Anal Alison Ch. 04

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The next afternoon, I arrived home around 4:45 and changed into shorts with no shirt. Two guys rode with me and three more followed in another car. Ten minutes later, two more cars arrived bringing four guys each. There were now fourteen guys waiting including me. The final car drove up with Jim and Tracey inside. After they came in, there was a knock on the door. I opened the door and there were Alison and Amanda standing there in shorts and t-shirts. They stepped in and pulled the t-shirts over their heads. Pulling the shorts down, they were naked since they wore nothing underneath.

“Who’s first? I want cock.” Alison told us all. Jim pushed her face down on the love seat, unzipped his pants, and pushed his cock into her waiting ass.

I looked over at the other guys who were taking off their clothes and realized that they were all ready. One guy lay down on the floor and Amanda mounted him sliding his cock all the way into her cunt. Then she leaned forward, and another guy penetrated her ass. The two immediately began a harsh fucking action without timing their thrusts. When both went in at the same time, she moaned as she was filled completely. Another guy lay down and Tracey mounted him with still another pushing his cock deep into her ass.

Jim pounded Alison hard not trying to hold back but hurrying his cum. He slammed into her butt and shot his first wad. Before she could catch her breath, a guy was beside the love seat guiding her cunt onto his cock with another waiting to enter her ass. She opened her mouth to groan and Jim pushed his wet cock down her throat.

There was no gentleness in the fucking. Every guy there knew that each girl was there to be fucked hard and they were driving their cocks into a hole as hard and fast as they could. Almost half of us had our cocks buried in someone’s orifice and all of them were fucking their hole hard and fast.

Tracy was moaning as she was double penetrated by two guys who were moving faster and faster hurrying their cums. They were slamming her together and then almost pulling all the way out before slamming her cunt and ass again. Tracey was moaning and hollering, “Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Pound my holes! Give it to me!” Amanda was making the same moaning and hollering roughly the same words. All four guys buried their cocks and came hard. Both girls came to the feel of the hot semen being pumped into their bodies.

The only sound from Alison was a “mmph” because Jim had his cock buried down her throat while her tongue cleaned his cum and her ass juice from his cock.

Everyone had had their first cum and cocks were slowly pulled from asses and girls rolled over removing the cocks from their pussies. Each guy moved to a head and shoved their cock down a throat for a cleaning. Once clean, they moved away making room for another cock needing to be sucked clean.

The girls bursa otele gelen escort had a quick breather and the remaining group of us and Jim moved to the girls. There was nine of us so each girl was triple penetrated. Amanda knelt over another guy and pushed down on his cock filling her cunt. She leaned forward and I pushed my cock deep into her ass. Another guy took her mouth. We all back off until we were each nearly out of her and then together slammed our cocks all the way into her body. I could feel Amanda’s scream and shudder on my cock in her ass as she had a massive orgasm and we started riding her toward our own cums. Similar but different scenes took place close to us with Tracey and Alison. The three girls were fucked roughly by three guys each. I could feel the cock in Amanda’s cunt as I pumped her ass. Looking down, I could see her sphincter being moved in and out by the action of my cock as I pushed in and pulled out moving hard and quick trying to attain my cum.

There wasn’t much talk just a lot of huffing and puffing as the girls all had cocks deep in their mouths and none of us guys were into making a speech at the moment. I could feel my balls churn and unloaded my load into Amanda’s ass and felt her muscles contract around my cock as it spurted repeatedly. I could also feel the cock in her cunt as it fired its shots in that hole. Jack, in her mouth, exclaimed, “I’m cumming!” as he fired into her mouth and down her throat. When he pulled out, I moved around and fed my softening cock into her mouth for her to lick clean. She had swallowed Jack’s load and now cleaned my cock of cum and ass juices. Tony’s cock fell out of her cunt and Alison crawled over and took it in her mouth sucking her sister’s cum and his from it. She then moved to Amanda’s holes and, starting with her cunt, began to lick and suck the cum from her cunt and then her ass. Tracey had moved over behind her rendering the same curtesy. The guys in the first group were hard again so Tracey quickly had a guy squirm under her pushing his cock into her cunt. Anther guy came up behind her and pushed into her ass. Amanda had accepted another cock in her mouth. A final guy straddled Alison and sank his cock into her ass forcing Tracy to only suck cunt. It would take longer for cums this time and all the guys keep thrusting into their hole taking the girls to repeated cums as they continued to suck on each other.

Finally, everybody fucking came and gradually pulled out of the ass or mouth that had received another load of cum. The girls slide to the floor exhausted and everyone lay back catching their breath.

“Where’s Brad?” I asked. “He told me he was bringing another girl for our party.”

Jim responded, “I don’t know but he said he would be a little late and that he wanted to do her before putting her out for bursa eve gelen eskort the rest of us.”

“Is she that great?”

“No, he’s like that with anyone he brings. He did say that she hasn’t any limits and will take on all comers.”

“Male and female?” I asked.

“Oh yes”

A few moments later, the doorbell rang. I went to answer it and there was Brad with an older woman dressed in a tube top, micro skirt and sandals. She was fairly tall and slim with an excellent figure. Brad looked in and said, “Is this the orgy? We’re two more participants and Mary will take on anyone in any way. She loves being triple stuffed along with some other interesting ways.”

Mary looked a little bit nervous but gave me a smile and then licked her lips. I let them in and pushed her down to her knees and fed her my cock still a little wet from my efforts. She inhaled it burying her nose in my groin. I could feel her throat working me which got me hard quickly. I pulled her up, turned her around and pushed my cock into her cunt. It opened up letting me sink in to the hilt. I fucked her a few strokes, pulled out and aimed at her ass and pushed. It sank in with almost no effort again right to the hilt. I pumped her butt a few times, pulled out and turned her around offering my cock with, I could see, some cum on it with her juices. She took it back into her mouth trying to shove her nose through my belly button.

Brad asked, “Does she pass?”

“Oh yes, she’ll do nicely” I lifted her up and said to get naked and we’ll start another round for everyone. Then I said, “When you’re naked, clean up and ready the other girls.”

She stripped and walked in and knelt over Alison who was on her stomach facing away from her. She stuck her tongue into Alison’s ass and started sucking the cum and ass juices from her hole. Alison started to respond to the activity and then became even more responsive as Mary moved to her cunt. She knew how to lick cunt from what I could see and I knew from my quick experience that she could suck cock. At that point, Amanda rose up, looked over and exclaimed, “Mom!”

“Amanda?” Mary replied and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Realizing there was no “out” and not sure she cared since her mother was naked and had just been licking Alison’s cunt, she said, “I’ve been in an orgy and gang bang with Tracey and Alison.”


“Yeah, whose cunt do you think you have been licking?”

At that point, Brad pushed his cock in Mary’s ass all the way to the hilt. “Oh shit, that feels good!”

“Mom, keep licking my cunt. I’m close!” Alison cried out and pushed her cunt into her mother’s face.

“Mmmph!” was the reply as Brad started to savagely pound Mary’s butt slamming her face into Alison’s cunt. Alison reached down and held her mother’s bayan escort bursa head tight to her cunt feeling her tongue reach in and swab her cunt walls as her nose pounded against her clit thanks to Brad pumping his cock into her ass.

All of this discussion revived everyone else and they moved to watch Alison get eaten out by her mother who was being pounded hard in the ass. Brad kept the pace and started slapping Mary’s ass cheeks reddening them with handprints. He slammed in her ass one last time and, with a low-pitched howl started cumming in her ass. Amanda had moved close to her mom. When Brad pulled his cock from her ass, he took Amanda’s head and pushed her to her mother’s ass saying, “Suck her out.” Amanda didn’t fight his hands and moved to bring her lips to her mother’s asshole. Extending her tongue, she started to suck the cum from her ass. As she did that, another guy got behind her and pushed his cock into her ass. Two other guys pulled Alison away from her mother. One lay on the floor and pulled Alison on to him impaling her cunt with his cock. The other moved behind and shoved his cock in her ass A third guy moved in front of Mary offering her his cock to suck. She took him down her throat without hesitation.

Over in a corner, Tracey was getting triple penetrated. I felt my cock rise and pushed Amanda from her mother’s butt and, laying down, pulled Mary on top of my body. She took my cock into her cunt and another guy came up behind her jamming his cock into her ass. We kept pounding the hole we were in until we all started cumming. Those on the bottom like myself were sort of stuck but, as an asshole was vacated, there was another hard cock pushing in to take its place until it, in turn, pumped its load of cum into the bowels of whichever of the girls the cock was in. This continued until everyone had shot their load again. The girls were tired from the pounding and from numerous climaxes but they got together and started an obscene daisy chain licking the cum from cunts and asses. In the process, they came some more.

We guys had each cum at least three times but enjoyed watching the girls eat the cum and juices from each other. A few of us rejuvenated and moved someone out of the chain and pumped our cocks into a cunt or ass shooting our load into that girl who then resumed her place in the chain. Finally, no one could get hard again and the girls rain out of steam. We all just lay around resting. It was now later in the evening and people started to leave. After a while, it was just me, Alison and Amanda, and their mother. They talked about the sex and each other. I listened in.

“Girls, I didn’t know you were both into wild sex much less were Bi,” said Mary.

Alison responded, “We didn’t really plan it.” She described her activities leading to admitting she was a butt slut and added, “I knew Amanda was sexually active and we talked about sex a little and I invited us over here for me to show off. She joined in and we together asked for the gangbang.”

“Yeah, and it was great. Mom, you suck great cunt and I liked eating you out, too,” added Amanda.

“Well, girls. I guess we’ll have to do it again. The question is, do we get going again tomorrow or wait until the weekend?”

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