All in a Day’s Work


“Good afternoon Mr. Griffin, how are you?” I asked the tall, dark, and large cocked man who walked into my office.

“I’m well thank you.” He said

“Good, now if you don’t mind, I’d like to know what made you decide to send me your resume, without actually putting in an application?” I asked.

“To be honest, I liked the company name.” He answered

“Ahhh… so you speak Spanish do you then Mr. Griffin?” I asked.

“Not at all.” “The name…spoke to me.” He said.

“Very good, and so you feel like you’d be a positive addition here at Agujeros Codiciosos?” I asked.

“I believe I could make an impact of impressive depth and breadth into your bottom line.” He answered.

“You’re very intelligent Sir, I like that, it turns me on.” I said

“I’m glad.” He said smiling.

“You should be Sir, so many young men of your age are often frivolous, childish, and below average in so many ways,

but I don’t see that you’re like that Sir. I not only want to commend you for your efforts, I want to offer you a position within our team.” I said.

“And what would my duties as a member of the team entail?” He asked

“Looking at your resume Sir, I unfortunately have to admit that you don’t have as much experience in the position I’m offering as I’d like.” I said.

Looking up at him from his resume he said nothing,

only gave me a small smile.

“I don’t wish to sound rude Mr. Griffin, but I want to hire you for more then just your resume.” I said.

“Well, what do you have in mind ma’am?” He asked

“You’d be my own personal secretary, that would include some light filing, a lot of typing, taking messages and data entry.” I answered.

“Your extensive knowledge of computers would be put to good use, and of course you would have to be willing and able to work well with your co-workers as well as the customers who come in.” I said.

He cleared his throat and shifted a little in his chair.

“Those aren’t the duties that you and I both meant.” He said.

“That is very true Sir, and there will be some…. more personal duties you’d be fulfilling, but we’ll get to that, because I have to know first that you’re willing and able to do the job that you’re being hired for.” I said.

“This is a business Sir, and business has to be done I do like to make money.” I said.

“What you can’t do, or don’t know you have to be willing

to learn Sir, and it will be required that you learn Spanish so that you can understand some of the customers here.” I said

“I am willing.” He answered.

“Very good Sir.” I said. “I own seventy stores across the globe Sir, and they all operate very much the same. each of my stores; however, specializes in something different, but all who

work here must have the same willingness to perform and get the sale no matter what.” I told him.

“How do you feel about traveling alone, with me, or with Miss Julia and I, around the world to do some work and to check up on the work going on at the other stores?” I asked.

“I haven’t got a problem with it, I enjoy travel, and sex and travel is always the best combination.” I raised my eyebrow and laughed lightly at this comment.

“Usually the starting pay is $9.00/hr but I’m willing to offer you more because I’ve heard what a valuable worker you are.”

“We’re a small company Sir; but I believe you’ll feel right at home.” I continued.

“As to the more personal duties…” I said as I leaned forward over my desk.

“I don’t know your personal history but if I may, I would like to assume that you’ve got the ability to fulfill these personal duties when I call for you to do so, you see Mr. Griffin, when you came into my office, I saw that you have a large cock pressing against your pants and when you turned to close my door I could see that you have a very nice ass.” I said smiling lightly and

looking down at his cock.

“I would very much like to fuck you Mr. Griffin and so as part of your job here, one of your duties will be to fuck my brains out and just so that we’re both perfectly clear on what’s necessary, shall I break it down so that you can tell me exactly whether or not you are capable of doing your job?” I said

“I’m quite capable of it but I want your co-workers as well.” He answered, his cock growing with every word.

“Well you see Sir, in this office we’re…one big happy family, so to speak, we all play very nicely together.” I said.

“I hope you understand that and can adjust to it, for it’s what I meant when I said earlier that you’d have to be willing to get along with your co-workers.” I said.

“I don’t expect you of course to play quite so nicely with your male co-workers, unless of course you so wish…but with them I only expect courtesy and the mutual understand that all of my female secretaries are shared equally among all of us, and that only you will have the special job of being my personal MALE secretary, do you understand?” I asked.

“Yes I understand.” He said.

“Though I must warn you that after a few runs with me, they fikirtepe escort might be getting their pink slips.” He grunted.

“Explain Sir.” I said.

“You’ll be replacing the males with…personnel that aren’t quite male.” He said

“I think I know what you mean by that Sir, and if you mean what I think, you’re probably right.” I said

“I have yet to find a good personal secretary.” I said.

“That being said, Sir I’m hoping you’re it and that I don’t have to replace you.” I told him with a frown.

“Why have you had to replace the other’s.” He asked

“I can’t seem to find a man who knows what he’s doing

and how to make me scream and cum all over his cock.” I said.

“I can’t tell you how badly I need to be fucked right Sir.” I said


“By the way, you’ll be meeting Miss. Julia shortly.” I said.

“Miss Julia?” He asked.

“Yes, Mr. Griffin, she’s…for lack of a better way to put it, my only female worker with an added bonus.” I smiled widely as I said this.

“She also happens to be my favorite.” I said.

“She’s very beautiful, a little silly at times, but she amuses me in many ways and so she doesn’t have to be overly bright, she earns her pay.” I said.

“She’s more a show piece then anything else, I keep her because of the very large cock between her legs, the large and attractive breasts on her chest and her round and very much squeezable ass.” I said.

“She looks good in everything from tiny skirts and heels to nothing at all and she’s very sweet.” I said.

“She loves to fuck my asshole for me.” I added with a wink.

“And what do you do for her?” He inquired.

“LOL Besides keeping her VERY well paid so she can look good for me?”

“I sometimes don this.” I said as I pulled my strap out of my desk.

“I fuck her ass for her, she also likes it when I suck her dick,

she says I’m VERY good at it.” I finished

“Sounds fun I’d be interested in watching.” He said sitting

forward in his chair a little

“I’m sure.” I said waving my hand dismissively in the air.

“Now, Mr. Griffin, as part of your interview, I really must test some of your abilities, unfortunately I’ve heard before the ‘I’m quite capable of doing my job’ speech, it just never seems that it’s true when it comes right down to it.” I said with a sigh.

His eyebrow rose as he loosened his tie.

“What do you have in mind?” He asked.

“Are you uncomfortable Sir?” I asked.

“I’m getting myself ready…just in case.” He answered.

I chuckled lightly. “You’re very anxious I see.” I said.

“First off I need to test your dominance skill level Sir” I said

“I can’t have someone working for me who can’t dominate me, when it comes down to it, your title to outsiders is my personal secretary, your actual title will be Master.” I said

“In that case…” He said as he stood and moved slightly to the side of his chair.

“Get on your knees and crawl to me BITCH.”

I slid from my chair to my knees and crawled around to where he was standing, looked up-to him.

“Very good Sir. What else can I do for you?” I moaned

“You can tell me what kind of slutty things go on here.” He answered.

“Late at night, when we’re closed we often like to lock the doors and fuck each-other in the waiting room.” I said

“As you probably saw when you came into the office this afternoon, there is a very large waiting room.” I said.

“My girls like to tease their male co-workers throughout the day, so that by the end of the night the males are very much aroused and ready to attack and I don’t believe that you’d be any different.” I said.

“Sometimes a couple of my workers get lost in closets and back rooms during the day and I have gone to watch what they do.” I said

“I’ve witnessed one of my male workers bend one of my female workers over a counter and fuck her pussy or her ass while I sit on the counter and masturbate.” I said

“My girls are happy to eat my slutty cunt while they get fucked, and truth be told so are my male workers.” I said.

“I have to know that you’ve got good oral skills, that’s another part of the job Sir.” I finished.

“Ahh…And what of your Miss. Julia?” He asked

“She is mine Sir, largely in part because I haven’t found a worker I felt was good enough for me to share her with.” I answered.

“Interesting. What of the reports on the news of customers sometimes joining in?” He asked.

“Are there reports that customers join us?” I asked

“Yes.” He said.

“Pity, there shouldn’t be, my business reputation must be kept clean and solid.” I said with a frown.

He snorted as he unziped his zipper.

“Pull that cock out and suck it Bitch.” He growled

“Your business has a reputation for doing whatever it takes to get the sale.” He said.

“And I do mean WHATEVER.” He said

“And have you bought any of our products Sir?” I asked

“No, I haven’t.” He said.

I pulled his dick from his pants and stroked him until gebze escort he was rock hard, and then I started running my tongue up and down his shaft.

“That seems a pity also Sir, for we have some very good anal lubes.” I said thinking aloud.

“I’d hope so.” He said.

“I intend to use them on you when you behave slut.” He said.

“And when you misbehave…RAW.” He said and laughed.

“You’re making my pussy drip and ache already Mr. Griffin and your cock is so thick, may I taste more of you?” I asked.

“No.” He said.

“You may only lick.” He said

“I must admit Sir, when you came into the room and I saw your cock pressing against your pants, I knew you were well endowed, but I didn’t realize you were this big.” I said, lapping at the tip of his mushroom head with my tongue.

He slapped my face with his cock as his eyes narrowed to slits.

“You still haven’t answered my question you fucking slut.” He said growing loud.

“What other slutty things go on in this den of whores?!” He yelled

“Oh Master, we like to test our products before they go out into the general public, every item you might see in a catalog, on-line or in one of our stores has been thoroughly tested.” I said.

“Just last week I tested the newest, and largest strap

we just made on my Miss.Julia’s ass, along with some

of the newest lube that helps to numb as well as stretch

out those muscles so that every thrust feels good.” I said

“She used the lube on me too Master and I must say

my pussy was dripping down my thighs by the time

she was done with me.” I said.

“Good.” He said.

I continued to lick up and down his shaft and over his cock-head.

“You taste so good Master, didn’t you ask me another question which needed to be answered, something about my so called reputation for doing whatever it takes to get the sale?” I asked.

“Yes, I’m interested in knowing if the rumors are true.” He said.

“Usually Sir, they are our regular customers, and they are given special gifts for being such good customers.” I said.

“Some are given free products and the opportunity to use them on any one of my male or female workers they so choose.” I said.

“I keep Miss. Julia for my very special sales, the ones that seem as though they are undecided.” I said.

“When she’s through with them and they with her…well let’s just say we’ve never lost a sale thanks to her.” I said.

“That’s why she’s my highest paid worker, because I’m not above using a little bit of persuasion to get my sales quotas filled on occasion Sir and if you are as good as it seems you are from what I’ve learned only this far then one of your job requirements will be that you help us to ‘persuade’ our customers to buy our products.” I said.

“By that I mean you will get whatever product they are looking at but unsure of and use it on them as Miss Julia does but you’ll be saved for only my special customers as she is and you’ll use it until they’re completely satisfied.” I said

“She’ll fuck both males and females I’m going to assume you’ll only fuck the females.” I said.

He growled in response, pulling my head

back by my hair so he could look into my eyes as he

shoved his cock down my throat making me gag on it.

“Do you object to using your best persuasion techniques to get the sale Sir?” I asked.

“Not at all.” He said.

“I’m definitely an overachiever.” He said.

“While playing with your erection Sir and experiencing the way you shove it down my throat when I’m sucking it, I would have to agree wholeheartedly with that statement.” I said smiling up at him from my spot on the floor.

“Though you haven’t yet proven to me that you can truly make me obey you Sir.” I said.

I stood and turned to walk back to my desk.

He reached out with his long arm and snatched me to the floor on all fours, then he spanked my ass hard for disobeying him.

“I didn’t tell you that you could get up, and I definitely

didn’t dismiss you slut.” He said.

“Am I clear?” He asked

I stifled a yawn. “Sure Daddy, show me what you can do.” I said.

He slaped my face with his dick.

“Suck Bitch.” He said

“And if I don’t?” I asked.

He pointed to a large plug sitting on a shelf to the left of my desk.

“That goes into your ass with no lube while I use electricity on your clit.” He said.

“I guess you’re just going to have to show me that you’ll do exactly what you say you’ll do.” I said.

He looked down at me for a second, raised and eyebrow and then shrugged.

“Fine.” He said.

Then he pulled me up by my hair and handcuffed me and

forced me to face the wall. He then cuffed my legs to a spreader

bar that was mounted two feet behind me, and forced me to arch

my ass up. I narrowed my eyes.

“Now show me what a real man is like Sir.” I hissed.

“With pleasure.” He responded, as he walked over to the shelf and grabbed the large plug and the ‘KlitShok’. içerenköy escort

I turned my head to him again as he walked over to me with the large plug in one had and the ‘KlitShok’ in the other.

“After you’re done Sir, I shall take you out to lunch with me today, I want to see if you can still accomplish giving and receiving pleasure in a public place without it being noticed, what do you say to that?” I asked

He slapped my ass hard.

“I didn’t give you permission to speak.” He said.

He then applied a hard shock to my clit.

I screamed from the shock and when my body tried to move away from the shock he slammed the plug as deep as he could get it, forcing my body back forward once again. I got another shock to my clit.

As I moved forward, he let the plug withdraw. As I jumped back, it was rammed in further. He continued to cause my body to jerk back and forth a few times until I begin to beg him for mercy, then he did it a couple more times just because he could, he told me that it was only more proof that I now belonged to him and that I would obey his will or I would be punished for it.

I could feel myself get closer and closer to cumming and my juices started to run down my thighs. His laugh is hard and mean.

“You’re enjoying this very much aren’t you, you filthy little slut.” He said.

“And you’re not?” I asked him breathing heavily.

He ripped all the clothes from my body, leaving me only in a thong and my heels. Standing next to me he looked me up and down with lust in his eyes and an angry expression on his face. He threw the toys to the floor and rammed his dick deep into my asshole. I could hear the angry growls as he thrusted deeper and deeper into me forcing me to my knees on the floor.

“Of course I am Bitch but I ask the questions not you.” He said.

I couldn’t move away from him, he had me pinned to against the wall. I could feel myself beginning to enjoy the pain. My screams grew louder and the tears started to come, but I arched my ass up to his so that he could fuck into me deeper. I could hear his angry words as he fucked me deeper, telling me that if he said something I would obey. Over and over, harder and deeper he thrusted. I could feel his hands as they came down on my ass almost in the same spot. It hurted and I knew I deserved it. He reached around and slammed a dildo down my throat, mounted it to the wall and pushed the back of my head against it.

“I don’t give a shit if you cum Slut, at this point you don’t deserve to cum anyway.” He said

His hands squeezed my breasts so hard that I screamed

out around the dildo, I could feel myself start to cry but he ignored my tears as I knew he would. He called me every degrading and horrible name he could think of, his cock had streached me out beyond anything I’ve ever known and finally in one great rush, and with a handful of my hair in his hand as he pushed my head down farther on the dildo, he came in my ass, growling and cussing and calling me fowl names. When he finished he stood and looked down at me.

“When you’re ready to obey, I’ll be back.” He said.

He turned and started to leave my office, with me

on my knees on the floor. I screamed his name.

“Master, please, don’t leave me!” I screamed.

He stopped at the door, and for a minute he didn’t say anything at all, then in a low voice he growled at me.

“Why should I stay Slut?” He asked.

“I’ll obey Daddy, just please don’t go!” I said.

He turned slowly around and looked down at me. In a few swift steps he moved over to back in front of me. He reached down and snatched me up by my hair and slapped his cock across my face he growled for me to suck his cock till he came. As I sucked his cock he ran his fingers through my hair.

“If you EVER disobey me again I will quit and that will be the end of it.” He said.

“Yes Daddy.” I moaned.

A short knock at my office door and into the room came

my Miss Julia, he smiled at her and pointed to my ass.

“Fuck her.” He said.

She smiled lustily and went down on her knees and began to slam her cock deep into my ass. He felt her thrusts as my mouth was forced forward, pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. I gagged on him several times, I could hear his groans each time my throat was forced down on his cock. He called me a whore and a slut, He pulled my hair around his hand hard. I enjoyed every moment of what he did to me.

I pulled my mouth off him, and looked up at him from the floor while Miss Julia continued to fuck my asshole, I started to stroke his cock.

“I’m very much wondering if you’d like to get dirty with us.” He said as he narrowed his eyes and looked down at me.

“What do you have in mind?” He asked.

“I was thinking the three of us outta test our newest product, chocolate, finger, body paints.” I said.

At first I didn’t think he’d like to do that, because his face didn’t change, then he pulled me to my feet by my hair and undid my restraints.

“Show me Bitch.” He said.

“Yes Daddy.” I said.

He smiled and removed the rest of his clothes, he gave the instruction that Miss Julia was to do the same, and since I was already pretty much nude he left me as I was, in my thong and heels. I turned and started to walk to my desk and he stopped me.

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