Alex’s Gifts Ch. 21


Fresh Starts

“Morning, sleepy head,” Alex heard as he yawned and stretched, waking in an unfamiliar bed next to a very familiar face. He stretched his cheeks into a broad smile as memories from the previous night came flooding back. He held out his arms and let his sister fall into his embrace. Her long blonde hair cascaded down, tickling his face as she pressed her lips against his.

“Pew, go brush your teeth,” Lily said, pulling back with a wrinkled nose.

“Sorry,” Alex said sheepishly. “What time is it?” he asked as she rose and sat on the edge of her bed.

“Half past seven,” Lily replied after looking down at her alarm clock.

“I’ll be right back,” Alex said, sliding down the bed and rolling off onto his feet. In the bathroom, he relieved himself and quickly brushed his teeth. Splashing water on his face, he smiled through his hands into the mirror, intensely happy about how his relationship with Lily had progressed. She was finally healing, and he had come clean about the past couple weeks. An intense satisfaction gripped him.

Returning to Lily’s room, Alex stood in the doorway and watched his sister stand in front of a mirror. She was smiling at her reflection, much as he’d just done. Alex took the opportunity to appreciate her incredible figure. His eyes were drawn immediately to her narrow waist and full round hips and thighs. She stood just shy of six feet, with long lean and perfectly proportioned legs. Gazing up, Alex admired her proud chest, sweeping out in long gravity-defying arches. She was a supermodel with the anatomy of a grown-up barbie doll; her body perfect in every sense of the word.

Lily turned and saw Alex gaping in her doorway. “How long have you been standing there?” she said with a smile.

“Just a little while,” he replied and stepped inside, closing the door behind him.

“I’m so happy,” Lily said, folding her arms around Alex.

“I can tell. You’re so beautiful, Lil,” he said breathlessly as he leaned in and locked onto her pink pouty lips. He ran his hands across her curved back, traveling down to her hips and over her round cheeks. Lily did the same, reaching up and under his shirt to feel his taut muscular frame. She melted in his arms while long-lost feelings of contentment and security came rushing back as Alex wrapped her in a comforting blanket of strong, stable masculinity.

“Will you make love to me before you go?” Lily asked softly, using a phrase she hadn’t spoken in nearly two years. The moments together with her father were always brief. He was constantly juggling other commitments and she knew that Alex was much the same: destined to leave her and uncertain when he’d return. She’d gradually learned to accept it, but that didn’t make the times in between any easier.

Alex heard the words and reacted immediately, sliding his hands up from Lily’s waist and under her velvet camisole. She lifted her arms and Alex pulled the plush garment over her head, revealing her flawless breasts. He immediately sought their warmth, nuzzling into her deep cleavage and kissing her soft skin. Lily cooed as he took one of her thick protruding nipples in his mouth. He’d longed to suckle them since the day he first beheld her nakedness from inside Carrie’s closet.

Alex caressed and kneaded her pert pillowy flesh, alternating attention between the twin pink gumdrops. They were easily the most magnificent pair he’d ever handled. Certainly not the largest, nor even the softest, but by far the most perfectly shaped and deliciously capped. Her nipples stood thick and proud and in their stiffened state drew her dark pink areolas into small circles that narrowly ringed their jutting apexes. Alex lost himself in her tender skin, unable to stop pouring his adoration into his sister’s precious body.

After several minutes, Lily had her fill of Alex’s focused attention and held his head in her hands, gently lifting his lips up to meet hers. She pulled up on his shirt hem and he quickly flipped it over his shoulders onto the floor and rushed back into her arms. An explosion of warmth greeted the siblings as their topless bodies pressed together. Alex pressed his chest against hers, feeling her two pointed tips slide across his sensitive skin as he initiated a passionate kiss, twisting his tongue around hers and probing into her warmth.

Lily broke off with a deep shuddering breath and Alex dropped slowly to his knees, kissing his way through her creamy valley and tracing his tongue across her soft downy stomach. He slid his hands around her narrow waist, over her flared hips, and grasped the waistband of her velvet shorts. As he lowered to the carpet he pulled her last piece of clothing down, revealing the treasure hidden beneath; two narrow hills, split by a delicate pink crest and surrounded with flecks of strawberry-blonde stubble. He nuzzled against her dome, feeling soft prickles against his skin, and dropped his mouth into her perfect pussy while inhaling her intoxicating scent. Extending his tongue, he licked softly into the shallow crease between her legs and curled his tongue up and around her bursa escort bayanlar tender pink button.

Lily moaned and stepped her feet apart, giving Alex the access he so desperately wanted. His tongue slid deep into her softness, probing through her thin lips and seeking the wet center hidden within. Lily whimpered when she felt him enter her and trembled as his face pressed forcefully into her nerve center. She held his head in her hands, tousling his hair and curling her fingers, scraping his scalp with her nails and coaxing him deeper.

After several minutes of lapping at Lily’s swelling sex, Alex rose and dropped his boxers. He knelt and threw a long arm behind and under the steep curve at the top of her thighs, pressing her torso tight into his shoulder. He stood, lifting his sister, and took her to bed.

“Oh God Alex,” Lily said, squirming in surprise under his strong grip. Her father had done similar things, seeming to enjoy tossing her naked body around and watching her squeal in pleasure as if engaging in an act of erotic roughhousing. Lily wrapped her longs legs around her brother and held his shoulders tight as she felt him lean her back over the bed. The second her head and hips hit the pillow she cried out, feeling him press against her hungering entry. He drove into her instantly, filling her with perfect completeness as he’d done the night before. An explosion of bliss rocked through her body, bright blue eyes opened wide in shock as the surprising waves of pleasure coursed through her. Never before had she been so wholly caught off guard.

Alex groaned as he slid into Lily’s tight rippled chasm and felt the shock of her hasty release. Sensing no signs of final satisfaction, he continued to rock his hips, sliding his length in and out of her taut rippling grip, gradually increasing his pace. Lily moaned and shook beneath him, wrapping him with her legs and pulling her hips up to meet him in perfect synchronous motions, matching his increasing tempo as if it was second nature. Alex marveled at the experience, his sister so precisely in tune with his body, and his so acutely aware of her. It was beyond anything he’d felt in his numerous recent experiences. They fit together so perfectly it was as if there could be no possible conclusion except to end like this: connected, gasping, thrusting, and loving each other in ways that wouldn’t be possible with anyone else.

A momentous rush of swelling energy filled Alex and within seconds the dam burst and he cried out in release, timed precisely with Lily. Her eyes were clamped shut and her mouth was twisted in a grimace of overwhelming surrender as she felt Alex erupt inside her. She groaned and panted, holding her brother tight against her chest as he fell from his climax, seizing and gushing into her womb. It was everything she’d hoped after last night and her heart leaped with joy as Alex calmed and nestled into her side.

“That was…” Alex started, but trailed off, not knowing words that would do the act justice.

“I know,” Lily sighed, running her fingers through his soft hair. “I love you, Alex.” She’d found the words for him.

“I love you too, Lil.” He stayed wrapped around her radiant body for several more minutes before saying, “I don’t want to leave you.”

“Come back to me tonight?” Lily asked, knowing their moment had to end.

Alex simply replied, “Yes,” and with a heavy sigh lifted up and slid off Lily’s bed. He dressed in silence and turned back, not wanting to leave his gorgeous naked sister laying alone in bed. He sat next to her and held her cheek in his hand while the siblings exchanged loving smiles. Tears welled in Lily’s eyes and Alex felt the happiness become too much for her to keep inside. He leaned down and kissed her tenderly.

Once again unable to find the right words, he stood silently and gave her one final look of adoration before leaving the room.

A hand shot out of Casey’s room as Alex walked by, grasping his wrist tightly and pulling him through the door. For the second time in as many minutes, he found himself wrapped in the arms of a beautiful naked sister.

“You did it?!”

Alex nodded. “Thin walls?”

“Yes,” Casey giggled. “She wasn’t as loud as she can be with Carrie though.”

“Casey! You shouldn’t be spying on your sister,” he admonished.

“I can’t help it! You want me to wear earplugs to bed?” Alex shook his head and smiled, then leaned down and kissed his little sister softly as she stared up at him with her big brown eyes. She spun him around and started walking towards her bed, pushing him back until his legs could go no farther and he sat down.

“Tell me everything,” Casey said as she straddled his thighs, sat on his lap, and reached her small warm hands into his boxers, sliding one under and one over his soft package.

Alex smiled at her assertiveness. Megan was rubbing off on her, he thought, while she rubbed on him, quickly coaxing him back to life between her practiced hands.

“She woke up on the couch crying and I comforted her. She asked me to stay with bayan sarisin escort bursa her last night.” He groaned as she increased her motions, focusing on his tender tip while cupping the wrinkled purse between his thighs.

“We talked and she told me what was wrong. She misses Dad a lot. I fell asleep and when I woke up we were having sex,” Alex said as his breath quickened and Casey’s warm hands caressed his arousal.

“She’s better now. She needed me to help her start healing, I guess,” Alex added, not wanting to delve too deeply into Lily’s private relationship with their father.

“Wow,” Casey said. “Sounded like you made her feel better this morning, too,” she added with a smirk.

Alex nodded, “Yes, we just made love. It was…special.”

“As special as this?” Casey said, propping herself up and sitting down on Alex’s stiff erection.

“Oh god, Case,” he groaned. “I’ll never compare the two of you, it’s not even fair to ask me that.”

“I know. I was just teasing,” she said as she flexed her hips and bounced in Alex’s lap.

Alex took off his shirt and wrapped his arms around his naked sister as she continued to glide him in and out of her tight wet channel. Mewling and panting in his ear, working herself to a state of extreme excitement that must have begun when she heard him with Lily in the room next door.

Alex kissed Casey’s neck and ran his hands down her taut back, cupping her firm ass. He spread his broad hands over her creamy skin, digging into her cleft, and helped lift her off of his throbbing shaft between each plunge. Moments later, Casey threw back her head and groaned, legs fluttering while an intense orgasm washed through her. Alex pulled her down tight and clenched. He felt himself flood into her and moaned in blissful release as he held her narrow shuddering frame tight against his chest.

Casey leaned back and looked at him with glassy eyes. “I’m so happy.” She whimpered as he continued to twitch deep inside her.

“That’s what Lily just told me,” Alex said with a smile and gasped as she squeezed his shaft in response to his final convulsing burst. “You’re getting good at that!”

Casey giggled and hugged Alex, whispering into his ear, “We have our big sister back, don’t we?”

“Yes, we do.” Alex pulled Casey in tight and the siblings rejoiced in mutual relief.

“Does that mean I can sleep in your room tonight?” she asked softly.

“You can, but I won’t be there. I promised Lily, she needs me. But I told her about us, we don’t need to sneak around anymore. At least not until mom gets home.”

“Oh Alex, thank you. That’s all I care about.” Casey kissed him tenderly to demonstrate her appreciation. “Be with Lily, it’s okay with me. It will always be okay. I’ll take you when I have the chance.”

“Apparently you can just grab me and pull me into your room and have your way with me whenever you want,” Alex said with a grin.

“I just might keep doing that,” Casey said with a wink, finally standing and pulling a pair of panties on. They were blue and white striped, cut narrow in the back, and displayed the cute little creases at the bottom of her pert round cheeks.

“I like those,” Alex said, nodding in approval.

“Oh yeah? Some nice boy bought them for me. I think I like them too,” Casey said with a smirk, wiggling her hips while looking over her shoulder, causing her two little creases to blink at him. Alex reached out and playfully smacked the bare half of her butt. She yelped, jumping away in feigned shock.

“Meanie!” Casey sneered, dramatically rubbing her backside.

“Sorry sis, I have to get going,” Alex said, standing and pulling on his shirt. “I’ll see you after work?”

“I’ll be here for dinner,” Casey said, dropping the act.

“Ok, I might be a little late. I have to go to Ben’s and fix things.”

“I meant to ask you about that. I talked to Megan last night and she said it was sorted out. Is that not true?” Casey asked with raised eyebrows.

“It’s true. I still have to patch things up with Ben, but I think we got over the rough part yesterday.”

“I’m so glad that’s over. I bet Megan was, too.”

The implication was clear and Alex chuckled. “Yes, she was.” He intended to let Megan share their new videography plans, should she wish. Alex didn’t feel the need to drag his sister into those escapades.

“I think I’ll invite her over tonight. Try not to tire her out too much this afternoon,” Casey said with a grin.

Alex shrugged. “Like I have any say in it!”

Casey laughed. “Fair enough. Good luck at the Y today. I’ll say ‘hi’ to Jenny for you.”

“Thanks.” Alex kissed his thoughtful sister goodbye and then proceeded into his office. Casey’s mention of Jenny reminded him he needed to make reservations for their cabin trip next week. He logged into his laptop and quickly filled out the forms and payment information necessary to hold the spot and received a confirmation email moments later.

Reaching for his phone, he sent Jenny a quick text, “We’re on for next week, Wednesday bayan esmer escort bursa to Friday, just me and you!”

She replied almost immediately, “So excited! Have fun this weekend, I’ll see you Monday?”

“I’ll give you a call when we get back,” he responded, unsure whether he’d have the time.

“Talk to you then!” Jenny replied. Even over text, her enthusiasm was contagious.

Alex’s phone buzzed in his hand as he was setting it down. It was from Carrie. “Good work, little man!”

“She’s back.” Was his only response. Carrie sent one follow-up, a long string of emoticons obviously meant to express her happiness and gratitude, followed by the words, “See you tonight!”

Alex smiled and flipped through his other notifications, finding an email from Natalie. Rushing to his office he pulled up to his workstation and read what she’d sent in response to the task he’d given her the day before. She was absolutely correct in both her conclusion and the method she used to solve the problem he’d presented. He also noted her email was sent at nearly two in the morning. The poor girl was going to be a wreck today. Not that he’d fare much better. Running short on time, he left his office without responding, figuring he’d see her shortly, regardless. He quickly got himself ready for the day, gathering the gear he’d need to spend the day at the pool and trying his best not to become distracted by the intensity of the morning’s events.

Downstairs, Alex fixed a simple breakfast and was soon joined by his two lovely sisters who beamed at him in unison. The sight filled him with happiness once again and he couldn’t help but stare back at them with infatuated eyes. Finishing his meal, he stood and kissed Casey goodbye, then held Lily close and reached out with his lips. The two remained locked together for a half minute until Casey whistled. Lily threw her a scowl and Alex chuckled.

“Now girls, be nice. I’ll see you both tonight,” he said, throwing his pack over his shoulder and heading for the garage door.

“Bye Alex,” said Casey. “I’ll be good,” she added in a solemn tone.

“Bye Alex,” Lily said softly, still recovering from her brother’s overt attention in front of their younger sister.

Alex waved and shut the door, hoping they would talk and come to an understanding. He didn’t want to cause friction between his sisters and knew that living under the same roof while trapped in a drama-filled love triangle would only lead to disaster. He tucked those worries away and cherished the victories of the day. It was a problem for another time.

Hopping in his jeep, Alex made the short drive to the YMCA and went inside. He walked directly to the classroom, arriving with five minutes to spare.

“Late night?” he asked the mop of curly chestnut hair that was hunched over a desk resting on two folded arms.

Natalie lifted her head and nodded. “Get my email?” she asked.

“I did; you’re hired.” Alex grinned.

Natalie nodded again and yawned before saying, “Good. That wasn’t a very hard test.”

“No, it wasn’t. But I got paid three thousand dollars for solving it,” Alex stated.

Natalie’s eyes went wide. “Holy shit.”

“I need you to come over to my place again so we can get you set up with a laptop and credentialed for access to my servers. Does Monday afternoon work for you?”

“Yes, I can do that.”

“Great. And I’ll send you a contract. How’s fifty percent sound? Then seventy-five once you’re working solo.” Alex was being generous, his cut would just pay expenses and taxes. He didn’t need the money, he only wanted to keep his clients happy and motivate Natalie to take a load off his shoulders.

“Amazing!” Natalie beamed at him with her beautiful brown eyes. Alex marveled at her looks, the mix of Japanese and Brazilian ancestry had created a truly remarkable creature.

“You have to do me one favor, though. No working until two in the morning. It’s not healthy and you will make too many mistakes,” Alex insisted.

“I know. It’s a bad habit from school. I didn’t get home until late and I didn’t want you to think I wasn’t excited about the opportunity,” Natalie confessed.

“Hot date?” Alex asked, already knowing the answer.

Natalie blushed. “Faith and I were out late. We had a lot of fun.” She wasn’t one to kiss and tell, Alex could respect that. But the thought of those two together was enough to fuel more than one fantasy. Quashing his out of control libido, Alex simply smiled and nodded.

Emily entered moments later. Assuming her customary position in front of the classroom she introduced the day’s topics. “Morning Alex, Natalie. Today we’re going to focus primarily on first aid and CPR. You need to have certifications in both to become a lifeguard, and we’ll expect you to pass assessments tomorrow based what you learn today. So pay attention. If you fail, you will not be able to work here at the YMCA.”

Alex noticed Emily look down at him and frown slightly. Her gaze shifted to his desk and then back up at him. He forgot his water bottle. Alex shrugged discretely and Emily continued. He wasn’t in the mood for her perverse games today. If she wanted to fool around, that was fine, but it would be on his terms for a change. He had to test Max’s warnings from the day before and see if she truly was capable of keeping their trysts and professional relationship separate.

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