Ama’s Paranormal Quickies 3: The Asylum

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Ama’s Paranormal Quickies 3: The Institution

A few months had past since her last trip. Ama’s addiction came calling again.

For something new.

This time she found an abandoned asylum for the criminally insane. One that had a terrible fire during a riot before it shut down for good.

She read a couple different accounts across various pages who claimed to be raped by multiple entities. Sometimes they would see them, all of them horribly burned.

She did research to find out the act was done by three twisted psychopaths, the oldest of them an old freed slave from the civil war who was quite a racist toward white people. She was a bit nervous seeing as her father was one hundred percent Swedish. These patients got some of the worst treatment from the staff. Raping and killing a female cop during the riot they incited.

When they were done with her one lit a cigarette. They didn’t know a gas line had disconnect while they were throwing her around.

They all burned in the kitchen.

Her yearning for a more dangerous spirit was at her.

And a violent ghost gang bang sounded right for her.

At least it did until the fourth night in the abandoned hospitals kitchen and she didn’t feel anything.

She didn’t see anything. Nothing with her new ghost hunting equipment. Her recording devices, her ghost box, or any of her cameras.

She left once a day to freshen up at a gym after she did a run of the collapsing building.

She kept candles lots and brought a feedback device hoping it would feed the spirits.

However all she got was silence. She was ready to give up but decided to give it one more night.

This time she decided to try a different tactic.

She’d wear something sexy and reenact the police officer begging for them to stop.

The uniform consisted of a black mini pencil skirt that accentuated her voluptuous frame, tucked in was a blue button up blouse with the top buttons undone. A black five point hat with a badge on it. A badge on her chest. And a police belt with a baton, and a verity of dildos. Knee high four inches heeled boots made of leather. Leather gloves and a pair of sunglasses. Her lips smeared in pink lipstick and a glossy pink. Mascara and put her hair into a ponytail.

She laid her sleeping bag outside her tent and all of her blankets.

She decided to sleep while playing the feedback device in the oven that blew.

Setting her alarm for 3am.

She napped listening to Fur Elise on repeat.

When she woke.

Her lamp was out.

However in a building with no power the kitchen lights were flickering.

She slowly began to rise, the drowsiness clearing up quick as her pulse quickened.

She wielded a smile seductively speaking, “Wait, you don’t have to do this. Please don’t hurt me! Don’t defile my body and my tight, wet, holes!”

She heard a deep chuckle beside her ears.

She could see them. At different times as the lights flickered.

White uniforms. Thick cotton pants no more then scrubs, full of burn wholes and smoke stained black in many areas. The tops were cotton shirts with the same burns.

Their skin charred on the outside, but a lot of exposed soft ruined flesh underneath.

“Don’t do it. Don’t fill my tight holes with your big sloppy cocks!” She begged, her hand dragging batıkent escort down her face and biting her pinky.

A loud smack came as her head whipped right, her sunglasses flinging off her face.

“Please, I just get so wet when such big psychopaths get so close!” She pretended to beg. Feeling and half seeing her legs being spread by two of them. She fought getting herself hot as they forced her legs open.

One with a specifically she noticed with the biggest bulge under those sweat pants, was suddenly directly in front of her and disappeared.

When she felt a large long member land on her face. She slowly breathed in widening her mouth. A dragging imprint slid down her lips on the left side of her face. Her nose slightly tilting to the right.

Her blouse ripped open as buttons flew in every direction revealing her black lace bra barely hold her D cups.

In between the lights she could see the burned raw phallus dragging down her face.

Falling off onto her chest.

She looked past the gooey member sliding between the tight cleavage.

Seeing a grotesque member of the crew she saw with its face distorted in agony.

Crawling towards her, it jaw ripped wide as if by a powerful man. The tongue lingering much further then it was supposed to. The muscle itself having been ripped out from the tissue binding it.

Between her legs going in and out of reality. She felt her thong shift seeing it blip in and out of perception going toward her slit in seconds. She felt when it felt the direct muscles with surface skin connect to her pussy.

She gasped looking back up to see the tall wide framed black figure sliding its fat member between her melon breasts.

Feeling that tongue sliding up and down her thighs. She briefly saw it look at her.

When it disappeared she felt a snaking force slither in between and enter her slit. She felt a tongue slither further then any tongue. It felt like a tentacle how far it reached. Her eyes raised looking at the in and out specter in its black holes of eyes. “White. Bitch.” It snarled pumping faster.

Feeling his large rough fingers gripping her shoulders, pulling her back and forth. Its phallus spreading her breasts apart.

The tongue in her withering back and forth in and out of her soaking wet slit. Her juices leaking from the sides of her folds.

Her eyes glancing up seeing two of the spirits standing in the same spot, going through each other like two holograms. The large black one and a gangly shirt thin one. The eye of its member staring her. Large and fat for the small mans size, with a engorged head thicker then the shaft. Like before it disappeared again in the flashing lights. She closed her eyes moving her head forward and her mouth open.

She felt the pressure of its spectral phallus move her lips as she guided it in with her tongue.

Her eyes squeezed, her jaw stretching out as the head of its fat cock immediately blocked her windpipe. She gagged feeling her throat stretch as inch after inch of its member slid in.

“Oink, oink, pig.” A voice said over the spirit box

She coughed and gagged more her pleasure rising.

The tongue in her pussy, her tits being roughly groped and fucked harshly.

She felt the thick energetic dick slide in and out of her throat making the noise beşevler escort *gwock* *gwock* *gwock* over and over as the face fuck continued.

“Slut” was whispered over the ghost box followed by a quicker slightly louder “whore”.

She was almost there.

So close they just needed to keep going a little longer.

Her breasts sore from the rough hands man handling them like stress balls.

Her eyes watered while she slurped, gagged and deep throated the dangerous ghost of the mental patient. Her left leg began to shake. Her eyes rolling backward as a blended orgasm washed over her stimulated body. Her lips tingled, her nipples felt free and her pussy felt like an electric current of ecstasy.

Simultaneously she felt the member between her breasts withdraw. He appeared for a moment as the ghosts clear fluid ejaculated all over her soft breasts in large thick streams. The slightly thick ectoplasm rolled down the top of her tits, her chest heaving. The same time the member exited her throat exploding a thick stream of ghostly cum shot into the air and rained down on her face. She was breathing hard with her tongue out wide looking up, catching droplets of the clear liquid. She looked forward with a slutty little smile, licking some of the fluid from her leather glove. Her other hand sliding over her cleavage, spreading around the slimy spunk. Her other hand slid down her neck lightly. Grabbing both sides of her bra she pulled her bra down.

She spit a mouthful of the fluid onto her breasts that she was pressing together with her shoulders. Her hands grabbed her sore tits covering them in the fluid giving her breasts a shiny reflection.

She loved the way the slimy substance made her breasts feel. She loved feeling her leather gloves slip and slide over them.

“Mmm, are you done yet? Please stop mmm. Don’t hurt me.” She feigned begging.

The pleading seemed to work as she was yoked up. Her hair in the air standing now. Her breasts out in the open, her pencil skirt having a large patch of dust and dirt on her butt.

She stood there for a moment. Not knowing what was going to happen next.

Her visible breath puffing rhythmically into the air.

She gave a short gasp feeling her butt being touched, then hands slowly began to grab and grope her butt.

She gave a slight moan feeling her butt being lifted and squeezed.

She slightly closed her eyes looking up feeling her breasts slowly being grabbed. Feeling her nipples being sucked on. Them nibbling on them. An indent in the front of her pencil skirt as the spectral hand began to rub her already soaking wet slit.

“Mm” she lightly grunt feeling her ass get slapped. Making her round booty bounce in the skin tight skirt.

Suddenly she was thrust forward onto the prep table. Being bent over she felt one of them roughly spread her legs, her heels scrapping against the concrete floor.

Her pencil skirt was lifted over her popping butt. She gasped feeling her thong being ripped from her body. She smiled slowly opening her mouth in anticipation, feeling the fat head of the thinner smaller spirit pressing into the lips of her wet slit.

She took in a deep light breath feeling her lips being spread by the fat dick.

“Mmmmm” she moaned pushing her upper torso up on the table feeling the large ankara escort member stretch her pussy. Her breasts squeezed between her arms.

“Uh-ha!” She squeaked feeling the full length of it inside of her.

“Mmm fuck! It hurts so good!” She moaned as it started to fuck her at a steady pace. Her mouth slightly ajar moaning and looking forward. She felt something touch her breasts when she saw the long tongued ghost materialize. It was a foot away moving in quickly, it’s tongue lashing toward her. It disappeared and reappeared a few times in the quick moment as its tongue entered her mouth.

She took a light inhale as her tongue danced with its own.

Her glossy lips pressing up against its charred gums and teeth. She sucked and licked its long tongue which would at times slip into her throat. Feeling it grabbing her breasts pressed between her arms.

She then felt the large ghosts heavy member land between her butt cheeks followed by a loud smack on her butt.

She started to make out with the phantom tongue more intensely losing herself in the sensations washing through her body.

The large black ghosts dick press against her tight little taint. She growled a moan feeling the big cock stretching her asshole open. She felt it slide in slickly feeling another heavy smack on the bottom of her plump butt.

She felt the one in her pussy speeding up. Her butt cheeks bouncing up and down, hips and thighs being pressed in with the ghosts thrusts. Her breasts jiggled and bounced in the same manner.

She felt four long scratches rake her back leaving thin red bleeding lines.

Her eyes rolled again and squeezed shut as another orgasm washed over her body. She moaned loudly because the spirits didn’t stop. They kept going as she could feel her pelvis twitching as another orgasm began to other take the first one.

Her whole body was on fire feeling her three holes being ravaged.

Her thighs grabbed.

Her ass being powerfully slapped.

Her lips and tongue dancing with ones nightmarish tongue.

Her breasts being fondled and nipples pinched.

One biting her butt cheeks.

The feeling of being rammed from behind.

She took a sharp breath, holding it. Her head looked up as she let out a guttural cry of ecstasy. Her cry going on and on as they pumped her holes making her voice waver in ever pump.

She sharply gasped again as they both released their cold slimy fluids deep, deep inside of her. She felt her waist get cold from the inside.

The biggest orgasm she experienced yet overcame her. Her body shaking as the two invisible members slowly pulled out of her impaled holes.

She slid off the table and onto her knees heaving.

She saw them in front of her holding their members. Going in and out of reality. She looked up pushing her chest out and sticking out her tongue, mouth wide.

Three separate streams shot thick streams onto her face and tits. One stream going perfectly into her mouth.


The lights stopped.

They just shut off, the only light now the lantern dimly lighting the blackened walls.

She swallowed the fluid in her mouth little by little. Her face was covered and her bra set below her exposed breasts was soaked in the liquid.

She rubbed her hand over her face with a gloved hand. Her other hand fondling her breast, smearing the ghost cum all over them as it drained down her body. Lines of it traveling down her midriff.

Her holes leaking the fluid soaking into her skirt.

“I think I’ll extend my vacation.”

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