Adult Situations Ch. 03-04


Chapter 3 – Housemates

Saturday night after the girls moved in, Ross (my father) and I took them out to dinner at a high-end restaurant called Infinity. It was the kind of place where the women’s menus didn’t have prices on them. No one mentioned the sexist implications, but I’m sure they were noticed. From past experience, I knew that meant that the cheapest thing on the menu was over thirty or forty dollars — and that was just for the pats of butter.

Crystal and Trish had also dressed ‘high end’. They were wearing a shimmery red and electric blue sequined dresses, respectively. They were both commando. The both had on large gold circle earrings and a fancy necklace that called attention to the cleavage the dresses were designed to enhance. They’d each preened on their makeup to look really hot.

They raved about how great it was to have a bathroom with two sinks and lots of room where they could do make-up and prep for their big date.

The dresses were the only clothing on their bodies except for their CFM shoes. With their figures, they could pull that off. Their shoes screamed ‘come fuck me’. The freeway between the hem on their dress and the low point of their labia was maybe an inch. I think every male in the restaurant became religious and prayed for one of them to bend over or perhaps sit in his line of sight and forget about keeping her legs together.

The help was solicitous. My father routinely did business lunches at the place when he was seducing a new client to put a large investment amount under his care. The maître d’ knew him by name, and even came over after we were seated and made a show of getting our wine order rather than letting one of the menial staff deal with something so important. The act was impressive and transparent, and unnecessary. The girls were impressed. I did another one of my eye rolls when the maître-d wasn’t looking my way. Crystal laughed.

Over dinner, we seemed to get serious about telling how we felt about our jobs and the people we worked with. I realized that each of the others was revealing about how they felt about other people in life as well as their attitude about work, and each other’s work ethic.

When it was my turn, I told about how I’d fallen into doing computer security work during college and been mentored by one of my college professors to even start consulting while I was in school. That, in turn, had led me to start my own business coming out of my master’s degree. My clients were usually the I.T. directors of relatively large companies that were under constant attack from outside hackers of various kinds. I told a couple of case studies, including how I worked with the I.T. directors and their staff to make improvements to a company’s network security measures.

I kept the discussion pretty simple when talking about the technology, but Trish asked a couple of deep questions that showed she had more than a trivial knowledge about computer systems. It turned out that she had been on a work team at the hospital when they put in some new systems that had as two of their goals, security and networkability.

Trish talked about her work at the hospital, especially her attitude about caring for the patients in her ward. Crystal made similar statements about the care of her passengers on every one of her flights. The parallels were almost startling given the diversity of the professions. Ross talked about the stewardship of his client’s money, and how important his work was to improving their situation in life. Many of his clients were retired and he didn’t want them to ever worry about their money or lifestyle.

Somehow the discussion got on the topic of trust. We each talked about the things that other people did or didn’t do that made us trust them to one extent or another. We laughed at some of our examples. Both Trish and Crystal referred to old ex-boyfriends who’d broken trust by interacting in a ‘meaningful way’ with other women and hid the second relationship from them. Ross and I used examples from the business world.

I made a mental note not to cross any boundaries with another woman if I wanted Crystal and Trish to stick around. I also realized in the discussion that they came as a package deal. Piss off one of them, and you were really doing it to both of them. The sisters were very close despite the diversity in their ages. Trish was almost four years older than Crystal.

Crystal asked how close Ross and I were. I explained that my father had finished raising me after my mother got sick and died. I’d been fifteen and a sophomore in high school. I was crushed at her death and I knew that Ross had lost his most cherished love. Together, we cried and cried, and then slowly recovered. I’d been an innocent and naïve kid, and he coached me into adulthood and made a good citizen of me.

I applauded my father. He could have thrown me to the winds and buried himself in work or booze, but he kept enough of his sanity to mentor and coach me the rest of the way through esmer gaziantep escort high school and get me into a good college program in a STEM curriculum that later turned out to be computer science. Even in college, he was there for me, often with challenges that helped me grow and evolve.

I stated, “Thus, I am eternally grateful to my father for his help and guidance. As I went through college, he and I became more like brothers than father-son. He’s now more like my older brother by twenty years.” I swung a playful swat in his direction.

Crystal asked Ross, “You had Dave when you only twenty-two?”

Ross replied, “We did. We were in love and ignored birth control. We wanted children eventually, but not quite that young. When Diane missed a couple of periods we just shrugged and were joyful about what was coming.” He chuckled, “And, if your computing, I’m forty-eight. I pray that’s not too old for you.”

Crystal actually got up from her seat and moved to Ross so she could put her arms around him and kiss him on the lips. Several others in the restaurant noticed, but it wasn’t a major scene except for what it implied. Of course, she’d had to bend over slightly to plant the kiss, and I believe that excited about half the patrons on one side of the room.

Crystal sat and Trish said, “I’d do the same, but one of us causing a scene is enough in this place.”

As we finished dinner, Ross offered Trish and Crystal the choice of going home, going dancing, or doing something else of their choosing. To my surprise, Trish said, “Home, please. I need to catch up on my loving … and also to take a swim … just like we did last night.”

Crystal seconded the vote and I was more than willing, too. I’d discovered several new dimensions to my sexuality the night before, and I wanted to see whether Trish and Crystal could help reveal any others. Besides that, I’d been horny all day just THINKING about what had transpired after getting off the plane the day before.

Ross and I held open the doors to his car for the girls to get in for the ride home. They both opted to get in the back seat, so after closing the doors I got in the passenger seat and Ross in the driver’s seat.

As we pulled out of the restaurant parking lot, I heard some giggles from the back seat. I turned around to look at the two women, and they were both naked. They were each carefully folding up their dresses.

Crystal teased, “We don’t want anything to slow down getting into our activities once we get home.” She flashed her pussy at me, and even spread her pussy lips. There was enough light to see plainly.

Trish teased, “Crystal and I will start now, so we’re warmed up a bit when we get there.” I thought, ‘Oh, great. Home is about fifteen minutes away. How bad could it get?’ I was also grateful for tinted windows on Ross’s car.

As I watched, and Ross adjusted the rear-view mirror, the girls came together in the back seat and started to make out. Their hands moved to each other’s breasts and started to caress and fondle the goodies. My eyes were glued to the two of them, and I heard my father swear in disbelief at their antics under his breath. He also had a lecherous grin on his face. He was driving very slowly.

Pretty soon, Trish’s hands moved lower on her sister. She started to rub around Crystal’s nether region. She asked, “Can I eat you?”

Crystal exclaimed loudly, “Fuck, yeah. I’m unbelievably horny. Those men in the front seat have made me wait all day for something sexy to happen.”

Crystal lay back in her seat, putting one leg up by the rear window and the other on the floor. Her whole pussy was not only exposed, but also wide open and inviting something seriously sexual to happen.

Trish bent over her, half-on and half-off the back seat, and her head went into Crystal’s privates. I couldn’t see the actually oral activity because of Trish’s head, but I figured out quickly that tongue and fingers were involved. Crystal moaned slightly a few seconds after contact had been made.

Ross stopped at a traffic light, and that enabled him to look back with his own eyes and not rely on the rear-view mirror. He muttered, ‘Fuck, that’s so hot.’ He just stared at the women, until the car behind him honked. He had to pay attention and start driving again.

Trish raised her head and I could see that she had three fingers in Crystal’s snatch, moving in and out, and twisting back and forth. Even in the dim light I could see how her hand was glistening with Crystal’s juices.

Trish then pulled out, moved her naked body between the front seats, and extended the drippy hand towards Ross. She said to him, “You’re doing such a good job of driving while we’re playing. Here! Eat!”

On that note, she thrust her fingers soaked in Crystal’s juices into Ross’s mouth. I had to laugh. I could see his tongue trying to collect every molecule of the essence that she offered him. He sucked gaziantep esmer escort and licked as we neared the bridge from the city to the barrier island to his home.

Crystal was laughing in the back seat. She said, “Let Dave taste, too.”

As far as I could tell, there wasn’t a molecule of taste left on Trish’s fingers to allow me to savor. As Trish started to move in my direction, I said, “I want some of what you have between your legs. Sit back and masturbate for a couple of minutes, and then share with me.”

Trish apparently liked that suggestion. She flopped back into the back seat next to Crystal, who already was stroking her pussy in a desultory way. Trish sank four fingers into her own twat and started to mush them around in her sexual juices. Even above the noise of the car and traffic, I could her the squishy sounds her actions made.

By the time Ross turned onto his street, I was sucking the luscious fluids off Trish’s fingers. He was laughing along with Crystal at the noises I was making. We’d already admitted to each other that we both had hard-ons and were ready for action. I worked on Trish’s fingers all together, and then one at a time. I wanted no taste sensation left unexplored.

I was facing rearward, paying attention to Trish and watching Crystal being an exhibitionist. I felt the car slow, turn, and pause as Ross pulled into his driveway, and then he drove into the garage as the electric door opened. The engine stopped, and I was out the car door instantly as the garage door started to close again.

I was naked in about ten seconds, and I opened the rear door where Crystal had been lying. She looked up at me with a devilish grin. I plucked her naked body from the car, still clad in her ‘come fuck me’ shoes. God, she was sexy and inspired sexual things. I set her lithe body on the front fender of my father’s Mercedes and buried my cock inside her before she could react any further, other than her giggles about what was happening and how turned on and unstoppable I seemed to be.

We kissed and made out, and then I went down on her as she lay across the warm engine hood. Crystal’s legs went over my shoulder as I munched and ran my tongue around everywhere that I could find that was interesting and sexual. I added a few fingers the way that Trish had, just to be sure she knew I’d been paying attention. Both of us were panting.

I noted that Ross was also naked and already fucking Trish on the other side of the car on the driver’s side fender. I was glad the Mercedes had nice smooth curves so that neither woman was uncomfortable with sharp corners or protruding gadgets.

After a few minutes, I made eye contact with my father, and his eyes were sparkling and smiling. He knew we were being playful. I gestured my head towards the house, and he nodded.

Ross picked up Trish in his two arms and carried her to the door into the house. She opened the door as he carried her and they went inside. The house wasn’t dark; we’d left a few lights on.

I picked up Crystal and followed. I led the four of us towards the back patio and the pool. I think both women guessed what was in store because they each kicked off their shoes as we passed through the kitchen.

Once outside, I just walked right to the pool and then jumped into the pool with Crystal in my arms. She suddenly realized that what was going to happen wasn’t what she expected. She screamed just before we hit the water and went under. As I surfaced saw Ross and Trish hitting the water about ten feet away. Trish was also screaming but laughing.

Crystal just surfaced next to me and swam into my arms. “I want to fuck you all night long. I am so horny; I could scream again. Fuck me, right now. I need cock.”

We swam to the shallows, and I set her up on the side of the pool, shifted her ass to the edge as she lay back slightly, spread her legs, and then sank my rock-hard dick back inside her. Our lips came together in an epic kiss. My hands held both her breasts, gently pinching and stimulating her nubbins more than they already were. She held me close so our lips wouldn’t part. We were both really turned on.

As I hammered into Crystal, as she implored me to go deeper, harder, and faster, I realized that I wasn’t going to cum being in the water this way. This was pure play and stimulation.

I used my right thumb on Crystal’s clitoris, stroking the area as I moved at a rapid pace into her body. Her eyes occasionally shut as she savored the sexual and erotic sensations that I was creating for her.

I playfully swatted at her breasts, and then the whole area right above where I penetrated her snatch. The love pat on her clit made her explode in orgasm. She screamed out, “OH, FUCK!” and I could hear the echo of her shout throughout the neighborhood. I could feel her start to spasm from the waist down. Her hips were thrusting as hard into me as I was thrusting into her, and then she froze gaziantep esmer escort bayan as the mind-blowing sensation hit her brain and stopped all her motor abilities.

Crystal gasped, “Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, that is sooooo good.” Tears came to her eyes and she looked into my eyes before we kissed again. As we parted I could tell she was crying. I wrapped my arms around and held her close. My cock remained buried deep inside her.

After a minute of silence, she said, “That was the most intense and best orgasm that I’ve ever had in my life.”

I smiled and kissed the end of her nose. “We aim to please. That was more than just a fuck from my point of view.”

“You didn’t cum?”

“I’m focused on you, plus the pool is distracting.”

“Oh, God, come out of the pool and let’s fuck some more.” She paused and said, “No, we’re going to make love some more. I just realized what you said. I’m onboard with that.”

“I’ll say.” Her emphasis on the word ‘love’, was not lost on me. I felt the same way, but our unfolding situation seemed too new to use that word. I wondered whether ‘falling in love at first sight’ really had merit. I knew intuitively that I could live with Crystal forever.

We went back to the pool side chaise that we’d used the night before. Crystal knelt on a towel as I lay back and fellated me. She knew what she was doing.

“You’re superb at that activity,” I told her. A minute later, I teased, “Lots of experience here?”

She pulled off and grinned up at me, “I was the junior high BJ queen.”

From a few feet away, Trish pulled up off of the blowjob she was giving Ross, and said in a humorous tone, “I taught her everything she knows.” We all laughed.

Crystal went back to work on me, and I suggested that we recouple sexually, but she kept blowing me. She fondled my balls in a really sexy way, and I kept getting harder and harder, and closer and closer to an orgasm.

I warned her, “I’m getting very near.”

She pulled off briefly, “Cum in my mouth. I want every drop.”

This time as she went down on me, I could feel her take every inch of me. The bulbous head of my cock was down her throat someplace at her deepest penetration. I’d seen porn stars do that, but … Crystal doing it for me. I was blown away.

“Very … soon,” I gasped.

The damn burst about thirty seconds later. The large reservoir of cum I’d been building all day started to blast into her maw one gigantic surge after another. I wondered whether I’d ever ejaculated that much even when cumming two or three times.

Crystal took the first three shots in her mouth, and then pulled off and the next five discharges from my cock spewed across the short distance and splattered all over her face as she looked up at me and aimed me around her body. The shots weakened to a dribble and stopped as my parting shot splashed down on her tits. She was covered in my white goo.

She opened her mouth and showed me the collection of sperm she’d been caught.

I lifted Crystal up and thrust my tongue into her mouth. The cum was still there, so we started to snowball. I’d read about this, but never done it. She used a finger to collect the cum on her cheeks and neck and get that into the activity, too. We snowballed that as well.

I’d never tasted myself before. I expected that I’d be repulsed, but I wasn’t. Maybe because she was so willing to do what she’d done with my emissions. I just accepted it, but I did log that she thought it was a big deal — what I’d just done with her.

A few feet away, Ross moaned and we turned to watch. Trish was just starting to gulp down his spend. I’d never seen someone getting a blowjob, except in porn videos. My own father looked … ‘depleted’ is the word that came to mind. Trish had sucked his essence from his body, at least temporarily — a succubus.

I whispered to Crystal, “How are you at resurrections?”

She giggled. “Let ME recover first, and then I’ll raise the dead.”

On that note, the two of us started to make out. The sweet nothings I whispered to her reiterated how much I liked her, wanted her in my life for all time, and how grateful I was that she liked my family. I figured that fucking my father was a pretty strong indication of the last point.

After about twenty minutes, Crystal went to the other chaise where Trish and Ross were making out and also whispering to each other. I heard the term, “Double BJ” tossed out, and then watched as the two girls went down on my father.

At forty-eight, I didn’t expect miracles, but yet the two of them produced one. The two kept swapping his cock back and forth in their mouths as he watched them and got harder and harder.

At one point, they were on opposite sides of his cock sliding their mouths up and down the sides of his cock together. Then one had a ball in her mouth as the other went deep throat on him.

The resurrection occurred and Crystal rose up and mounted Ross in a cowgirl and started to ride. Trish sat back for a minute and then came over to me.

“How’re things in this neck of the woods? You did some amazing things a little while ago. I was watching.”

I said, “All in a day’s work, ma’am. Glad to be of service.” I tipped my imaginary hat.

Trish did a quick resurrection of my own meat, and then we coupled in the missionary position and made out as we had a slow fuck.

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