A Visit to the Doctor

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Nick walked into the exam room and took a quick glance around. It had been a while since he last had a doctor visit. He made his way over to the exam table. It and a rather thick pad on top of it and a fresh roll of white paper. Typical of what you see in most exam rooms. On a near by table was various supplies that were to be used through out the exam.

Nick pulled himself up on to the table and sat down. The exam room door opened and Nick watched as a nurse walked in. She had on a very short white skirt that was high above her knees. And her white blouse was tight against her body. It barely contained her large breasts were pushing their way out of the blouse. It appeared that she was missing a few buttons. A name tag had her name as Alix. Her hat sat on top of blond hair that went just above her shoulders. His glance went back to her breast then to her ass that fit tightly inn her skirt ass she turned to close the door. He quickly glanced away before she turned to face him. He could feel the stiffen of his cock in his jeans. He hoped that she wouldn’t notice.

“And what are we seeing the doctor for today Mr. Smith?” she asked.

“Um, I need a physical for work, and its been a while since I last came.”

“I see, Well I will take care of a few things before the doctor examines you.”

She walked over to the table and grabbed the stethoscope. She placed it in her ears and walked over to him.. She placed the stethoscope on top of his shirt and began to listen.

“Hmm, would you mind removing your shirt, I need to get a better check.”

“Ok, sure..” Nick said. He slowly pulled off kuşadası escort his shirt.

“Well you seem to take good care of yourself.” she said. She smiled as appeared to be looking over his chest and biceps. “Now let me take another listen. Just breath normally.”

She slide her hand up his chest and once again listened with the stethescope. He felt as she stood closer to him and he could help but look down and marvel at her breasts that were overflowing from her blouse. His dick twitched again in pants.

“Hmm your heart rate seems to be elevated at the moment. Anything that might be causing that?

“Uh no, my just nervous a little” he said.

“There is no need to be nervous, just relax.”

She stepped back and he waited for the next step hoping that she would not notice the bulge in his pants.

“Lets test your reflexes shall we.”she said. She reached for a small medical hammer and tapped his knees with it. His leg kicked in reponnse.

“Good, that is all good. Just one more before we move on.” She placed her hand on his thigh and he had to bite his lip to keep form gasping. “Now I will need you to remove your pants for me.”


“Well I need to examine you fully. Don’t worry I’m a professional.”

Nick stood up there would be no way for him to hide his erection now. He unzipped his pants and pulled them down to the floor. His penis bulged inside his black briefs.

“Hmm, the underwear too please.” she said.

Nick pulled down his briefs and his hard penis stood erect before the nurse. He could feel his face turn red.

“Don’t worry this is all very normal Mr. Smith. I will be gentle. And as I said, I’m a professional.”

Nick held his breath as she cupped his balls in her hands. The felt a little cold.

“Are my hands to cold?” she asked. “I’m sorry. Now could you please cough for me.

Nick let out a little cough. He then felt her squeeze a little tighter almost caressing his balls. He coughed again.

She smiled again. “Very good. Very nice reaction and positive blood flow to your penis.”

Nick tried to smile. And then he felt her hands slide up from his balls to his shaft.

“A very nice reaction. I will need to examine it further.” She said. She then proceed to slide her hand up and down the shaft. Nick let out a moan. “Good. You seem to be responding well.”

She gripped tighter to his dick and stroked him harder. He saw that she was biting her lower lip. Then she let go and Nick could breath again.

“Please lie down on the table.”

Nick quickly hopped up on to the table.

“Now lets examine how well you perform.” She undid the buttons on her blouse and her breasts free poured out and perked up. Her nipples appeared hard and pointy. She then turned around and reached up her skirt and pulled down her panties. She bent over giving nick a full view of her pussy. She kicked her panties off and turned back around and then slowly removed her skirt. He gasped as he took in the sight of her shaven pussy. His dick flinched.

She then walked over to the table and pulled herself up. She straddled him and then slowly lowered herself on top of his Throbbing cock. Her pussy engulfed him as she slid it in effortlessly. She was wet and he could feel himself slide deep inside of her. She moaned and grabbed her breasts as she moved up and down his dick.

He felt her pussy grip tightly around his dick as her hands cupped and stroked her breasts. He reached out to touch them but she slapped his hands away. She waved her finger at him. “Please let me examine you without interference.” She smiled and then moaned again as she quicken her pace.

Nick watched and moaned as she rode him up and down. Her moaning quickened and then she pushed hard down on his cock as she moaned loudly. She was cumming and her moans turned to whimpers. Nick cock throbbed and was ready to burst. He moaned anticipating his climax.

Alix quickly slid off and nick let out a sigh. She smiled and observed his cock. “Very good. Strong endurance. Sorry that that had to end so quickly. But I have one last test to perform.”

Nick watched as she bent foward and slid her mouth tightly around his cock and engulfed it. She closed her lips tight around his dick and sucked hard. It was to much for him. He moaned as he started spurting cum into her mouth. She sucked harder as she began pulling every drop out of his penis. Nick felt as if he was exploding inside her but she kept working her mouth up and down his penis swallowing every drop.

When she licked the last drop of cum of the tip of his penis. ” Very good.” Was all she said. She then walked over to her clothes and started getting dressed.

She buttoned her blouse. “The doctor will have to reschedule for next week.” “We will continue our exam then” She smiled and walked out of the room closing the door.

Nick could only just lay there.

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