A Tale of Loss and Lust

Big Tits

Author’s Note:

This is the first part of “Vulvalica”, a bipartite narrative. It focuses on the amorous disposition, carnal desire, and a sense of belonging that women feel for one another.


Cast of Characters:

Major Characters:

Selena Jolie Beaumont: Protagonist.

Dagmar Eydis: The chieftain of Gynecians.

Yamila: A Dark-skinned beauty, Dagmar’s first handmaiden.

Nuala: An attractive Irish woman, Dagmar’s second handmaiden.

Mika: An eye-catching Chinese girl, Dagmar’s third handmaiden.

Inga: Young Gynecian having fair skin, Dagmar’s fourth handmaiden.

Minor Characters:

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beaumont: Selena’s parents.

Nora Andrews: Selena’s sister.

Baron Andrews: Nora’s husband.

Pomona: Gynecian watchwoman, Nita and Zola’s wife.

Nita: Gynecian watchwoman, Pomona and Zola’s wife.

Zola: Gynecian watchwoman, Pomona and Nita’s wife.

Gilda: A beautiful spirit with fair hair.

Shima: A shrewd Gynecian healer.

Lilura: Gynecian thaumaturge, mistress of the occult.

Rhona: Keeper of the Temple and Altar, Lora’s wife.

Lora: Keeper of the Temple and Altar, Rhona’s wife.

Tsaša Runa: First thaumaturge and chieftain in the history of Vulvalica.

Zuria Agnès: Tsaša Runa’s lover, first bride of the goddess.

Sebina Renati: Portuguese beauty whose survival made history.




The wind howled shrill sounds in the darkness of night. Lightning flashed and thunder crashed recurrently from the ominous black clouds. The ocean raged as mountainous waves that broke over the listing bow of Anne Celeste; it drove her southward. Her captain clutched the wheel and swiftly turned it to starboard. He barked orders to the crew who promptly manipulated the rigging and cordage. As the ship changed her direction, he laughed triumphantly. It wasn’t his first voyage from the Kingdom of Great Britain to New France. His expertise in navigating the passenger ship and keeping her safe from colliding with the icebergs or ledges had earned him a reputation.

The weary passengers had retired to their cabins shortly before midnight. Selena Beaumont took off her corsets, bodice, petticoats, and evening shoes. Without removing her beige chemise, she sat on the berth and turned her head to look through the porthole. Nothing was perceivable except the repetitive flashes of lightning. The frigid storminess of North Atlantic had chilled Cabin NINE. She stretched out and pulled the wool blanket up, covering herself. The warmth engulfed her all over and she felt better. Her lips curved into a smile as she recalled captain’s words; he had assured all the passengers that they would safely reach their destination in five days.

Selena hugged herself as the coziness of blanket reminded her of Nora Andrews’ warm embrace. She was not only her older sister, but also a confidante. They resembled each other for having fair complexion, proportioned brown eyes, Greek noses, full rosy lips, heart-shaped faces, and long raven hair. Nora was slimmer and a bit taller; on the contrary, Selena had voluptuous curves and enviable looks. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beaumont thought their daughters cared for each other merely as siblings. Unbeknownst to them, the girls were incesbians!

Closing her eyes, Selena playfully fondled her boobs under the blanket; her nipples were hardened already. Though a musing, Nora’s nudity aroused her in no time. They always loved sucking each other’s tits and doing sixty-nine. She licked her lips, recalling the tasty juices oozing from Nora’s quivering snatch and the desirable feel of wet tongue salaciously flicking her pussy lips.

A sigh escaped her mouth. She reached down, removed the hem of chemise from her thighs, and touched herself. Splaying her legs, she parted her wet pussy lips with a couple of fingers and pushed them into the slippery warm passage.

Selena shuddered and bit her lip as the receptive walls of her cunt pulsated. She flexed her fingers and moved her hand, touching the G-spot. Reflecting on Nora’s nipples and curves, she continued fucking herself.

Selena’s chest heaved in the heat that generated from her loins. She shifted the blanket aside and cast a glance at her hand that worked feverishly between her thighs. Her stomach muscles contracted and she moaned, releasing her juices copiously. A slimy thread issued from her cunt as she withdrew her hand slowly. Raising it to her mouth, she sucked her soaked fingers; the cum tasted delicious.

Lying spread-eagled, she laughed to herself. The moments she spent making love with Nora were her only source of inspiration to live. Every night was the night of gratifying pleasure for them. Though Nora married a rich marine trader and settled with him in Savannah, they never quit communicating each other. Selena longed to see her sister and she was elated to receive a letter Anadolu Yakası Escort from her three weeks ago. Nora had asked her to journey the seas and be with her at home. The shadow that shrouded Selena’s hope had been lifted.

Selena smiled and rolled on her left side. Remembering what Nora had written in the letter, she closed her eyes. Baron Andrews, who was Nora’s husband, often traversed Atlantic Ocean to go for the trading ventures. As he left his family behind for weeks, the pending solitude was more than Nora could bear. Hence, she yearned to be unified with Selena to resolve her loneliness and gratify the incestuous desire they shared.

Selena curled up in her berth and fell asleep before she could cover herself under the blanket. Like her, all the passengers were completely oblivious to the raging storm that soon shook Anne Celeste to timbers. On deck, the violent hurricane dealt fatal blows to the frail ship. The wind shredded the canvas sails, inflicted pounding waves that swept the crew to Davy Jones’ locker, and propelled Anne Celeste to an iceberg.

That very instant, from an undisclosed island, an entity rose in the sky and swiftly flew northward to meet someone.



Selena lay nude and alone on her bed. Looking around the bedroom that seemed more like the interior of a hut, she frowned and said, ‘Where am I?’ She could not hear her own voice but turned her head to left, and found Nora entering easily through the solid wall.

‘Let me take you, my love,’ Nora said. A wicked smile curved her lips and she transformed into an apparition. The ghost had an unfamiliar face. Rendering Selena speechless, she raised her arms.

Selena felt a restraining pressure on her legs that pervaded up to her shoulders. Consequently, her body stiffened; it rose higher and turned upright, facing the ghost. The walls changed into the black and cloudy sky. Her eyes flew open as she felt herself being hung in the midair. The cold, stormy wind caressed her skin like a lover and she heard a faint whisper, ‘…are mine.’

The ghost transformed into a woman she never met before. Wearing a feathered crown and a tanned hide dress that completely covered her body, the woman stood with an air of authority. Her eyes sparkled that instantly captivated Selena. She lowered her arms and spoke in a different yet firm voice, ‘Yes, you belong to me.’

The dark clouds immediately turned into a thicket and someone spoke in a crisp voice, ‘You can’t break the bond and leave us.’ The speaker was neither the crowned woman nor Selena’s beloved sister.

Hearing this, the woman laughed and a couple of her clones appeared unexpectedly. “You belong to us, Lena! You belong to us,” they chanted in unison.

Each time the sentence was repeated, the clones burgeoned around Selena. Their voices, mingled and growing louder, utterly terrified her. She could not scream or run away as they stepped forward and clung to her. They left no part of her body untouched, unkissed, and unlicked. With Pleasure replacing the dread, Selena spoke, ‘Yes, yes, I belong to you…’

And she woke up sweaty in spite of the coldness that chilled her cabin. Blinking in the semidarkness, she lay still and soon came to her senses. Nora, the ghost, crowned woman, and her clones seemed real because she just heard herself saying the last sentence.

Selena frowned and rolled on her back. There was no sign of the thicket or anybody around. She was still in her cabin. Running a hand over the silk material that covered her torso and thighs, she understood everything. The shapeshifter and her clones never existed; she had a dream about them!

Selena shuddered as her pussy twitched; lifting the hem of her chemise, she softly touched her wet labia that quivered at the tickling sensation. Even though it was eerie, the dream had stirred her desires. ‘Maybe I’m too impatient to wait any longer but I can’t help it,’ she thought and rolled on her right side.

That instant, Anne Celeste collided with the iceberg. Selena heard a sharp cracking sound as the impetus hurled her off the safe haven. Flung face down, she slid over the polished flooring but was struck by the trunk that contained her possessions. Pain shot through her torso and limbs. She screamed in agony.

A scorching sensation rose in her legs and chest as she tried to inhale deeply. Shrill cries, confused voices, and rapid thudding of feet could be heard outside her cabin. Selena knew something bad had happened to the ship that utterly terrorized people; they were running for their lives. This fed her inspiration to flail an arm and fix her hand on the flooring. Attempting to rise, she groaned and flexed one leg under her stomach. The pain was too much for her but she had resolved to get out of the cabin. She struggled, braced herself against the flooring, and ultimately got on her feet. Making a turn, she swayed and flung at the door to keep her balance. It was locked! She moved her trembling Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan hands, fumbled with the latch, pushed the door open, and fled.

Selena hurried into the companionway. Hearing a commotion, she approached the staircase and stopped in her tracks as her eyes fell on the source of noisy disturbance. Gaping, she stared at the passengers who scuffled and frantically pushed one another. Every person wanted to be first to get out; no one showed compliance and regard for others. Hence, they had blocked the only way out! There was no sign of the crew who could control the situation and help them to abandon the ship.

Suddenly, she heard the cacophony of panic and an old man came rushing behind her. “Get away,” he said gruffly, hitting her left arm with the back of his hand. She gasped and managed to keep herself from falling. A woman and some kids followed him; they paid no heed to her.

Making a face, Selena raised her right hand and stroked her arm to alleviate the burning sensation. She had no choice but to wait until some space would be left for her to proceed. On the top steps, however, two men began quarreling for being pushed continually. Some passengers intervened immediately, keeping each man from fighting. Selena sighed with relief as people pushed them out on the deck and resumed trudging up the stairs.

“Yeah, they are nuts,” a sweet voice echoed from behind, giving her a start. Before she could turn around, the speaker came forward and stood next to her. “Here, you won’t see anybody who’d think a bit to save others because they don’t want to kick the bucket!”

Selena looked at her. She was a beautiful girl, dressed in the shimmering white gown. The lustrous blonde locks buttressed the celestial glow of her fair skin and alluring face. Her full mouth lacked a friendly smile. The only thing that gave Selena the creeps was her eyes; they were vacant, void of discernible color, and distant.

Selena’s mouth hung open. The girl did not look at her but through her eyes and into her soul. Pain and premonition that nagged her a while ago, were now forgotten and replaced by the constant humming.

“You’re going to join them, ma chérie,” the girl spoke, shaking Selena back to reality but the latter said nothing and merely blinked at her white face.

“Ah! I thought you won’t dawdle around here but alas, I was wrong,” the girl said, turning her head as she began moving toward the staircase. “If something is foreordained, you can’t ward it off and nothing changes but the destination where you have to go.”

For a brief moment, Selena thought the girl was floating rather than walking her way. She looked up. Some passengers stood on the deck, urging people to climb the stairs one after the other.

“Come on sweetie,” the girl addressed her. “Don’t just stand there and let yourself be drowned for good. It’s so distressing to die young and utterly lost, you know!”

Selena gave her a nod. She approached the staircase and climbed some steps excitedly.

“Keep moving, love! She’ll be certainly satisfied with you,” the girl said.

Selena frowned. Casting a glance in her direction, she spoke, “What do you…”

And she paused; there was no sign of the blonde girl on staircase. Perplexed, she gazed around the area but failed to find her strange companion. She trembled as the idea of seeing a real ghost frightened her instantly. Uttering a shrill cry, she clutched the railing and rushed up to the top steps.

“Hurry up wench! We don’t have much time,” a man upbraided as he grabbed her arm and roughly pulled her out.

As she stepped on the deck, strong currents of wind hit her all over. It whipped her raven hair and mercilessly fluttered the chemise off her legs. Realizing that her crotch was revealed, she grabbed the hem and held it in place.

“Off to the jolly boats, wench,” the man croaked. “Women and children will go first!”

Selena could not go in the direction he specified because a huge foaming wave caught her attention. It rose and splashed over the entire deck, soaking everybody from head to toe. Anne Celeste gave a big lurch, horrifying all the passengers. They made noises of distress as a man was hurled off the ship; he met his fate, screaming and falling into the pitiless ocean.

Selena shrieked and recoiled as the deadly scene frightened her. A bucket and holystone cluttered past, hitting her feet right away. She yelped, faltered, and lost her balance. Another wave rose higher and lashed down, driving her to the deck railing. Receiving a severe blow on her head, she passed out.

Anne Celeste went nose down as the water escaped into her compartments. More passengers were washed aboard and the ocean devoured them ferociously. The mournful groaning of her timbers harmonized with the horrendous gurgling sounds and crashing thunder.

Selena, lying unconscious and oblivious to the final calamity, slid over the slanting deck like a corpse. A big wave hit the sinking Escort Anadolu Yakası ship but it failed to claim Selena’s life as the entity landed near the foremast and approached her in a tick.

“You are too beautiful to be perished,” the entity spoke before hugging Selena protectively and rising swiftly in the dark cloudy sky.



Author’s Note:

In order to make Gynecian words decipherable in English, a glossary is placed at the end of this story.


The night was not stormy in Vulvalica. Clam ruled the rocky shores and Mist of Tsaša hovered in the atmosphere, shielding the island from Mother Nature and unwelcome mariners. The inhabitants enjoyed the passing hours in serene peace. Good sex rejuvenated the Vulvalican women amid the lavishness of passion and heat. They uttered sounds of love that echoed in concert with the shrill chirping of wild crickets.

Three women patrolled the dark grounds, giggling to moans and shrieks that emitted from the huts. With pasties affixed on their nipples and soiled breechcloths covering their loins, they traversed in half-naked state.

“I think tiggera won’t show up tonight,” said the hefty guard. She was holding a torch to illuminate their path.

“You are right, Pomona! She won’t attack us after we drove her away using this,” Zola said, brandishing her spear ostentatiously.

“Gilda is worse,” Nita said. “Last night, she broke into Rhona’s hut when Lora was eating her out. Good for them, I heard their screams and…”

“We know the story, laz,” Pomona cut in on her. “You rushed into the hut and put some rugs on fire to scare her off. Your meddlesomeness enraged her and she threatened to mess things up in our home.”

“Don’t forget! Nita received a prize for her bravery,” Zola quipped, grinning broadly.

Nita sighed. “What a great prize it was! With Lora’s juices draining down my throat and Rhona’s mouth closing on my nub, the pleasure was too much for me to forget,” she said.

“I was ready to teach that despicable peri a lesson but Shima saw her flying and disappearing behind the Mist an hour ago,” Pomona said.

“Brilliant,” Zola said. “I hope she is gone for good.”

“Forget her! We have been patrolling the entire island for hours and now I am thirsty,” Nita said.

“Me too,” Zola added. “Pity we can’t drink the pussy juices here.”

Pomona laughed. “You two are talking like whores,” she joined in.

Nita reacted by slapping Pomona on her firm rump.

“Ouch! That smarts,” Pomona said, making a face. In a flash, she gave Nita a retaliatory jolt.

“Ah oh, we aren’t home yet lazes,” Zola spoke up as she watched Nita falter and landing on her butt.

Pomona chuckled. “Get down and ride her face! I’ll be back in a while,” she exclaimed joyfully and turned around.

“You aren’t going home,” Zola said as she knelt beside Nita.

“You are wrong, sweetie. I’m going there to check something.”

“Get lost,” Nita said laughingly.

Pomona grinned slyly and resumed walking. As she disappeared behind a hut, Zola looked down and said, “She’s a bad laz but I love her.”

Nita grabbed her by the wrist and said, “Come on, baby! Quench my thirst and pleasure me in return. I am dripping wet, you know.”

Zola gasped as Nita pulled her down and caught her in a tight embrace. They lay on the ground, kissing each other and letting some naughty tongue flicking transpire in their mouths.

“I wonder why she has gone there alone,” Zola said, breaking the kiss.

“Perhaps she wants to make sure that Gilda is not haunting our hut,” Nita said.

Zola smiled, rose on her knees, and untied her breechcloth. “Caution always keeps the trouble at bay,” she said before shifting her position and turning around. Then she squatted above Nita’s face, lowered herself, and bent down.

Nita clutched Zola by her hips, pulled her down, and began sucking her engorged clit. Zola removed the flap of Nita’s breechcloth, opened her supple thighs, playfully licked her gaping cunt, and took her nub orally.

Soon, each girl led her lover to the edge. Sucking and licking the cunts ravenously, they pleasured each other. Pussy juices coated their mouths, noses, and chins as they continued squaring away.

Pomona returned and stopped beside them. Her wives were too engrossed in lovemaking to perceive her presence. Grinning, she kicked Zola in the ribs and gave her a start.

Zola looked up, scowling at her.

“I can see you two long for having a good sex alfresco and let your vitalities be drained overnight,” Pomona said sarcastically.

“Oh yeah,” Zola spoke up. “Haven’t you told us to stay here and eat each other out?”

“Are you censuring me for an encouragement, my love?”

“NO, but a kick in the ribs can never be appreciated.”

Pomona burst into laughter.

Nita gave Zola’s clit a smooch. “Gilda hasn’t messed our home I presume,” she said.

“Yeah,” Pomona affirmed. “Making my way back here, I went to Shima’s hut and she agreed to lend me this.” She raised her left hand, showing them a vial that glistened in the flickering torchlight.

Zola frowned as she discerned the dark brown contents of the vial. “It is herbido, the very potion she gave you last week,” she said.

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