Andrew , His Beloved

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I had just finished drying myself after showering and was about to clean my teeth. Tooth brush poised I looked into the mirror over the hand basin. I was nonplussed. I thought for a moment I was hallucinating. She was standing leaning against the bathroom door clad only in her panties and bra.

I turned from the mirror to confront the reality, if such there was. She was there in all her fleshly reality. Hers was the body I had lusted after for years. The girls I had been with were shadowy substitutes for her, vehicles for my fantasies even as I fucked them.

I let myself take in her physical reality: her luxuriant dark brown hair cascading over her bare shoulders; heart shaped face with green eyes and slightly curved nose over a wide mouth with full lips.

Her breasts had always enraptured me. I had never seen them naked, but they had always seemed a little too large for her lithe body. Even now, they were covered, but only just, by a bra that was little more than under lift, exposing her almost to the nipples. The nipples themselves, pressing against the diaphanous cloth of the bra, were large, almost the size of acorns, and appeared to be light brown in colour.

My eyes followed the contour of her belly that led tantalizingly to the top of her legs, where the thin cloth of her panties sank into her cleft, then down to her strong thighs and well shaped calves.

God, how I wanted her! She stood there smiling at me in all her sensual splendour, a woman who for me radiated sexual seductiveness, an erotic enchantress. Why, oh why did she have to be the forbidden woman, my mother?

My penis had been partially erect from the warmth and relaxation of the shower, but in the presence of her all but naked body, it had stiffened to its fully aroused size.

She moved towards me. My throat seemed to swell up, but I tried to speak, “Mother, I…” She stopped me with her hand across my mouth.

“Don’t be afraid, darling, the waiting is over. No more holding back.”

With those words she took hold of my penis in her soft, gentle hand and began to massage it. She turned her face up to me, reaching up so her lips met mine, mouth open, tongue searching. I felt her body pressing close to mine, her breasts strong and firm.

She broke from the kiss and bent to remove her panties. As they dropped to the floor she said, “Now darling, take me now baby.”

I was bewildered. The corporeal fact was there, her body pressed to mine, my manhood ready to find its goal, but I was stunned. Never over all the years of my maddening desire for her had I ever thought my longing would come to fruition.

She seemed to know my thoughts now, as she always had seemed to know them. In fact, that was one of the mysterious elements in our relationship. We seemed to know each others thoughts and feelings. At times it was almost as if we lived within each other. I know that this closeness between mother and I used to infuriate my father. It was as if he was shut out from a world occupied by mother and I alone.

From the time of my earliest memories of mother, it had been the same. We loved deeply. When I entered my years of puberty, our love took on an erotic dimension that had not been consciously present before. We both knew of the others feelings, and knew that the other knew. I think my father suspected the existence of these feelings between us.

Over the years of my adolescence, the frustration level had been increasingly hard to bear. To be so frequently in each other’s presence in the intimate environment of the home, was at times agonising torture. I relieved myself by masturbating and with the girls I fucked, but always my desire, my true love, was the forbidden woman.

How mother coped, I still do not know. Perhaps she masturbated or had lovers that I knew nothing of. It was certainly not with my father. They had not slept in the same room for some years, and I knew something of his affairs with other women.

He had money and a superficial charm that would attract women, and he made full use of this power. Loving and lusting for mother as I did, it was beyond me why he did not have this desire for her. Perhaps it was because of the close bond between mother and I. I have known him to say sarcastically, “Why don’t you two set up on your own?”

Now, invited by mother to enter fearlessly into the relationship I had hungered for, I was hesitating. She spoke words of tender encouragement.

“Its all right, darling. Nothing to be afraid of. We have waited long enough for each other. I’m ready for you my love – burning for you. I know how much you want me – always known my love – so have me now.”

She was standing now against the wall and began to try to climb up me so I could enter her. The bewildering haze that had clouded my thoughts began to disperse, and putting my hands under her buttocks I lifted her up and then let my shaft slip into her.

Her arms round my neck, clinging to me and kissing, with each break from the kiss she spoke very quietly and gently, her voice bursa otele gelen eskort reflecting her love for me.

“Darling, oh darling…how lovely… my sweet boy…so long…we’ve waited so long…we’ll make each other so happy…I need you so much, my love…oh, baby…oh…oh…don’t stop now…oh darling…ah…ah…Ooh.”

Her whole body began to shake and give rhythmical jerks as she came to her climax. My own orgasm came just as she passed the critical moment, and I came into her like an erupting volcano. We clung to each other, she weeping, her legs wrapped round me, and I groaning with ecstacy, I

The after shocks of her orgasm went on for a long time, and between her sobs, she continued to speak.

“Darling… lovely… lovely…my gorgeous Andrew, I knew it would be wonderful with you.

I was suffering from that post-coital fragility that comes after a deeply satisfying orgasm, and could hardly continue to support her body. Eventually she unwound her legs from me and stood once more.

She began to wash my penis at the hand basin, then cleansed her own sex organ.

Putting on her panties again she said, “We have to talk, darling.”

Taking my hand she led me first to her bedroom where she put on a thin house coat, then taking me to my own room, she indicated that I should put on something. I selected my dressing gown.

We went to the lounge room and settled down on the sofa, she snuggled up against me, I with my arms about her. Her female fragrance almost got the better of me, and I started to get another erection, but mother was intent on a serious conversation.

“Darling, shall we say, that was a first installment of what could be between us? A sort of down payment to establish a contract between us? A promise of things to come.”

I took her meaning well enough, but could not see how things could develop between us.

“What about father…” I began.

“I shall be leaving your father,” mother answered. “I don’t need to spell out to you why – leaving me unsatisfied – his women – you know about that. And you don’t need to feel guilty. I shall leave him whether we are together as lovers or not. I’ve had enough.”

“That’s another thing, our relationship. We have never talked about its full meaning. We have both known but never spoken of it. It is as if we have always been destined for each other. As if the facts of incest, age difference, social disapproval are of no moment. I have fed you at my breasts, nurtured you, loved you and when you entered puberty, began to sexually desire you. Now we are at the crossroads. I have by my action today indicated my choice of the way forward. You must also choose.”

She had set out the situation very clearly. She wanted me as her lover-son. Did I want her as my lover-mother? I knew that the two elements – lover and mother/son, would be present in our relationship if I decided to become her ongoing lover. The two would never be separated. She would always be my mother and I her son, not only in the physical sense, but emotionally as well. Did I want this?

In a self-centred way, I could see advantages. I sensed that we would be free and sexually open to each other. There would be no holding back; our bodies would be completely available to each other. I would receive not only a lover’s lust, but a mother’s love as well. A potent sexual mixture I suspected.

The most unworthy but present thought was; “If it doesn’t work out, there will be no messy divorce to worry about. I can just end the relationship and leave if necessary.”

On the other side of the coin, there had been the long agony of desiring her and never thinking I could have her. Having now, as it were, tasted her, it seemed impossible to go on without our being lovers. The torment would be redoubled.

She waited patiently for my response, and finally I said, “I can’t go on without you now, mother. It was too beautiful with you just now. I must have you. But father…”

“He’s not here, is he my love? And he won’t be here for another four weeks.”

She was right. He was off on one of his lecture and seminar tours, telling the great business conglomerates how they might dip their hands into the public purse. He began his working life with the public service, rose to be an economic advisor, then went into private practice as a consultant. He had made heaps of money.

Mother had drawn away from me to strip off her few garments, saying, “I can see how it is, darling. Let me comfort you.” She lay back in the corner of the sofa, her feet on the seat, legs wide open, to give me a full view of her vagina. It was plump, very neatly cleft and looked luscious.

In that moment, as so often since, I felt as if I could have eaten her. My penis was erect and throbbing, ready to penetrate her, but my desire to thrust my tongue into her was overwhelming. I knelt before her, opening the outer lips to expose the sweet rose-like inner lips. They were pink and inviting. I gently pulled them apart to reveal bursa eve gelen escort bayan her opening and slid my tongue into her.

I heard her soft cries and little whimpers, and felt her squirming with pleasure. I transferred my attention to her clitoris, lifting the little hood, and applying my tongue to the small nerve centre nub.

Now her cries increased and her movements more eruptive. I had to hold on tightly to her thighs to remain in contact with her clitoris, and suddenly she gave a mighty heave that was accompanied by an earsplitting shriek, followed by howling sobs. Her whole body was shaking and she began to repeat over and over, “Oh God, oh God, oh God…”

As I felt her pass the climax of her orgasm, I entered her with my penis. She was soaking wet and very warm. I felt her grip me with her vaginal muscle as if she would drag me into her and never let me go. I was past any holding back. My semen came pouring out with great explosive force I thought would never stop.

I was moaning my own repeated words now; “I love you…I love you…I love you…”

Mother, now calmer was stroking my face and hair saying, “I know, darling, I know…”

As we both came to post-orgasmic peace, we relaxed, my shaft still lying inside her as it slackened. We held each other, still whispering words of love and commitment to each other.

For the moment, we were at peace.

I think I was about to doze off, when mother said, “Andrew, I think its time for bed.”

This woke me up rather quickly. I had not thought about where we went to from here. Was I to take to mother’s large bed, or retreat to my own? Trust mother to answer the unspoken question. “You will be sleeping in my bed from now on, and nobody else’s. I’ve had enough of your father and his women, so if I ever find that you are being unfaithful, we shall be finished”

We went to the bathroom for a shower. One of the most admirable things about mother was her insistence on hygiene, especially genital hygiene. She had always seemed sweet and fresh and I had never known her to use perfume or deodorant, yet she always had a tantalizing womanly fragrance about her that drove me mad with lust for her.

After showering together, with my penis rising to its full power yet again, we retired to her bed. Before anything else, I received a warning from her.

“Darling, I’m the sort of lady who comes very quickly and often. I shall want a lot of you, and if you can’t manage an erection at any time, I shall want you to do other things for me.”

At that moment, with another throbbing erection, I felt as if I could handle anything she might demand of me, and I told her so.

She laughed and said, “We’ll see, my sweet.”

With those words, she came over me and with open mouth and thrusting tongue, she began to kiss me. From my mouth, she worked her way down my body until she reached my shaft, standing up like a great tower.

Her lips closed over the crown of my penis, her hand gently caressing my testicles.

At first she sucked and licked slowly and softly, then she intensified her stimulation, taking more and more of my shaft into her mouth and moving up and down on it ever more rapidly. I had received oral sex from a woman before, but never anything as wonderful as this.

I had been holding back, thinking she would not want my semen in her mouth, but she broke off for a moment to say, “Come darling, let me have it.”

That was the signal. I discharge into her mouth with streams of my love juice. I felt her struggling to swallow it, and not completely succeeding, it began to run out of the corners of her mouth. I finished and, with a sort of wild abandonment, she brought her mouth once more to mine and deep kissing me put some of my sperm into my mouth.

There was something wild – untamed – about this exchange of semen that sent me almost frantic. I flung her over on her back and almost tore her legs apart and once more thrust my tongue into her.

She was saturated, and I licked her lubricant, then came over her and kissed her so she received her own liquid. We exchanged bodily fluids by mouth, and somehow it seemed that we had in so doing finally sealed our contract.

There was something of extreme intimacy in our act. It was as if we now knew what we needed from each other and what would be demanded. Yet, the demand was like one that we might make of ourselves. It was as if we were now one – a unity – and whatever was asked would be freely given.

When some equanimity began to return, mother laughed and said, “I did try to warn you, my love.”

There now followed further cleansings and then a return to the bed.

It had crossed my mind that we had engaged in sufficient sex for one day, but I was wrong.

So occupied had I been with other parts of mother’s anatomy, and she with mine, I had sadly neglected the one feature that had always fascinated me, her breasts.

Not being so urgent in my sexual needs for bayan eskort bursa the moment, I now turned my attention to those two beautiful glands. They were large and firm, and the nipples were as I thought they might be, light brown and about the size of an acorn. They were certainly the largest nipples I had ever seen.

The nipples standing our firmly, I tentatively took one into my mouth. Even more than the piquancy of mother’s vagina, her nipples tasted of femaleness. The first place of nourishment when once out of the womb, it is small wonder that even back in pre-historic times, the breast was the source of adoration and worship. To this very day, men are still drawn to this source of life.

Mother held my head against her breast as if I was a child she was feeding. I heard her sighing and gasping with happiness.

Again, there was that sense of union between us. We were two sides of one being, like different sides of one coin. There was a love between us that I had never imagined could exist.

I lingered for a long time over her breasts, touching and fondling, until mother said, “Put your sperm between them, darling.”

I sat across her and she folded her breasts over my shaft. I moved back and forth between their soft, warm embrace until I once more shot a stream of sperm.

Mother’s upper body was now well doused with my discharge. This meant another trip for her to the bathroom. As for me, I had reached the end of my sexual capabilities for the time being, and went off to sleep before she returned to the bed. Whether or not she would have demanded more from me I shall never know, but at least she did not wake me.

The first sight to greet me in the morning was of mother, still naked, standing by the bed with cups of tea.

“Wake up darling, time to get to work.”

I was about to protest that being a student, I had no work in the sense of employment, and in any case, it was Saturday, when the obvious struck me. My mother would have been fully aware of both these facts.

Enlightenment came when mother, having got back into bed, and when we had finished our tea, I learned what she meant by “work.”

Fortunately I am a morning person and usually wake with an erection. It needed very little encouragement from mother, who began massaging my penis, to have me ready for the great entry.

There was very little preamble to my entering mother, and much to my amazement, she had three orgasms before I once more fired my semen into her. I was to learn that mother was also a morning person, and liked nothing better than to start the day with a sexual intercourse.

I was beginning to get an inkling of what it was going to mean to be mother’s lover.

The morning intercourse was a gentle affair and long lasting. I held off for at least half an hour, which seemed to gratify both of us. If this was “work,” then mother could count on me to labour at it mightily.

We eventually managed to get out of bed and take in some much-needed nourishment. In addition, I got another lecture from mother.

There was no doubt in either of us regarding our joint future. I think we both felt that we could not live our lives apart from now on. There was this curious sense of unity we had in an almost mystical manner. It had been present before we began having sex, but the sexual encounters had reinforced it powerfully.

What had to be considered was what happened when father came home. We had a few weeks of freedom before he arrived, but needed to decide how we proceeded once he did.

Mother’s decision was that at the time of his arrival we should cease our sexual encounters. She would announce to him that their marriage was at an end. Then there would have to be negotiations regarding settlements. If father decided to take it through the courts things could go on for a long time, but mother thought he would settle out of court.

Mother had some money of her own, and had no intention of staying in the somewhat ugly mansion father had insisted on buying once he started to make pots of money. She would purchase a smaller and more comfortable place of her own. Given a reasonable space of time, I could “decide” to go and live with her, and our sex lives could resume. At some point father would probably realise what our relationship was, but mother wanted to delay the day of his enlightenment for as long as possible.

Regarding the time gap in our sexual contact, mother was most uncompromising.

“Andrew,” she said, “Whatever happened in the past is in the past for both of us, but from now on, I shall be totally faithful to you, and I expect the same from you.”

I concurred with this.

Breakfast and the lecture over, mother suggested a shower, walk and then back to bed. This day stays forever in my memory as “Anus Day.” It was my first introduction to this form of intercourse. I have a strong suspicion that it was not mother’s first time because if it was she had a remarkable understanding of the way to go about it.

Her preferred position does not include a bed. She likes to bend over a table with feet apart of the floor, with me standing behind her to enter.

The first time she instructed me how to take lubricant from her vagina and smear is over and into her anus, and to do that same with my precum. This done, I press the crown of my penis against her anus, and with a steady pressure slide into her.

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