Adventure in Trust Ch. 03


That sunlight on my face that morning would be the last of its kind. Radio reports said that a huge storm was brewing, and you made the decision then and there to pack up and head toward home. Little did I know that you had a little stop-over in mind.

As we broke camp and reloaded our vehicle, angry black clouds rolled across the sky. I begin to worry, as I always do, about the impending storm but your nonchalant attitude keeps me somewhat calmer than I would have normally been. You just grin and wink at me when I express my sorrow at our weekend ending so abruptly. I’m not quite sure what to make of that.

We get the car repacked and head back up the road just as the first raindrops begin to pelt the windshield. We begin to talk as we drive about our escapades in the woods ….. about how each of us feels about what we had done. I tell you how nervous I am knowing how out of character each and every step of the way had been for me. You just smile …. I think it warms your heart to think that you were responsible for pushing me to greater freedoms than I have ever known before.

I press you to find out if my behaviour made you re-think this relationship. “Are you sure that you still want me in your life??” I ask … knowing that you should never ask a question unless you are prepared to hear the answer.

You turn your head slowly, an incredulous look passes over your face. “I cannot believe you are worried about that! I was the one asking for everything you did!” You reach to take my hand in yours, and I feel like I could fly.

We continue to talk – – – about topics from large to small and everything in between. The miles fly by ….. I sing to the radio (off-key, as I am wont to do on occasion) and you tolerate it well. Suddenly, I realize that we are on an off-ramp.

“Where are we going?” I ask, not recognizing any of the small town signs.

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head …. it’s a surprise,” you answer with a devilish twinkle in your eye. The rain is now falling in sheets, but you continue on into this little tiny town with one main street. At the end of the street, a large, Victorian-style house looms – – – the sign at the road reads “Bed and Breakfast”. I begin to giggle. Now I know!! You pull into the modest driveway and find a place to park. We exit the car and make a break for the huge front porch. We still end up soaked anyway.

Entering the lavish front door, we are greeted by a pleasant-looking woman.

“Hello!” she smiles, “and welcome! Please, come in out of the rain!”

“Do you have any rooms left?” you ask in a hopeful tone.

“Why, yes. As a matter of fact, we have one room left,” and she turns on her heels and skurries toward a large oak desk in the middle of the foyer. A computer sits on the desk, and she proceeds to ask you the pertinent questions to get us registered, and as you drone on, I roam about what would have been a sitting room had this been someone’s home. I wander far enough to find the living area, complete with a roaring fireplace. The rain has cooled the air so much that a small fire has been built therein, and there are several guests snuggled about the room on beautiful vintage furniture. çorum escort It is so cozy.

I am admiring the artwork upon one wall when you walk up behind me and wrap your arms around me. You put your face in my hair and say, “We’re all checked in. Our room is ready, and there is a whirlpool and a fireplace up there. We even have a balcony. I will go get the bags … here is our key … you go on up and unlock the room. The owner says that dinner is at 7.”

You thrust the key into my hand. A large number 7 glints gold from the key fob as I climb the large staircase. The landing opens up to a hallway with seven doors, each decorated with a gilt number on it. I search, and find our room at the very end of the hallway.

Using the key, I open the door and it swings wide, revealing a beautiful room … light, airy, and open …. with a large four-poster bed which dominates one entire wall. The antique quilts are pulled back on it, and this reveals the soft cotton sheets and large, fluffy pillows waiting for me to crawl inside and snuggle. An armoire, which holds a large television, stands to one side of the room; and French doors next to the bed open up onto a covered balcony, which is bedecked with white, cast-iron chaises with comfortable cushions – each big enough for two. At one end of the room, a large fireplace takes center-stage on the wall, the mantle holds gilded candelabras with white candles. The other end of the room opens into the master bath complete with jacuzzi tub. I just stand in the door and stare.

You walk up the hall, carrying our bags. Setting them down inside the doorway to our room, you murmur, “wow!” and take me in your arms. I look out through the French doors and over the balcony just as a large lightening bolt flashes and the thunder rolls in just behind it. I jump and tremble in your arms.

“What’s wrong?” you ask, holding me closer still.

“God, I hate storms. I always have….” I say, closing my eyes against the next bolt which is sure to follow.

“Well, guess we’ll have to make some better memories for you, then, won’t we??” you say softly, kissing me on the forehead.

My trembling subsids somewhat, and you suggest that I have a long bath and a nap before dinner. It is only mid-afternoon, after all – although the clouds darken the sky to more of a early evening light – and we have been busy almost non-stop for two and a half days. I agree, but ask if you would join me in the tub.

You tell me to get undressed while you run the bath. I hear the water begin to run, and I open my bag to fish out something to put on after the bath. I have to laugh under my breath – – – this was not what I had packed for – – – – so I figure I will just settle for a t-shirt and loose shorts. Moments later, you appear in the doorway – – – naked – – – and announce that the bath is ready.

I enter the bathroom to find that the tub is full of bubbles. You have managed to find a bottle of bubble bath, and now have the jacuzzi jets bubbling gently to keep the foam from dissipating. You are already ensconced in the tub, and I begin to undress. You watch me intently as I am slowly revealed to you once again. denizli escort I then gingerly begin to lower myself into the tub with your hands to guide me. I sit down, my back to you, and lean back against you as the jets sooth away my worries for the moment. You wrap your arms lovingly around me, and together we just lie there and soak without needing to say or do anything. Occasionally, you turn and give me a gentle kiss on the cheek, but other than that, we just enjoy the warm water and bubbles.

In a few minutes, you reach to pick up the shower handle that lies in its cradle on the side of the tub, and turn on the warm water. You wet my hair, and begin to wash it for me, massaging my neck and head as you do so. It feels so good to have your hands on me, taking care of me. When you finish, I turn and do the same for you. We let the water out of the tub and get out. We dry each other, dress, and retreat to the bed. I snuggle close to you and with each thunder clap, find myself wriggling even closer still. You don’t seem to mind too much, preferring to stroke my hair until I am fast asleep.

I awaken later to find you gone. I panic for a moment, a bit disoriented from the nap. I sit up in the bed trying to get my bearings. It is dusk now, and you have obviously been up for a while because candles are lit and give the room a warm, yet somewhat eerie, glow. About the time I decide to get up and look for you, the door to the suite swings open and you appear with a tray in your hands.

“I didn’t want to wake you, so I had them make us a tray for dinner so we could eat up here.” I smile, and you sit the tray down on an end table near the fireplace.

“C’mere …” you take my hand, and wrap an afghan around me as I rise from the bed. I sit in one of the side chairs, and you take the other. We eat a simple, delightful meal together, talking all the while. Afterward, you set the tray full of empty dishes outside our door, blow out the candles, and we crawl back into the bed. You pull me up against you, and we try to settle on what to watch on television for a bit. I find myself getting sleepy again … and I drift off in your arms.

I suppose it is the sound of the wind that wakes me. It always does. I lie next to you and feel you breathing ….. but that does little to calm me. I carefully extricate myself from the bed, wrap the afghan around me, and curl up in the arm chair where I can see out of the window. The lightening and thunder escalate my fears, and I sit there, quietly trembling, and worry about the storm. Storms at night have always terrified me.

You turn over in your sleep and reach for me, and realizing that I am not there, you sit up.

“Are you okay?” you ask.

“No …. the storm scared me.” I reply, and you can hear the fear in my voice.

You get up out of bed and come over to the chair, kneeling next to it and taking my hands in yours. “I am not going to let anything hurt you. Come back to bed with me.” You rise, pulling me with you. When we get back to the bed, you sit me down on the edge and let me ease back onto the bed. You climb into the other side and cuddle me close to you, and begin to kiss diyarbakır escort me softly.

“Ssshhhhh…..” you say as another thunderclap causes me to jump.

You continue to kiss me, and slowly begin to undress me. I really want to feel your hands on me – – – to feel your mouth on me. You take things very slowly, though. I feel you caress me, trying to alleviate my fears as well as fan the flames of desire. It is working, and I feel my body respond to your touch. You are so gentle with me, and I feel your mouth work its way down to my breasts. You tease my nipple with your tongue, and hold the other breast in the palm of your hand. Your hands slide down my body and push my shorts off, finding my wetness irresistible.

You know that right now, what I need more than anything is tenderness and patience. Your hands find their way back up my body to my shoulders, and you begin to once again caress me softly, kissing my neck. Your mouth then takes possession of mine, and your tongue invades, dueling with my own. Suddenly, my worries dissolve, and all I know is the pleasure and love you are giving to me.

Your hand goes back down my thighs, and I feel your fingers begin to part my lips. I gasp as you push two fingers into me, and your mouth begins a wet trail down my stomach to my clit. Oh, how I want you at this moment! The minute your hot breath warms me, I cum, arching against your stroking fingers and tongue. The feeling is so intense that I begin to cry, and this startles you.

You take me into your arms and begin to talk softly to me …. I know you are worried that you have hurt me in some way. It takes me a moment to recover enough to explain that I am just completely and utterly overwhelmed by my feelings – – – and that is a good thing. You kiss my wet cheeks, and wipe the tears with gentle fingers.

I reach between us and find your cock. It is hard and warm in my hand. I begin to kiss you, and I work my way down to your chest, taking one of your nipples into my mouth and sucking on it. I bite at it gently, drawing a gasp from you, and continue down your body until I have the head of your cock in my mouth. I want so much to give you as much pleasure as you have given me, yet with a stroke or two of my mouth, you pull me back up to you.

“I want to make love to you,” you say to me, and you gently lay me back on the pillows.

I feel you hover over me, and take me into your arms, your hands on my ass. You pull me up to meet you as your bury your cock to the hilt in me. Your mouth is on mine again, as I feel you begin to move inside me. I feel so full, so fulfilled. I hear as you softly murmur in my ear how good this feels to you. Your hands come up to cup my breasts, you pinch my nipples causing me to arch against you. You raise up on your hands, your chest coming away from me. I reach and pinch your nipples gently, making you groan with delight. I reach down between us, feeling our bodies merging. It is so erotic, and it must turn you on to feel my hands on you as you are thrusting because you begin to moan in earnest now. As my hand continues to explore our union, I feel you tense and push deeply into me, exploding with such ferocity that you cannot hold yourself up. You collapse on me, smothering me with wet kisses and words of love. You move off of me, encouraging me to snuggle up closely, our naked bodies lying enterwined in a tangle of arms and legs. I have managed to completely forget about the storm as I drift off to sleep in your arms.

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