Alice Manipulated Ch. 04

Huge Cock

It is Saturday morning and Alice is wearing her size 6 white semi-transparent lace thong panties, no bra, and a white mini skirt that unzips full length at each side of the waist.

She is expecting models manager Manuel to arrive any moment to pay her an advance on her decision with personal relationships business owners Lani and Bernard to earn $2000 by role-playing as the daughter to a couple in their exclusive Companion’s Corner introduction business. Her first meeting with the club member is scheduled for the coming Tuesday evening. Manuel’s job is to make sure she’s ready for this top-of-the-line job.

Alice is adding up on a piece of paper all the cash money she can earn with Bernard and Lani while her stepfather is away for six months and on his return, surprise him with a new car and other things. Just as Manuel is arriving outside to interview her and give her the suntan oil to improve her looks even more for that booked ‘modelling’ job, she gets Lani on the phone.

“Lani it’s Alice here. I’ve decided to also take up your offer to model for Monday night’s art class if it’s not too late.” Lani is rapt and can’t believe her luck. She regards Alice as the sweetest, most innocent but sexually exciting small body temptress she has ever seen. “Oh that’s great Alice, I’m sure you will make use of the $400 for the two hours posing,” she says excitedly, winking at Bernard standing beside her in their office. Just come to the address one hour earlier than when the class starts so I can fill you in and make it easy for you to feel at home as it’s your first time.”

Alice puts the phone down as Manuel knocks on the door. She ushers him inside. He is an ugly man by all means, she thinks, very short and terribly overweight, but looks way younger in the face than his supposed age of more than 65.

“I am Manuel, you want to be one of our models?” he asks. “Yes of course, and you are already booked for Tuesday so I am here to get some details for our records and to give you the suntan so you look more comely for our clients. You must have beautiful medium to dark brown skin. I give you that here.

“First I measure you for our fashion wear. Everything is made special to fit exactly same girl. We make very exclusive, very sexy lingerie. Only one person wears that outfit and she can take it home, wash it and keep it. Great. Take off your clothes. Just leave your bra and panties on,”

Alice strips and is standing only in her skimpy silk g-string panties. He is sitting down and she stands in front of him, her thighs at eye level. “Turn around slowly,” he gestures circle-like. “Stop” he shouts when her bum is right in front of his gaze. A whole minute passes and he says nothing. Alice senses he is sizing her up. Her bare cheeks separated only by a thin strand of lace sweeping down into the crevice of her buttocks from the lace waistband.

“Good.” She hears him say. “Good arse, good shape, very smooth, full cheeks, good girl. Your bum sitting up nice and high, not flat like some.” He pats her skin and spins her back in front of him.

He seems to be studying her panties a long time but it is only for a minute. A minute is a long time when he is only two feet away and her provocatively designed small size 6 underwear makes the old man’s heart thump. Her pussy seems to be bunched up nice and tight inside the fragile material and seems as though one size larger may have been more comfortable. Eventually he nods approval.

“Nice hips, nice waist, nice flat belly, very nice between legs. You have good body and nice big nipples.”

Alice is surprised he did not criticise her flat chest.

“I thought you would think I am too much like a little school girl because I’m so small up there,” she apologises. He dismisses her comments. “No worry. Little tits but nipples very pointy and big mounds look good. Sexy girl look.”

“Are you saying you like my figure, sir?”

“I say you have makings of good model for many such cases. I know my business. We can dress you up very fine and customers waiting for someone like you.”

“Manuel, you think looking like a school girl makes me better for men?”

“Yes, many times, but some women too. You are legal age so make believe is big business with us.”

Alice’s mind flashes back to her adopted father now in Europe. What would he think of all this? He told her all men liked tight pussies and her small figure made her especially sexy. Her daydreaming was suddenly shattered as Manuel announces he must get her measurements. He takes only a short time and misses nothing, even the length and width of her genitals, width of her bare pubic bone. She can’t understand why such detail. He notices her concern.

“We get our g-string and thongs just perfect for different size bodies,” he explains. “Must be done as when you wear our tiny covering we make exclusive to the exact measurements of your pussy. You will find some cover but not one tiny bit more. We make to go on curves not extra places. görükle escort Very different so we make to your personal size and contours. Many girls differet in size and shape, especially vagina so we must get right.”

She has little choice but to accept what he says.

“Now more to do,” he says. It is interview time. Just a few questions we must know for Companion’s Corner. This is how we can grade you for higher value work. It is attitude to things special. If you pass test, I give you cash advance $500 and prepare you with suntan for your first work.”

Alice is only interested in the money and is happy to be interviewed for it. She figures that his blunt approach and non-perfect English seems to match his blunt looks but she has no choice. He is in charge. She wants the money.

“You understand all answers are private to company. No one else knows.”

“Yes I understand.”

“Question 1, which age group have you had most sex experience with?” Alice just remembered yesterday’s café experience in time to add to her answer. “One man in early forties, one man 50 and one man 60 next month.”

“Question 2, Do you like mind games in sex — role-playing, fantasies, things like that?”

“Yes, very much so.”

“Question 3; have you ever made love to a woman?”


“Question 4, would it offend you if a woman made love to you?” Alice is careful not to drop points here. “No, it might be nice, my father told me all about it once.”

“Question 5, what part of a man turns you on most?”

“A big cock, a fat cock.”

“Question 6, have you ever had sex with more than one person at the same time, for example, a threesome, and if not, would it offend you?”

“No and no.”

“Question 7, what is it about your own body you think will excite most?”

“Being small, innocent, inexperienced-like a schoolgirl, no tits and bare pussy.”

“Question 8, Do you find new experiences in sex important and meeting people exciting?”


“Question 9, Does a man have to be good looking or always have a good body for you to be sexy with him?”

“I’ve been lucky so far but I guess not, especially if he has a big cock. If I had no choice all the more reason to agree.”

“Question 10, Name any one secret fantasy that excites you.”

“To be blindfolded and tied up and feel strange hands fondling my body. No voices, just touch and hearing just heavy breathing. To feel a tongue on me and not know who is doing it. To feel helpless when something is being put inside me and climax not knowing who did it.”

Manuel wipes his forehead, beads of sweat already forming as he listens and writes notes. “You are horny little thing aren’t you? No other girl has been that honest with me.”

Alice is relieved the interview is over. “I like erotic things I guess, things sort of taboo but nothing dangerous or sick. Just things that give me a big buzz in the head as well as below.”

Manuel looks at Alice. “Well young one, you have a good imagination. It will help you as one of our models. I am pleased we are hiring you, and now I pay your $500 advance.”

He goes to his briefcase for the money and also grabs a large bottle of tanning oil. “I have to go soon so I must put overnight tan oil on now. Do you want one application or two? One lasts a week but two last whole month.” He is very convincing. Alice asks for the double dip.

Alice lays two big towels on her Uncle Bernie’s big bed, takes off her tiny panties and lays face down completely nude for the old man. He stands there admiring her lithe form as though he is judging a painting. He points her feet to the bottom corners of each side of the bed so her thighs are well separated for easy access.

“The first application takes about 20 minutes to put on and then I have to wait 15 minutes before applying a seconds coat, so in all I’ll be working on you about one hour,” he says. “And I must warn you, some girls get so excited when I do this they make it hard for me to keep my mind on the job”

He starts around the back of her neck and saturates her shoulder area, then her shoulder blades and keeps working downwards, reaching her satin smooth arse, the cheeks sitting up strongly so that from behind her vagina is in full view. He works the tanning oil over her cheeks and with a flat palm, slides his long oily fingers deep into the crevice, dragging his hand downwards so his fingers meet her well exposed pussy.

Manuel does not touch it. Once he covers her back area properly he moves to her feet, her ankles, rising up the backs of her legs, over the thighs and up to the cheeks of her bum again. He returns to her feet, her legs well apart, and with the palm of his hand, slowly and rather sensuously slides the flat palm of his hand up the insides of her legs, both inside legs at the same time, using both hands. He rubs more oil there than elsewhere.

Alice warms to his touch. It is sensual and pleasing and she eskort bayan feels as though she could drift away on a cloud. Every time his hands move up the insides of her thighs she feels a tingling sensation between the legs. Not his touch, just the effects of it. She senses that her vagina is getting thoroughly lubbricated inside by human nature.

The insides of her shapely thighs seem to mesmerise him. Alice being only 4 feet 10 inches tall, he imagines he being taken back in time, way back to his first marriage as he massages around the bare pussy which seems to loom so large in his face. He groans inside and almost ejaculates in his pants at the enticing sight. Unbelievable, he whispers to himself. And oh to be young again.

Alice’s eyes are closed, enjoying the sensual touch, not thinking about sex but warming to the knowledge he must be perving between her open legs from behind her. That sort of thing turns her on. The oil is drying nicely on her backside now and Manuel stands over her and places his big hands against the cheeks near the very tops of her legs. He squeezes both sides in an upward motion, slowly and deliberately, forcing her outer labia to be pulled outwards, making the inner vagina lips and clitoris area stand out on their own without being kept tight.

He smiles and thinks back to old times that were once new times. He traces an oily finger along each side of her clitoral area, but not touching her hot button, which he can see is erect from the early stimulation.

Manuel can see her vagina is quite wet but he’s not sure if that’s natural arousal or some of the oil getting on to her vagina. He spreads his huge hands out on each side of her bum’s cheeks, a little higher up this time and squeezes them hard. His thumbs do most of the work in upward thrusts, over and over, over and over, over and over as he watches her vagina lips open nicely for him each time he presses his thumbs especially into her supple flesh. When he relaxes his grip her pussy relaxes again. Manuel squeezes another big handful of bare bum upwards and her vagina opens for him again and again and again and again and again.

He enjoys seeing this. He has done it so many times over the years and it never ceases to excite him. He thinks of the first time he performed such a massage when his wife was visiting her sister and he had time on his hands to experiment.Alice is sure he is taking advantage of her nudity the way he keeps squeezing the cheeks of her bum, certain this has nothing to do with applying tanning oil. She can feel her vagina being manipulated by his squeezing and being pulled around and stretched but can only lie still and let him enjoy himself. She can’t see him so maybe he is not even looking at her pussy.

He turns Alice over, but does not spread her legs further apart than 12 inches. He carefully and methodically applies the tan to her face, being ever so gentle around her eyes. The full lips of her mouth excite the veteran. They look so moist, so firm and kissable. For Manuel, a wise old man of great experience, having such a nubile princess laid out naked before him is overpowering his urge to contain himself but he must. He feels there is a future for him and little Alice can play a part

There is something utterly erotic about the design of the female genitals, the old sage thinks. No matter from which way he looks at a bare pussy, it is one of God’s greatest pristine creations. So streamlined, curvy and cute.

He moves the oil across her shoulders, arms and chest, spending worthwhile time caressing her puffy pointers so they stand up proudly for him All this movement around her inner thighs from the back and now the touches on her nipples is making Alice feel very sexy. By the time he rubs his flat palm around her lower abdomen, past her navel and his open hand caresses across the wide and well-risen pubic mound, Alice is twitching.

Manuel hasn’t tried to touch her pussy and it is driving her crazy. Strangely, she wants the ugly old man to put his hands over her entire body but he seems to be missing one hot spot. It frustrates her fast rising arousal She knows by now he is taking much longer than he needs to but she thinks how often would a man his age have such a young firm naked body like hers lying before him to be massaged all over — twice.

Suddenly he breaks the silence. “Alice, I now have to do the second coat of tan on you,” but I must wait 10 minutes. She lies there nude, so inviting, waiting, waiting, and waiting as he sits at the end of the bed just looking at her as though he is wondering what to do next. Just knowing he is staring at her naked beauty is giving Alice a strange feeling between the loins.

He resumes his thankful job and after taking half an hour to cover her back, arms, bottom and legs he is back on to her sexy arse where he holds back from covering her with oil until he squeezes her cheeks again without the oil for a better grip. It is only after altıparmak escort he repeats what he did on the first run, manipulating the opening of her vagina time and time again until the image of what he sees is indelible in his memory that he applies the tanning oil to finish that side. His watchful eyes notices this time her vagina lips opened much wider. She is getting hot and anxious.

He turns her over and repeats his previous performance and at last, he gets to the only place he has not massaged the oil into. He just looks at it. Alice looks at him. He looks at her. She looks back at him. The ugly bastard she thinks. Do it. Touch me. You want to.

He doesn’t and Alice is twitching on her bare bum as he tortures her into deeper submission. After a long period when not a word is spoken, Manuel breaks the silence.

“Tell me you want it,” he says.

“Want what?”

“Tell me you want it,” he repeats.

“Want what?” she repeats.

“Here is my hand, take it. Show my hand where it must go.”

She places his palm flat on her pussy, totally covering it. He looks at her and says “Thank you. I now add tanning oil to your most private part with your permission.”

Manuel spreads a liberal amount of the oil over her vulva, much more than he needs to, knowing it will take much longer to be absorbed into the delicate skin and give him longer to play with her there He sees that already her clitoris is erect, jutting out of her crack like a cork at the top of a wine bottle. He applies the soothing oil up each side of her pussy, squeezing the labia away from the vaginal lips.

Before he does this, her inner lips are almost hidden but as he oils her sweet spot, every little crevice of it, he uses the sides of his big hands to push outwards at the same time so both outer labia totally expose the previously hidden inner lips. He massages the tanning oil between them, running his fingers up and down and then moves to her clit.

It is such an easy target and moving it around by direct touch and circling it with his fingertips makes Alice squirm and give out low moans of pleasure. Now he gets the outer lips on both sides and squeezes them to the centre, pushing her vagina lips upwards. Holding the compressed lips together with his left hand he uses the fingers of his right hand to run a line of oil along the very centre of her crack, across the vagina and over the clitoral hood. He starts rubbing the oil into the soft folds, his fingers slipping deeply into her up reaching vagina. There is oil to spare and with Alice squirming more and more beneath his expert touch, moaning and sighing aloud, he plunges four thick long fingers in as deep as they can go, stirring, probing, dancing about inside her.

Manuel is a very happy man. He has Alice under his control, lying naked and allowing him to please her simply because she can’t resist being touched in that spot. Every time she is touched there, she becomes helpless to control her desires.

Her young sexy thighs are as inviting to him as an oasis in the desert is to a man lost for days in the wilderness of sand dunes without water. Her pussy is the oasis and he is very, very thirsty. His probing fingers are working overtime seeking out her g-spot somewhere around the top of her love cave. His fingers are curling backwards in sweeping movements until her hips suddenly jerk frantically about in a short, sharp pulsating rhythm. He has hit the spot and stays there, moving his fingers more and more with increased pressure. Alice is bouncing about on the towel and he knows he will control her orgasm and it will be a powerful one.

The young girl is moaning very loudly. She is confused and helpless to stop what is happening. Rivers of passion are running through her body as she feels the pressure he exerts on sexually sensitive nerves of her elusive g-spot. Her vision seems blurred as she sees his ugly face gloating at her weakness to resist.

Alice lets out a long, strained sound that excites him. “Ooooooohhhhhh” Then another one. “Oooooohhhhh! Much louder and more anxious. He speaks loudly to her.



“Tongue? Tongue?”


He bends over and quickly sucks her entire pussy into his mouth, engulfing her engorged clitoris as Alice rocks about on the bed, the tanning oil now drying out. He must work fast, he thinks, before she comes to her senses. His tongue lashes her clitoris while it is still swollen inside his mouth Ah, memories of old. This old dog has not lost his greed for it since he first started perfecting the art of sensual massage during his first marriage.

He suck out out her clitoris area and clasps his is strong lips around the base on each side of her vagina lips, dragging them upwards past the syrface of her pussy. He likes inner lips to be fairly prominent. He does it again and again. Then he allows his wet lips to slide up the sides of her vagina lips from the base, repeating the tormenting action over and over. Alice is shaking and giving out a continuous wavering low moaning sound that seems to rise and fall in volume. He first heard that sound a long, long while go, and knows that Alice is enjoying him. For him, Alice is young, delicious. innocent and quite helpless.

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