All In Due Time, My Pet


This story is written in two parts His and hers… I would like to thank Taker ( Hostage Taker 1998) for his joint effort in writing this story. I took a paragraph and sent it to two different authors below is the story that was weaved with one of those two.

Kneeling quietly in the drafty dark room, my eyes lowered, watching the shadows of the fire dancing off the far wall, once again my hands smooth the black silk of gown over my full hips, my breasts straining against the bodice, as my breath comes faster as I hear Your footsteps echoing down the long empty hall, spreading my thighs wide revealing my moist heat, open, ready always for Your use, Your desire, daring not hide anything from You. I toss my hair back over my shoulders, the silver ring of my collar sparkles in the candlelight, my hands resting on my thighs palms up in complete submission unto You, my Master, my Owner, my All. The door is thrust open – the cool hall air rushes in, filling the room, a shiver running up my spine as it caresses my exposed skin. My voice rings proudly, full of my love and respect… “greetings Master.”

Daring not raise my eyes I watch Your boots as You move to Your chair, boots that have been covered in my cum, my tears, and my kisses. Even now I long to throw myself upon them, licking them, begging for Your use, Your pleasure, Your pain. My heat between my thighs radiates through my body as my thoughts fuel my desire further.

My breath comes faster, I bite my lower lip to hold back my pleas, knowing I dare not speak until You allow me too, I hear Your laugh as it fills the room, a deep blush covers my body, because I know that You are quite aware of Your subs wishes and the struggle within.

“come” is all I hear but my heart races with joy, rising quickly to my feet I walk to You, my heart pounding in my ears like a deep drum, faster and faster as each step brings me closer to You. Lifting my eyes up briefly to peek at you before lowering them quickly, the drums beat faster as I reach your chair , my heart filled with anticipation and fear, sinking slowly to my knees I take a deep breath, spreading my thighs wide, my back arched pressing my hardening nipples forward, my hair falls across my shoulders concealing the Kartal Ukraynalı Escort fullness of my breast as I lean down, pressing my cheek to the floor, arms stretched above my head, palms pressed to the tiles beneath Your chair

I feel Your hands brush my hair back from my cheek, my breath catches in my throat at Your touch, Your fingers intertwining in my hair, twisting the strands around Your hand as You jerk upwards lifting me to my knees, my eyes turning up to look at You. I see Your warm smile and hear Your soft voice “Very good, sub.”


Bringing your head into My lap, moving your face teasingly over My hardness. Allowing you the pleasure of feeling what your submission does to Me. Making sure that the tip of My cock, hard and bulging scrapes across your lips…Leaning over and whispering into your ear: “do you see what you bring about in your Master little one…can you feel the hardness against your lips. That’s what your submission does to Me. It pleases Me.”

Pulling you up by your hair onto your feet, My eyes burning into yours. Speaking in a stern tone…”Strip for Me, sub. Reveal to Me the body I call Mine…and then present yourself for My inspection.” Smiling as you instantly follow My command, removing the gown and revealing yourself to Me. Running My hands over your body, tracing your form, My hands melting into each curve. Your hands slip behind your back and lace together at your fingers, your legs open wide, and I nod to Myself pleased that My treasure has memorized the position I require for inspection.

Your body moves as I give the commands, adjusting your position according to My wishes, bending when told, straining when told, turning when told, as I visually explore your body in different poses. Each of your holes falling prey to My eyes, your breasts becoming playthings for My fingers. Ending the inspection by slipping My tongue into your mouth and exploring it. Standing before you, pleased as you blush, knowing that you have passed the visual inspection, that your body is in the state I demand and that the light humiliation the inspection causes has prepared your mind to submit completely.

Whispering, “Well done, My pet.”


I Kartal Üniversiteli Escort quickly slip back to my knees, spreading my thighs wide, pressing my cheek to the top of Your boot, my eyes closed lips pressed firmly against the worn leather, my heart beating fast my soul singing at Your praise. You lean down and lift me into Your lap, pulling my body close to Yours, I sigh happily as my soft curves mold to Your harder ones. You caress my cheek lifting my face up to Yours. I smile looking into the eyes I adore and love,.Not being able to control myself I lean forward inhaling Your breath, Your scent fills me, You just laugh softly. Pleased in my delight at being so near You, knowing I will do anything to please You.

You slide Your fingers along my cheeks, tracing my lips with Your thumb as You take my face into Your hands. Pulling me forward, Your soft breath caressing my neck, Your tongue sliding over my full lips, teasing, tasting. Moaning softly I part my lips, trying to catch Your tongue between them, squirming closer in Your lap longing to be kissed, to feel Your tongue within my mouth again. You pull back, a smile crossing Your lips at my eagerness, Your amused voice fills my ears, “Has my lil one missed her Master?”

My eyes are quickly raised to Yours, “Ohhhh yes Master, yess,” I purr. “I only want to be with You, pleasing You, serving You. ”


Lifting My hands to your breasts, gripping at your nipples with My thumb and index finger, twisting the hardening nubs, My tongue slicing quickly into and out of your mouth. Smiling gently as I produce the leash and attach it to the ring on your collar. “Serve Me you will My pet, for your Master desires to use the body He owns, to caress it, to explore it with My tongue, to feel it submit to My touch”

Jerking back on the leash, pulling your face closer, My lips pressed to yours in a warm, wet kiss. Slipping from My chair, tugging again on the leash, My words firm but loving “Come, slut” and I begin to lead you, on your hands and knees to the door of My lair.

Slowly opening the door, My grip on the leash the only instruction you need to not peek inside to see the pain and pleasure I have in store for you.

A Kartal Vip Escort gentle tug on the leash and your crawl continues, slowly, apprehensively you enter the candlelit room, wanting desperately to raise your eyes, but fighting the urge, to do so, your eyes remaining lowered as a sign of your trust in Me and respect for Me.

The sweet smell of incense wafts into your nose as you are led to the cushioned wall in the corner of the room, a tug up on the leash and you instinctively lift your eyes and they are met by Mine. “Rise little one” and you immediately follow the command. As you slip to your feet, My hand reaches out a takes a long piece of thin rope from a hook on the wall.

Stepping behind you, you feel the rope being placed against your body, just below your breasts, and a soft smile purses your lips. “Master, what are you doing?” you ask playfully, knowing full well that your breasts will soon be bound, tied together, made to be thrust forward for My touch, My tongue, My pleasure. As the rope winds from your front to your back, you lift your arms, lacing your fingers behind your head, providing Me with unobstructed access to rope your breasts into the shape and position I desire.


The rope tightens against the ivory flesh, cutting into the delicate breasts, pulled tighten, my breasts squeezed, molded, a soft whimper escapes my parted crimson lips, Your eyes taking in my flushed skin, my hardening nipples. I hear You growl, know the sight before You is pleasing to Your eyes, the palm of Your rough hands caresses the side of my breast, lifting them into Your hands, weighing, squeezing and releasing, testing, always testing. My soft blue eyes are lowered to Your boots, tears fill my eyes as the movement of my breasts cause the rope to cut deeper, scratching, digging into me . “Spread your thighs, My slut. Show me what is Mine.”

My trembling thighs are spread wider, my hips thrust forward revealing the soft folds of Your heat. Juices of need glistening off the lips, betraying my excitement and desire at being so close to my Owner. I feel Your strong fingers parting the folds, Your nail raking across my swollen clit, my hips buck, head falling back, moaning deeply, such a needy slut for Masters attention…. “Please Master, pleeeease… use Your slut, take me. I want to be Your whore. My pussy is Yours use it. Give me pleasure, Master give me pain,, bathe me in Your sweet seed.”

You just smile and look into my pleading eyes and whisper “All in good time My pet. All in good time.”

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