All in the (Step) Family Ch. 09


Finally, it was the big day. Clay and Sonja’s wedding. The weather cooperated and was absolutely perfect. Little by little the guests trickled in. Several of the police officers Clay worked with, the artists from Sonja’s tattoo shop, and friends of both of them from outside of work, along with Amy, Bridgette, Damon, Denise, Michelle and their parents were all in attendance. The justice of the peace and caterers arrived at about the same time and everything was all set. It was slightly informal. No tuxedos or thousand dollar wedding dresses. Clay was wearing just a nice dress shirt, tie and dress pants, as were all the men. All the women were wearing nice dresses, and some of them had gotten their hair and nails done, but nothing that would outshine Sonja who was sitting up in her bedroom with Amy. Her wedding dress wasn’t the traditional white. It was sky blue with white made to look like clouds floating through the sky. Her hair was up with several black and blue strands coming down to frame her face.

“I don’t know why I’m so nervous.” she said. “I’ve been waiting for this day ever since I met your brother.”

“Hey, hey. Look at me. It’s okay. He’s down there, looking damn handsome, and he’s waiting for you.” Amy said. “Welcome to the family.”

Sonja took a deep breath and smiled. “Thanks, I needed that. If it wouldn’t ruin my lipstick, I’d kiss you.”

They heard footsteps coming up the stairs and quickly collected themselves as Damon and Sonja’s father Jake poked their heads in.

“Hey,” Damon said, “Wow, Sonja, you look gorgeous. My father is a lucky man.”

She smiled at him, “Thanks. But I think I’m the lucky one. Hey dad.”

“Hey angel,” Jake said, smiling at his daughter. “We’re all set down there. You ready?”

She stood up, took a deep breath and slowly let it out. “Yeah, I’m ready.”

“Well then let me give you away again.” he said, “But this is the last time!”

Sonja laughed. “Okay, dad. I promise I won’t get married again.”

Amy went to the door and hooked her arm in Damon’s. “Come on you,” she said, “Let’s go take our seats.”

The ceremony, which was held out on the patio on the side of the house, went off without a hitch. Clay and Sonja wrote their own vows, both of which boiled down to “I never thought I would find true love again until I met you”. Even Ares was surprisingly restrained, lying quietly at Damon’s feet, only barking excitedly when Clay and Sonja shared their first kiss as husband and wife. The reception was also held at the house and was less a formal dinner and more of a buffet style with everyone mingling around the patio, yard and den. Damon, of course, knew all of his father’s friends, and likewise Denise knew all of her mother’s friends, and would make the introductions when they crossed paths during the reception. The only “traditional” things they did were the tossing of the bouquet, toasts from the best man (Clay’s partner), and the maid of honor (Michelle), and of course the cutting of the cake. Several hours later it was all over, all the guests except for Michelle had said their goodbyes and left for the night.

“So, how does it feel to be Mrs. Clayton James Mathers?” Amy asked.

Sonja looked at her wedding ring, at her new family and then to Clay with a huge smile on her face. “Pretty damn good.”

“So you’re leaving this weekend for your honeymoon?” Andre asked his son.

“Yeah,” Clay said, “Two weeks in sunny Hawaii.”

“We just gotta make sure we can leave these two alone while we’re gone.” Sonja said, pointing at Damon and Denise.

Damon and Denise looked at each other with mock shocked expressions on their faces.

“And just what are you implying, mother?” Denise asked.

“Yeah, we’re perfect angels… I’m sorry, I can’t say that with a straight face.” Damon said, breaking into laughter along with everyone else.

“Don’t worry little brother,” Amy said, “I’ll swing by every now and then and make sure they’re behaving themselves.”

“In the meantime,” Clay said, “It’s been a long, and very enjoyable day, but I’m tired and I could use a good night’s sleep with my new wife.”

“Okay, well then I guess I’ll take that…” Amy said, pointing at Bridgette, “and head home. Michelle, you need a ride?”

“Actually her hotel is the opposite direction from where you live. Damon, would you mind?” Sonja said.

“Uh, sure, no problem.” he said, turning his attention to Michelle, “Where you staying?”

“The Holiday Inn just off highway 16.” she said.

“The one across from the strip mall? Yeah, okay, I know where that is.” Damon said.

A few minutes later Damon was guiding his father’s SUV down the road.

“It was a nice ceremony. I’m glad Sonja met your dad, the only other times I’ve seen her that happy was when she married her first husband, and when Denise was born.”

“Yeah, it was nice.” Damon said, “I’m glad they met too. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen my father genuinely happy. I really like Sonja, and Denise too. nurdağı escort It’ll be nice to have a sister, even if we are only related by marriage.”

“She’s a great girl,” Michelle said, “I was there when she was born, I used to babysit her, and watched her grow up. At least until I moved. After I moved, Sonja kept me updated with phone calls and letters before technology marched on and email and text messaging became a thing.”

“Well even though you’re not blood related to Sonja, you’re still part of the family.” Damon said, “After all, family doesn’t just mean blood relatives. I look at my best friend Sam the same way you look at Sonja. He’s like a brother to me.”

A few minutes and some more small talk later and they arrived at her hotel.

“Hey, can I ask you a favor?” she asked, as he pulled into the parking lot. “Would you mind coming in with me? Not that I’m worried, I’d just feel better having a big strong young man beside me.”

“Sure, no problem.” Damon said.

Truth was he would be more than happy to spend a little extra time around Michelle. Every time he glanced at her during the day, his eyes kept drifting down to her cleavage, and he had to keep surreptitiously adjusting the massive boner he got. During the drive he kept glancing at her out of the corner of his eye to watch her tits jiggle when he went over particularly bumpy sections of road. Also, after the last few days, he was also kind of hoping that Michelle was just as eager to jump on his cock like Denise, Sonja, and Amy were. He again took a moment to adjust his raging hard on when he got out of the car before walking into the hotel with Michelle.

They rode the elevator up to her floor in silence, this time of night there wasn’t much activity in the hotel, and the desk clerk barely glanced at the two of them as they crossed the lobby.

“Well, here we are,” Damon said, when they reached her room, “You gonna stop by tomorrow?”

“Yeah, I’ll be here for a couple more days.” she said, slipping the keycard into the door, “Why don’t you come in for a minute?”

Damon tried to keep his excitement in check, “Sure, I gotta use the bathroom anyway.”

They stepped inside and Michelle pointed out the bathroom, Damon stepped in and took care of business. When he stepped out of the bathroom, Michelle had slipped out of her heels, and was letting her hair down.

“Have a seat,” Michelle said, “You and I haven’t really had much time to talk, I figure if we’re family now, we should get to know each other better.”

The only places to sit were a couple of uncomfortable looking chairs, and the bed, so Damon sat at the foot of the bed.

“So,” Michelle said, “Would you like to see what you and everyone else was trying so hard not to look at all day?”

With that she reached behind her and unzipped her dress, and unashamedly let it fall to the floor, letting her 44DD tits free of confinement and was now standing in nothing but a pair of skimpy panties. The light in the room perfectly accented every curve of her dark skin. Damon’s eyes went wide as he laid eyes on the biggest pair of tits he had ever seen in his life. Well, that wasn’t true, he had seen bigger tits on porn actresses, but those were just in videos, Michelle’s were the biggest tits he’d ever seen in person. He also saw that aside from the few visible tattoos that Michelle had on her arms (that Sonja had done), she had a few that were normally hidden by clothing, also Sonja’s work.

“Don’t be surprised,” she said, “I know people look, I’ve had big tits my whole life. I developed before most of my friends did. When most girls were getting their first training bras, I was already wearing adult sizes.”

“I’m not surprised,” Damon said, feeling the blood rushing to his cock, “I’ve just never seen tits as big as yours in person before.”

“Well, you can do more than just look, you know.” Michelle said.

Damon stood up and closed the short distance between the two of them, and took Michelle into his arms and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around him, and returned his kiss, pressing her body into his, crushing her massive tits into his chest. After breaking the kiss, Damon eagerly took her huge tits into his hands, and could barely get his hands around them. While Alicia, Denise, Sonja and Amy weren’t small by any standards, he could fit their tits into his hands, but not Michelle’s. He dropped his head down and took one of her huge nipples into his mouth and gently sucked on the hard brown nub.

Damon had changed into jeans and a t-shirt after most of the guests had left, and Michelle pulled his t-shirt off before pushing him back to the bed. She knelt in front of him and quickly got his pants off and smiled as she eyed the bulge in his underwear. She hooked her fingers in the waistband of his underwear and looked up at him with a smile, and slowly pulled his underwear down, revealing his hard, throbbing cock.

“Ooh, your mother was nurdağı escort bayan right.” She cooed.

“Wait, what? She told you?” Damon asked, willingly stepping out of his pants as Michelle stripped him totally naked.

Michelle laughed, wrapping her hand around Damon’s rock hard dick. “Oh, yeah, Sonja and I share everything, honey. Including each other.” Damon’s eyebrows shot up, “Oh yes, your mother loves pussy as much as she loves cock. She was my first and I was hers. It started when we were 19, and has been going on for years, even when we were married. Now we’re sharing you.”

What Damon would find out later is not only had Sonja told Michelle about the two of them, but they had planned this the day before so Michelle could find out for herself exactly how good Damon was in bed. After all, like Michelle said, she and Sonja shared EVERYTHING.

Damon was learning more and more about his new family with each passing day. Before he could fully process what Michelle had told him, he felt her warm mouth wrap around his cock and swallow the entire length. His eyes rolled back in his head and he flopped back on the bed and enjoyed the sensation of Michelle’s cocksucking skills. Michelle slid her panties off so she could rub her pussy while she sucked Damon’s cock.

Sonja was right, he was a mouthful. While Michelle had a few male lovers since her husband died, none of them had anything compared to what Damon was packing. She couldn’t wait to feel it inside her pussy, but she wanted to make sure he was nice and hard before she fucked him. Plus she really loved sucking cock. It was the biggest cock she’d ever seen, and she couldn’t wait until she felt it deep inside her aching pussy. She’d been waiting all day to fuck him.

As much as Damon was hoping for this, he still couldn’t believe it actually was happening. He propped himself up on his elbows so he could watch Michelle work her magic, he brushed her hair out of her face so he could watch his cock slide in and out of her mouth. Michelle glanced up at him, but didn’t stop what she was doing. In fact, she started moving faster, then looked at him with as sultry a look as she could muster and licked the base of his cock from his balls to the head, and swirled her tongue around the head, making Damon moan with pleasure. Again he found himself comparing her to Alicia, Denise, Sonja and Amy. Once again, he couldn’t say she was better or worse than any of them, just different. Each one did something unique that pushed him closer and closer to orgasm.

Michelle wasn’t sure what she was expecting when she got Damon’s pants off. Sonja had said he was big, but this was more than what she was expecting. She was pleasantly surprised, and more than happy to see what she could do with this monster her “nephew” was blessed with. She also wanted to see what he could do with it.

She gave his cock one last lick and looked up at him. “Move up on the bed. It’s time to fuck your aunt Michelle.”

Damon scooted up on the bed and Michelle seductively crawled up his body, her huge tits grazing his body as she did. Along his legs, over his rock hard dick, along his stomach and chest, and up to his face. Michelle stopped and let Damon lick and suck on her massive mammaries. She moaned appreciatively as Damon grabbed her tits and held them in place and sucked her huge, taut nipples into his mouth and used his tongue to tease them. Damn he was good. Better than most of the men she’d had. He was taking the time to savor them, instead of just pawing at them like most of the men (and some of the women) she’d slept with. Enough of that though. She’d been fingering herself while she was sucking Damon off, and now she was soaking wet. She sat up, reached down between their bodies, grabbed Damon’s cock and guided it into her eager, hungry, wet and warm pussy.

“Holy shit,” she moaned, “That feels so fucking good. No one’s ever filled my cunt like this before. I’m gonna enjoy this.”

She lowered herself all the way down onto Damon’s cock, getting all eight and a half inches inside her. She looked down at him and smiled, and he smiled back up at her.

“Ride that cock, aunt Michelle,” he said.

She braced herself on his chest and started bouncing her hips up and down, slowly at first to get used to Damon’s girth, and then faster as her pussy juice leaked out of her and lubricated Damon’s cock. Her tits bouncing around on her chest as she picked up the pace. The bed squeaking under Damon as she went faster and faster. She started whipping her head back and forth, moans coming from deep in her throat as she moved faster and faster. Damon grabbed her hips and before she could figure out what he was doing, he started controlling her movement. She started moving with him and within seconds they were working together, Damon pulling out of her on her upstroke and pushing up into her on her downstroke getting his cock as deep as possible inside her. Michelle pushed down, escort nurdağı and contracted her pussy around his cock and swiveled her hips before leaning down to plant a deep, probing kiss on him.

“You like that pussy?” she purred, “You like the way it feels wrapped around that huge fucking cock of yours?”

Damon smiled up at her, and flexed his hips making his cock throb inside her. “Does that answer your question?”

She smiled back and moaned happily. “Mmm yes,” she said before kissing him again. “You wanna taste it? You wanna eat that sweet black pussy?”

“God yes,” he said.

Michelle pulled herself off Damon’s cock, and moved up his body, “Eat my fucking pussy, just like you ate my sisters.”

Damon eagerly watched as Michelle lowered herself to sit on his face, and started hungrily licking her pussy. She braced herself on the headboard and looked down, past her huge tits to watch Damon lick her soaking wet pussy. “Holy fuck, Sonja wasn’t kidding. You do know what you’re doing.”

Damon sucked her clit into his mouth, gently held it with his teeth and flicked his tongue back and forth over it, causing Michelle to throw her head back and squeal in pleasure. How was it that a twenty-one year old ate pussy better than all of the men she’d been with? Hell, aside from Sonja, he was better than most of the women she’d been with! Maybe it was just the excitement, maybe it was just because she hadn’t been with a man in months (her last fling had been with a woman and that only lasted two months), or maybe it was just because Sonja had built him up so much and he was not only living up to the hype, but surpassing it. Whatever it was, Michelle was in heaven.

While Damon had eaten out all four of his previous partners, he was surprised at how wet Michelle was. No matter how fast he moved his tongue around, no matter how much of her juices he tried to swallow, she seemed to have more for him. Michelle was just as surprised as he was at how wet she was. She had masturbated twice this morning before going to the wedding. Once when she first woke up and then again in the shower just so she could concentrate on having fun at the wedding and not anticipate this scenario that she and Sonja had set up.

Then she felt it, she was going to cum, and Damon had no idea what he was in for. Michelle moaned and groaned as she could feel her orgasm building and building deep inside her.

“Oh my fucking god,” she groaned, “Holy fuck, Damon… I’m gonna fuckin’… I’m cuming…”

She lost it and let go and Damon was surprised when the pussy juice wasn’t just flowing out of her, but was gushing out. Michelle reached down and started rubbing her clit and screamed in pleasure as she squirted all over Damon’s face. It was like the floodgates had opened. Damon closed his eyes and opened his mouth as what felt like gallons of warm pussy juice splashed onto his face. Michelle gasped and groaned as she sprayed Damon’s face with what felt like every last drop of cum in her body.

When Michelle was spent and collapsed on the bed beside him, “What the fuck?” was all he could say.

“Never been with a bitch that could squirt?” Michelle asked.

“I’ve seen it in videos,” he said, wiping the cum off his face and licking it off his fingers. He turned to look at her, the sweat glistening on her skin. “But never in person. That was fucking amazing!”

Michelle looked at his face, “I should have gotten a towel. Hold on.”

She got up and headed to the bathroom, she grabbed the two fresh towels housekeeping had left. She used one to dry the inside of her thighs and went back to the bed tossing the other towel to Damon who dried his face off the best he could. Michelle joined him in the bed.

“Have you always been able to do that? Like can you control it, or does it just happen randomly?” he asked.

“It started when I was around your age,” she said, “Your mom was eating me out and I just lost it and exploded all over her face. I screamed so loud I think the whole city heard me. Ever since then every single time I have an orgasm, I squirt. When I masturbate, when I’m getting fucked, when I’m getting my pussy eaten, doesn’t matter. When I cum, I squirt.”

“That’s amazing,” he said, leaning in to kiss her.

He rolled over on top of her, his hard cock pressing into her stomach, her tits crushed against his chest.

“I’m gonna fuck you now.” he said as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

“Fuck me Damon,” she moaned. “Fuck me as hard as you want. Slam that fucking cock into me. Stretch out that fucking cunt. I wanna cum all over your huge fucking cock.”

“I’m gonna fuck you just like I fucked your sister.” Damon said, grabbing Michelle’s hands and pinning them above her head with one hand, and used the other hand to guide his cock into her. Without a moment’s hesitation he started pumping his cock in and out of Michelle.

She yelped in surprise, and tried to fight free of his grip, but much like with Sonja, he was too strong, and kept her hands pinned over her head. Also like Sonja, Michelle gave up fighting and just enjoyed the feeling of Damon’s huge cock pumping in and out of her. She had never been fucked like this before. Damon could not only eat pussy better than any man she’d had before, he could also fuck better than them too!

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