A Unique Evening


We have known each other for as long as we both can remember. My successive memories of her are first of an astoundingly beautiful girl, coy yet disarming and absolutely captivating, and exceptionally endowed in feminine attributes, later of a most graceful and peach of a stunning nubile young lady who had surfeit of all the physical charms, and then of a sensuous and most intelligent woman. All through, I have found her to be the fountainhead of sensuality, sexuality, magnetism and womanly divinity. There has always been that something special and unique in her. She oozes oomph by the gallons. But above all, I have always admired her absolutely honest and transparent disposition. She is sincere to the core in whatever she does and is the finest human being that ever walked this earth. She is truly a sui generis, one of her kind. To me, what particularly sets her apart from all other women is that I can communicate with her and can discuss virtually anything with her without ever having to give undue explanations or she ever misunderstanding me.

We have seen so much together, experienced so much together and done so much together. And yet, the limit of possibilities between us appears to keep stretching. Our togetherness has offered us the privilege of living life like few others do – nor dream ever. We have passed through several corridors in this wonderful journey we set out on a cool wintry day years back. The kaleidoscope of sensations and feelings that has unfolded these years is truly overwhelming. Our voyage though the unexplored and the inexperienced has taken us to exotic places and has made us do most wonderful of things to and with each other.

This is going to be different, very different indeed. We are off to Maldives on a little vacation. This is part of the little indulgence that we have vowed to permit ourselves at least twice each year, when we run away from the maddening world that is our daily existence. The choice of locations that we have visited in the past has been fabulous indeed and we often talk endlessly of each one of them, and we argue inconclusively which one was the best and often end up agreeing that they were all so marvellous in their own right and no particular one ranks first!

The Resort seems relatively small in size in comparison to what we’ve got used to. Male, and for that matter Maldives, does not have many big hotels. But we are assured it is comfortable and elegant all the same. And I have not yet said a word about the exclusivity of this hotel. Our room is not a traditional hotel room but more of a cottage in the middle of the shallow waters off the Maldives coast. A wooden walkway takes us from the main lobby to the beautiful cottage. The cottage has all amenities essential for tourists of our type. The constant sound of waves lapping against the wooden pillars is so thrilling. The room has glass windows on all four sides and the stunning view of the sea and the island that it offers is difficult to describe. The bath is exotic indeed, with part of it open to the skies. The thought of she and me spending hours in the bath tub, intertwined in the most intricate ways enthrals us both no end. The water in the lagoon is blue as blue can be.

Our bags parked in the anteroom, we hold each other in our arms, as we always do when we reach a new spot like this. I bring my lips to her and kiss her softly on her lips. The kiss is soft but prolonged. I rejoice in inhaling her smell deep and long. She always smells so fresh and sweet. The proximity of our bodies when we are kissing is so satisfying and invigorating to both of us. I feel so safe, so wanted, so loved, and I am sure feelings are not any different on her side.

The sun is setting in the west. We stand by the window and watch the sun going down into the sea. Even as the disc is touching water, an urge to see the merger of Sun and Water more clearly overtakes us almost simultaneously and we rush out of the cottage into the walkways crisscrossing the coast, leading to various cottages. She stands close to me, her arm touching mine. The sensations that run through my body titillate and electrify me and I feel proud to have this still happen to me so many years after we came together. Our breathing becomes deeper as we watch the Sun enter the Sea. The ‘copulation’ of Nature in this form is so inspirational, so divine. The waves moving up and down cause the visible size of the setting Sun to wane and wax, making us imagine the deep and passionate strokes of the Sun ‘doing’ it with the Sea. Long after the Sun has completely entered its Beloved, we turn to each other, exchange meaningful smiles and head back towards the cottage.

“I would love to change into something more comfortable and rest under the sky for sometime. What do you say?” I enquire. She rarely says “no” on such occasions. In fact, we rarely say “no” to each other, anyway. We unpack our bags and quickly change, in full view of each other. I wear loosely fitting shorts and T-shirt and she changes into a just a gown. There are no other entrapping on our bodies. This is how we usually dress on such occasions. Ordu Escort We take a bed sheet to rest on and another to cover ourselves with, just in case we feel a chill. and we head straight out. We do not realise then there is no place for a chill when we are together.

Once in the lobby, she wants a munch. We quickly jump into the coffee shop and order some snack and tea. The girl in the shop perhaps sees our mood from the way we are dressed and tells us that the resort is very thinly occupied today. She suggests we could go to the private beach and enjoy the breeze and sea without being disturbed. Our eyes sparkle at the suggestion and we almost run towards the beach.

Once there, it takes us no time to find the spot for this special evening. It is a piece of land covered with clean fine sand, with well-kempt green shrubs around. In the front, we can see the sea clearly and behind us, the hotel building is visible in parts through the thick foliage. The cottages lie in front, towards our left and we can see lights in just a couple of them.

I spread out the bed sheet and we sit down, close to each other. She lies down immediately, keeping her head on my lap. She looks so much more beautiful with the diffused light of the full moon glistening on her lovely face. A reappraisal of her beauty on such occasions is always a proud experience. And I am not the one to let go such an opportunity. She has a perfect face. She is not chubby but her face is vibrantly radiant. Her skin is a glowing white and supple. The contours on her face are perfectly chiselled. Her large expressive eyes, full of glint, say more than words ever could. Her pink full lips are ever inviting for a deep passionate kiss. Her cheeks are exquisitely shaped, rosy and lithe. Her neck is narrow and long. The jet black velvety hair are a pleasure to till my fingers through. Her nose is perfectly formed and proportioned. She exudes all the time that most disarming womanly musk smell, which makes me weak in the knees as I inhale. She is the epitome of perfect and flawless beauty, classical yet so modern. It is truly as if I have the honour of being with two moons this evening – one shimmering in the sky and the other lying demurely on my lap. She smiles at me and turns me on as only she can. I am immediately overcome by twin feeling of pride and joy, seeing this most beautiful woman on earth lying so serenely on my lap. The contentment on her face makes me cherish our association even more.

I plough the fingers of my right hand lightly through her silken hair. With the forefinger of my left hand, I doodle on her cheeks, transgressing now to her lips and now to her earlobes, lightly and gingerly, never applying any pressure. I know she loves it each bit, for, she closes her eyes every now and then, trying to absorb the sensations more fully. Every few minutes, I give her a little peck on her forehead and nose. I love kissing her nose. The fanning of my fingers becomes more widespread, and I rub her lightly along the sides of her torso and abdomen. During their journey, my fingers feel the base from where her lovely breasts begin and she heaves a little heavily each time her tactile tissues there feel my touch. It is sensuous and yet not erotic. She is lying so comfortably on her most coveted perch. She is in no mood to move, as the only way she reciprocates is by giving me a flying kiss once in a while.

All this while, we have been talking in whispers, in monosyllables that only we understand, in symbolic ways that no one else can decipher. After what seems like an eternity, she reminds me that I must be feeling tired under her weight. I refuse to accept, for, such a light frame could never tire me, even if she were to spend the night sleeping on top of me. But she offers to exchange positions. To lie down on her lap is one of the most wonderful experiences. She bends down to kiss me lightly and I can feel her lovely breasts squashed between our bodies. Her hands quickly unbutton my T-shirt and begin to savour the hair on my chest. She has always been in love with the hair so rampantly grown all over my body. She always teases me that men with hairy bodies are more sexy. Her frail and lean arm finds its way through my T-shirt to my shorts and she quickly places her hand on my crotch. She makes a comment on how I am not erect and I tell her that today is special.

Another million years and I remember that she must be tired by now. So, we disengage and lie on our backs on the bed sheet. It is only now that the beauty of the sky hits us. We have never seen so many stars, twinkling and shimmering so brightly. The sight is breathtakingly superb. Combined with the sounds of the sea, the gulls and the insects behind the foliage, this makes a most exotic setting. We look at the stars and our hands instantly hold each other. As soon as I get her hand in mine, I start moving my finger on her palm, writing sometimes my name and sometimes my love for her. She always loves my fingers moving in this manner but has never, perhaps, fathomed the purpose of the movement. We like the wind lapping against our Ordu Escort Bayan bodies. She suddenly suggests that we permit the wind to caress our whole bodies. Little effort is required to discard the scanty dresses on our bodies and the next moment, we are lying down naked alongside each other. This has always been a most satisfying experience, to be with her in the closest possible manner under the stars, dressed most primitively. And I can never have enough of it. The cool breeze is violating our modesty by touching us in our innermost and most private parts. I can see her glancing sideways to where my manhood lies and she exclaims that it is still sleeping. I can sense her need and decide to fulfil some of it.

I get up and sit down. She looks astonishingly beautiful in the moonlight and appears fairer than ever before. Her skin is glistening mysteriously in the moonlight, more brightly than the Taj Mahal itself. She looks so ethereally beautiful and captivating in the dim light. Her sharp features, her large expressive eyes, sensuous and slightly parted lips revealing a perfect set of teeth, her jet black hair, her full and firm breasts with pink and smooth areolar rings and upright pink nipples atop each, her well kempt bush in the mid-region, her beautifully formed legs – all combine to give her an aura few other woman can ever dream of matching. She is undoubtedly the best ensemble of feminine hypnotism ever. I know as well as she does that we could easily get passionately coupled the next moment and give that release to each other that we so much long for. But today is special.

Years of togetherness have told us that we have been mentally in total sync with each other in all facets of life, including in our carnal relationship. The act of coition has always been most satisfying and exhilarating, more because it stands on the foundation of a very firm emotional and mental bonding between us. I have always taken pride in ensuring that each one of our intercourse all these years resulted in orgasmic gratification for her. I have never left her hanging in mid air even as I ejaculate and fill her up. Culmination of each copulative union has invariably given us both that immense sense of achievement at having given something so valuable to each other. Not once have we indulged in bang-bang animal sex. It is no coincidence that we are perfectly compatible, physically as well. Our height differential is just perfect, allowing us all those erotic manipulations with each other’s body even while we are joined interminably in the middle. Our body weights are just perfect, with neither of us causing undue burden on the other when controlling the speed and intensity of our intercourse, sitting or lying atop the other. And she does not tire telling me time and again that the thickness and depth that she experiences are just superb. In fact, she says that God made our sizes for each other, a perfect fit! I concur, for, I have always enjoyed her tight muscles grip, massage and lubricate my hardness when we are at it.

I put my finger on her forehead and touch her lightly. I then start a slow movement downward, brushing over her nose, through her lips, chin, middle of her neck, the valley between her beautiful breasts. As I pass by her breasts aching for attention, I can see her raising her torso and shifting sideways to catch my finger on her mass of soft and ample flesh, but my movement is like a guided missile, on course. I must admit, it is not easy for me to glide past her treasures, even more white than rest of her body, and the deep pink nipples peering at my fingers with expectation. On most occasions, I would simply love to knead her ample and firm breasts softly and lightly bite into her large nipples. But not today. As I leave the hills of her mammary treasures behind, the foray onto her abdomen titillates her even more. I stop for a teasingly long moment at her navel and then glide past.

I am now inches away from her well-kempt mass of pubic hair, which herald the beginning of jurisdiction of her lovely womanhood in all its glory. I can feel her breathing get heavier in anticipation. I also espy her hips rising to meet the oncoming feather of my finger. I stop my downward movement for a while, and run her excitingly close to a crescendo. She beckons to me to resume my journey and I oblige. I reach the pubic mound and hesitate for a moment before I hold the whole triangle in my palm, the tips of a couple of fingers perhaps touching some sensitive nerves of her womanhood. I release the triangle as suddenly as I had grabbed it, change course and move on to the inside of her right thigh. As I pass tantalisingly close to the most sensitive assembly of her sex, I can feel her body shake as if by an earthquake. I know that the muscles inside her lower abdomen have had spasms and caused her copious juices to escape her hallowed portals. Yes, in the moonlight, I can see her womanhood glisten with her liquids, oozing out liberally. I know she feels let down by my change of path but also know that she loves the huge expectation building up. I continue my journey down Escort Ordu her knees, to her calf muscles, her ankle, feet and toes.

I quickly get up, my loosely dangling manhood dripping wet with my own pre-cum, and sit close to her feet, facing her. The sight is breathtakingly beautiful indeed. I have a full rich view of my woman, in all her naked glory, flashing all her womanly charms at me. I hold her right foot and start sucking on her little toes. She obviously likes the action, as she begins to groan my name, slowly at first, but gradually raising the pitch. The dripping orifice of her womanhood has been at work all through. I can now see a largish spot on the bed sheet. I know she has already stamped my love on the sands of Maldives. She rocks a bit and then gets stiff in her legs. I know she is close to the edge. I egg her on with more vigorous suckling of her toes and she collapses with a loud shriek. Yes, she has come, without my actually touching any of the conventionally erogenous spots of her body with any part of my body, let alone by any stimulation from my erect manhood.

I continue my journey, by sucking on the toes of the other foot and when I am done with it reasonably to my heart’s content, I move my return journey along her right leg, all the time caressing her skin lightly as if with a feather. Once above her knee, I slow down, lingering progressively longer at each spot. As my fingers scrape on the upper part of her thigh, I can feel her stiffening again beneath my soft touch. I again decide to relieve some of her tension and move my fingers in circles on the inside of her upper thigh. In the process, I go enticingly close to her labial lips, without ever touching them. I can see her upsurge building up as she lifts her buttocks in the air, urging my finger to oblige her craving pussy. The wet spot on the bed sheet is much darker and bigger by now. As her pelvis is raised in air, I can see an instalment of her juices lengthen and stretch into a thread right up to the bed sheet a good nine inches below. It is painful to see her starving like that for my finger if not my very penis. As I can never see her in agony, I decide I must do something to get her over the cliff. I take my mouth close to where her rose, the fountainhead of her womanhood is. I can smell the heady aroma emanating from the heavenly orifice. And I can see the thick layer of mucus and nectar covering her womanhood. At that point, I just make my lips into a ring and blow into her, from a distance. She obviously likes the sensation and I can sense it having an immediate effect. Her pelvis is raised even higher and she lets out that shriek of my name as she does when she is just about to explode. And there, right in front of my eyes, I can see spasms overtake her palatial portals. She has had yet another orgasm, this time even without any physical touch on any part of her body. In the shimmering moonlight, I can see twitching of her majestic womanhood over and over again. At one point, I notice a stream of thick viscous cordial flowing from her hole to the bed sheet, like water from a tap. The raptures of golden love oozing from her love hole stand testimony to her being swallowed up in the ecstasy of her sexual pleasures.

I continue my journey upwards. The pubic mound, the navel, the abdomen, the hills and valley of milk, the neck, the chin, the lips, the nose and the forehead. She is in the seventh heaven of delight and pleasure even in today’s scenario of ‘no touch’. I decide that she needs some rest, some well deserved relaxing break. I lie down alongside her, this time to her left and we resume our stargazing. Her protestations against my teasing behaviour tonight draw merely a quiet chuckle from me. I hold her hand and do the familiar scribbling on her palm. She squirms at the sensation and lets out a moan. I turn around a bit and place my other hand on her cheek. As my hand approaches her lips, she grabs the opportunity and takes my finger in. She is now sucking at my fingers and I can feel like a mother when her young kid sucks on her nipple. She has suddenly turned me into a lactating mother! I can now feel wetness on my own thighs, with pre-cum droplets oozing out from my flaccid manhood.

After this has gone on for a long time, and her breathing has returned to normal, I look at her and ask her if she needed another feast. She demurely nods her accent. I decide that this one should surpass anything else that we have ever done to each other in the past. I command her to lie still on her back, with her legs spread slightly apart. I get up and stand at a distance and look constantly at her nude form. My gaze traverses each nook of her naked body. I begin from her face, traverse her body from her eyes, lips, cheeks, chin, neck, her full breasts, their protruding focal points and her flat womanly abdomen. I then linger for a long time at the pubic hair and then gaze below. Her labial lips are a glowing pink, radiant even in the diffused moonlight. I lick my lips with my tongue and bite them with my teeth. I cannot stand still and feel an ever-increasing pulsation in my groin. She is getting self conscious of her nude form lying starkly in front of me. My licking and biting of my own lips is getting more and more vigorous. My constant gaze of her charming womanhood is beginning to turn her on. I can see her breathing become heavier.

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