A Weekend Surprise Away


Rebecca, or as she preferred, Becky, could not believe that Gary had insisted on this place, after all the cabin was so far off the road no-one could see it from anywhere. And the signposts, dammit, Gary, there were no decent signs to this place…! Oh, well, she thought, his directions, as usual were spot on and she found the place all right.

And it was beautiful. The quaint wooden deck cottage was set back against the hill, as he had described, and the mountains off in the distance were the clearest she had seen. The roads had been quiet and she had flown a little faster than she had intended and had got here far easier than she had anticipated.

She pulled up to the cottage, stopped and got out of the car, breathing in the crisp mountain air as it blew over the valley floor. She took her small case out the boot of her car and walked up the rough pathway to the deck outside the front door of the cottage.

She found the key where he had said it would be, and she unlocked the door and entered almost reverentially. Inside the cottage was clean and neat and smelt of lavender and rosewater. Clearly he had been to the store as there was a fresh pot of coffee in the filter coffee machine, and the aroma filled the room.

She walked through to the bedroom area at the one end of the open plan cottage, put the bag on the footlocker and began to unpack. She took out the lace negligee and bustier and hid them under the pillow on the bed. She took out a box of scented candles and lit a few of them, placing them at various places around the room.

She walked through to the shower and glanced around to check out the options and opportunities. The large Jacuzzi bath had jets in it for water massage, the counter top was large and marble, cold on the ass, she thought. The shower cubicle was large and glass enclosed and the shower head was convertible to a hand held… mmmm, now there are possibilities here she thought again.

She walked back to the front door and stared out over the expanse of bushveld in the valley, admiring the serenity and peacefulness of the place. She sat down on one of the deck chairs in the sun and closed her eyes to drink it all in as best she could and her hands fell gently on her stomach as she lay there.

The peaceful tranquility of the place allowed her mind to dream and she began to fantasise about Gary and his body and her body, and… her hand slipped under her pullover and began to massage one of the big bouncing breasts she found under there. Instantly her nipple stood up and demanded attention and she eagerly gave it the attention it sought. Kneading and teasing it even harder. An electric pulse shot through her all the way to her pussy and she shivered, but not from cold.

Her other hand had now slipped under the pleated tartan skirt she wore and found the emancipated fanny hair and Mons, and had started palpitating the area with exploratory fingers. She had taken the decision to drive up with no panties on a whim before she left and now she was glad. She caressed her clit between two fingers, lightly applying pressure then releasing it and teasing herself onto a higher level of ecstasy. She rubbed her hand in the moisture she had created and let her fingers slide up and down the furrow of her lips and over her clit.

The sound of a car approaching caught her attention brought her alive and she sat up excitedly, looking for the vehicle that was approaching. Trabzon Escort The Landrover appeared around the side of the store room, as it came from higher up in the mountains, and Gary was driving. He parked the car and climbed out and jogged to and up the steps in a matter of seconds.

He appeared at the top of the stairs and a smile creased his tanned face under the white blonde hair of his eyebrows and shaved bald head. His smile grew bigger when he saw how Becky was dressed. He loved her in the kilt. Even women had no secrets under there. He knew that much from past experience with her.

They crashed into each other and embraced hard, their lips crushing each other as they kissed. Tongues flicking in and out, strings of saliva hanging in the air from one to the other as they briefly parted and realigned to kiss some more. Becky could sense the mounting ‘salami’ in between them and now wanted it inside her so badly. The door to the house was too far away, the sundeck and the deck chairs was right behind her knees and she fell backwards onto the deckchair and pulled Gary with her. The kilt fell awkwardly across her waist exposing her pussy and the hairy triangle above it, and Gary noticed, and buried his face in it, breathing in deeply and flicking his tongue at the clit. Becky lifted her hips and helped him get more of her in his face and she drove him into a frenzy when she did that, she knew.

His fingers found the opening of her pussy and slipped inside as he continued to work on her, pleasuring her as much as he could with tongue and finger. He teased the clit with his tongue and then flicked it with his fingers and thumb. He had Becky writhing in seventh heaven, her body twitching and rolling, with her making pleasure filled moans and whimpering sounds.

Before she could come and before he did too, just from missing her for such a long time, he lifted her up and carried her inside, as the air had suddenly got very cool, in fact down-right cold. At the door he leaned over and flicked a switch on the wall just inside the doorway, a fireplace on one wall sputtered and flickered, then popped and a warm, heady glow and warmth began to fill the room.

Gary carried Becky over to the rug in front of the fire and gently lowered her down and covered her with the blanket that was waiting there for just such an occasion as this.

“Wait here a moment, young lady, I have some small surprises to share with you.” he said.

Gary moved over to the cupboards and produced trays of some fruit, snacks and crackers. Strawberries, grapes, sweet melons, blackberries and watermelon surrounded a bottle of honey, all piled high on the first tray. On the second tray he produced were a selection of various crackers, wafers, water biscuits, Provitas and cheese sticks, all scattered among Brie, Camembert, Blue cheese and two dips, a guacamole dip and a shrimp filled dip. He set the trays down on the floor next to the blanket and sat down himself.

Becky had watched him industriously working with a smile on her face. She slipped the kilt down over her legs and draped it over herself as if it was still on. Her hand now went into her blouse and tweaked the bra straps, causing it to snap free and set those two gorgeous orbs swing free, and to then feel the fabric of her blouse. Her hand stayed inside the blouse and she pinched her nipple on one breast and it swelled up proudly Trabzon Escort Bayan for her ministrations. Her other hand slipped back under the kilt and found her clit again, she rolled and stroked it, to cause it too, to swell and throb make her moan lightly.

Gary in the meantime ha slipped his shirt off and now stood in the fresh warmth of the cottage, shirtless and in his briefs.

“Where did your clothes go, mister?” Becky playfully asked.

“They fell off, madam.”

At this she lifted her hand from under the kilt and it easily melted away from her body as if she was not wearing it… and she wasn’t.

Gary sat down next to Becky on the floor with the food trays next to them and he reached down and took some melon and dramatically dropped it… right into Becky’s lap.

“I’ll get that, madam,” he said, and he bent down, bowing low, and removed the offending melon piece with his tongue, but not before he had nuzzled it into her and licked her clean after eating it.

For the next half an hour they wrestled, ate, fed each other and generally were with each other. Laughing and giggling at silly things that seemed to be so serious and yet funny all at the same time. Soon a small piece of food became a slightly bigger piece of food and soon they were smearing food and cheese and licking and sucking it off each other.

Fingers found interesting places to give great pleasure and sensually erotic feelings to both. Tongues, too. Gary was visibly aroused. His manhood stood proudly up out of his lap where he sat or rather reclined on the blanket, and Becky too, was visibly aware of the changes. Her nipples stood firm and could poke out your eye if not properly handled. Gary leaned forward and sucked a piece of Brie of the one breasts and pretended to have lost an eye. Becky playfully smacked him on the rump, and that decided things for him. He got up, walked through to the bathroom and turned on the light, to reveal the full Jacuzzi, steaming and ready filled with bubbles and petals. When Gary had turned on the fireplace, the water had begun filling the tub soundlessly on command.

Now he picked Becky up once more and carried her through and deposited her in the tub, with the little clothing she still wore, besides it needed to be cleaned anyway. He had also lost his underwear in the food fight so he simply stepped in and slid down behind her back. He wrapped his arms around her and gently prodded and massaged both orbs with tenderness and attention to detail. He kissed her neck and sucked her earlobe, taking time to give both ears equal amounts of licks and kisses. The Jacuzzi was immense, and both of them fitted easily inside it. Soon they were both clean, but the washing continued, and both were paying close attention to each others pubic region. Becky was paying close attention to Gary’s dick, using her tongue, her lips and her expert fingers. He watched her working, and then sat up on the rim of the bath tub and Becky could really go down on him and suck as much as she wanted to. He held he hair and guided her strokes and she began to feel how his dick was swelling and soon she could taste and see that he was about to come.

Gary erupted into Becky’s mouth and she sucked and swallowed his sweet tasting cum and licked him clean. Like a lollipop.

They swapped places and Gary sank into the water and began to lick and suck on Becky’s Escort Trabzon clit with gusto and passion. He prodded her fanny-lips with his fingers as he sucked the clit and rubbed his nose up and down the crack. He reached to the side of the bathtub and picked up one of a selection of vibrators waiting there, turned it on and pressed it gently onto the mount at the base of the hairy triangle and Becky began her turn to come, moaning and writhing with pleasure. And her sense realised that the place where her ass was kinda warm when it should have been cold, ‘Mmmm…,’ she thought, ‘heated marble, these guys thought of everything!. But her clit screamed out for her attention, more than her ass did and it sent shivers down her spine as she began to come, to quiver and quake as her climax ripped into her. She moaned, “oh Gaaarry! That is so good, lick me more baby, suck me harder, harder, deeper, more, oh god!! I’m coming, I’m coommminnnng!!”

They both lay back and held onto each other for a few minutes and gently stroked each other all over.

“One good thing about this place, Becks,” said Gary.

“What’s that, Gaz?” She answered.

“No need to wear clothes inside at all…” he replied.

They got out of the tub and dried each other off and walked back into the main room. They lay down together under the huge, thick blanket and played little touch games as they talked quietly for the first time in months. He held her tightly and kissed her softly on the temple.

“I really have missed you, baby.”

“and I’ve missed you, big boy.” Was her reply. She craned her neck and kissed him long and hard on the lips, while her hands softly caressed his arm. She felt something touch her elbow and instinctively reached for the nuisance. She felt the growing member begin again to fill and she grasped it as it throbbed again within her reach. She slipped under the blanket and sucked it hard and deep and then stroked it from tip to root and back with her tongue before massaging it with both hands, up and down rhythmically. She sat up lifting the blanket and wrapping it around her shoulders loosely, and straddled Gary, lifting herself and lowering herself onto his dick slowly and feeling him burrow into her, big, hard and long.

As soon as she was comfortable with him inside her she began to rock and ride Gary slowly and sensuously, pulsing her muscles in her pussy as she rode up and down, getting the juices flowing inside her and making them both very wet and moist. “Oh yeah she moaned, give me your big cock, shove it inside me, make me want you more, oh shit this is soo good, so good and hot baby, I want you deep inside me and throbbing inside me as you come.” Becky said. Gary was massaging her breasts kneading the nipples and making them stand up. He slipped his fingers into his mouth and sucked them, them rubbed them on her breasts again. Not satisfied he reached for the bedside table, opened a drawer and his hand emerged with a bottle of lubricant and he squirted some onto his hand and rubbed some all over her big, magnificent breasts and continued massaging them.

The effect was almost immediate, the sensation of the lubricant on her exposed breasts sent a definite tingle through her body to her pussy and it reacted sending a shockwave of come through her, she began to convulse in her pussy and grab onto Gary’s cock with all the muscles of her pussy, almost like she was milking him. This made Gary erupt. He came and he moaned loudly and sprayed the inside of Becky’s pussy with his hot molten lava of cum. And they writhed together as they came, almost like they had not come in a long time.

And they then lay back and slept, locked together, entwined and content.

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