A Wad for Wifey Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: A Wad for Wifey is a work of fiction. All characters are at least 18 years of age and any resemblance to individuals, either living or dead, is purely coincidental. If you are offended by stories containing sexual content please do not continue.

A Wad for Wifey: Chapter One

Seeking a Diagnosis

What an odd scene: a lone young man seated in a doctor’s waiting room surrounded by women of all ethnicities, shapes and sizes. Sid Harman was that 18-year-old boy — to his left sat Trish Harman, his stressed-out mother, and to his right, an obviously pregnant woman squirmed from one hip to the other, trying to find a comfortable position.

“Sorry,” she said to those near enough to hear her.

“No problem,” Sid whispered back, not quite sure why he suddenly felt like he was in a library.

Leaning forward, Mrs. Harman peered around her son to see who he was talking to. She smiled at the 30ish Hispanic woman and nodded politely. “Been there — these chairs are the worst. My hips are hurting and I’ve not been pregnant for many years. How far along are you?”

The question was much appreciated and helped the woman think of something other than her aching backside. “I’m due in two weeks. Can’t wait to get this one here,” she said, patting her belly lightly.

“Is this your first?” Sid quietly asked, knowing that was always the next question in this line of inquiry.

“Oh…no…this is number three. I’m a veteran,” she jokingly retorted. “My twins are with their grandma today…thank goodness. Funny how even a trip to the doctor can seem like a break.”

“Indeed,” Trish noted, smiling broadly. “I’m Trish and this is my son, Sid,” she said while extending her hand, nearly brushing Sid’s crotch.

“Oh, great. Nice to meet you, and I’m Marie.” The women shook hands and further exchanged pleasantries.

“I’ll bet you’re excited to…blah, blah, blah…”

Sid found himself sitting between the two ladies as they swapped motherhood war stories. Both of them gradually leaned further and further over the young man’s lap to avoid speaking too loudly. At first, Sid feigned interest in the discussion but soon found his mind wandering…at no fault of his own. Surely, by coincidence alone, Sid faced a dilemma…no, make that four dilemmas. With his mom and new-found friend bent as they were, the boy was treated to a rather impressive display of bulging breasts. To stop staring would have been impossible…if not downright rude. To be engaged he had no choice but to look from one set to the next — any other option would have craned his neck causing possible bodily harm. Well, that settled it. Checking out his mother’s tits and the preggo’s was medically necessary. No, doubt the women would see it that way, as well. How could they not?

His mother had dressed as she normally did for a warm spring day; wearing knee length spandex shorts and a scooped necked t-shirt that framed her ample assets as if on display at the Louvre. It wasn’t the first time Sid had appreciated her flawless orbs and freckled cleavage. Since moving from North Dakota to Scottsdale, his mother’s wardrobe has changed significantly. Gone were the full length jeans, wool socks, and thick flannel shirts. Instead, she had adjusted well to Arizona attire, which was far more sexy than Sid was accustom. In the three months they’d been there, Trish had crafted a beautiful tan, tightened her ass with daily squats, and filled her closet with shorts, T’s, and all sorts of light cotton sundresses.

Mrs. Harman’s flat stomach, firm breasts, and nicely contoured clothing were amusingly contrasted by Marie’s garb. She was casually attired from head to foot in an outfit that screamed ‘I’m nine months pregnant and just don’t give a shit.’ Sandals clung loosely to her tanned toes. The shoes were wide, and open enough to encase the woman’s swollen feet. She wore sweat pants that may have been her husbands, and a tank top that was stretch to its tensile limits, both around her bust and belly. Bra straps dug into her soft shoulders, leaving red marks — the result of the bra performing an overwhelmingly difficult task. You see, Marie’s boobs were large, full and appeared ridiculously heavy. They were so much so that they rested on her baby bump, and as she bent over, her belly pushed them up and out of the shirt’s neckline.

From any of the casual observers in the waiting room, Marie’s light chocolate tits must have looked like they were spilling into Sid’s lap. There was side and top boobage overflowing everywhere, but she seemed oblivious to the spectacle and the exposure she was offering the teen boy.

The conversation seemed to go on forever…or at least it felt that way to Sid. The longer they talked — the longer his cock became and the less he could hide his state of excitement. He shifted a bit and reached for a magazine to nonchalantly place on his lap. The movement did not go unnoticed by Sid’s mom, who placed her hand on the boy’s knee and squeezed a bit more than she needed to.

“Um…are you okay?” Trish asked.

Stuttering, Sid choked out a reply, “Me? Oh…yeah…just these Yeşilköy escort chairs — like you were saying — they’re pretty uncomfortable.”

“Well, okay. I’m just worried about you,” she continued, rubbing his leg more gently now.

“Mom,” Sid gushed, while making sure the mag didn’t fall off his lap.

Suddenly, Marie placed her hand on Sid’s other knee and spoke to Trish in a hushed tone, “Is your boy ill? I thought you must be here for yourself. I didn’t know Dr. Harjob saw male patients.”

“She normally doesn’t, but as a favor to me she agreed to see Sid today. We hope it’s nothing serious.”

Turning her attention to Sid, Marie spoke even quieter, “You look perfectly healthy, Sid. Are you not feeling well?”

Sid tried to reply but his mother beat him to it, “It’s probably nothing, but…but he’s having a problem with his…ah…reproductive stuff.”

“Mom! You’re embarrassing me,” Sid exclaimed, still making an attempt to keep the conversation strictly between the three of them. “I’m not having trouble with my stuff.”

“Oh, Dear, I think you are and I’m sure Dr. Harjob will be able to sort it out.”

Marie leaned in even further, her breasts now pressing the magazine down against the boy’s package. She was intrigued more than she should have been. “I hope you don’t think me forward, but do you mind me asking what kind of problem? It would be a shame for such a young man to be infertile.”

The question made Mrs. Harman smile, a wickedly delicious smile. “On the contrary, Marie. Sid, I believe, has the opposite problem.”

“The opposite problem? You mean he…”

Marie’s next question was thankfully cut off by a short, elvish looking receptionist. “Sid Harman…Sid Harman…you can come with me now.”

Thank heavens, Sid thought, tossing the reading material aside to push his way through the women. As he did, the bulge at the front of his pants captured Marie’s gaze…and imagination.

“Oh…I see…” she quietly said to herself, her eyes glued to Sid’s groin.

“Wait up, Sid, I want to visit with the doctor,” Trish announced, making sure Sid and everyone else in the place could hear her.

Sid’s shoulders sagged, and his slender 125 pound frame slowed until Trish grabbed his arm and pushed him along, following the impish assistant through a pair of swinging doors.

In their wake, a baby began to cry, triggering another, and then another until a chorus of babies and toddlers were howling like banshees. “Oh…I don’t need this right now. I really don’t need this right now,” Marie grunted, recognizing the familiar rush of milk to her breasts as the warm, sweet liquid let down and her nipples began to leak. “Damn hormones! This shouldn’t be happening until baby is here.” As it turns out, this was exactly the reason Marie had booked her appointment with Dr. Harjob. Seemingly overnight, she’s turned in a Jersey cow with no relief in sight.


Beyond the chaos and noise of the clinic’s waiting room, Dr. Satya Harjob rushed from one examination room to the next. A native of India, Satya had been educated in the United States, raised in a home with her siblings, parents, and grandparents, and lived to serve her patients. She was classically beautiful; raven haired, dark eyed, with razor-edged features and full pastel lips. At present, much of that beauty was hidden behind a surgical mask, but even so, it was obvious she was in a league of her own.

The day of Sid’s visit, the doctor wore a skirt, short enough to give her full range of motion, and a white silk blouse. The contrast of her creamy, chestnut colored skin against the stark white was eye-catching to say the least. A thin, white lab coat hung loosely from her shoulders, somewhat obscuring her youthful figure, but given the lighting conditions of the clinic, it was impossible to conceal her shapely curves.

Inside Exam Room
Sid and his mother waited patiently. Sid had slipped into an adjacent bathroom and exchanged his clothing for a disposable paper gown. He sat on an odd looking table with a protective sheet over it. At one end a small pillow had been placed as a head rest and at the other a set of metal stirrups rose from the table’s corners.

“I feel like an idiot,” he quipped, staring at his mother. “What’s she gonna do?”

“I’m not sure but I suspect she’ll examine you and maybe do some blood work,” Trish replied.

“What if she wants to see my…my penis?”

“I suspect she will, but maybe not. Sid, she’s a doctor, so just chill.”

The pair sat in silence for a few minutes before Sid asked his mother, “Why the sudden need to ‘fix my problem’?” He used air quotes to accentuate his point.

“Come on, Sid. Surely you must know it’s getting out of hand. I’m literally washing your sheets every day.”

“But it’s not my fault. How am I…”

“Listen Hon, I know it’s not your fault. I’m not blaming you…but something has to be done.”

Suddenly there was a light rap on the exam room door. “Are you decent?” came a demur call.

“Yes, please come in,” Trish replied, winking at Sid.

The Yeşilyurt escort bayan door slowly opened and Dr. Harjob stepped into the 10’x12′ room. “Trish, so nice to see you…and this must be your son.”

“And you too,” the mother replied. “And yes, this is Sid.”

Turning her attention to the boy, the doctor extended her hand and said, “Sid, nice to meet you. I hope you’re not too nervous. I’m sure you’re feeling a bit intimidated.”

“Yeah, a bit,” he replied, taking her hand in a firm handshake. “I didn’t realize I’d be the only guy here.”

“Well, don’t give it a second thought. When your mom called this morning and gave me a few particulars, I decided it best to see you and then decide if we need to send you off to a urologist.”

“Thanks…I guess,” the boy stammered. “It’s not that big of a deal anyway.”

“Now Sid, remember what we talked about in the car. We need to be upfront and honest with the doctor so you can get the best help possible.” The young man reluctantly nodded his head in agreement. “Besides, anything said in this room will be private and confidential. Isn’t that right, Dr. Harjob?”

“Absolutely! I’m not here to embarrass you or make you feel uncomfortable. If at any point during the examination today you’re feeling unpleasant, let me know and we’ll stop. Okay?”

“Okay, thanks.”

“Sid, before I take a look I’d like my assistant to check your weight, height, and a few other things to give us a baseline.”

A moment later, the same woman that had seated them knocked on the door and entered. With a flick of her finger, she waved the young man to join her and they left the room, Sid being careful to keep the makeshift gown closed around his behind.

Now, given some privacy in the exam room, the doctor pulled up a stool and logged into a computer on a nearby counter. “Let see,” she hummed to herself, as she entered her name and password. “Okay, that’s got it. I’ll just get a few particulars while Sid’s out of the room.” Her fingers danced across the keyboard, entering intermittent text while occasionally reaching for the mouse to check boxes in the medical template.

“So…Trish, I gathered from your phone call that Sid has some type of secretion or discharge you’re concerned about. It sounds like he might have an infection…perhaps a bladder infection.”

“Well, I’m not sure about an infection but there is certainly a discharge…lots and lots of discharge,” Sid’s mom replied.

“How so, and how did this come to your attention?” Harjob asked, her fingers continuing to hammer out details.

For a second, Trish paused, thinking over the past few weeks. “I guess I’d say doing laundry.”

The doctor followed along, quietly talking to herself as she typed, “First noticed while doing laundry…” The words suddenly seemed to be in a foreign language, as she looked at what she’d just entered. “Laundry?”

“Yeah…his sheets. It used to be every couple of weeks that I’d need to wash his sheets, but lately…”

“Lately, what?” Satya inquired, spinning away from the keyboard to face Trish.

“It’s like every other day…or more.”

“He’s urinating in the bed?” the doctor said, somewhat puzzled.

“Not exactly…no. He’s ejaculating in the bed and soiling the sheets.” Trish felt just a bit embarrassed, having used the term ejaculating while speaking to such a young, pretty doctor. However, she also was mildly amused or titillated by their discussion.

“Oh…oh…I see. Trish, I don’t want to sound unconcerned or preachy…but young men…or boys…do masturbate or ejaculate, as you put it, quite often. It’s natural. It’s necessary for their testicles to mature properly. I’m glad that’s all…”

Cutting her doctor off, Mrs. Harman tried to add clarification. “Yes, I understand all of that, but I don’t think you understand. It’s the volume…and I can’t even begin to…okay, let me explain. Some mornings Sid will wake up and his bed covers…his sheets…will be glued to his frame from his neck to his…ah…ah…groin. I’ve never had to help him out of this predicament, but it’s obvious when he throws the bedding in the laundry that he’s…he’s…”

“Climaxed,” Satya interjected.

“Yes, exactly.”

“But, you’re afraid it’s too much…it’s abnormal?”

“Thank you…yes. Sometimes the fabric is stiff as a board, and at other times, there’s still wet, fresh semen where he’s tried to mop it up. I mean it’s been awhile since I…since I’ve had sex, but I know too much when I see too much.”

“More than a teaspoon, which is the norm for most men and perhaps a bit more for a healthy younger male?” Harjob inquired, her curiosity piqued.

“Oh, hell yes.”

“And you believe he’s masturbating to produce this excess ejaculate?”

“Well, he says no…but I think he’s too embarrassed to discuss it fully. He says it just happens while he’s sleeping.”

“A wet dream…uncontrolled ejaculation brought on by erotic dreams when a man…or boy has too much semen built up in their reproductive system and it must be expelled to make room for Escort Zeytinburnu new, fresh sperm. Generally this would be a few weeks worth of production, but you say Sid is having these much more frequently that than?”

“Correct. As of late, he seems to be releasing his semen every day or two…at night.”

“Most interesting,” Satya mused quietly, while tapping her index finger on the table. “I’ve heard of cases like this but never seen one personally.”

“What is it? Is it serious? It’s not a form of cancer, is it?” The concerned mother quizzed the doctor as quickly as she could think.

“No…typically not…and I’m only guessing without running some tests, but it sounds like Sid has an extreme case of hyperspermia.”

“Hyperspermia? Too much sperm?”

“Right…more common than one might think but Sid’s case may be more peculiar than most. We’ll have to do some testing and I’ll likely need to send him to a specialist.”

“But it’s not dangerous?” Trish asked.

“No, no, no…it’s just a bit a…a…messy for the individual and their sex partners. Is Sid sexually active? He’s a good looking kid. He must have a girlfriend.”

“No, not at the moment. Since we moved to Scottsdale a few months ago, he’s made some new friends but with his father’s death and adjusting to a new place he’s not been dating.”

“Perhaps that is part of the problem. How about his urination? How frequent and volume?”

“That’s something you’d have to ask Sid, but I will tell you, as a young boy, he had quite the ability to pee. We used to get a kick out of him challenging his uncles to pee contests. Makes me laugh just thinking about it,” Trish said, a smile suddenly bringing her expression to life. “He’d tell them to see if they could hit the barn from a few feet away and then he’d pee over the barn.”

“No…you must be exaggerating,” Satya interjected.

“Nope…as God is my witness, he could pee a mile and even now, sometimes he sounds like a race horse going in the toilet.”

“Well, I’m not sure how the two functions relate but I suspect they do. Let’s see what stats we’ve gathered and do a physical examination.”

Harjob picked up the phone and notified the pleasant voice at the other end that Sid could rejoin them. Seconds later, he walked through the door, an awkward grin on his face.

Trish noted the smirk and said, “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“No, I guess not…just feel like a bit of a freak, being the only guy in a women’s clinic.”

“Just relax,” Dr. Harjob instructed, inviting Sid to lie on the odd looking table pressed against the wall. “I’ll need to do a few things before we get a sample.”

“Sample?” Sid questioned, his mind racing.

“Yes, a semen sample, of course.”

“Mom…Doctor…you can’t be serious.”

“I’m afraid so…both urine and semen,” Satya confirmed.

“How…you don’t expect me to…I mean, I can’t just…”

“It won’t be a problem, Sid. If you can’t manage here, you can always provide one from home and drop it by.”

The suggestion didn’t seem to offer the young man much relief, but it did help to slow his heart rate from stroke range to a safer heart attack metric.

“Alright…let’s see what we’ve got.” The doctor turned her attention back to the screen and quietly read aloud. “Blood pressure’s good…five foot ten inches…okay and weight matches that close enough…and temperature is fine. Well, so far so good. Sid, let’s get a look at you.”

Sliding away from the computer, Dr. Harjob removed a stethoscope from a pocket and inserted the auditory ends into her ears. “Just lie still, Sid. I’m going to listen to your heart, stomach and bowels. Relax as much as you can.”

“Okay,” the young man replied, sucking in a quick breath of air when the cold device touched his chest.

“Sorry about that. It’ll just take a second to warm up.” Leaning slightly over the boy, enough to give him a wafting sense of her perfumed essence, Satya listened intently as she moved about his torso. “Mmm…mmm…yes, that all sounds fine. Okay Sid, I’ll need you to just lift your behind a bit so I can bring up the gown’s hem.”

When Sid did not readily move, his mother cleared her throat to get his attention. “Yeah…okay…if I have to,” he sourly noted.

“Thank you,” both Satya and Trish replied in unison.

Slowly, almost painfully, the young man lifted his butt from the table, allowing the doctor to pull the thin gown above his groin to bunch it near his waist. His flaccid penis and heavy balls lay exposed to both women. “Mom, do you have to be here?” Sid said, a pleading quality to his voice.

“Sid, for heaven’s sake. I’ve wiped your butt a thousand times…your…your um…penis is not something new to me,” Mrs. Harman replied, her voice softening a bit, as she recognized how difficult this must be for her son. “It’ll be over soon.”

“Yes, that’s right. I’ll just have a little look…” Satya began, as she nudged Sid’s thighs, inviting him to spread them slightly. “Thanks,” she said, when he did. Dr. Harjob reached into a nearby cupboard and retrieved a pair of surgical gloves. Donning them, she returned her attention to the boy’s groin and fully exposed cock and balls. Before beginning the visual and tactile inspection of Sid’s reproductive organ, she looked at her patient, whose eyes were fixed on the ceiling, his mouth slightly open and face flushed. “Okay, this won’t take long.”

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