A Taste Chapter 9


At noon on the dot I opened mom’s bedroom door.  She was lying on her side facing away from me.  I called softly, “Mom, you wanted me to wake you.”

She jerked suddenly to her back and brought her right forearm over her eyes, “Oh god!” she exclaimed.  “Oh, please god!  Oh, oh Timmy, get me a cloth for my eyes.  Cold!”

I rushed to do as she asked and was back shortly with a dripping wet cold cloth.  She was muttering, “Oh shit, oh shit…”  She must have sensed I was back because she moved her arm and I placed the cloth over her closed eyes.  I did not have to be told to go away and leave her alone.  The only question was would this be a one, two, or three day spell.

I checked on her again at dinner time.  She had me help her to the bathroom and then back to bed.  She was naked at this time and I had begun to accept her that way.  She wanted another drink of gin and tomato juice and another cold cloth.  She stopped me as I was leaving her room with the question, “Have you done the chores?”  I told her I had and since she said nothing more I left, closing the door quietly.

The next morning I found mom in the kitchen.  “Would you like eggs for breakfast?” she asked.

“That would be great,” I said.  I was not surprised by her quick recovery.  She would often appear on deaths door one day and happily singing as if celebrating life the next day.

When she placed my breakfast in front of me she sat opposite.  “We gotta talk,” she said in a serious tone. 

I had no idea what to say so I busied myself with my breakfast.  She went ahead with her talk, “Mommy should never drink ‘cause when she does, she doesn’t know when to stop.”  I expected her to continue but when she did not I looked up from my breakfast.  Her eyes were focused on me and they were filled with tears.  I looked back at my plate and she continued, “No son should have to see his mommy the way you have.  Can you ever forgive me?”

I wondered if she was talking about forgiving her for being drunk, or gang fucked, or naked.  Either way, she was my mother so I forgave her.

“Thank you.  Now one more thing, neither of us wants to hurt your daddy so he won’t hear anything about my getting drunk.”  I agreed.  She went on, “Or anything else that your momma so stupidly let happen.”  I agreed to this also.  “You know I should not make excuses but with daddy gone so long…”  She did not finish her sentence.  After a minute or so she said, “You know daddy will be home this coming week-end.”  I was pleased to hear that but I secretly hoped that they would not fight for once.  She went on, “I’m going to see if Liz will let you stay with her so mommy and daddy can be alone.”

For months I had not heard anything about Liz and when I had asked, mom had refused to talk about her.  “Where is she?” I asked.

“She has an apartment in town and a job.  She is doing fine and we have patched up our differences.”

Friday night dad was due in on the late night bus so mom and I met him there.  Mom greeted dad with a passionate kiss that seemed to last forever.  I felt embarrassed by this public display of affection.   I looked around to see if anyone was watching but no one seemed concerned enough to even look.   Dad tasseled my hair and asked how I was doing.  From the bus station we went to Liz’s apartment.  Dad greeted her with a big hug.  Mom thanked her for taking me in for the week-end. Mom told me she would be back for me on Sunday evening.

Liz showed me her small apartment.  There was a small kitchen, a small bathroom, and a larger room with a bed and chest of drawers on one side and a couch, table and chairs on the other side.  After inviting me to sit on the couch she sat beside me.  She said, “Mom says you’ve asked about me.”

“Yes, but until a few days ago she would tell me nothing.”

“That’s probably my fault,” she volunteered and then asked, “How have you and mom been doing.”

“Fine,” I said.

“You always did get along with her but I expected that since she would not have anyone to fight with she might pick on you.”

“No, she has her bad days and I just stay out of the way,” I responded.  Although I knew sis would keep any secret that I might share with her I decided not to tell her any.

“I’m sorry but I cannot respect her.  She tells me how I should be a good girl and then I see what she does.  I suspect she and Jerry are…”

I interrupted her, “Mom fired Jerry just a few days after you left.”

“She did? Wow, I didn’t expect that” Liz said thoughtfully.    

“Yeah, with Jerry gone I wind up doing all the chores,” I added.

“There really isn’t that much to do any more is there?” she asked.

“Not really,” I said and then blurted out, “I really miss you sis.”

“I bet you did and I missed you,” she said.

“I miss you coming to my room.  I miss the things we did,” I said as I turned to face her.  She must have been waiting for this because she moved toward me and we were suddenly in a passionate embrace.  As our tongues became reacquainted she hugged me tightly. 

When we came up for air she said, “Get ready for bed.”

“Didn’t Sex hikayeleri bring any pajamas…Mom said since I was sleeping on your couch I could just sleep in my clothes,” I said.

“Just take off all your clothes ‘cause your sleeping naked in my bed with me,” she said as she stood and began stripping off her clothes.

I was out of my clothes just as quickly as she was.  We each took the other into our arms and she said, “Timmy, you’ve grown.”

Thinking that she was talking about my dick which was pressed against her tummy, I asked, “Have I?”

“Well look.  We used to be the same height and now you can look right over the top of my head.”    She was right.  I had grown at least six inches.  “Come,” she said as she took my hand and led me to her bed.

“Do I get to stick my dick in you?” I asked.

“No, but we can do just about anything else,” she said as she pushed me down on the bed.  She laid on top me and we kissed.  My fingers found her wet pussy and her hand found my leaking dick.   She pulled back and said, “Oh god Timmy, it’s been too long.  I gotta have you lick my pussy.”

“Okay,” I responded.

She put a hand on either side of my head.  She kissed my forehead and each of my eyes.  She kissed my nose and each of my cheeks.  “Okay,” she said as she rose up.  She turned around and lowered her pussy to my face.  As I made contact with my tongue I felt her take my dick in her mouth.  I had the feeling I had returned to heaven.

Sis had to work on Saturday so I was alone in her apartment for most of the day with nothing to do.  I looked through her books and found one I had not read but by noon I was tired of reading.  I had the thought that Liz might have something interesting hid away in a drawer so I began carefully looking in the drawers of her nightstand.  I made sure everything was the way she had left it.  I did not know what I was looking for but whatever it was I did not find it.

I wished I had brought one of Jerry’s magazines along.  Then I remembered I had brought three condoms.  Along with sneaking all of Jerry’s magazines into my room I had taken all of his supply of rubbers which I had hid along with the magazines under my mattress…all that is, except for three condoms which I had in my pocket.  I took them out and put them on the coffee table.  I looked at them wondering if Liz would let me stick my dick in her pussy if I used a rubber.  I decided to leave them there on the table and when she saw them I would ask to fuck her.

It seemed as if the afternoon would never end.  Every time I looked at the clock, only a minute or two had passed.  I finished the book I had started in the morning and was looking through sis’ books when she came in.  We met halfway between the door and the bookcase in a passionate kiss.  When we came up for air she said, “Timmy your squeezing the life out of me.”  I eased my grip on her and she pulled away going to the kitchen.  I followed her, watching her every move.  She asked me if I had eaten anything for lunch.

I said I had not even gotten hungry.  When she started stirring a pot on the stove I stepped up behind her and as I slipped my hands around her thin waist I nibbled on her ear.  She said we had to eat something, then she’d shower, and then we could eat each other.  I did not get the message because I continued to nibble on her ear.  She turned on me and said, “Go sit at the table.”  I could tell it was not a request so I did as she said.

She talked about her work, about how boring it was at times and other times how busy she was.  I was thinking of nothing but what I was going to say when she noticed the condoms.  When we finished eating she told me to do the dishes while she showered.  I had finished and was sitting on the couch when she came out of the bathroom.  She was wrapped in a towel and was drying her hair with a second towel.  She sat beside me on the couch, putting one foot up on the coffee table right next to the condoms.  I leaned over to kiss her and she said I had to wait until she had her hair dry. 

I began to think that I should not have brought the condoms.  Sis might get mad but I still wanted her to notice them.  When she laid aside the towel she was drying her hair with, she asked, “Where did you get those?”   

“Out of Jerry’s room when I cleaned it up,” I said.

“Why did you bring them here?”

“I thought you might let me stick my dick in your pussy with one of those,” I recited my well practice plea.

“How old are they?” she asked.

“I don’t know.  I just found them in a drawer, thought maybe you would…”

She cut me off.  “If they get old they will break.  If they aren’t new, we should not use them.”

“You sure they are too old?” I asked.

“Wouldn’t want to guess,” she responded.  Then she asked, “Are you going to take off your clothes?”

I bounded up and began undressing.  As I removed my underwear I looked and Liz had taken off her wraparound towel.  I was rock hard and had been since she arrived home.  I noticed that sis’ tits were standing out like they were rock hard also.  As I sat down she reached Sikiş hikayeleri and picked up one of the condoms.  She tore open the package, took out the rubber, unrolled it, and began to blow it full of air.  When it had grown to double length and diameter she stopped blowing and holding it closed she pulled and squeezed it.    “Guess it’s not too old,” she commented.  She continued to blow air into it until it was bigger around than her head and longer than my forearm.

My dick jumped and my heart skipped a beat as I realized I just might get to stick my dick in her pussy.

“Haven’t you found a school girl to fuck?” she asked as she let the air out of the rubber. 

“Haven’t been looking,” I said.

“You should.  These are the years when girls your age are most likely to let you in their pants.”  As she was talking she picked up a second condom and tore open the package.  She turned to me and said, “Let me put this on you.”  I watched as she rolled it down over my dick.  The anticipation of what was about to happen caused my heart to pound.  I was sure it was so loud that she could hear it.  Once she had it rolled all the way on she tugged and pushed to see that it would stay in place.  It did.  Then she said what I had hoped for.  “Okay, you can fuck me with that on.  Don’t you dare lose it!”  I started to move when she said, “Wait!
That reminds me of a joke.  Every time this guy fucked his girlfriend he lost the rubber inside.  He would then try to fish it out with a straw.  He would lose the straw.  Nine month later their baby was born and the doctor said, ‘Well, your baby is prepared for all weather with his own rubber raincoat and straw hat.’”   

I laughed but the thought of losing the rubber, or having it come off spoiled the humor of the joke.

“On the bed, on your back,” she said and I was there in a flash.   She came and pulled and tugged on the rubber again.  “I fucked before with a rubber, in fact I have fucked a lot with a rubber and they have never come off but if yours came off and I got pregnant…”  She did not finish as she climbed on the bed and sat on my thighs.  She looked me in the eyes and said, “This isn’t kid’s play.  This is a grown up fuck.”

“I know and I really want to do it,” I said as I looked her up and down.

“Me too,” she said as she rose up and moved forward.  Positioning her dripping pussy just right she lifted my dick and lowered herself slowly until my dick was buried all the way in her.  “How is that?” she asked.

“Oh yeah!” I exclaimed while feeling the pleasure of having my dick all the way in my sister’s wonderfully tight pussy.

She rose up slowly until only the tip of my dick was in her.  She moved down more quickly than before. 
Then up and down more quickly and then again more quickly.  She leaned forward to kiss me and now only her hips rose and fell in a quick smooth motion.  The sensations I was getting were wonderful.  The only trouble was I had been anticipating this so long and now I was going to come too quickly.  I tried my best to hold it back but I was losing the battle.  “I’m gonna come,” I announced.  Involuntarily I began to thrust up as she came down and then I began to explode.  One, two, three, four, five times and still it continued.  I don’t know whether it was ten or twenty times I shot out my seaman, hopefully into the rubber and not my sister.  
As soon as I had stopped, she slipped off and checked to make sure the rubber had stayed on.  It had. 

 “How was that?” she asked.

“Wonderful…best ever,” I replied.

“It was a little fast,” she said as she slipped the rubber off my dick.  “Should have sucked you off first and then had you fuck me.”  She tied the rubber in a knot and tossed it in the waist basket.   She continued, “You popped off so fast that I did not even have an orgasm so you have to eat me out now.”

I spent the next hour eating Liz’s pussy.  We lost track of how many times she had nearly gone into convulsions, moaning and screaming out her pleasure.  I drank so much sweet pussy juice, I was sure I would never be thirsty again.  When she said she could take no more we just hugged and kissed for a while. 

Then she treated me to a dish of vanilla ice cream with caramel syrup over it.  While savoring the taste of caramel and vanilla I looked at my disheveled sister as she ate her ice cream.  “I must look a mess,” she said.  I just shook my head.  “I’m all sweaty…I’ll have to take another bath before I’ll let you taste me again,” she added.

“I could use a bath myself,” I said.

When I finished my ice cream and was licking the last of the syrup off my spoon she said, “Go fill the tub for a bath and I will join you.”   I was sitting in the tub when Liz came into the bathroom.  It was almost surprising to me that she was naked.  I mean I had seen her naked often but at that moment my eyes focused on every detail of her body.  As she stepped into the tub I had the thought that she was more beautiful than any time before.

She sat with her back to me and I soaped up my hands and began by rubbing them over her back and then up to her Erotik hikaye shoulders.  From there, as she rested back against me I ran my soapy hands over her breasts.  Of course I could not resist squeezing them.  “If you keep that up I am going to be bruised,” she said.  Then as
I ran my hands down over her stomach she said, “I’ll wash the rest of me and you wash yourself.” 

I thought that we should have more fun in the tub but I did not protest.  After our bath I had wanted to use the last rubber to fuck her again but she said we would save it for the next day [Sunday] since we would be spending most of the day in sex play.  

We cuddled up on her bed in each others’ arms.  I don’t know why but I fell asleep.  In the middle of the night I woke, still in Liz’s arms.  She was sound asleep.  I slipped a hand down to her pussy and slipped two fingers in.  She was not very moist and I soon fell back to sleep.  Not long before dawn I was awakened from a dream where I was about to fuck Liz without a rubber.

I was just slipping it in when I woke to find Liz sucking on my dick.   “Good morning sis,” I said.

She pulled off saying, “Didn’t take much to wake you.  Just woke up myself with your hand in my pussy so I thought I should wake you.”  She went back to sucking my dick.  I once again reached her pussy and inserted a couple fingers.  She was now moist so my fingers slipped right in.  After moistening them I found her clit and she jumped.  She pulled her mouth off me and said, “I’m a little tender, better not rub my clit.”  I went back to fucking my fingers in and out of her pussy.

It did not take long before I shot my load into her mouth.   She kept sucking me dry after I finished.  She rose up and said, “I’ve had my breakfast.  What would you like?”

She fixed us bacon and eggs. While eating I asked, “Wouldn’t it be fun to stick an egg in your pussy and then I could watch you lay it.”

“That’s silly,” she said, adding, “I don’t stick anything other than fingers, tongues, and dicks in my pussy. Food goes in the mouth.”

After breakfast she had me lay on my back on her couch and she offered me her pussy as she sucked on my dick. As I licked across her clitoris, she pulled back saying, “Damn my clit is too tender and you got some stubble on your chin.”

“Didn’t bring a razor,” I said.

“I’ll get mine,” she said as she jumped up and rushed to the bathroom. She brought back an old double edged Gillette Razor. She dry shaved off my chin whiskers. “There, that’s better,” she said.

She had multiple orgasm before I shot another large load into her mouth. She continued sucking on my softening dick until after she had another orgasm. “I think I had enough for a while and look at this thing,” she said as she waved my limp dick around. She added, “It has lost its backbone. Let’s just cuddle for a while and maybe take a morning nap.”

When we woke from our nap, Liz asked, “You want lunch first or do you want to fuck me first?”

“I want to fuck you first,” I responded.

“I should have known,” she said. She picked up the last condom, opened it, and began to roll it onto my suddenly hardening dick. After tugging on it to be sure it would stay on she stood, saying, “On the bed. You’re on top this time.”

She lay on the bed on her back with her head on the pillows. She spread her legs and invited me in. I could not resist one more lick of her pussy before moving up to kiss her on the lips. She guided my dick as I pushed it in. I savored the feeling as I slid it in to the hilt. We continued to kiss as I pulled back and once again pushed it in. Her pussy seemed to suck me in like her mouth did. I began to increase my speed. Slamming it home all the way. She began to moan and call out, “Oh Timmy, oh Timmy…”

I heard a noise at the door but could not be bothered as the tension built within my groin. Suddenly I heard a woman scream and it was not Liz. I looked toward the sound and there was mom at the door. She slammed the door behind her and shouted, “You fucking whore. You god dammed fucking whore and with your own brother. Timothy Ivan, you get off her and get dressed. You will never see your sister again. I should call the cops and have you both arrested. Good god,” she had to take a breath. “The two of you fucking right here with the door unlocked. God all mighty, both my flesh and blood fucking like animals. Shit, Timothy Ivan will you hurry up and get dressed. And you, you fucking whore you could at least cover yourself. Good god all mighty. God dammed fucking ass whore, if I ever see you again I’ll…” Again she was out of wind and this time she appeared to get dizzy. She sat on the couch and leaned forward holding her head in her hands. “This’ll be the death of me,” she said.

I was dressed by this time and went to stand beside her. “Oh god baby, what did she do to get you to do this.” She stood and grabbed my hand. We were out of the apartment and into the car without another word.

In the car mother said, “Your father and I had a fight so I dropped him off at the station early. When he hears about this he will probably side with your sister. If he dose he can just move out. Hell I’m done with him anyway. You’re the only one who loves me. Right baby, you love your mother don’t you?”

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