oh no not again” Karen squealed “My ass is sooo sore!” Angela made her way over to Bruiser and stroked his cock as I continued my assault on the little blondes’ rear end. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper I penetrated her. Enforced abstinence made may balls soon tighten and I felt my “Big vein” fill with cum, squirting into my poor victim, her sphincter muscle milking me. “Aaargh” I exhaled as I filled her with my cum. Luckily I didn’t knot and Karen was able to collapse onto the floor onto her back. Her legs were still splayed wide open and her pink pussy lips were soaked with juices, from her, from my dog and from me. “Thank God for that!” she said as she relaxed her back onto the carpet.

Angela, on hearing her friend, came back over to join us. “Well the only one not to have had you is me” she stated as she crept up between her friends long legs and planted a kiss on her clit. “What are you doing?” Karen said in astonishment. “Licking up Porno Hikayeleri all the juices” Angela replied as she lapped at her friends’ pussy. “But…but I’m not gay” exclaimed her friend. “Me neither” replied Angela “But it doesn’t mean I don’t like doing this.” She said as she continued lapping at her friend.
“May I join you?” I asked as I took position next to Angela.
We took turns in lapping at Karen’s pussy and anus, Karen through either reluctantly or acceptingly lay back to enjoy the oral pleasure. We had fingers probing and stroking. In between my turn at licking I made my way to Karen’s pert little boobs which were about the size of large oranges and just as firm. Her small but erect pink nipples just begging to be licked and nipped between my lips. Soon she started to pant, like the little bitch she was and writhed and moaned as she climaxed.

Now sporting a fresh erection, which didn’t go un-noticed, I was soon on my back with Angela jumping onto me, straddling my cock. I felt every last centimetre as it slipped up inside her tight quim. She rode me like a stallion, bucking up and down. She turned into the “Reverse Cowboy” and continued to buck onto me. I saw her reach over and grab her friends hair, dragging her over between my legs. “Lick my pussy” she commanded. I couldn’t see what was going on but soon felt Karen’s chin on my shaft and balls, her tongue touching my cock as she attempted to lick at her friends’ pussy as she jumped up and down on me. I felt Angela’s pussy tighten on my shaft and with a final downward plunge her juices flooded out of her as she reached her climax, y cock twitched at the clamping and I followed suit, what little cum I had left trickling down the side of my shaft. Angela fell back onto me, my cock still inside her as Karen continued to lap at the both of us. “Mmmm tasty” she mumbeled between licks. Angela twisted her head and we somehow managed to French kiss. Karen, now giggling soon joined us as we shared a three way tongue sharing exercise.

“That was awesome” Karen said as we cooled down from our passion. “Told you” Angela replied. “So who’s been spoiling my dog?” I laughingly asked as I remembered my mutt, sat in the corner, tongue hanging down the side of his mouth.
We all laughed. “I’ve got to go” Angela suddenly informed us. “Why don’t you tell your mum your stopping at my house and you can stay here?” she asked her friend, “If you don’t mind” she turned and asked me. “Don’t mind” I flusteringly replied, “As long as Karen doesn’t mind me fucking her pussy raw” I said as I glanced at Karen. “Mmm, so you like fucking 15 year olds do you?” she asked. Excited at the illegality of what was going to happen that night I could only reply “And no dogs allowed!” as I shot a glare at Bruiser. “Aaaaw” Karen groaned “Not even for a little bit?”
The rest I will leave up to your imagination. Needless to say her ass and pusssy got drilled good and proper all night. I soon made up for my lack of sex the previous week.

Not finished yet!
That’s if you want more?

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