A Subbie Life Ch. 10


As you are flung onto the large four post bed the jolt of the impact wakes you. You look around trying to regain your bearings; you can see the back of your master furiously rummaging through drawers of the matching dresser. Finally the realization hits you like a splash of water, you’re in his room.

Before you can even say a word he turns around with a length of rope in his hand, “Insolent little bitch, it’s time to teach you a lesson.” His voice thunders.

Quickly he loops one end around your ankle, as he draws it tight you can feel the sharp pain of it cutting into your flesh, before he flips it over the hook in the ceiling, and quickly ties your other ankle with the remaining length. The second piece of rope it then looped around both you wrists.

By this time your tears have begun to fall once more and the only words you can mutter are, “What… what… what did I do?”

And again you feel the sharp pain cut your flesh this time at the wrist as he pulls the slack from the rope extending your arms over your head before securing the rope to another hook on the wall. He steps up onto the bed glaring down at you as he begins to do something with the hook holding your legs. Suddenly you feel him hoist your legs into the air by the ankle, so high that you ass lifts off the bed slightly. You feel your legs pulled apart and hear a faint click followed by another click; you can’t force your legs together.

As you struggle to do so you hear him mumble, “Spreader bar.”

As your wiggling slows you look up to see it. That black rod extending from ankle to ankle. You feel the seam of your skirt digging into your thighs.

With a devilish laugh he looks down, “There you go my little bitch. Struggle all you want, it will only hurt you more.”

And with that he steps off the bed dropping to the flood with a loud thump. By this time you can speak however you don’t know what to say. As he begins to walk back to the dresser he stops, “Oh, I almost forgot.” Quickly he steps over and slides a black silk mask over your eyes.

The darkness closes around your eyes, while you hear him laughing slightly. Then unfamiliar sounds start filling the room, sounds of metal and fabric, zippers and leather. All you can do is lay there quietly waiting, hoping that it will be quick and as unlikely as it is, çekmeköy escort not very painful.

Suddenly you feel something cold touch your leg, the intense sensation causes your leg to jump, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Unless you want me to cut you.” His voice not yelling but almost monotone as if he could care less if it did.

With this you clench every muscle you can, praying they stay still. Feeling the cold steel once again against your calf, you begin to tremble as your muscles begin burning with a desire of they’re own. As the blade begins to move down your leg toward you thigh you feel it slowly rocking up to the tip of the blade inching ever so much closer to the seam of your skirt.

You feel somewhat secure knowing your skirt is stretched way to tight to go anywhere and this security is confirmed when you feel the tip of the blade stop at the seam, before it is removed.

As you revel in the glory of your small victory, you feel a slight amount of pressure as if he was pushing on your skirt inches below you exposed pussy. A faint popping sound echo’s through the room, as the pressure gives, more to the point the skirt gives as the blade slides through. You can feel the cool air radiating off the knife almost like its aura pulsing, searching for hot flesh to sheath its cold blade in. A feeling of dread washes over you like a title wave, with this act confirming that you are truly at his mercy… if he has any.

Slowly he begins wiggling the blade back and forth, nudging its razor sharp tip closer and closer to your frightened pussy. As this continues for a couple of moments you realize that your pussy is beginning to heat up, and you find yourself concentrating on the feeling of your clit as it begins to engorge and the lustful nectar that is building up at the edge of your lips.

Finally he manages to catch your clit with the tip of the blade, the sharp sensation is astonishing. Instead of screaming, a light moan escapes your lips the sound echoing lightly around the room. As it returns to your ears it almost sounds foreign, as if a distant woman is feeling amazing pleasure and just had to share it with you in your time of peril. Suddenly a horrific ripping sound fills the room as the knife is pulled sharply away and down the length of the skirt.

You can cevizli escort feel the tension in the air as your heartbeat quickens even more with both anticipation and terror. Not knowing what he will do next you hear a sound very close, your not sure what it is. You feel him lift the corners of the now destroyed skirt, and with a forceful tug he rips it the final few inches up and over your aching pussy and hips. Again you hear the sound, but this time you smell the strong odor of sulfur.

“A match?! Oh My God! What is he going to do?” These words flood your mind forcing them selves into your imagination as your cunt begins to flood as well.

“Wow, He trained you well. Your rotten little slit is dripping with desire. You really are a whore aren’t you?” His voice gruff yet it also sounded amused. You stiffen your body trying not to show how much his words hurt, but as you concentrate solely on the now faint sulfur stench you feel a sharp pain as your head is bashed to your right side, and the familiar metallic taste returns to your tongue. A muffled squeal rings in your ear as you watch a symphony of light dance around the darkness of your sight.

“Answer me! You fucking slut! Do you have a retarded tongue too?!” He screams almost right next to your ear.

“N-No Sir.” You meekly reply fighting to hold back your tears.

“No Sir, What? You don’t have a retarded tongue or you’re not a fuckin whore?” though still yelling he has backed away and you can now feel him standing between your legs once again.

“I don’t have a retarded tongue.” You whisper hoping you answer is correct.

“Really? Then repeat after me.” His voice now low almost a whisper it’s self. “Yes, master.”

You whisper dreading every word, “Yes, master.”

“I am your fuck slut…” he continues.

“I am your…fuck…slut” again you whisper feeling your entire body begin to blush.

“My rotten little slit is at your command.” You can almost feel the smile on his face as you struggle to continue, tears again filling your eyes.

“My rotten…*sniffle* little slit is *sniffle* at your… command.” As the final word rolls off your tongue the tears begin to fall.

“Very good my little whore.” Again he sounds amused as he leans toward your head and strokes your hair a couple of times. erenköy escort

As he stands back up you can’t help but second guess his brutal behavior, “Compassion? Could he really care?”

As this thought pulses through your head you feel his hands softly caresses your calves, they gently slip down over your knees. You can feel the building ache in your pussy and the goose bumps on your thighs as his hands begin down them. Instinctively you thrust your hips up in an inviting gesture. His hands slowly wrap to your inner thighs, they stop only inches from your smoldering pussy. He pulls his hands away so just his finger tips are barely grazing your flesh.

Gently he slides his fingers up your thighs, back to your knees. Then slowly back down you legs getting mere inches from you smoldering pussy before stopping. You can’t stop your self from moaning, and thrusting your hips toward his fingers. You quietly beg in your mind for his touch, this new caring touch to subdue your passion.

Slowly he pulls his fingers up your thighs again and pauses at the knee before removing them completely. Disappointment fills your body as you feel your pussy begin to pulse with desire once again. Suddenly you feel a terrible burning on your right knee, and it’s moving! You scream in shock and pain as it continues slowly running down your thigh. The heat, your heart begins to pound in your chest like a marching band stuck in a hallway. Your lungs feel as if they have a ton of weight on them; you struggle against the burning, as you fight to breathe. As quickly as it had begun it stops, you feel the gentle warmth lingering on your thigh, as you realize that it had stopped halfway to your pussy.

Again you feel the cold steel of the blade, this time he’s not tormenting you with the tip it’s the entire blade. Lightly grazing it across your flesh over the still warm area of your flesh. You can feel something popping against the blade. It’s flaking! The curiosity and wonder fill your mind as you focus on your leg and the feeling of the knife along it, the subtle bounces from your goose bumps and the cool metal against your warm skin. At once it’s gone, it’s quiet.

You can’t help but wonder, “Did he leave? Is he through torturing me? Could that really be it?” you stress to hear any movement, tilting your head in different directions trying to catch any sound at all. Nothing.

Finally you begin to relax a little, weary to let your guard down, yet so tired from fighting that you can’t continue. You let your body go limp, only for a moment you tell yourself. “Only for a moment.”

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