After School Club Pt. 02

Big Tits

Following my initial initiation into the After School Club the next month or so was filled with wild sapphic trysts with 8 or 9 other Mums, most older than me, but one much younger, Kyla a student and not actually a Mother, but a tattooed and pierced elder sister of a classmate of my youngest, who was really kinky and introduced me to ‘being tied up’ and spanked…which I liked a lot more than I’d ever have thought!

By this time Chloe trusted me enough to link me to their Facebook group and gave me three tiny badges to wear when I was ‘available’. All three were roses and looked like the kind of charity badge you would pay £1 for; which she said made it all very discrete. One was pink, which I wore most days and let everyone know I was looking for lesbian fun, one was pale blue and would let men know I wanted 1 on 1 ‘action’ and the other was silver and meant I was ‘up for anything’.

Because of the Club ‘rules’ men weren’t allowed to approach me without me wearing my badge; but it became increasingly obvious that a couple were very, very interested in me; just as Maxine had told me; but I was having so much fun with the girls I didn’t feel the need for cock; especially the way Kyla used her collection of toys on me!

But one day I weakened and, feeling sexy had worn a skirt for the school run, with tights underneath and a nice cotton sweater that emphasised my boobs, when Kenny; one of the Granddads spotted my badge before anyone else and quickly moved in. “Fancy coming back to mine for a kiss and a cuddle?” He cheekily whispered as he discretely grabbed my arse as I lit a cigarette outside the cafe.

I had no idea how old he was; 50+? But he was physically fit; often arriving on a racing bike in his shorts and t-shirt that showed his muscles and tattoos; and every time he walked into the cafe he would announce himself, by shouting “Happy, happy, happy! Is everybody happy?” Then cackle loudly. He was everybody’s friend and very tactile; even before I joined the club he would put his arm around me and ask ‘how I was’ as he would most people; including the men. Just a nice bloke really.

“I guess so.” I nervously smiled and pursed my lips.

“It’s only a couple of streets away, see you there in ten minutes?” He winked after whispering the street name.

As I anxiously puffed on my cigarette Max arrived with our coffees.

“Was that Kenny saying hello?” She grinned.

Feeling a bit queasy at the prospect of casually going off for sex with a man I didn’t know, I nodded.

“He will be a good starter for you.” She mentioned matter of factly, “He’s good, hung like a donkey and will ‘show you a good time’, if you know what I mean.” My friend cheekily giggled.

I raised my eyebrows. “And you?”

“Me? I’ve got an appointment with the Grim Twins…I won’t be able to sit down for the rest of the day.”

I scrunched my eyebrows.

“Hanky spanky, my dear.” She giggled again; “those two over there…look like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths, don’t they?” She smiled as she waved at two much older men on another table. “Kinky as fuck, the pair of them…I’m sure Maurice has a dungeon in his cellar; but that’s for another day.” gaziantep escortları

I soon found myself outside Kenny’s terraced house, and with a deep breath knocked on the door. It seemed to take an age before he answered, now wearing tracksuit bottoms and a tight white t-shirt; but he eventually did and asked if I wanted a cup of coffee or tea; which I thought was quite sweet, but turned down the request.

“No thanks; I’m good.”

“So I’ve heard.” He cackled as I slipped off my jacket, which he hung behind the door.

“Cheeky bugger.” I laughed, and turned to rearrange my hair in the hall mirror. The widowed Granddad moved behind me and gently cupped my boobs before kissing my neck and nibbling my ear; which made my knees go weak. His grip became tighter and his breathing heavier as he pressed himself against my back and bum.

“Mmmmmm you smell lovely.” He whispered as he slid a hand inside my sweater and slowly caressed my tummy.”I’ve wanted you for months; I was even going to ask you out on a proper date just before I heard you were joining the Club.” Both of his hands were inside my jumper and squeezing and jiggling my big boobs as he rubbed hid crotch against my bum; while all the time I watched our reflections in the mirror.

“Can I take this off?” He asked with one hand already on the hem of my jumper and his tongue licking my earlobe. I nodded in the affirmative, and a moment or two later it was on the floor and he had unclipped my pink bra, which was soon following it onto the floor.

“Fucking Hell Amber, your tits are even sexier than I’d heard.” he panted as he bounced them up and down before gently squeezing and tugging on my already erect nipples.

I was so excited, I now had my hands pressing either side of the mirror to stop myself falling over.

With one hand alternating between my boobs his other slid down to the hem of my skirt, “Now I wonder what we have in here?” Kenny then slowly slid his huge hand down inside my skirt and over the top of my knickers and tights; stroking my pubic area before forcing it further down and between my already spread legs.

“Does that feel good?” He sexily whispered as he ran his fingers along my crack, pressing the nylon into my hot and wet fanny.

I nodded as I bit my lip.

“Let’s get your knickers off then.” Kenny’s voice was now a low husk, as he stepped back. Still facing away from him I duly obliged, then putting my heels back on.

“Mmmm” he purred as I looked in the mirror to see he was also naked and his cock really did look like a donkeys, as it pointed straight at me.

“Be a good girl and get down on your knees and suck me.”

I turned as slowly and sexily as possible and did as I was told; dropping to my knees on the hall carpet and wrapping my fingers around his gnarly cock and pulled it back until his purple knob poked out of the foreskin.

He let out a prime evil moan as I slid three of four inches into my mouth and began ferociously sucking on it, while wanking the shaft, making him groan even louder, “suck my balls!”

I’d never done that before, but felt obliged so still stroking his long cock wrapped my lips around his bollocks and sucked on them like I had his cock; making me feel even dirtier and sexier than with any of my lady lovers.

“Let’s go in the bedroom.” He eventually sighed, as I began chewing on his ball sack.

My legs were aching as I stood up but seeing the look on Kenny’s face was worth everything as he looked me up and down, before I walked ahead of him up the stairs, letting him spank my bum as I wiggled it for him.

Once inside the bedroom we fell on the bed and began kissing and fondling each other; my tugging and wanking his cock as he fingered me and roughly played with my tits, until he told me;

“Get on your hands and knees.”

‘Oooh Doggy Style! My favourite’ I thought as I assumed the position with my legs spread as wide as was comfortable; knowing my pussy was actually dripping juices in anticipation of what was to come next.

But before fucking me he began licking, sucking and fingering my dripping pussy; concentrating on my engorged clitty which made me squeal with delight and when he had three fingers ramming my hole and started licking my arsehole I couldn’t stop myself cumming and screamed out loud as I threw my head back and let loose with my pussy pissing or squirting all over his hand and bed.

“Shit!” He gasped; “That’s never happened before…fucking hell!” Kenny sighed as I grabbed the head board to steady myself, before turning my head over my shoulder and purred.

“Fuck me…fuck me hard.”

“Will do!” The old man laughed as he lifted himself behind me and lined his long cock up against my swollen wet pussy hole, then slid it in inch by long inch, making me groan and sigh.

The next five minutes were mind blowing as the Granddad fucked me ragged while spanking my arse until it was red raw; occasionally leaning forward so he could slap my dangling titties too which turned me on so much I desperately needed to flick my clitty again as I cupped his balls with the other hand; and when Kenny gripped my hips and began fucking me even harder I knew he ready to blow his load so I began rubbing even harder so we could cum together and when we did it felt like an orgasmic explosion as his hot spunk filled my young married pussy.

Exhausted we slowly collapsed in a heap, and curled up together.

Once I’d got my breath back I checked my watch; I smiled when I realised that it had been over an hour of torrid sex with this much older man.

“Got to be somewhere?” Kenny asked as he rolled towards me and began licking my nipples.

“Not really.” I replied as I ran my fingers through his hair.

“Round two then!” He laughed as he cupped my titties and blew raspberries as he bounced them on his face.

“Shit!” I gabbled, “It’s still hard!”

“You’ve got the NHS to thank for that sweetie…them little blue pills work fucking wonders.!” He grinned and rolled onto his back and waved his seven inch boner ; “Time to get back on the love train!”

I didn’t need asking twice and quickly straddled him, gasping for breath as his cock seemed to go even deeper into my pussy as I sat on it. With a wicked grin on his face he grabbed my tits and roughly squeezed them again making me wince as I began bucking on his rodeo cock and when I slowed down he fucked me like a pneumatic machine, battering my cervix on every upstroke. As he fucked me ever faster his treatment of my tits got rougher too, slapping them quite hard and tugging and stretching my already sensitive nipples, making my eyes water but turning me on like crazy.

After what must have been nearly ten minutes he told me to stay on top but turn around away from him; so without removing his cock from my stretched pussy I slowly swivelled around when comfortable fucked him in that position watching myself in the dressing table mirror.

The cheeky sod wanted me in this position so he could spank me again as I fucked him; but I didn’t mind…the tingling and sharp pain soon made my clitty tingle again and when he naughtily slid a finger into my relaxed arsehole I screamed with delight again as my third huge orgasm made me tremble as I forced his cock deep into my womb.

“Worn out?” He smiled as he helped ease me off.

“Sort of, why?”

“One more sloppy gobble before I finish off.” As he knelt before my face and pushed his long floppy cock into my mouth. I was in heaven sucking his long greasy pipe, that tasted of his spunk and my thick pussy juices. I sucked it, licked it and chewed it for a glorious five or six minutes until it was nice and hard again.

“Get on your back and spread your legs… my turn again.”

I lay on my back and after he motioned with his hands lifted my legs in the air, as he moved forward and slid his dick deep into my spunk filled pussy with one hard push making me wrap my legs around him. He fucked me hard and fast in this position for a few minutes then tapped me on the ankles.

I released my grip, but he took hold of my calf’s and pushed my feet back to my shoulders.

“Hold them there.” He grunted, as he repositioned his big flopper against my tiny arsehole, winked at me and slid it in far easier than either of us expected.

I didn’t tell him at this stage, but my lesbian lovers had really stretched that hole with a variety of dildos, vibes and a strap-on in the previous few weeks!

“You dirty cunt.” He kept panting as he fucked my arse; his 7 inch cock easily going all of the way in; and each time it did I let out an almighty sigh. “Does your husband fuck your arse like this?” He panted through gritted teeth.

Unable to speak, I just shook my head.

“You like it up the arse though?”

I nodded and smiled, as his eyes lit up and he shifted his weight; making me gasp and go “Oh fuck!” as his cock went way, way deep up my arse.

“That’s it…keep saying that.” Kenny wheezed as he increased his pace.

“Oh fuck…oh fuck…ooohhhh …oh oh fuck!” I gasped and Kenny stopped, flinched then took a deep breath before I felt my arse hole began to get warmer, as he shot a second load of spunk into my young married body.

He was now breathing like a bull elephant as he pulled his cock out of my sloppy arse hole; and then laughed out loud as I did a massive fart, which he said blew spunk bubbles!

This time when I looked at my watch I knew I had to get going; but also knew that I would be coming back very soon too.

But before then; there would have to be a meeting with the Grim Twins!

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