A Teaser Ch. 02


As the next orgasm ripped through Jami, she knew it was time for a reverse of position.

The next thing Alex felt was Jami sitting up and pushing him to lie back, telling him that she needed him in her mouth now. Never one to argue with a lady, Alex lay back.

Jami bent over and gave him a smoldering kiss tasting herself on his lips was so erotic. Now all she needed was his jeans off. Hmmm, she wondered boxer or briefs. She would know soon enough.

Jami grabbed one foot and dragged Alex’s boot off, the other foot followed. Then she was unbuttoning his jeans thinking he needed a zipper, it was so much faster.

As the fly opened Jami had to smile, she loved a guy who went commando. And she was surprised he hadn’t burst every one of his buttons because the bulge right in front of her face was very nice.

Jami pulled his jeans down and off his hips revealing a very nice piece of male anatomy. Jami was licking her lips as she finished pulling off his jeans.

When she glanced back up to his face, Alex was looking at her with enough heat to scorch her. She leaned forward grabbed his lips for another kiss as she ran her hands down his chest to take his cock in her hand. She started sliding down his body making sure to rub her body against all of him.

Jami finally made it to his rock hard cock, settling in between his legs she ran her thumb over the tip smearing the drop of pre-cum around the head before she took the tip of her tongue and ran over just the tip tasting what was unique to eskort görükle Alex.

Looking up into his eyes she slowly slid his length into her mouth, drawing on then releasing it to slide back up. When she looked back up Alex had thrown his head back and she had just begun.

Alex had never had a girl take so much enjoyment out of sucking his cock. And when she sucked back down flicking her tongue ring over the underside of his cock it felt great. Then her tongue was teasing around the head and the vibration of her moans was making him harder and harder. Alex didn’t know how much more of her tongue he could take or he might just be exploding down her creamy hot throat.

Jami licked up and down his cock teasing him, sucking just the head, then she raised his cock up and began licking on his balls, taking them gently into her mouth. She would take first one stone then the other in her mouth, and then she would take both all while stroking his cock. Then as he had lain back further, she licked him behind his balls down to his asshole.

Alex had never had a woman lick him there and it was an intense feeling and he now knew why girls always seemed to lose it when you did that.

It was enough and he needed to be inside her now. Lifting Jami up, he told her that it would be all over if she continued. He kissed her sexy lips and guided her up to straddle him.

Jami was more than ready to feel him inside her and taking hold of him guided him inside. As she felt him fill her, stretching her, kestel escort she moaned into his mouth. Once he was deep within her, she raised back up almost letting him slip out. Then back down squeezing her pussy muscles as she came back down on him.

Alex took a hold of Jami’s waist and began to pump up into her as she rode him. As she rode up, he sat up and took a cute little nipple in to his mouth. Jami whimpered as he sucked on her nipple and increasing the tempo. It felt so good.

Alex needed to take control of the action, lifting Jami off his cock, he laid her back. Placing her heels over his forearms he re-entered her driving hard and deep. Sliding out he slammed back home. He felt Jami’s muscles tightening as she cam closer and closer to cumming.

Jami was fighting, wanting to hold off cumming, but Alex just felt so good pumping deeper and deeper. She reached around to grab his Oh, so perfect ass, liking the feel of his ass flexing as he drove into her. She could not hold off any longer and then she was cumming. She tumbled over into lightening zinging through her veins but Alex wasn’t done yet. He withdrew flipping her over and bending her over the couch, telling he needed her so badly.

As he entered her from behind he pulled her up to nibble on her neck and asked her if he could have her in the ass.

Jami had a couple of lovers who had liked it but it wasn’t a big thing to her but the thought of Alex fucking her in the ass almost made her cum again.

When bursa sınırsız escort Jami told him yes, Alex knew that this one was worth keeping around for awhile as he hammered her, he spread her cheeks and withdrawing he used her juices , wetting her little pucker. Re-entering her he worked a thumb into her, he had to work a little to loosen her up but as soon as he felt her relax, he slid out the front and slid into her ass. She was so tight that he had to stop for a moment or he would have shot is load right there.

Jami felt him enter and she felt him hesitate. She smiled as she heard him sigh like he was home. Then he began to pump and she totally lost it , pushing back against him. As he picked up speed, she was telling him how good it felt and not to stop.

Alex couldn’t hold it any longer he felt it boiling up. Slamming her, she had reached a point where she was growling, she was grinding her hips back against him. Little guttural moans intermingled with his own groans and one harder pump and he came and came, it just felt so good he couldn’t seem to stop.

Jami felt the hot rush of Alex cumming and she couldn’t stop bucking back against him. Saying “yes, yes. Give it to me.” Then they collapsed as the wind came slowly out of them.

Both Alex and Jami were breathing heavy as he withdrew and they lay beside each other. Trying to catch their breath. As sanity returned Jami kissed Alex and looking up at the coffee table said to it was too bad about the ice cream but there was always uses for the toppings that they could discuss after a nice long shower.

Alex just gave her his naughty boy grin and told her to lead the way.

Thus ends our story for now…but you never know what other adventures these two will find…maybe you can give me an idea.

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