Am I KC or Casey? Ch. 05


6 months later

Love was positively in the air at Jeffrey and Estebans wedding. Jeffrey, Johnathans brother, was dressed in a finely tailored black tuxedo. His flamboyant husband was in a gorgeous custom white tux with a long train like a bride would wear instead of just a tail. You would have to see it to believe it. Fantastic work by an extremely talented person.

I was a bridesmaid and I was so excited to be invited to Estebans bachelorette party. I had been to a couple of bachelor parties when I was a man, but now that I am a transgender woman I go to the females party. Esteban for the most part presents himself as a traditional male, but sometimes he acts more girly than some of us women so an all girls party fit him better.

We rented out a party bus so we didn’t have to worry about driving drunk or someone missing out because she was the designated driver. Planned for the night was fine dining then karaoke. We were all plenty tipsy after an amazing rendition of It’s Raining Men by Jeffrey and Johnathans mother when one of the girls suggested that we kick the festivities up a notch. Unfortunately, because Esteban is technically a guy he wasn’t allowed into the Australian male revue show Thunder Down Under.

That would have been fun. I was so looking forward to watching all those hot guys shaking their junk in front of a bunch of horny screaming women. The reality of it is, atleast to me, no man can shake his junk like my man Johnathan.

Instead, we went to an adult fun shop. It was hilarious watching a drunk Esteban explain to his mother what some of the toys are used for. She was particularly interested in the BDSM section but didn’t purchase anything. I get the feeling that she and her husband will return. So will Johnathan and I.

At the reception we danced the night away. The best part was when Johnathan and I slow danced together. Every time I am with him I am amazed that we are together and that I have this incredibly handsome man as my boyfriend.

He and I were so horny for each other. I think that I gave him a major case of blue balls from all the attention I was giving his dick all night between the rubbing of his crotch under the table to a well placed thigh during a slow dance. I knew that he was going crazy from all the dirty business but didn’t do anything to stop me.

Whispering in my ear, “Be right back sweetie, I gotta find a mens room.”

“You better not be going to rub one out!” I teased.

“No way honey. I may be tempted but all I want is you.”

“All I want is you too! Wait up. I gotta go too.” I went back to our table to retrieve my purse before following him down a quiet hallway to the restrooms.

Johnathan was patiently waiting for me when I exited the ladies room. “I’m in need of some fresh air. You want to walk with me?” extending a hand in invitation.

Outside on a moonlit path Johnathan started, “I was thinking that you need to sell your house.”

“Why?` What’s the matter with my house?”

“For one thing, we spend most of our time at my place. For another thing you even said that your house is boring.”

“True and true.”

“Also the money from the sale will mean that you can go to college full time without having to work at a job that you don’t enjoy.” Johnathan and I talked about my desire to go back to school to become a therapist specializing in gay and transgender issues.

As required by law, I had to see a mental health practitioner before being approved for any kind of gender affirmation surgery. Part of Kevin and Dr Springsteens team was a psychiatrist who was familiar with the temporary transition procedure. Talking to him was more a formality than actual therapy. He and I talked more about my upcoming education than anything else.

Even though I am proud to be transgender, Johnathan and I talked at great lengths about my transition and we decided to keep it a secret. Some may feel that it is a blow to gay and transgender rights to stay in the closet. Out and proud! Strength in numbers! But we felt that this was right for the two of us and in the end that is what really matters. We marched many times in gay pride parades and demonstrations along side Jeffrey and Esteban to show our support and make our voice heard.

“Yes that would allow me more time to devote to my studies.”

“I was thinking about selling my condo too.”

“Oh no! Your condo is so cute. It’s all your stuff and you love it there!”

“Yeah, thats just it. It’s my stuff,” he answered while reaching into a pocket. Pulling out something small, he continued, “It should be OUR stuff.” Then, while bending down on one knee while opening the small velvet box towards me he asked, “Casey, my love, my sweet darling. Will you marry me?”

My mouth dropped open in complete surprise. I was totally speechless for about 10 seconds until my brain finally realized what he was asking me. Then I screamed out, “YES! YES! YES!” and started bawling with tears of joy.

As Johnathan stood, he slipped the ring on my finger. I immediately wrapped my arms around him in a hatay escort tight hug, “Yes my baby, my love yes,” as we passionately kissed.

Then, from down the path Estebans voice, “Ok girlfriend. What the hell is going on with all this screaming?” in that adorable flamboyant gay drawl.

“Look!” as I thrust my big diamond ring towards him.

“OMG bitch!” he excitedly exclaimed as he hugged me, “Congratulations!”

Turning his attention, “Johnathan! Shame on you for that weak attempt to try and upstage me!” As they hugged Esteban slapped him on the ass. “Ain’t no happier or prettier queen than me!”

Later that night in our room at the resort where the reception was held I was sitting on the bed still transfixed by the beauty of the ring on my finger. Never in my wildest dreams could I ever have come up with a scenario such as this.

Johnathan and I talked at great lengths professing our love for each other but marriage is next level. Looking back at my past when I was presenting as a male I was so unhappy I just didn’t realize it at the time. When I was a woman I felt free and natural and happy.

When I was a guy, during one of my sessions with the therapist I confessed that I was fearful of what my coworkers or friends might say. When in reality my feelings, my emotional stability, and how I feel about who I am is what is important. What is the old saying? You only have one life. Live it to the fullest. Something like that.

Now I was finally living life to the fullest with my fiance. And I couldn’t be happier.

“Whatcha thinking about babe?” he asked me fresh from brushing his teeth.

I looked up at him and smiled. “Just thinking about how lucky I am that a girl like me could be so fortunate to wind up with a guy like you.”

“I feel the same way sweetheart,” as he bent down to kiss me.

“A girl like you could ever wind up?…”

“HAHAHA,” he laughed. “No, no, no! Don’t even go there!”

Pushing me backwards on the bed he crawled over my body planting kisses along the way until he finally got to my face. “You know something?” as he looked at me with lust in his eyes.


“You are wearing way too many clothes.”

“So are you stud.”

“Well what are you going to do about it?” as he pressed his weight on me while pinning my wrists to the mattress with strong hands. I was totally helpless and was loving experiencing his dominate side.

“Well sir,” as I rubbed my thigh against his hard cock, “I could do this all night long.”

“Fuck baby that feels good. You have me so horned up that I am about to rip that dress off of you and just plain fuck you silly.”

“Go right ahead darling, but if you do, you owe your brother $500 for this rented bridesmaids dress.”

“Ok good point,” and kissed me again before rolling off of me.

I quickly jumped off the bed and darted over to my suitcase. Rummaging inside I cooed sexily, “I have a surprise for you, don’t start without me, I will be right back.”

“Don’t be too long! I am about to burst the seams of these pants!”

“Love you!” and blew him a kiss before shutting the door behind me.

When I emerged, Johnathan sat up in bed and wolf whistled at me. “Damm baby! Fucking hell you are looking so hot!”

I had administered a quick enema because I knew that I was going to get my ass pounded thoroughly and was so looking forward to it. I was wearing a new exotic negligee and panty set. I had also put my heels back on.

My body was reacting extremely well to the hormone therapy. My breasts were a B cup, my hips were ever so slightly wider, my penis and testicles were shrinking nicely, and my hair was down to just above the shoulders.

As I advanced into the room I started dancing, swaying my hips and shaking my small boobs. Turning my ass to him I bent over at the waist and twerked the best I could.

“Yeah baby, shake that fine ass of yours!” and slapped each cheek.

“Ooooh you are going to get it now!” I playfully teased as I sat down on his crotch and started to grind my ass on him. He kissed and nuzzled on my neck, 5 o’ clock shadow whiskers pleasantly scratching me. One hand was on my hip and the other on a breast.

“Not too much more of that!” he warned me. “You are going to make me cum in my pants!”

“Can’t have that my sexy man!” I lifted off of him, spun around and fell to my knees. First I pulled off his shoes, then his socks, lightly scraping my nails on his calves as I went. Slowly dragging my tits along his legs I sought out my prize. Opening my mouth I gently bit the hardness through the fabric.

“Oooohhh yeah!” he moaned out and getting impatient started to unbuckle his belt.

“Babe,” I sternly admonished him, “How many times do I have to tell you that’s my job!”

“Well get to it then! You are killing me here!”

“Oh. So you are not enjoying what I am doing here?” I pouted with big puppy dog eyes.

“Darling you know that I am loving it!”

“Hehehe,” I giggled as I unbuckled and unzipped, pulling pants and boxers off as one after he lifted his cute butt off the bed. I was done playing around anyway. I wanted his cock in my mouth just as bad as he wanted it there.

Damm if his cock is a sight to behold! I am in awe of the masculine beauty every time I see it. My tongue was the first to touch the ribbed, circumcised head. Gently taking a hold of the shaft with a free hand I began stroking the full 9inch length. Alternating between licks and kisses I had him moaning in extasy in no time.

Soon I took him inside my mouth, salivating more than the usual for this was a special night. The first time I sucked his cock I wasn’t able to deepthroat it but I knew that with practice and determination I knew I eventually could. I kept bobbing up and down on his shaft a little more until he hit the back of my throat and stopped. I couldn’t get it past that last bit of resistance.

As I sucked I said to myself ‘Come on girl! You got this!’. With another try my throat opened up and the last 2 inches went inside and my nose pressed up against his lean gut.

“OH FUCK!” Johnathan yelled out in pleasure and surprise.

Just as quick I came off his cock desperately in need of air. “I did it,” happily exclaiming as I took in much needed oxygen.

“If a marriage proposal was what you needed I would have proposed to you the first night we got together. That was amazing!”

“Ha! ha! ha!” I laughed before taking him in my mouth again. Every now and then I would take him down my throat since I now had the technique and the confidence down. Unfortunately my throat got kinda sore from the trauma and my jaw was beginning to hurt too.

No big deal, I can pleasure my man with my ass too. Standing up, I sauntered over to my bag with an exaggerated sway.

“What’s up babe? No more cock sucking?” he complained.

“Well, if you are going to have that attitude, I will never suck your cock again,” I answered indignantly.

“Ha! That’s funny! You love to suck my cock!”

“Fine. You got me there,” I deadpanned as I pulled down my panties, bending over in front of a big mirror over the dresser. “Now come over here and fuck my ass.”

“Yes ma’am. Right away!”

I was already begining to lube up when Johnathan snatched the bottle out of my hand. “Watch me,” he demanded as he poured the liquid and made a show of stroking his engorged member.

Still bent over, I watched in the mirror, mesmerized by his dark muscular physique and hypnotized with the rhythm of the motion. He switched back and forth from looking at me the eyes to looking at my ass then back to my eyes. He knew that he had me in total rapture.

“You ready babe?”

“I am always ready for you,” as I excitedly wiggled in anticipation.

Johnathan had fucked my ass so many times so the loosening up procedure with fingers wasn’t necessary unless we wanted to include it in our foreplay. Don’t get me wrong. I was still tight enough that the initial push was met with resistance and a bit of pain that very quickly turned into unreal pleasure.

“Damm that feels gooood!” he moaned as he entered me.

“Yes it does!”

Increasing his tempo, he moved his hands from my hips to my shoulders for more leverage and gave me the pounding that we both needed. My heels put my ass at the perfect height so he could comfortably fuck me hard and long. He looked so hot in the mirror, muscles flexing, glistening with sweat, handsome face contorted in blissful pleasure.

Pulling out, he grabbed the lube for a quick reload. Then walked over to the bed and laid down on his back.

“Me on top?” It was a position we somehow hadn’t tried yet.

“Sure. Why not?”

“Ok. I’m game for something new,” as I kicked off my heels and shed the rest of my lingerie. We kissed as I clambered over top, straddling his torso. The new position would take some getting used to as I sank onto the meaty shaft. “Mmmmm, this is nice. We are going to have to do this more often,” as I kissed him.

Johnathan and I are such extremely avid kissers. Maybe a little more than most couples. We kiss each other all the time. We laugh when we have been showing public displays of affection and somebody says ‘Get a room!’ We laugh because we are so in love with each other and we enjoy showing it.

When we are apart from each other for a length of time the very first thing we do is kiss. No ‘hi how was your day’ or greeting someone that was already with the other. Our focus is always that first kiss.

l reared up vertically and went from being on my knees to a squat, remaining impaled on him the entire movement. Riding his cock this way gave us both different pleasure sensations.

Johnathan reached for my semi hard penis and began stroking it. “You know, I am going to miss this thing.”

“No you are not!” I replied starting to get out of breath. The only thing that he ever did to my penis was stroke it when we were making love. He definitely didn’t want to suck it or even touch it when we weren’t actually engaged in sex but that was plenty fine with me. We shower together fairly regularly and even then I would have to be the one to wash it while he washed everything else of me.

“Haha! You are right. I want it all gone just as badly as you.”

“Next week these two little fellas will be gone,” I happily smiled as I went in for a kiss. My doctors had approved the orchiectomy surgery already and I could have had it done two weeks ago but I didn’t want the recovery to interfere with Jeffrey and Estebans wedding in any way.

The proposal and subsequent deepthroat success couldn’t have come at a better time. Anal sex was going to be off the table for atleast 4 weeks until I was fully healed and I wanted to still be able to satisfy him. I wasn’t afraid of him straying during that time. What can I say? I just want him as happy as he has made me. Besides I just plain love sucking his dick.

“Love you babe,” he replied as we switched to our favorite position. Doggy style.

Sinking back into me Johnathan started slamming me without abandon. We had been making love at a frenetic pace for well over an hour and we were both getting tired but we both wanted to get off.

“Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me with your big dick!” I screamed out.

“Are you my girl? Are you my baby? My one true love?” he grunted out breathlessly with every thrust as the brutal pounding increased to break neck speed.

“Yes baby you know I am! And you know I love your cock in my ass! Are you going to cum? Are you going to cum right into your girls ass?”

“AAAARRRRRR!” Johnathan roared as he unloaded what felt like gallons into my ass cavern. My dick simultaneously erupted into the sheets. Some of it was from the friction on the sheet but mostly from the fucking I had received. I didn’t know it then, but that was the last time I would ever ejaculate.

“Oh fuck,” he hoarsely exclaimed as he pulled out and collapsed onto his back in complete exhaustion, “That was fucking awesome!” as he tried to catch his breath.

l collapsed right where I was, my hand coming to a rest on his sweaty heaving chest. “YOU are awesome my love.”

One year later

Our wedding was absolutely spectacular! A girls dream come true especially for a girl who didn’t know that she ever had that dream. Silly way to think I guess, but transitioning into a woman is like I waking up from a nightmare. Now I am the woman I was always meant to be. I didn’t hate myself when I was a man, but I didn’t love myself either. Now I love myself and who I am becoming. I should wear dark sunglasses all the time because my future is so bright. Corny saying I know, but it fits how I feel.

Johnathan was of course outstandingly handsome in his tux. We spent way too much money on my designer strapless dress. Johnathan said I was worth every penny. Awwwe! What a sweetheart! No wonder I love him so much.

Miranda, my best friend, was maide of honor and Jeffrey best man. Esteban was invited to my bachelorette party. This time we put him in a dress and a wig. One of the girls is a former Hollywood makeup artist and she did an amazing job turning him into a woman. It was a hoot watching him fawn over the male dancers. They had no clue that Esteban (Esmerelda for the night) was actually a guy.

The past year went by in a whirlwind. I was so happy that my house sold for a good profit. There was no way I could have gone to college full time, have multiple surgeries, plan a wedding, and work at the drudgery of my accounting job all at the same time.

The orchiectomy went off (literally! haha!) without a hitch. One month later Johnathan was back to pounding my rectum into oblivion just like before. When I first started HRT my chest grew fairly rapidly to a B cup but stagnated after that so I got implants to bring me up to a C. I love jogging, so D cup boobs might have been too cumbersome.

My vaginoplasty surgery was preformed by the renowned transgender doctor in Colorado. Miranda wanted to help with the dialators but I knew that she also had ulterior motives. She and I had an incredibly good time during my temporary female time and I wanted more too. But I couldn’t cheat on Johnathan. She was sad about my decision but understood how I felt.

The surgery was scheduled for 2 months before our wedding date. I wanted to our first time as husband and wife to be special so I kept my pussy covered until that night. Unfortunately he couldn’t fuck my ass either so I sucked him to completion quite a bit, swallowing that delicious salty seed every time. He even throat fucked me several times. My idea. I had heard about it before, but hadn’t tried until Johnathan. Girls, (and guys), if you haven’t been throat fucked you don’t know what you are missing. It’s not for everybody I admit. It is super sloppy because you need lots of saliva and I can’t do it all the time, but I try.

Sorry, not going into alot of details about when we consumated our marriage that first night. I will tell you that when he gently inserted into my vagina I cried a happy cry. It felt so natural and affirming that this was who I was meant to be that I was overcome with emotion. We took it slow and tenderly for several more weeks until I fully healed. Then, well…

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