An Offer He Can’t Refuse Ch. 07

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Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. This story features incest and anal sex, so be warned in case that’s not your cup of tea. Don’t expect realism, and you won’t be disappointed when you don’t find it! Enjoy!


“Bye Mom, bye Aunt Jenny! Have fun at the spa!” Lyla hollered, chuckling and blowing big mock-dramatic kisses out of the car window while Mike backed out of Jennifer’s driveway.

As Julia smiled and shook her head at her eldest daughter’s whimsical theatrics, she couldn’t help but let her eyes stray to her beloved son and lock gazes with him. For a moment, she thought she saw Mike winking at her, but then again she knew it was probably just in her head, a byproduct of her simmering, ever-burning and forcibly hidden desire for him. Still, there was no mistaking the love and longing radiating from Mike’s beaming smile as he cast a final glance at her. And then he turned the wheel, honked twice and drove off, leaving Julia standing there on the front lawn of her big sister’s house.

While she watched her kids driving away, Julia was so caught up in her own thoughts that she barely even registered the loud sounds of one of Lyla’s usual punk bands blaring from the car stereo and quickly fading in the distance. The prospect of spending the weekend with Jennifer at their friend’s plush spa resort didn’t really appeal to Julia too much. In a way, it was nothing but an obstacle that prevented her from doing what she really wanted to do: spending time with Mike during the day and letting her passion for him run free at night, when she could finally bask in the indescribable thrill of feeling her son push himself inside her welcoming body again and again and again.

Sighing as she crossed her arms under her buxom boobs, nervously biting her gorgeous lips, Julia couldn’t help but let her mind wander back to the previous night, which she had spent with Mike’s cock pounding her every hole and filling her mouth, pussy and ass with his youthful, intoxicating cum. Even after that intense nightly marathon, knowing that she was going to leave for the weekend in just a few hours, Julia had intentionally set the alarm clock earlier than necessary, so that she could squeeze in a morning quickie with her adored boy.

As it turned out it though, a quickie wouldn’t be nearly enough for the horny mother, not by a long shot.

After waking Mike up with a deep loving blowjob and greedily drinking down his first massive, deliciously creamy ejaculation of the day, Julia had immediately straddled him and engulfed his still hard sperm-slick boner into her soft, drooling pussy. Riding him cowgirl style like a woman possessed, Julia had brought herself to two magnificent orgasms while her beloved son panted groggily and stared in awe-struck admiration at the huge swaying mommy-boobs, enjoying the expert caresses of her velvety vaginal walls all the while. Eventually, when Mike’s big throbbing cock exploded in climax within her dripping pussy, flooding her womb with his potent seed, Julia had been shaken by yet another surge of pleasure, a full-body rush of bliss so intense that it superseded her brief worry about having ended up spending way too much time in bed with her boy while she should have urged him to leave her room significantly sooner.

Still, no harm had come of it and Mike had made it back to his room undetected by his sisters as usual, leaving Julia to groan in her big empty bed at the thought that the warm, overabundant load of spunk trickling from her well-fucked pussy was the last dose of her son’s sperm she would feel inside her or get to taste for the next two days. ‘Two days!’ Julia had thought, her tumid lips scrunched in a displeased scowl even as she instinctively began scooping up Mike’s dense ejaculate with her fingers and bringing it from her pussy to her mouth. ‘How am I gonna last for all of two days!?’

Unsurprisingly, as she sucked avidly on her cum-dripping fingertips and savored the heady, unique taste of her son’s sperm, Julia’s next thought had been tinged with a certain degree of irony and brought a smile to her seed-glossy lips. ‘Okay, so that’s how much of a nympho I’ve become: I can’t even stand the idea of going two days without drinking my son’s cum… Good job, Julia!’

Later, when the time came for Mike to drop her off at Jennifer’s house, Julia was tingling with arousal at the prospect of either squeezing in a final quickie in the car with her boy, or at least sucking him off on the way to her sister’s place. Much to Julia’s frustration though, Lyla made the spur-of-the-moment decision to tag along as well, inadvertently ruining her mom’s naughty plans. Mixed feelings warred inside the horny mother during that car drive; there was definitely a lot of disappointment about missing a chance to feel Mike’s huge cock inside her again, then came an odd sense of resentment toward Lyla for causing that disappointment in the first place, and finally, of course, a massive dose of maternal guilt hit her because of that resentment.

Still, Giresun Escort Julia had felt that bundle of unpleasant emotions melt away like snow in the sun as soon as Lyla hugged her tight and smooched her on both cheeks, smiling guilelessly and looking at her with sweet daughterly love in her bright bespectacled eyes while she said goodbye and wished her a happy weekend. No, Julia had told herself, there was no place for bad feelings inside her at all, not when she was blessed with such amazing and affectionate kids.

Of course, Julia had to seriously restrain herself once it was Mike’s turn to hug her goodbye and kiss her on the cheek. The feel of her beloved son’s arms wrapped around her curvy body and the closeness of his mouth to hers had almost tricked the horny mother into doing what she would have usually done if they had been alone behind closed doors, but fortunately she managed to control her need to just whip out Mike’s amazing cock and start jacking him off while sticking her tongue down his throat to initiate a torrid make out session. Still, the mere thought of doing all those delectably forbidden things had made Julia shiver with arousal, while the harsh awareness that she must not do it right there and then caused her to sigh discontentedly.

“I’m gonna miss you, Mom. Really…” Mike had murmured in his mother’s ear while squeezing her in a possessive bear hug, forcing Julia’s huge bulging tits to press heavily against his chest and almost causing them to spill out of the neckline of her summer dress as he tried to get one last feel of those spectacular melons through the layers of clothing separating their bodies.

“Oh baby, I’m gonna miss you too!” Julia had whispered back as she reluctantly disentangled herself from Mike’s embrace. Still, she was grinning as she softly added: “Sext me later, okay? At least we can still do that!”

At that, Mike had laughed and vigorously nodded. Then he had said goodbye to his busty aunt as well, got into the car with Lyla, and drove away.

Now, dreamily watching the car disappear down the road and lingering on those final moments spent hugging her handsome boy, Julia got so spaced out and lost in thought that she was startled when her big sister’s voice brought her back to reality.

“Jeez, Jules,” Jennifer said with a scoffing chuckle, coming to stand right beside Julia, “will you stop being such a good mommy already? You make me look like a heartless monster!”

“Uh?” Julia mumbled, blinking out of her momentary reverie as she took in her big sister’s arched eyebrow and teasing grin. “What are you talking about, Jenny?”

“You know what I mean… We’re just leaving for the weekend, and look at you! All gushy and emotional about being separated from your kids, you silly mama bear, you!” Jennifer laughed while bumping her big jeans-clad booty into Julia’s plump bubble-butt. “Still, it sure must mean something that you got two out of three of your kids to accompany you here and say goodbye… My kids didn’t even care enough to be home at all.”

“I thought you said that Adam and Abby were going somewhere with their friends this weekend, right?” Julia asked, arching an eyebrow at her older sister, trying to shake the lingering thoughts of her handsome, massively hung son from her head.

“Yeah, my point exactly! They left early this morning before I woke up, and all I got was a text while you got hugs from Mike and smooches from Lyla…” Jennifer replied with a dry chuckle. Then, returning to her characteristic lightheartedness, she concluded with a grin: “I guess it’s fair, though… You may have beat me in terms of parenting skills, sis, but I’m still the family expert when it comes to sex!”

The unintended irony inherent in that statement immediately brought a private smile to Julia’s lips. For a moment, she just stared at her smirking sister, taking in Jennifer’s half-joking and half-provoking pose with her juicy hip cocked, one hand resting on her curvy ass and her huge tits pushed forward, straying against her tight-fitting top. When Jennifer completed the picture by making duck lips and putting on an exaggeratedly sexy expression, Julia couldn’t contain herself anymore and burst out laughing. Jennifer immediately joined her, and soon the two busty mothers were leaning against each other, giggling and joking and teasing each other.

“Alright, let’s get inside and have some wine,” Jennifer eventually said, hooking her arm around Julia’s and pulling her close as they slowly walked back toward the house. “We still have time before Trish and Rose come pick us up, and I’m gonna use it to get you drunk and finally pry out some saucy details about your mysterious young lover! So, the other day, when he was licking your pussy while we were on the phone…”

“Aw, come on, Jenny! Not this again…” Julia sighed, cursing the fact that she had let herself get caught red-handed while on the phone with her sister a few days earlier, yet getting all flushed at the memory of that particularly thrilling encounter with her Giresun Escort Bayan beloved son.

“Oh no, Jules, you’re not talking your way out of this one!” Jennifer admonished, stopping to stare her little sister right in the eyes. “At least tell me this: does he have a big cock?”

Exhaling and looking away from Jennifer’s grinning face and mischievous eyes, Julia couldn’t help but let the shadow of a smile dance on her lips as she finally gave up and mumbled: “Yeah… Yes, Jenny. He has a big cock. Happy now?”

“Ah, I knew it! You were always a size queen, Jules!” Jennifer giggled, jumping in place excitedly and making her massive jugs wobble away underneath her snug top. “Okay, so he’s big then… But how big, exactly? And does he cum a lot? How does his cum taste? I bet it’s yummy, isn’t it? And he must cum buckets too, if he’s one of Mike friends… I mean, boys that age are literally full of ball batter, am I right? And I know just how much you love to have your fill of cock milk, you dirty cumslut! Come on, Jules, tell me more!”

Smirking knowingly and shaking her head, Julia stepped inside her sister’s house, refusing to say another word. While Jennifer kept pestering her and moving her hands apart to try and guess the exact length of her mysterious young lover, Julia couldn’t help but feel joyously naughty at the thought that, as experienced as her big sister certainly was, she still couldn’t compete with what she and Mike had.

‘Oh Jenny,’ Julia thought as she kept driving her nosy sibling nuts with her teasing silence, ‘if you only knew!’


“You know, this sounds kinda crappy…” Mike said, trying to be heard over the gritty guitar riffs blasting from the car stereo. “And I don’t mean it in any indie, hipster, fake sort of way, like… This sounds just bad. The songs are nice, very Ramones and all, but the recording is just terrible.”

“Hey, easy now, Mikey!” Lyla admonished her little brother, turning the volume down a bit and looking askance at him over her nerdy glasses with a mix of reproach and shock in her hazel gaze. “You’re talking about The Donnas here, they’re cool as fuck! But yeah, of course it sounds crappy…” she conceded with a chuckle while still nodding her head to the fast-paced beat of the song. “It’s understandable though, it’s their very first record, from back in the 90’s when they were still four California chicks in high school. God, I wish I had been in a band like that during high school…”

The exaggerated way in which Lyla exhaled made Mike turn her way long enough to catch the meaningful look she was casting him while the corners of her lips curled up. Shaking his head but smiling back, he let himself get silently dragged into the one argument with his big sister he knew she would never let go of, ever.

“Lyla, for the millionth time,” Mike began, trying his best to be reasonable, “it’s Lori’s fault that we didn’t form a freaking power trio! Blame her for not even wanting to play bass. I did take drum lessons after all! And she was the one who thought that if the three of us were in a band she would lose popularity with her dumb friends, remember?”

“Ugh, don’t even remind me. But I still think you could have done more to help me convince her, that’s all I’m saying…” Lyla grumbled, dropping the issue with a long-drawn-out sigh. Her sulking didn’t last long though, and she was soon leaning against Mike’s side as she said: “Speaking of high school and Lori, she’s going out with the bitch clique tonight. So, I was thinking: how about you and I stay in and binge-watch Rick and Morty? There’s this weird theory I saw in a video review, something to do with Nietzsche and nihilism and all sorts of weird philosophical implication woven into the series, and I really wanna check them out. You in?”

“Sure, why not,” Mike nodded, feeling all warm and fuzzy as his gorgeous big sister rested her head on his shoulder and suddenly wrapped her naked arms around his chest in a typical bout of impulsive affection.

As he dutifully kept his eyes on the road, Mike still couldn’t help but glance down every once in a while to drink in the amazing sight of Lyla’s luscious cleavage. Her tight V-neck shirt was tight enough to look painted on her and short enough to reveal her cute tummy, and the milky upper slopes of her big round boobs looked mouthwatering right there and then, pressed together and brushing softly yet heftily against his side.

When Lyla suddenly looked up and met his eyes, obviously catching him sneaking a peek at her massive tits, Mike just tried to act nonchalant as he resumed staring straight ahead at the road. While she let out a giggle and cleared her voice, Mike steadied himself for some kind of innuendo-filled joke about him ogling her boobs again, but Lyla’s words actually caught him by surprise.

“So, which ones are better? Mine or Mom’s?”

“Wha… What do you mean?” Mike asked, knowing exactly what Lyla meant but frowning in bafflement about her bringing their mother into it, and in an Escort Giresun obvious tit competition at that.

“Aw come on, Mikey!” Lyla pressed on, poking him slightly in the ribs, a bright smile in her voice. “Which boobs do you prefer: mine or Mom’s? I mean, you should be an expert by now…”

That final mischievous allusion did throw Mike off his game. Playful as Lyla always was, he did know her enough to know when she was actually serious even while kidding, and that was exactly one such occasion. In the blink of an eye, his slight nervousness grew into full blown terror, his voice cracking as he desperately tried to defuse the conversation.

“I… Whaaa? How would I know anything about Mom’s boobs, or yours for that matter!? I mean, I know as much about Mom’s tits as you do! Like, from when she’s in a bikini by the pool and stuff… And you do that too, so… I mean…”

Lyla’s chuckles shattered the last fleeting traces of hope Mike had about not being busted. Not that they were nasty chuckles, in fact she sounded genuinely happy, in a weird and very Lyla-like way. When she spoke, after a couple of seconds that to Mike seemed like ages, Lyla was as calm and relaxed as he was panicked. He could physically feel her bespectacled hazel eyes staring at him and seeing through him, as she simply stated: “It’s okay, Mikey. I know about you and Mom. I saw you guys last night. It was amazing.”

As those words and all their implications sank in, Mike felt instantly dizzy, his vision getting blurry all of a sudden. For a moment, the road ahead appeared shrouded in a white fog and the thrumming tempo of his heartbeat in his ears overrode the loud guitar riffs blasting from the stereo. Before he knew it, Mike was losing control completely. It was Lyla’s frightened screams and her rapid maneuver to grab the wheel and steer it properly again that brought Mike back and led him to instinctively hit the brakes.

“Mikey, shiiiit!” Lyla yelled as he blinked out of his momentary stupor only to realize that they had stopped by the side of the road, mere inches from hitting a parked car which he had almost swerved right into. “What the fuck, was that!? Jesus, Mikey! Are you trying to get us killed? I’ve still got to write my masterpiece, you know! I can’t die yet!”

That last comment, so radical and instinctive and viscerally real, sobered Mike up completely, hitting him even harder than the fear and adrenalin in his sister’s voice. Taking a big lungful of air and shaking his head, he immediately lunged forward and hugged Lyla tightly, mumbling: “Sorry, sis, I… It’s just that… Fuck, I can’t believe that you know about me and Mom! And when you said it, just like that, I almost… I don’t know, Lyla, I just panicked. I’m really sorry.”

“It’s okay, Mikey. Don’t worry, we’re still alive. No thanks to you, of course…” Lyla said, unable to repress a sarcastic chuckle yet squeezing her brother hard in her embrace, squashing her huge jugs against his toned chest. “Now, how about you get out of the car and let me get us home all in one piece, uh? You’re clearly in no condition to drive.”

“Yeah… Right…” Mike nodded dazedly before doing as Lyla said and taking her place on the passenger’s seat while she got behind the wheel and started the engine again.

As she drove off, Lyla couldn’t help but cast a grinning glance at a still stunned Mike. “Hey, don’t look so worried, Mikey,” she said, affectionate and upbeat as ever. “Come on, cheer up! Having sex with Mom is no big deal, really. After all, Lo and I eat each other out all the time…”

“What?!” Mike exclaimed, turning to stare at Lyla like she had two heads. “You and… But… How… I… What the fuck!”

Laughing and tucking her long blonde tresses behind her ears, Lyla hit the gas and laughed at her brother’s growing shock as she placidly said: “Okay, little brother, just calm down, sit back and relax. I think it’s about time you and I shared some sexy stories…”


Choosing a long circuitous route and maintaining a low cruising speed, Lyla took her sweet time driving home while telling Mike all about how she and Lori had started having sex and how perfectly fine they both were with it. Assuring him that she was one hundred percent okay with his affair with their mom, Lyla managed to soothe Mike’s initial shock and encouraged him to talk about it, getting the whole story from the start.

By the time they got home, Mike was no longer nervous or worried. It actually felt good to share something so intense and life-changing, especially with Lyla. Even before she told him about herself and Lori doing stuff, Mike would have had no doubt that, if someone could understand and appreciate his unique relationship with their mom, that person would be Lyla.

Now that they were both talking openly about their own naughty adventures, Mike not only felt better for not having to hide such a glorious thing as being physically intimate with their mother, but he also basked in the support of his cool, beloved big sister. Lyla’s sweet and understanding smiles and that placid, open-minded way she had of resting her bespectacled gaze on him when she asked him questions put Mike in a comfortable sharing mood, while her frequent laughs and joking remarks about his being a stud gave him a nice ego boost on top of it.

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