Alice Loves Anal 3


Alice Loves Anal 3 by Will Buster

Alice learned oral sex quite quickly. She learned to relax her throat and gulp rapidly to ingest her patron’s spunk almost without losing a drop. It was even more enjoyable when he ate her cunt while she sucked cock. Not only that but Alice learned that her lord and master, Lord James Elton liked it when she acted like a little girl getting a fancy treat for being a naughty little girl. She seductively giggled and moaned when he slid his fingers into her cunt and suck hard on her swollen clit.

So it was now on a Sunday afternoon after church and a very tasty lunch.
James was getting very urgent once more with his new whore draped over him with her silky nakedness in a thrilling sixty nine position. “Suck down on it my sweet slut! Spit on my cock and get it all the way down that wicked throat of yours.”

Suck! Long slurp! Gag! Choke! “Aaaarrgghhh!” Suck! “Gasp!” Swish! Pop! Gag! “Oooooo!” “Mmmmmmm!”

Elton’s tongue wiggled deep into Alice’s fresh, tight fuck hole. He enjoyed licking this little slit that he’d been fucking now for over two weeks. He swirled around inside and then flicked on her perineum before slowly entering her shit hole. She’d just taken a bath so she was as clean as a whistle and she squealed in shock and delight as his tongue somehow got past her sphincter defenses. Her sucking got harder and quicker as her lust became stimulated to the boiling point.

The immature youngster felt so deliciously dirty and naughty. Her kindly benefactor was sticking his tongue inside her ass hole and it was obvious from the length of time he kept wiggling inside her that he enjoyed it. He moaned with obvious pleasure as his manhood was orally serviced. His spit shot into Alice’s anus with amazing rapidity and suddenly she realized what he was going to do inside her soon. With a sudden flush of desire and anxiety, she instinctively new he was going to fuck her ass hole with that big cock she was now so ardently sucking and licking.

He pried her ass cheeks further apart with his powerful hands and practically gnawed on her groin, piercing her holes with his fucking tongue or jabbing fingers. Alice screamed as yet another climax tore through her and then suddenly she felt him twitch and swell. Instantly she sucked, creating a powerful vacuum that captured his cum as it exploded upward into her gagging throat. Frantically she gulped and swallowed, gulped and swallowed as her gullet was filled and washed with his hot, spermy seed. There was no doubt; Alice was getting very talented when it came to sucking off her horny Lord’s cock. Burst after burst found its way to her warm belly as she drank him with quick noisy sucks.

Sir James spoke to her between lengthy licks. “Suck it hard again you sweet little fox. Today I’m going to fill your tiny rectum with my dick and make you a full service whore of the finest quality. I’m going to enjoy all of you, my young little fancy girl.”

Obedient as usual, Alice kept sucking him, cleaning his leavings first and then concentrating on orally coaxing his limp staff back to life. There was no hurry as it was late afternoon and they both new there would be hours to go before they would be tired enough to go to sleep.

Some of the time, the horny aristocrat groped and fondled Alice’s little tits, squeezing them to keep her nipples hard. His tongue kept sliding into her tiny anal crevice or he moved it back into her sloppy cunt, eating out the hot chick and sucking her lust into his thirsting mouth. As the exciting minutes went on, Alice’s tender lips moved up and down, sucking him while her tongue swirled expertly over his sensitive cock tip and soft underside. James was getting very excited, anticipating fucking his little youngster’s anal hole. He knew it would be extremely tight. It would give him exceptional pleasure once his cock was lodged deep inside her.

“All right sweetie, get on your hands and knees now over beside me. I’m going to stuff your little behind full of my nice warm cock.”

Porno hikayeleri She obeyed him and then asked, “Are you going to fuck my tiny ass hole now, sir?”

The nobleman was applying some greasy substance on his cock and around her anal pucker. His fingers gently inserted the substance inside her and she moaned as he slowly opened her up.

“Now Alice, spread your legs further apart and give your heart to me. Relax and let me push my cock deep into you.”

Alice trembled with some apprehension. She’d never had her tiny ass hole fucked before. “Is it going to hurt?”

He smiled at her as she looked back at him. “A little at first, love. But remember when I took your virginity? That hurt at first didn’t it?”

Her soft voice trembled. “Yes.”

“Well, don’t you just love to fuck my cock with your hot little pussy now?”

She nervously licked her dry lips. “Yes.”

He nudged his cock tip at her little rectum. “You’ll learn to love this to my cute little angel. Now relax and let me inside you.”

He pushed hard against her reluctant little pucker and after some anxious seconds, his cock popped into her agonized anus.

Alice screamed with the extreme agony of anal penetration. He’d plunged all the way to his balls with one long powerful stroke and then he stopped all motion, waiting for her body to adjust to the new fullness.

Alice was crying and gasping out loud groans as her tense young body fought to become acclimated to this huge cock that was stretching her anus to the max. Ever so slowly, the pain receded and she finally whimpered her acquiescence. “Oh God! It hurts so much. I want to please you my lord so try fucking me up my ass. It isn’t as painful as it was.”

Carefully and gently, James pushed in and out, urging her anus to relax and respond to his tender fuck. Soon her body fully adjusted and she was gripping his cock with her sphincter muscles, rimming in and urging him to fuck her ass hole harder and faster. Somewhere through the sudden pain and his tender love play, she somehow had crossed the line and ass fucking became pleasant and even desirable. Alice didn’t like it as much as pussy screwing but that big cock fucking her rectum was becoming an exciting delight. Besides it was dirty and naughty to be fucked up her ass and that awareness added a thrill to her new found carnal fun.

“Oh yes! Give it to me Lord! Fuck my ass! Grind that cock right into my little shitter and drill me! I wanna be your full time whore! Deep fuck me harder! Yes! Yes! Screw it in my ass! Fill my little shit hole with your baby milk! Aaaaaahhhh! Oh my God! I’m gonna cum! I’m cumming! Sssshshhhiiitttt! Eeeeeeaaaahhhhhh!”

To Alice’s surprise her belly clenched and then rippled from a powerful orgasm that shot through her young body like a canoe jumping the rapids. She lost control and screamed out as yet another jolt of ecstasy rampaged through her lovely, sinful groin. “Eeeeeee! Fuck! Ram my ass hole hard! Fucking do my dirty little hole! Yes! Yes! Oh baby! Fuck my shit! Aaaaaahhhhh!”

This is what Lord Elton loved about his brand new little girl slut. Once he’d hit the right spots she responded like some wild whore in utter heat. The angelic looking tart was filled with unquenchable young teen lust and he was sure she could now go on for hours because he triggered multiple orgasms inside her pretty little cunt. He moved his own legs further apart, increasing the tension on that part of his body that was linked to hers. With deep churning strokes he tried to alleviate that fiery itch that overwhelmed his cock tip and energetically pumping shaft. He felt himself getting close.

“Work my cock with your ass! Oh baby! Baby! Jerk on it and fuck! Yes! Fuck me with your virgin ass! I know you want it! You little wiggling slut! Fuck mmmmeeeee! Yyyeeesss! Jesus Christ! You’re such a wicked anal whore! Yes!”

Alice was screaming now from the pain and the exceptional pleasure. She gripped him with her tiny Sex hikayeleri anus and squeezed him as if her life depended on it. Again and again she squealed, “Fuck my as! Just fuck my baby ass! I love it! Stud my shit! Oh yyeeessss! Yyyyyeeeessss!”

Her voice shook from the violence of his penetrations as he rampaged all the way into her tight bum hole. His cock swelled and his balls felt like they were going to explode. He pried her ass cheeks further apart, held his breath and banged deep into her body. With a torrid rush, Elton’s pent up spunk rocketed into Alice’s gyrating shitter. Again and again he unleashed streams of his milky seed into that anal paradise. His heart was pounding with the excitement of this absolutely wicked fuck up Alice’s tender little ass hole.

“Keep me hard wench! Fuck my cock and keep it hard! I need to fuck your ass again! Jesus! Alice! You are so fucking tight! Yeah! That’s it! Whore on my big dick! Harder bitch! Harder!”

Alice giggled as she lunged her back side on to his ramming flesh pole. “Do you like your little whore? Are you gonna keep fucking my poor little ass hole until I’m sore?”

He grunted, “Yes bitch! Keep fucking! Just like that!”

Alice was rimming him now with a series of sphincter clutches that had him gasping. He pulled her forward and somehow lay back on the bed and got the young slut to ride him with her little ass hole. He guided her up and down until she got the perfect rhythm. “Twist on it slut! Circle around on it all the way!”

In moments, Alice turned enough so she was facing her loving patron. His hand gripped her small tits and she was pulled down so he could fuck her mouth with his tongue. The hot teen tramp moved her legs back further while he pushed his knees up to improve the anal penetration. James was thinking to himself that this was the best little fuck toy he’d ever had. In less than a month, he’d trained Alice in all the arts of love. Her blonde tresses were a total mess. She was sweating now, it being late June and very little breeze coming in through the open window.

Soon she got aggressive and it was her tongue fucking his mouth. He’d moved fingers to her clit and cunt, stimulating her further until her anal orgasms were occurring with incredible rapidity. Her screams and yelps were muffled by his long kisses. He felt like he was mated to a wild, little female animal. Her spit swished into his mouth and her fingers eventually moved to his own anus. Then it was his turn to squeal as she stuck in her middle finger into his ass hole. It triggered his balls and once again, he launched cum into his new whore’s fanny hole.

He had to rest for a long time after that. So he leisurely licked and sucked Alice’s oozing cunt while he waited for the next revival. She quietly moaned as he played little tongue and finger games with her clit and slit. The youthful blonde pried her pussy lips apart with her fingers and urged him to taste her cunt and suck out her juices. “After all my lord, I’m your little sex kitten. I like to have my filthy fuck hole cleaned and eaten so it can fuck your big cock better. It’s still early and my poor little pussy hasn’t had enough attention tonight. But don’t feel bad my darling, my ass hole feels ssssoooo fucking nice! I can feel your cum seeping out of my ass. It’s so warm and soothing. I just love the way it feels when you shoot your baby milk up my little shit hole. I like it even better when you spread my legs way back and fuck my cunt real hard though. It gets so wet when I have to wait for you all day. It keeps itching and burning until you push your slippery stick into me and fuck me until I’m raw! Are you ready to fuck my pussy yet, honey?”

She smiled down at him as his mouth sucked greedily on her juicy groin. He mumbled some sounds that resembled an agreement to her questions and he kept right on lunching on her beauty. Alice was so fresh, tangy and yet musky to. After a very enjoyable half hour he was re-stiffened.

This time he pushed pillows under her Sikiş hikayeleri rump, got her to hold her ankles and spread her legs wide and back to her fucking ears. Then it was time to fuck the little vixen silly!

With vicious strokes, James buried his itchy pecker again and again right down to the balls. His tender cock head kept slamming into Alice, mashing into her cervix and irritating her g spot until she ejaculated a hot, pungent stream of lust. “Oooooooo! Fuck me! Fuck a brat into my little pussy! Oh Jamie! Jamie! Get me with child you barbaric fuck boy! Harder! Fuck me harder! Make it sore! Aaaaaahhhhhh! Again! Aaaaahhhhh! Slice my little cunt like a man! Ooooooo! Oooooo! Just keep slamming it into my cunt! Aaaaahahhhh! Aaaaaahhh!”

His thrusts were long and deep now as he fucked his little trickster as if he meant to push his cock through her belly and into her throat. Alice was screaming with every climax, calling him the filthiest names and teling him to do the most sinful acts to her filthy fuck hole. As she tormented his cock with sizzling staccato squirms and jerks, he sucked her tits all the way into his mouth and slid three fingers into her exposed anus. Alice was an adventure all by herself and Lord Elton knew a good thing when he’d found it.

“Fuck me you God damned whore! I’m gonna fuck your fancy little box until you have a lot of children. I’m going to take you so much that cum will flow out of your fucking ears you hell cat! You’re going to fucking increase from the baby I’m going to fuck into your worthless little cunt! So fuck! Yes bitch! Fuck!”

Alice was too far gone to care now. Her body was no longer hers. She screeched her longing for ecstasy. “Fuck a bastard into me! Fucking cum in my baby pussy! Oh God! Fuck me harder! Pound me! Fucking slam it into me! Fucking squirt me up my snatch and then I’ll suck you off. I want to drink your seed down my throat after you finish fucking my cunt! Oh Jamie! Jamie! I love the way you fuck me! Ooooooo! Oooooo! Eeeeeeee! Ssssshhhhiiiittttt! Oh Jesus! I’m ccccuuummmmmiiiinnnnngggggg! Oh Jamie! I can’t help it! I’m cccummiinnngggg on your dick! Eeeeaaaaahhhhh!”

Her aroused climax triggered his. With his own scream he let himself go and he released a tidal wave of lust into his whore. He was lost in carnal bliss! Again and again his seed pulsed into her squirming box. He banged harder into her, willing that every drop of his spunk be milked out of his cock and into her naughty little womb.

His grunts and screams blended with hers as their bodies convulsed with each other as they were joined in the most depraved sensuality imaginable.

When sanity finally returned, Lord Elton held his love child beside him in that luxurious bed.

Elton’s voice was now gentle and civilized once more. “My little one, you are so full of life and desire. Sometimes I wish I could be twenty again so I could show you what a real man can do.”

She rubbed her little finger over his nose and across his lips. “Hmmmmmm! Does that mean you like the way I fuck with my tiny holes?”

He smirked, “that my dear is an understatement.”

She gave him a long, appreciative kiss, letting her tongue flick around like some wanton serpent. “Would you like me to swallow more of your cum? I’m very thirsty.”

Her smile was so inviting and she was already gripping his limp cock with her little fingers.

He laughed, “Christ! You’re insatiable woman! Not yet you naughty fox. You know, I’ve got only one regret.”

She laughed, “What’s that?”

He looked a bit wistful. ” Well sometimes when I’m inside you I wish there were two of you.”

She lay prone on him, letting him continue to fondle and feel her warm, sweat damp skin. Then cute, angelic looking Alice whispered her newest wickedness in his receptive ear. “Well my lord, you could take my younger sister. She’s still a virgin and she’s only ten years old, although she’ll be 11 in November. I’ll help you teach her how to be a very fancy little whore and you can pay her what you’re paying me. Wouldn’t it be so much fun to fuck us both at the same time, night after night? Do you want me to speak to her?”


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