After Dinner Sex


Fury followed Karli into the bedroom, smiling as he watched the sway of her hips disappear into the darkened room. He walked up behind her as she sat their bottle on the night stand and grabbing one of her arms gently, he firmly pulled her around to face him.

His eyes roamed over her body for a moment, like a wild fire consuming a dry forest his gaze devoured every inch of her. Even when fully clothed her body was amazing, each subtle curve and valley beckoning to be explored.

He slid his arms around her waist and pulled her into him tightly as his head bowed down slightly, pressing his lips to her neck just below the ear. His eyes closed as her scent filled his nostrils and he felt a shiver go through his body as he tasted her flesh.

He kissed her softly below the ear, then dragged his lips down further on her neck and kissed her again. One hand rested on the small of her back, holding her to him as his free hand slid up her side, across her back to her collar and pulled her shirt further down her shoulder to give him more room to kiss lower.

Even as his lips settled on her neck where it met her shoulder, his hands went to her sides and began pulling on her shirt to untuck it.

Karli had been gripping the back of his neck with her hands and drawing half-clenched fingers through his hair. When he started pulling at her shirt, she tipped her head forward from it’s neck-exposing lean and pressed her cheek against his, enjoying the tickle of his short, day old scruff as she let out a ragged breath near his ear. Then her shirt had come loose, and she leaned away again, releasing her hold on his neck and reaching over her own head to pull at the back collar of her shirt.

When she had it off, she tossed it, uncaring, to the side. The effort had pulled half of her hair from their restraining tie, so she tugged it out and tossed it into some dark corner as well, likely not to be seen again for months. WIth her hair loose, and her gaze fixated on Martin, she gave off an air that had something of both the huntress and the prey in it, and either way a little wild. His looks were beguiling, his smell intoxicating, but his touch drove her closer to mad.

Fury smiled as her shirt came off, he leaned back slightly and looked down, admiring her breasts “Perfect”, he said as he pulled off his shirt and tossed it the same direction as hers.

He pressed himself to her again, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her deeply for a few moments before his lips kissed from her mouth to her chin. His jaw pushed her chin up, exposing her throat to him as he continued kissing down onto her neck while his hands slid around to the front and started fumbling with her button and zipper…after a moment he frowned, “Ga’damn Starfleet fasteners” he growled into her neck as he gave up trying to unfasten them and simply pulled the button off.

She laughed and wiggled her hips to help her pants start their downwards slide while her hands brushed over the tattoos on his chest. She located her favorite one along one side of his rib cage and traced it, and the well formed muscles beneath it, appreciatively. When her pants made it to the ground she stepped out of them and kicked them away. Standing in her too-lacey-to-be-standard-issue underthings, she turned her back to him and leaned over the night stand to pour clear liquor into two glasses.

He crossed his arms and watched her as she turned around, then as she bent over to pour the rum, he grinned broadly. He stepped up behind her as she finished pouring the rum and slid both of his arms under hers and pulled her into him. One hand slid up her belly across her chest, cupping one breast gently as his forearm rested underneath the other and held her to him. His other hand gripped her hip, pulling her waist into him as he leaned down and kissed her on the back of the shoulder near her neck..he bit her playfully as the hand holding her breast softly rolled her nipple between thumb and forefinger.

She inhaled sharply as the sensation applied to the nerves in her breast seemed directly connected to the nerves between her thighs, and need began to stir within her loins. Her hands were occupied with the two tumblers, so she responded by pushing her hips backwards so that her butt pressed against his groin.

He smiled into her neck as he felt her press herself to him, he put his lips near her ear, “mmmm..Good girl” he said as he pressed his groin against her ass with equal force, letting her feel the stirring of his own loins.

He moved back slightly and turned her in his arms to face him, one hand resting on her hip as the back of his other hand brushed gently against her face before it caressed her jaw and neck. His fingers rested on the back of her neck and his thumb stopped in front of her ear, his powerful hand holding her but using little force. He tilted his hand slightly, leaning her head back and her face up towards him before his kissed her, his lips softly brushing hers before actually kissing her almost imperceptibly. Then as he felt his lust istanbul escort for her body growing, he kissed with more force, turning his head slightly to fit them together better..even as he tried to contain the fire growing in his abdomen and the bulge in his pants, he kissed her more forcefully, his tongue pressing past her lips as his passion demanded more.

Karli’s lips parted eagerly, and the lustful kissing gathered heat until she was breathing raggedly. Feeling his bulging pant front against her thigh soon drove her to realize the inconvenience of her burdens, and she dropped the full glasses to the carpet, hoping briefly that it hadn’t been an especially good bottle of rum that she’d just wasted part of. She was soon distracted from that thought, though, as she grasped and gently kneaded the crotch of his pants with one hand and used her other hand to work at the fastner.

He moaned as she grasped at him and released his grip on her to help unfasten his pants, once they were unbuttoned, he had to reach inside of them and rearrange himself to allow them to slide to the floor. He stepped out of them and then once again pressed himself to her, turning slightly so his now full erection was pressing against her belly and not poking it. He kissed her deeply as his hands slid down her sides to her waist and hooking his thumbs in her too-lacey-to-be-standard-issue underthings, he gently pushed them down over her hips..doing his best to undress her without tearing any of the fabric.

Karli flexed her calves and drew herself up on her toes, wrapping one arm around the taught muscles of his neck. With her other hand, she reached down and grasped the base of his cock where it pressed against her abdomen, using her thumb and middle finger to encircle it and squeezing lightly. All the while her lips never ranged far from his, kissing cheeks and chin and neck, but always coming back to his mouth.

He moaned again, his cock throbbing even harder at the feel of her touch and realizing that standing was limiting the amount of contact he was yearning for, he led them to the bed. He knelt on the bed and pulled her down with him, pushing her onto her back as he laid on top of her, his arms holding his weight off of her as his knees worked in between hers, spreading her legs open. He drank in her kisses for a moment, the head of his cock softly touching her as he shifted his weight from one side to the other.

She had to release her hold on him to help lower herself onto the bed. He’d been sweet enough to arrange the covers while she was at work, but they’d soon be a complete mess again. The thought made her smile as she kissed him, and reached one hand beneath her to release the claps of her bra before laying back. She drew her legs up on either side of him so that she had some small guidance of his hips, drawing his penis more closely in line with it’s eventual target.

He raised himself up on his arms, giving her room to unclasp her Terran Breast Restraining System, smiling down at her as she drew her legs up, opening herself to him. Once she had thrown the restraining system to the side, he paused and looked down the length of her body, devouring her with his eyes for a moment before lowering himself back down and kissing her deeply.

Then began the “golden descent” as his lips moved from hers down to her chin, then onto her jaw, then throat. Kissing her flesh as if they were devouring the sweetest fruit, his lips dragged across her flesh from her throat to her chest and then to her breasts.

He sucked a nipple into his mouth gently, working his tongue around its perimeter, letting his teeth graze across its hard surface for a moment before kissing across the valley between her breasts and paying the same loving attention to its twin..for just a moment before continuing the descent. He planted a line of soft kisses from her chest down her belly, never taking his lips from her skin, slowly taking his time as he inhaled her scent and felt her body temperature rising. The last kiss ended just above her navel and he looked up to her, taking in the sight of her pleasure before he slid down further. He put his arms under her legs, using his shoulders to keep her legs up and apart for him as he slid down between them and pressed his lips to her wetness.

Karli inhaled in anticipation, and then let out a small whimper of pleasure. She curled one hand around a fold of the coverlet near her head and the other she lodged in his reddish curls. As he demonstrated that art of “temple ravishing” the men of Orion were famous for, she periodicaly squirmed, moaned, and thrust her pelvis slightly upwards.

He felt her thrust herself against his mouth and in response, he slipped his tongue in deeper, licking from bottom to top, tasting every part of her. His hands slid up her sides and onto her belly for a moment, feeling her breathing and muscles tensing before they slid further up to cup a breast in each hand. His fore fingers and thumbs gently rolled her nipples between them izmir escort as his tongue continued working at her wetness..when he felt her beginning to quiver and tense harder, he put his lips around her clitoris and sucked lightly as his tongue lapped over it in an up and down motion, coaxing the orgasm that he knew was near.

A few seconds before it came, Karli reached down with both hands and pulled his face gently but firmly away. She grinned and half sat up, closing her eyes briefly to let a shiver run down her back and through her legs, “I’m sorry Commodore, I’m afraid I’m saving that for somebody else…” She smiled mischeviously at him.

He smiled up at her as she shivered, then kissed the inside of her leg and crawled, more like stalked his way up her form, pausing every so often to kiss her hip, then belly, then between her breasts and using his cheek to push her chin up and expose her neck, he kissed her on the throat and whispered, “Who you savin’ it for Commander?”

Cain traced her hands over his shoulders, his biceps, and then his sides as he crawled upwards. “A very high ranking…” she slid one hand between them and grasped the base of his shaft once more, squeezing and stroking it lightly, “…Orion trouser snake.” She grinned. “He’s very well in with the Queen, you know.”

He closed his eyes and opened his mouth slightly in pleasure as she began stroking him, his abdomen tensing and arching his back slightly then smiled as he kissed her shoulder and said “What a lucky bastard that’one must be”.

“You have -no- idea…” she replied, voice nearly a purr as she wiggled down to get a better grip, and continued to stroke up and down lightly, teasing. She used her free arm to prop herself on an elbow and nuzzle at his neck until she found his ear lobe. She nibbled softly at the bottom edge and kissed the place where his jaw disappeared behind his ear.

Spreading her legs wider, she used her stroking to guide his cock along her wetness, using her fingers to help spread the slick juices along it’s length and then resuming her stroking, with a little more purpose this time.

He inhaled sharply as she led him where he needed to be, his cock throbbing even harder as she stroked him and used her juices to lube him up. He growled deep in his throat and pressed forward with his hips, yearning to bury himself in her as he burned with a fire that only she could quench.

She held him back for a few more moments, stroking faster, then released her hold. She pulled her hand and arm out of the way and wrapped them around his midsection so that her hands were on his back. Angling her hips towards him and again drawing her knees up on either side of his thighs she whispered, “Take me…” into his ear, as if the movements of her body did not already give a clear picture of her desire.

It was all the further encouragement he needed. He moved his hips forward slightly, probing around gently until both their hip movements matched and he found where he needed to be. The head of his now granite hard cock pushed into her and the moment it was in he paused, still holding himself up on his arms he looked down at her for a moment, watching her response. He pushed forward again until he met the slightest resistance then paused and pulled back somewhat, making sure that each few inches of his shaft were completely soaked in her juices before continuing in further. Again, he pushed into her deeper then paused and pulled partially out, still hovering over her and admiring her beauty and also keeping his passion at bay..the urge to take her hard was difficult to curb but they had time for that, the storm was always the strongest after the calm.

Karli arched her back and closed her eyes, holding her breath at first, then making little “Mmmmmm…” noises each time he slipped in a little farther. But Karli was not a patient woman, and she would have nothing less than all he had to give.

“You tease…” she breathed, a smile pulling at her lips. She lifted her knees higher and wrapped her calves across the small of his back and simultaneously squeezed down with her legs and upwards with her pelvis until all of his length was inside her. She enjoyed the first full thrust almost as much as the orgasm that would come later, so she held him there a moment, “Ooouh…yea…” she moaned into his neck.

Fury moaned as well as she took in his entire length, he tensed at the feeling of her wrapped completely around him, the heat, the wetness and her soft flesh. He enjoyed the initial thrust as well and didn’t resist her holding him there as he cock pulsed in time with the beating of his heart. He tilted his pelvis up as well, pushing even deeper into her and pausing for a moment, watching and feeling her response before withdrawing half way and slowly pushing back in to the hilt..again pausing, enjoying the feel of her body, her tightness and the way their bodies fit together. He finally couldn’t control himself anymore and he withdrew almost the full length before pushing izmit escort back into her, this time with more force.

Cain arched her back upwards each time he pulled away, as if loathe to give him up, and her hands clung tightly to his back. She breathed in his scent, heavy with testosterone and deliciously arousing. When his thrusting became more urgent, she loosened her hold and unlocked her ankles, Holding her bent legs against his thighs allowed her to further open herself to him.

He inhaled sharply as he felt her unlock her legs, opening herself up to him even more and in response he pushed forward with his legs, using his hips to press against the inside of her thighs and open her up even wider. Though his rhythm stayed at the same pace, he began a slight side to side motion with each thrust and withdraw, giving way to his need to feel every part of her wetness and digging into her deeply.

Karli matched the roll of his hips and when his exploring led him to an angle of approach that particularly rubbed her the right way, her moaning and whimpers of pleasure became significantly louder. Her hands drew down along the muscles of his back until her palms rested flatly against the upward slope of his glutes and she pushed firmly against the contracting muscles as they moved up and down on top of her, and her pussy grew even wetter than before.

He smiled as he felt her respond to “her” angle, that certain depth and trajectory of insertion that brought her closer to climax. Feeling her hands on his back and how much more wet and slick she had become caused him to increase the intensity of their rhythm. He continued “hitting” her angle, now almost pounding into her, the collision of her thighs and his hips and her ass and his balls causing an audible slapping sound. He looked down to her again, watching her perfect breasts rock back and forth with each impact, he frowned slightly in concentration as the feel of her body, her hands and her wetness sent fire into his mind.

The force with which she was meeting the rubbing and pressing of his loins against hers necessitated her drawing her head and shoulders away from where they’d been buried against the side of his neck and bracing them against the bed, thus thrusting her breasts upwards towards his face. With such an expert ‘warm up’ she was quickly re-approaching climax. Her noises grew louder still, and she was vaguely aware of a muffled thumping noise from a wall she shared with the next housing unit over. Sound proofing was not a necessary cost for starbase construction, unfortunately for her neighbor.

The louder she grew, the more intensely he drove into her and the more he tried to time their climaxes. He was now hard as titanium and breathing heavily, it seemed like the deeper she let him in, the deeper he needed to be. He felt the urge to put her legs on his shoulders, spreading her as wide as she could go and driving into her until he bottomed out but had found that such a position often hurt a partner more than pleased and her pleasure was far greater of a concern to him than his own.

He slowed their rhythm and leaned from side to side as he took his weight off his hands and planted his elbows on either side of her. He pushed his hands up behind her arms, between her body and the bed and gripped her shoulders from underneath, holding his weight off of her with his elbows before once again returning to their established rhythm. Now laying on top of her, his weight forced her to raise her pelvis even more, allowing him more access to the angle and spot that hurt so bad it felt his hands on her shoulders held her in place, making her absorbed more of the shock from the pounding than the wall.

She wrapped her arms around his neck as he leaned down closer, and her eyes reflexively shut as her climax drew near. Her breathing was quick and heavy, and she managed get out, “I’m going to cum…!” in a strained, breathy tone before her orgasm hit full force, and her whole body tensed, arched, clenched at him, and opened for him in all of the correct places. Her “OOOOHhhh” of pleasure started as a shout that turned into a moan and then a sigh, but her breathing continued fast and hard as she went semi-limp from the shock of release.

The moment he heard her tell him she was going to cum, he began pounding harder, increasing their rhythm and holding her tightly as he drove into her. The feel of her body tensing, her hands clenching at him and her release drove him over the edge and he could feel himself swelling inside of her as he climaxed. He listened to the sounds she made for him, the moans, whimpers and gasps..he drank in the sensations of her body, her scent, the way her juices completely covered him almost from hip to hip and the way she went limp underneath of him after her release.

He buried his face in her neck and clenched his eyes shut as he growled “Here I cum..”, then pushed into her as deep as he could go, his whole body tensing as he held her to him with his hands, pinning her to the mattress with his weight while he filled her pussy with his cum. He exhaled with a moan as he felt their combined juices running out of her onto the bed. Then he lay there on her, still supporting most of his weight with his elbows, listening to their heavy breathing and feeling her hot, sweat glistened skin next to his.

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