A Sweet Homecoming Ch. 02


Once out of the bar we were probably safe from immediate trouble. I didn’t figure that the bartender was going to call the cops on us. Half the stuff that went on in that joint was illegal so he wasn’t going to want to call attention to his establishment by bringing the authorities in. It wasn’t one of the paying customers that had been injured. It was only a drugged out bouncer that had suffered in the fight and the goon had started the fracas anyway.

I ran my arm over her shoulder, pulling her tight against me as we walked. She didn’t resist the move, but I felt her shiver lightly. I knew it wasn’t just from the chill San Francisco breeze. I looked at her and asked, “What are you going to do now?”

She replied, “Oh I don’t know. Something will come up.”

We walked in silence for a few minutes before she suddenly stopped and began fumbling around in her purse. She finally pulled the pack of cigarettes from her bag, shook out a smoke and with shaking fingers tried to strike a match to light it. The match lit for a brief second before guttering out in the stiff breeze. She tried again with no better results. Frustrated after a third try, she tossed the book of matches to the sidewalk and kicked at them. I reached into my pocket, fired up my Zippo and lit her Marlboro. She took a deep drag, exhaled shakily and said, “You know I’m really screwed now.”

I responded, “If it is any consolation to you, I don’t think Al is going to be bothering anybody for a few days. He’ll live, but I think that he’ll be spending a couple of days in the charity ward of some hospital or other.” I paused before continuing, “A gal like you, with your obvious physical attributes should have no trouble finding a better job in this town. I don’t think you have anything to really worry about unless it is the lost wages from tonight and I’ll be more than happy to make those up to you since it is my fault that you lost your job.”

She put the cig between her lips and pulled her light jacket on before replying. “I don’t think you get it. I share a house with the ass hole you just beat up and he has friends there that’ll make my life hell once they hear about you kicking the snot out of him and why you did it. I’m going to have to move out pronto and I don’t have any place to go right now except the street. I don’t mind living on the street for a night or two till I can find another place to live, but my little girl can’t.” She took a puff from her smoke, pulled it from her mouth, looked down at it between her fingers and asked, “Do you think we could stay in your hotel room for the night?”

My dick started to get hard with the thought of spending the whole night with this temptress. I hoped that I didn’t show too much eagerness as I responded with a quick, “Sure, no problem at all.”

Relieved, she smiled wanly at me. “I don’t think you know how much of a relief it is to hear that. I was afraid that you’d just put me on a bus or simply walk away after all the trouble you had back there.” She stepped up to me, planted a big wet kiss on my lips, picked up her bag and started down the street. As she walked she called back over her shoulder, “Hurry up, we have to get a bus fast so that I can get back to the house and get my kid and stuff before word gets there about the fight.”

As I rushed to catch up I asked, “Where do you live?”

“In the Haight.” She replied.

I chuckled at her response. I should have known she would be living in one of the many communes in that area of town. I looked at my watch and was surprised to see that it was only eleven, it felt that it should be much later, time was running slow tonight that was sure.

Quickening my steps I caught up with her and said, “It’s going to take forever to get a bus going that direction this time of night. I have a better idea.” We rounded a corner and I saw two cabs coming down the street toward us. The first pulled over about half way down the block to let some partygoers out while the second continued on toward us.

I waved at one cab, but it was occupied and continued on past us. The next cab pulled out from the curb heading our direction. I reached into my pocket, pulled out a twenty and waved it at the cab. The cab driver brought his vehicle to a halt next to the curb. I opened the back door and let Kathy slide in before getting in myself. The driver asked, “Where to folks?” Kathy gave the driver the address, crushed her cigarette out in the ashtray and we settled back in the seat.

Kathy put her hand on mine and said, “I really want to thank you for letting us spend the night with you.” She squeezed my hand lightly, gave me a peck on the cheek and said, “You’re sweet.”

If she could read my thoughts right then she wouldn’t have thought me too sweet. I was mentally reliving the fuck that we had in the bathroom. Her hand on mine, her shoulder against mine, made me want her again. She moved her hand from atop mine and casually ran it up and down my thigh. I didn’t know if she was doing this intentionally but the effect on me was immediate and dramatic. kuşadası escort

My penis seemed to spring up, no slow growth, and no interlude of semi-softness. One minute it was flaccid, the next it was rock hard. It was like my cock was a junkie and this Kathy was a drug that it had to have more of.

Kathy noticed the sudden tenting of my jeans. She smiled and nuzzled in close to whisper in my ear, “Not in the cab.” Her hand stopped moving on my leg and once again we held hands like young lovers

She kissed me on the cheek, laid her head on my shoulder, and sat there quietly for a minute before saying, “I kind of lied to you when I said that I dropped out of college because my grades dropped. The real reason was that I got myself knocked up.” She watched the city lights go by for a moment before continuing, “Sure my grades dropped. It’s hard to keep them up when you’re missing classes because you’ve got morning sickness. But the real reason was that I simply couldn’t go to class looking like some sort of fucking balloon. I just stopped going to classes after the seventh month but I didn’t tell my folks that. They kept sending me the money, thinking I was getting a good education when I was really getting ready to have their grand daughter.”

“Did you tell them about the kid?” I asked.

Kathy responded, “Yeah, after she was born I took a trip up to Sacramento to introduce them to their new grandkid.” She paused, “But they just couldn’t seem to accept her.”

“Why?” I asked. “Was it because she was illegitimate?”

Kathy chuckled and nestled closer. “No.”, she said, “If only it was that simple. It was because she is half black, or ‘Negro’ as they described it.” Her voice dropped even lower as she continued, ”They wanted me to put her up for adoption. They said a suitable colored family could probably be found for her and then I could go back to school like nothing had ever happened. I just couldn’t do that to my baby though. I haven’t seen or heard from them since then.”

“Oh, I get it now.” I said, and I did ‘get it’. It was easier in those days to accept an illegitimate child than to accept a racially mixed child. I could understand how they were hesitant to embrace their bastard mulatto grand baby. I could understand it, but that didn’t make their attitude any more right in my eyes.

As we rode on Kathy continued about how she had been the liberal white suburban princess and he had been the black revolutionary from the inner city. They had met at some sort of protest against something or other. A couple of dates later they had dropped some acid together and spent a wild interlude of sex and debauchery in his off campus apartment.

They had continued to see each other, but when she was late for her next period, he began to come up with vague excuses as to why he couldn’t see her or she couldn’t come to see him. When her worst fears were realized, that she was pregnant, he disappeared from her life entirely.

The cabbie stopped in front of her house. It was a seedy row house, almost undiscernable from those around it. The driver turned to collect his fare and I told him that we were going to need him to take us back down town. I gave him the name of the hotel that I was staying in and he seemed happy to have a return fare. He put the meter on wait and picked up the newspaper from beside him on the front seat.

Kathy gave me a tender peck on the cheek, squeezed my hand and said, “This shouldn’t take any more than fifteen or twenty minutes. By the way, can I have twenty bucks?”

“Sure,” I responded reaching for my wallet. “What do you need the money for?”

“I pay one of the other gals living here a few bucks to take care of Delilah when I work. It isn’t much but it helps her to buy food for her own kid.” She replied as she took the money from my hand. “Thanks, “ Kathy said and she kissed me promisingly on the lips before she slid across the seat, opened the door and stepped out into the breezy San Francisco night.

The cab was warm, the only measure of time was the ticking of the meter and the occasional rasping call from the dispatcher. I was tired and I must have I dozed off because I was startled awake by the rush of chill air as Kathy opened the door to the taxi. This was the second time tonight that someone had snuck up on my blind side and it really made me irrationally nervous for a second before I calmed down and reached to take the bag that Kathy was extending into the cab.

Kathy was carrying two bags and a large bundle that I assumed was her daughter Delilah. She handed me one bag and then the other before ducking through the door with her daughter. I took the bags and placed them on the floor of the cab in front of my feet.

The Cab driver asked, “Are we all set?”

Kathy said, “Yeah, I guess so,” As the cab pulled away from the curb.

I looked at the bags and said, “That sure isn’t much.”

Kathy replied, “Well it has to be enough because it’s all we have.”

We hadn’t gone more than a couple of blocks when Kathy asked the driver to pull over at a market. “I need to get some milk and stuff for Delilah to eat in the morning.” She explained.

When the driver had pulled to the curb and Kathy opened the door to get out I said to the cabbie, “There’s an extra fin in it for you if you watch the kid while we run into the store.”

He looked over his shoulder at the sleeping child and said, “Sure, no problem Mac. I got five of my own at home.” And he picked up the sports section from the front seat.

Kathy grabbed some cereal and milk while I headed for the deli section. I hadn’t eaten since the dinner on the last leg of the flight from Nam and I was famished. I picked up a couple packs of cold cuts, a loaf of bread, some salad dressing and a couple of bags of chips. On the way beck up to the counter I grabbed a cheap bottle of sangria and a six-pack of coke.

Behind the counter the clerk had a fair assortment of cigars and I picked out a couple of packs of Hav-A-Tampa’s and some Crookettes. Kathy tossed in a couple packs of Marlboros’. I paid for the stuff, we lugged it out to the cab and headed downtown once more.

At the hotel, I paid the driver and included a very generous gratuity for his patience, picked up a couple of bags and headed inside with Kathy in tow. We walked to the elevator and I pushed the button for the third floor.

The desk clerk cleared his throat and said, “Excuse me sir.” I turned to look at him and he continued, “I’m sorry sir, but she’s not registered here.”

I said, “That’s alright, I’m in room 307.”

“I know sir,” he responded, “Viet Nam vet, just got in today, I remember you. But she isn’t registered and neither is her child.”

I looked at him and replied, “Oh yeah, this is my sister Kathy and her daughter. She just got in on the bus and we’re going to be flying back home together tomorrow.”

He looked at me dubiously and responded, “It doesn’t matter to me who she is sir. When you checked in you paid for a single, so if your sister and your niece are going to be spending the night with you in your room, you are going to have to pay extra.”

“How much?” I asked.

“Ten bucks,” he replied, “Five for each of them.”

“Hell, I thought you were talking about real money.” I said as I peeled off three fives from my wad. “If you toss in some extra blankets and a pillow or two I’ll toss in an extra five for you.”

He took my money, got up from his chair and moved to the door behind him. He returned momentarily with an armload of blankets and pillows. “These ought to do you. Have a good night.” He said as he returned to his book.

Once in the room, Kathy made a palette for Delilah in the open closet, sat in the chair and lit up a cigarette. “Why don’t you take a shower while I sit here to make sure that she stays asleep.” She said maternally.

I smiled devilishly at her and said, “We could both take a shower together. That would be a lot more fun than doing it all alone.”

She smiled back and said, “That sounds very tempting, but I want to be here for a few minutes just in case she wakes up. I don’t want her to get all freaked out by waking up in a strange room all by herself. You go an ahead and I’ll clean up after you’re done.”

I got a clean pair of skivvies out of my bag and went off to take my shower. The hot water flowing over my body woke me up. I felt grimy and smelly too for some reason after the tryst and the fight at the bar and when I emerged from the steamy shower, I felt refreshed and revitalized.

I pulled on my boxers before stepping back into the room. “Well aren’t you sexy in your G.I. under-wear.” Kathy quipped as she stripped for her turn under the shower.

Watching her remove her clothing brought me to full erection in less time than I would have imagined. Soon the head of my dick was beginning to protrude from the leg of my shorts. Kathy watched my cock grow in length and smiled, “Hold that thought.” She said as she brushed by me on her way to the shower. “I’ll be out in just a minute.” She continued as she kissed me lightly on the lips and brushed her hand over my now very rigid shaft.

I sat down on the edge of the bed to wait. It took her more than a minute to finish in the bathroom so I opened a pack of cigars lit one and opened a bottle of coke. The warm coke reminded me of Viet Nam, all of the soda pop we had over there was warm. The only time we drank it cold was when we bought a mixed drink at the EM club on base. Other than that it was warm and fizzy, just like the one in my hand.

That was the only thing that was reminiscent of being ‘in country tonight’. The sound of the shower running and Kathy lightly singing a song were as foreign to any of my experiences of the past year as the sights and smells of the city outside my window.

The shower stopped, but I could hear Kathy still lightly humming a song that I could not identify. I took another puff from my half smoked cigar and a drink from the warm coke savoring the taste of both while half listening to the sounds from the bathroom.

The door opened and Kathy stepped naked into the room. She was still moist from the shower and her hair was wrapped in a towel. She looked something like a voluptuous naked Arab sheik as she slowly walked toward me.

She stopped in front of me and turned slowly around. “How do I look?” She asked

“Good enough to eat.” I replied.

“Oh really.” She said as she reached to take my cigar. “I was hoping you would think that.” She continued, and then she took a long drag from the cigar.

She exhaled the smoke luxuriously before placing the tip between her lips and placing her hands on my shoulders. Using the steady pressure of her hands on my shoulders and the forward movement of her body Kathy pushed me back on the bed. She placed her knees on the bed straddling my body. Slowly she moved up my torso, her cunt mere inches above my chest, until her pussy was directly over my mouth.

Kathy put her hand under my head and pulled it up until my lips were pressed tight against her sweet twat. She reached over and grabbing a pillow placed it beneath the back of my head.

Her cunt tasted clean and almost sweet as I ran my questing tongue over its luscious length. I ran my tongue along the swollen lips of her juicy labia teasing the length of the clit as I placed it between my lips.

Teasing the tip of the now erect clit with my tongue while I held its short shaft between my lips brought a low moan from Kathy’s lips and a quiver from her hips. She placed her hands to either side of my head and pulled me so close to her flesh that I could barely breath. She began to rock back and forth against my lips as my tongue played over her cunt.

Light moans escaped her lips as she rubbed her pussy against my lips. I looked up her surging stomach, past her jiggling jugs, I saw the cigar still held between her lips. Occasionally a small puff of smoke would escape her lips as she moaned audibly while she fucked my mouth with her twat.

Kathy’s voluptuous tits shook to and fro as she raked my lips with her cunt. I desperately wanted to run my hands over her bouncing breasts. To caress her soft flesh and stroke my fingers over her hard nipples, but my arms were pinned to my side by her legs. I tried to free them from her hold, but she increased the pressure on them, binding them even tighter to my sides.

I felt her body quiver and her stroking faltered. She released one hand from my head while still holding my face tight to her quaking quim with the other. She took the cigar from her smiling lips, leaned over to the nightstand and placed the cigar in the ashtray. As she sat upright once more she effusively exhaled the smoke from her lungs in a long loud sigh.

She began to undulate her hips once more, her pussy lips grazed my outstretched tongue. Her hand moved from behind my head and began to rub and caress one of her lovely breasts. Her other hand moved to join it, caressing the other tit as she continued to rub back and forth over my eager mouth.

She took her great rigid nipples between her fingers and pinched them hard, I felt her body quiver over me. She pushed her monstrous mamarries together and squeezed them tight, then ran her thumbs over the hard nipples, stroking them as one would stroke the strings on a guitar. I felt her body shake one more time and my face was covered in her fragrant juices as she reached her climax again.

Her body was still for a moment, her breathing ragged, breasts heaving. She leaned forward, placed her hands on the bed, and swung her legs over my body. She turned and before I could do more than wonder at her grace and beauty she was crawling over my prostrate form once more.

She pushed my boxers past my crotch, placed one hand over my very rigid pole and the other began to massage my testicles. She grazed her full lips across the head of my raging meat, flicking her pink tongue out to capture the drop of precum nestled in the orifice at its tip. She ran her tongue teasingly over the crimson meat of the head of my pecker.

The touch of her tongue to my burning flesh raised the temperature of my desire almost to the point of combustion. For a second I was afraid that I was going to come right then, but the point of eruption passed and was replaced with the steady tingle of passion as she ran her tongue over the head of my penis like a child would lick a lollypop.

She moved her lips slowly down the head of my shaft, licking at the tip as she moved leisurely over my flesh. Her lips held my shaft tightly, her tongue coursed over my feverish flesh, her hand stroked the base as she played the fingers of her other hand over the delicate soft tissue of my balls.

Her mouth had consumed about half of my steely shaft before she started to ride up and down on it. As she moved up on it I felt her tongue move over my fevered flesh. As she moved back down my rock hard cock the warm caress of her crimson lips threatened to overtake me. I was submerged in the wash of sensation as she ardently sucked on my cock. As her tempo increased the towel on her head came loose and dropped to the floor allowing her damp raven locks to cascade onto my thighs.

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