Adult Theatre and Dinner

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I have been married 5 years, with one child. My name is Sue Warren, I am 27 years old. I work out regularly and keep myself in good shape. I have a great loving husband who provides well and is a good dad and husband.

Unfortunately, I do not enjoy sex I have acquired vaginismus, I do my duty as a wife but get little pleasure from it. I find oral and anal sex acts degrading and humiliating and vaginal sex is very painful. My religion inhibits my enjoyment to some degree. Bill, my husband has been after me for anal sex since vaginal was so painful. I was having none of it. That is till the night he snuggled up behind and began pushing himself into my butt his pre-cum had my ass crack soaked and lubricated. I was almost asleep and by the time I realized what he was doing he had started to penetrate my ass, I was responding. I was horrified, I jumped up and left the room.

The next morning I told him “if he ever did that again I was leaving,”

He just looked me in the eye and said, “if you don’t do it again I’m leaving.”

I was stunned, “you don’t mean that I stammered.”

“Our sex life sucks.” he yelled “if it doesn’t change, and I mean immediately I’m through.”

I cried most of the day that evening I told him I was ready to change. “really?” he asked.

“Yes, I swear” I told him.

“Stand up” he told me, confused I stood up, “strip” he said.

“Not here,” I told him standing in the middle of the living room.

He just laughed and said, “I knew you were lying.”

“No please ill do it,” lifting my dress off. Standing there in pantie and bra embarrassed.

“The rest” he demanded I stood there naked wondering what perversions he was going to come up with.” Kneel on the coffee table, all fours.” he demanded.

I could feel him coming up behind as I complied, and hear his pants dropping.

“No Bill please.” I begged.

“It’s this way or the highway.” he replied.

I felt his hands on my hips I closed my eyes and tears of shame and humiliation streaked My face. He began to press his hard penis against my ass, I whimpered. He used pre-cum to lubricate my ass and began to push in. I was mortified, it went deeper and deeper. To my shame it turned me on. I began pushing back against him.

“That’s it baby” he moaned. “fuck me with that ass.”

Horrified, I could feel an orgasm rising.

He slapped my ass and called me “his slut.”

As I had a tremendous orgasm I almost collapsed. He continued fucking my ass deeper and harder, I had multiple orgasms before he came up my ass. I climbed down off the coffee table and collapsed on the floor.

It must have been almost an hour later before I got up and took a shower and crawled into bed. The next morning my ass was sore, but I felt strangely refreshed.

“You enjoy that?” he asked.

“Yes” I quietly answered. Unable to fully admit how much I enjoyed it.

“Yes what?” he snapped.

“I enjoyed it.” I stammered.

“Enjoyed what?” he demanded angrily.

I groaned, “being fucked in the ass you son of a bitch.”

He smiled, “much better, tonight when I get home I don’t want you wearing panties, you hear?”

“Yes” I murmured.

That began two weeks of sex on-demand anywhere canlı bahis he wanted it, backyard garage, kitchen wherever. He became more demanding, I became more compliant.

Saturday morning Bill told me “We are going to a porn movie downtown.”

I was shocked, I knew Bill always enjoyed porn, but I had never even seen a porn movie.

As we were dressing to leave he told me “no panties, no bra”.

“Bill no” I pleaded “I can’t do that.”

“You can, and you will.” he said.

I just hung my head in submission.

The movie was dark as we walked in, the feature was just starting, I was pleased to see there weren’t many people there. I watched as the gal on the screen knelt in front of a man she had just picked up on the street.

Bill leaned into to me and told me to “watch how she sucked cock.”

I couldn’t believe it as she took his huge cock in her mouth. I had never sucked even Bills cock, I could not believe how casually she did it.

Bill pulled my hand over to his lap to my surprise his cock was out, and he wrapped my hand around it.

“Jerk me” he said much too loudly.

I watched in fascination as the beautiful woman on the screen slurped sucked and gagged on the cock in her mouth. I suddenly realized Bills hand was on the inside of my thigh just under my skirt. Someone sat next to me.

I gasped and tried to close my legs, suddenly I had a hand on both my thighs gently pulling my legs open. My hand was pulled over into the strangers lap and wrapped around his sizeable cock. It was hitting me sitting there legs spread exposed in public a cock in each hand watching the woman on screen opening her mouth wide to take a load of cum. I felt so warm I don’t know what was happening to me, I was excited. I closed my eyes and succumbed to the pleasures of the hands on my thighs and the feel of two hard cocks in my hands.

Bill began fingering my pussy I moaned, he laughed, he slid his other hand under my ass which forced me to lean closer to the stranger. Suddenly, I felt the strangers hand on the back of my head pulling my head into his lap. My lips and face being smeared with his pre-cum, he slapped my face with his cock.

“Lick it.” he hissed.

“Suck it.” bitch he whispered

He jammed his cock into my mouth, and changed my life forever, I loved the way it felt in my mouth. The taste and smell were intoxicating. He began slowly thrusting. I was shocked and excited about the way he was using my mouth.

Bill had his fingers on my pussy and up my ass, I was squirming on his fingers he lifted my leg over his lap, so I was practically laying across the seats, suddenly the cock in my mouth exploded and spurt after spurt entered my mouth. I was held down over his cock, so I had no choice but to swallow, as I took my first gulp of cum I had an earth shaking orgasm. I swallowed it all with enthusiasm. I could not believe it. The pressure on my head eased, and I started to pull back, but before I could, someone else slid into the strangers place and I had another cock in my mouth it didn’t take him long to fill my mouth with cum, soon I was eating another hot load of cum, then another and another in all I did five guys and I didn’t need a hand on the back of my bahis siteleri head. The number of orgasms were too numerous to count.

As we drove home I was in a dreamy state.

“Did you enjoy it?” Bill asked.

“I am so ashamed, but I did.”

“How many did you do?”

“5 I answered.”

“Cant believe you ate all that cum”

Sobbing “I’m so sorry, Bill.”

“Why?” he inquired, “watching you eat all these cocks and listening to your sucking sounds was so hot.”

“I’m sorry I’ve missed this, it was so hot. Knowing you were with me was out of this world, I love you so much.”

At breakfast Bill asked “If I wanted to do it again.”

I thought for several minutes, not quite sure what Bill wanted to hear.

“Yes.” I murmured.

“You liked sucking those cocks didn’t you?”

“Yes I liked it.”

“What?” he asked

“Sucking cock and swallowing cum.” I whispered.

“What else turned you on?”

“Being exposed like that and what you were doing to me as well you fingers up my ass. Forced to swallow his cum it was all almost overwhelming.”

We went to the movies a few more times, it was not nearly intense as the first time. We tried dogging as well as glory holes. They all seemed risky

Bill was surfing the porn sites and called me in “look at this,” he blurted out excitedly “it’s a free sex dinner group, membership required.”

I sat on his lap as we studied it more closely “Look” I said “the members are screened and tested.”

“Shall we?” Bill asked.

We drove up and checked the place out. It was a very exclusive area and was gated with a guard. Bill showed the guard our Email invite. We did a quick tour and filled out paperwork. We had to acknowledge that group participation was mandatory, and any sexual specialties or personal desires had to be declared.

We went back up met with the director and his wife, a truly beautiful woman. The director looked at our paperwork.

“It says here you’re a cum swallower and into some humiliation.” He stated.

“Yes sir.” I replied with no hesitation.

“Then come over here and suck my cock while we discuss Friday night.” He demanded.

It didn’t take me long to get my mouth on his cock while he calmly talked with Bill and his wife. It was hot, people in conversation right out in the open as I sucked. I swallowed his load, after showing Bill and the directors’ wife that I had a mouthful of his cum. We laughed in the car on the way home.

“That was a test of both our reactions.” Bill suggested.

“I agree,” I replied “and we passed.”

The next morning a package arrived, it was an evening gown, it looked costly. I tried it on and almost lost my breath, it was like a second skin. It was the next best thing from being nude, A card was attached, an appointment had been made for me at a spa and a hairdresser.

The big night finally arrived, Bill and I were both very nervous. A limo service was provided, wow this really was top-notch stuff. Once we arrived the director and his wife took us around. Everyone was pleasant and friendly, many men openly fondled my ass, as well as some women. We were all ushered into the dinning room and went and stood at our place settings.

The bahis şirketleri director called for silence and announced “drawing time” he held up a basket.” Mrs. Smyth-Richards, “will you draw please?”

She pulled out a disk and handed it to him.

“Ah” he smiled broadly. “Our new member Mrs. Sue Warren has won, come up Sue.”

I went and stood next to him

“You will be under the table for dinner tonight, the object will be to suck as many cocks as you can before desert; and of course, you must swallow. Our current record holder Mrs. Smyth-Richards will instruct you.”

I looked at Bill, he smiled and nodded letting me know he was ok. Knowing I had his approval meant everything. I should tell you I was very safe with Bill, I can’t tell where he got the training, but he is a very dangerous man.

Mrs. Smyth-Richards helped adjust my evening gown up around my waist my bare ass exposed

I crawled under the huge table. Finally, everyone sat for dinner I was tentative at first, but I noticed the first guy I came to was unzipped and cock out with a raging hard on. I could barely get my mouth over him before he shot his load, hot wonderful stuff. And so, it went cock after cock, I lost count. I had swallowed enough cum to know I wasn’t hungry. A bell rang, and I heard a request for a show of hands, then a thunderous round of applause.

I heard the director calling. “Come out, Mrs. Warren.”

I managed to make it out, I was just a little shaky.

“You just shattered all records for this exercise, 12.” he proclaimed “amazing!”

I felt so fulfilled.

After dinner Bill and I wondered around engaging in sex with other couples. Some husbands were really excited about my liking it in the ass. A very slow relaxing fun evening. As the evening was winding down we were called into the theater room.

There up on the screen was me under the table with my bare ass hanging out sucking a cock. A round of applause as I walked in, I was more than a little embarrassed. I was led up to a small raised platform with a chair in the middle of it. I was seated and Bill moved behind me.

“Open your legs,” he whispered “in my ear.”

With all the people sitting in front of me, I couldn’t.

“Do it.” He demanded, as I began to open my legs. “Now lift your dress up.”

I could feel the passion rising in me, soon all these people would be looking at my pussy, I felt flushed, excited. I heard a gasp from the crowd.

“Now spread them wider.” Bill demanded.

I spread wider

“All the way, bitch.” He hissed at me.

I could hear groans of approval. A side door opened and Mrs. Smyth-Richards walked in she was naked and carrying two champagne glasses as I took one I realized they were both filled with cum.

“To our official new cum dump.” She raised her glass and told me to “drink up, they are all watching.”

I bought the glass to my lips and let the cold slimy strings and gobs of cum fill my mouth it took four swallows, but I drank it all. People jumped out of their chairs and came over to congratulate me as I greeted them with legs spread, pussy fully exposed.

Soon we were back on the road headed home.

Bill kept muttering over and over “So hot.”

I agreed. The following week we got a letter telling us what a popular couple we were and asking if I would be willing to participate in an ass-to-mouth gang bang contest. All I can say is we are looking forward to it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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