A Story About Friends


Sat. May 4th, 2015; In the Locker room of Morningside Gym:

The sweat dripped from his forehead, and rolled down his face, before he got ahold of his towel. Jefferson was tired after leading his hip-hop aerobics class, and his chiseled frame was soaked from hour-long workout. The spandex outfit would be a bitch to pull off, but it was well worth the hungry looks he got from the women in the class. During today’s class, he had caught one of the women pointing at him while talking to her friend, during the water break, and from then on both women’s eyes were locked on his sweat drenched crotch. He was sure they could make out his package in his wet compression shorts.

The empty locker room was always a great place to be after a long day of working with people who want so badly to be in good shape, but lack the discipline to achieve it. Walking past the mirrors on the way to the lockers was a small reward at the end of the workday. This moment of vanity was earned by the hard work that he put forth on a daily basis. Many days, when the room was empty, Jefferson would strip down to nothing and walk past the mirror naked to admire his own physic. Plus, it always felt good to get out of the tight compression shorts, and hang loose. Today was one of those days.

First, he peeled off his soaked under armor sleeveless shirt to reveal his carved stomach and chest. As he craned his neck to the right to peer first into his own eyes then down to his upper body in the mirror he though, “thank you, football!” All the hours in the weight room as a younger man still had a lasting effect. After removing his shoes and socks, he took ahold of his waste band. He dropped his compression shorts. Now he stood, as naked as the day he was born, and allowed himself the relaxing moment of feeling the cool air caressing his body. Jefferson headed toward his locker.

After entering his combination, he undid the lock with a loud Clank. Rummaging through his belongings in his gym bag, he saw that his text alert light was blinking on his phone. With no one around, Jefferson figured that getting dressed could wait. He unlocked the screen, and saw that he had a private message. Jefferson didn’t have a wife or girlfriend, but he liked to keep names or pieces of messages from popping up if they were from women that he found attractive or flirted with.

With much curiosity, he thumbed in the passcode with all the ease of a pro ballplayer shooting a free throw. To his surprise the name on the message was Mary Yarm… suddenly he felt a chill race down his naked back. “Mary Yarm…” he thought. His reflections started to take him back into time so suddenly that is was as if he phased through time and space. He remembered her, but not like remembering and event. He remembered her smell, which was the sweet muted fragrance of fresh flowers and linen. He remembered her dark brown hair as it was spread across the bed, and her body positioned on the bed the last time they made love. Her skin was so milky and smooth with little freckles. Her breasts were perky and perfect, and her athletic frame was positioned in an angelic pose.

His memories of her always began like this because the one time that they had made love, as friends, had meant more than any sexual encounter he had ever experienced. He had always wanted more. Sharing his entire self with her was what he had desired for so long, but he never had the courage to be upfront with her. He ended up placing himself in her friend-zone, because he feared losing her from his life. Jefferson wasn’t much of a gambler.

With his breathing deep, and his heart fluttering, Jefferson opened the text message from his dream girl.

Mary Yarm: “Mr. Knighting!”

He replied.

“Ms. Yarm!”: Jefferson Knighting

Her replies came back so swiftly, that it seemed as if she had talk to text.

Mary Yarm: “It seems like its been forever, how have you been? I miss talking with you!”

“I’ve been doing ok, working hard. I definitely miss talking with you, Mary Mary.”: Jefferson Knighting

Mary Yarm: “So guess what? I’M IN KY!! I’m visiting Devon at Kentucky State, and I’m like the ONLY white person in a couple miles radius, it’s a weird feeling, but I don’t mind. Lol.”

“I’m sure you don’t mind that, you’re around my people, they’ll take good care of you! Plus, you never minded attention from black men, anyhow, haha.”: Jefferson Knighting

Mary Yarm: “Specific black guys, ;P”

“J”:Jefferson Knighting

Now the feelings of his longing to make her smile increased, like they always did a few message or words into a conversation with her. She was always so flirty with him, but he never had enough guts to just tell her his feelings. This ended up opening the door for her to date other guys, and him having to listen to her problems about those clowns. All the while, he listened jealously, and silently hated himself for not being the guy she was seeing, and just being the “friend.”

Mary Yarm: “;-)”

“So, just being in KY makes you think of me? I must have a strong link to this state in your mind.”: Jefferson Knighting

Mary Yarm: ” Yea, being back in “the Bluegrass State” reminds me of you, a lot, But, astalavista porno That’s not really why I contacted you…”

“Uh Oh… is it a boy or girl? HAHA.”: Jefferson Knighting

Mary Yarm: ” Its funny that you say that… but, no, I’m not pregnant. I did do something along those lines, and I need my best friend.”

“Aren’t you with your girl Devon?”: Jefferson Knighting

Mary Yarm: ” Yup, but you know that you are my best friend, silly! You are the only person that knows everything about me, and the only person I fully trust.”

“Aww, that sweet. You’ve never put it that way, but I guess we look at each other the same way…”: Jefferson Knighting

Jefferson felt like an idiot. He was doing it again. He was setting himself up to hear a sad story about her, and some guy that she’d fallen for, slept with too early, and now felt disconnected with. As much as he wanted to avoid this, his feelings wouldn’t allow for him to speak out against hearing what he knew was coming.

He stood up, walked to the urinal and relieved himself. As he pulled back his foreskin to revealed the head of his dick, he thought to himself, “why did I never get circumcised…” He brushed the thought away, and focused on the task at hand. He shook his package dry, and headed back to the bench in front of his locker. He plopped his bare ass on the cool wooden bench, and picked up his phone. The freedom of being naked in a public place invigorated him, though he now had a pit in his stomach, contemplating who or what these next few texts will entail.

Mary Yarm: “I really need you to not judge me, after I share this with you. Your nonjudgmental listening is what is most needed in my life, cause I don’t know how to feel about this.”

“You didn’t kill anyone, or run off and get married, did you? That’s a hell of a preamble to lay on someone, before you tell them something.”: Jefferson Knighting

Mary Yarm: “It might have been easier to talk about had I done something like that.”

“Oh, wow, I’m really nervous now.”: Jefferson Knighting

The funny part was, Jefferson WAS nervous about this news that Mary was about to reveal. He had no clue of what it could be, and he had no idea of how he’d react. He fully expected to be about her and a new suitor, but, hopefully, it was something trivial.

Mary Yarm: “Like, I can’t even bring myself to talk about it. Can I just send you a video?”

“Haha, I don’t know what could be so bad that YOU can’t talk to me about it, but go ahead”: Jefferson Knighting

Mary Yarm: “Ok… Please, don’t judge me…Here goes nothing…”

As the downloading icon appeared on Jefferson’s phone, he had a suspicion that this could be something really good for him. The last time Mary had seemed like she couldn’t speak to him, she had sent him a picture of herself right after a shower. Sometimes she openly sexually teased him, and she got a kick out of it, he knew. This video could be of anything. He just tried to calm himself, and keep from getting his hopes up. For some reason, though, he had goose bumps all over his naked flesh, and the hairs on the back of his neck were standing on end.

Mary Yarm: View Video

Anxiously, Jefferson hovered his thumb over the link that had just finished downloading. Upon his skin activating the touchpad on his phone, the video app expanded to engulf his screen. Before he was aware, the sound of indiscriminate voices came out of his phone at max volume. The noise jolted him, but before he could think to turn it down, he was already captivated by what was being displayed on his phone in high definition quality.

The video was of Mary… and she was without clothes, but that was the least of the videos details. Four others joined Mary. There was a black woman with caramel, smooth skin, whose face couldn’t be seen, but from the camera wielders perspective, her large titties and trimmed pussy could be witnessed. There were also three young, athletic looking men. All black, and built like Greek statues, from the waist up. Their lower halves made them look like porn stars. Each one of the guys sported a long thick erection that glistened with wetness. The darkest of the huge cocked participants was knelt before the camerawoman. His face was buried in her bush, and as he slurped and licked, the results could be heard in excess. The other two men were, to Jefferson’s horrified surprise, engaged in some “acts” with Mary. Who was he kidding; those studs were fucking her brains out.

Jefferson’s mind was going a thousand miles per hour. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, and didn’t want to believe it, either. He was floored by the videos outward raunchiness. He would never have thought Mary Yarm, his Mary Yarm, could ever engage in something so perverse or so pornographic. His heart sank as the sound blared from his phones minute speaker, and the video’s playback looped to show the action of the ten second MMS. As he bared witness to the video, he realized how each one of the participants seemed to be in bliss, and this is dropped Jefferson’s spirits even lower. He wanted to turn the video off and act as if he had never known of its tormenting asyalı porno existence. For some reason, though… he felt a familiar pressure in his naked crotch.

The portion of the video that focused on Mary was something like a scene from a porn flick that Jefferson had watched in his adolescence. She laid on her side with her legs open and wide, an invisible thigh master between her legs that were bent at the knees. The light skinned, possibly biracial, bull lied behind her, in the way lovers spooned. His movements were everything but loving, though. He thrust his eight-inch dick into her tiny shaved cunt with so much force that her muffled moans and gasps of pleasure sounded like chokes and hiccups. All the while, his violent plunge caused her sporty breasts to bounce up and down as if she were running. The white cream wetting the inside of her love canal was accumulating on the base of his rod, and making a wet sucking and squishing noise as he repetitively forced himself deep into her.

While she was being rammed from behind, her head lay in the lap of the chocolate brown, nine-inch pipe owner. Her pretty mouth was wide, and the head of his stick was being slowly worked in and out of her mouth. She drooled ever so slightly, and her saliva ran in a long stream down the shaft of his stiff dick, and pooled at the side of his balls. If this were a private moment, it would seem like an intimate moment between two long time lovers. This video was definitely not about anything intimate. Five people, fucking, in a well-lit room, that resembled that of a residence hall, dorm room. Mary Yarm centered in the event, fucking two hard cocks at the same time, and seeming to be in pure ecstasy.

Jefferson felt short of breath. He was now standing and pacing, watching the orgy on repeat, his left hand rubbing his hair, which was what he did when he was flustered. He couldn’t believe that she would send this to him, and think that he wouldn’t judge her for being slutty! For the strangest reason, in spite of how emotionally slapped in the face he felt, he felt the head of his dick protrude from the foreskin of his dick, as his erection grew stiff with arousal. Why was her dirty decision turning him on more than he had ever been before? He was jerked from his moment lost in thought by the vibration of his phone in his hand. The notification bar read “Mary Yarm.” What is there for her to say after actually sending him that video?! While his cock bobbed up and down from the stiffness of his erection, a long drip of pre-cum fell to the floor. Whatever she had to say, he was horny as fuck, and was ashamed to know that the video of the girl he had so many feelings invested in, had turned him on so much, in spite of the fact that she was fucking people (not a person) that wasn’t him. He opened his messaging app, to see her message.

Mary Yarm: “Hello? I knew you’d never be able to talk to me after seeing that, but I can explain! It’s not a long story. So…”

Fri. May 3rd, 2015; in Devon’s Dorm room at Kentucky State University (hbcu):

She barely got out of the car before she was being grabbed up into a bear hug. Mary had been excited about the trip she made from Ohio, but she didn’t realize how much the trip meant to Devon Smith. Devon was Mary’s long time friend from her last year of high school. They played volleyball together, but aside from that, they were total opposites. Mary had creamy white skin, while Devon’s was a beautiful shade of ebony. Mary was quite and reserved around people she didn’t now, while Devon was the life of any room, socially. Mary could count, on her fingers, the number of guy’s she had dates/ been intimate with, and Devon was to the point that she did not care. Though they were so different, they just worked.

“How was the ride down, girly?” asked Devon.

” It wasn’t too bad, but I sure am glad to get my ass out of that car’s seat, haha,” Mary said with a laugh. That’s what they did together, laugh.

“Well, I’m glad you made it, I’ve been waiting on you to get here! I’ve already got us set up to go to a get together at my friends place,” Devon stated excitedly, “He is good people, and they always have great parties over there.”

“I ate on the way down here, so all I need to do is shower and change clothes,” said Mary.

“Lets hit the stairs then, girl. You need to work that white ass out anyway… you won’t be able to keep them niggas’ eyes off of it. Mother fuckers always act ignorant when a white female comes on campus, like they never seen a “Becky” before,” Devon said with a tad bit of bitterness in her voice.

“You know me, I love the ethnic brothers, hahaha,” Mary chuckled, while giving Devon a nudge.

“You love AN ethnic brother. You ain’t foolin’ nobody,” Devon retorted.

“We are just friends, and you know it,” Mary said quickly “We’ve always have been friends, and I know that makes you jealous. I see your green eyes.”

“And he has seen your white thighs!” Devon said, while reaching her hand up the stairs to pinch Mary on the behind, her ample cheek formed a crease with her athletic thigh. They both laughed all the way up the stairs, and Mary thought about Jefferson. Devon duş porno was right, but Mary would never admit it to her.

Devon Smith’s room was typical of a female student that had a lot going on. Clothes were thrown everywhere, including unmentionables. She had a private room, so the entire mess was her own. Her bunk beds were positioned along the right wall, the top bunk looking like a shrine devoted to dirty clothes. A TV and videogame system was positioned on the back wall and on the left the entrance to her private bathroom, and her desk.

The desk was the most interesting part of the room. It had all types of items strewn around on it. There was a laptop, a light for reading, a couple of books on the topic of chemistry (no doubt for a class), a pipe with a bag of weed next to it, and numerous sexual items. There was a rabbit dildo, a bottle of astroglide, a Magnum condom, and a small vibrator. Mary thought, “I guess she will never change…” She shook her head ever so slightly, with a little grin.

“You don’t give a fuck about anything, do you?” Mary said, pointing at the desks more illicit adornments.

“This is MY queendom… I like having everything I need in easy reaching distance,” Devon replied, and shot a bird at Mary for emphasis on her point.

“Whatever! Pull me out something to wear, I’m gonna get in the shower,” said Mary “I know that you will take forever and a day to get dressed, so I want to go ahead and get cleaned up.” This remark was met with the double bird, from her partner in crime.

Without another word and with no hint of shame, Mary began to strip. After playing sports together, and spending hours upon hours in close quarters with her friend over the years, there was no modesty between the two. It wasn’t uncommon for one to pee while the other did her makeup in the mirror. After slipping off her shoes, Mary undid her tight jeans, and in one fluid motion, pulled them down to her long legs, and, to Devon’s surprise, a triangular bush of hair above her lady parts.

“Damn, Grandma! Has it been that long?” Devon cracked, pointing at the thick tuff of brown hair that hid her clit.

“It’s been long enough, but don’t get any ideas, the streak won’t end tonight!” Mary said, looking down at her hairy nether region.

“Alright, Alright, but you need to shave that shit anyway, you never know what could happen…” Devon said in a sing songy fashion, topped off with a sly wink.

Mary rolled her eyes, and pulled her shirt up over her head to reveal a regular black Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Demi bra. She had always been confident about her figure, but had on the contrary never been comfortable in the nude around anyone except for her fellow volleyball players in high school.

“You are lucky I’m not a guy, cause you’d be bent over that desk,” her friend said while casually taking a hit from the pipe she had just grabbed off her desk. She passed the pipe and lighter to Mary.

Standing in only an expensive bra, the air in the room running up the her legs between the cheeks of her ass, causing her back hole to pucker ever so slightly, she put the pipe to lips. She struck the lighter and placed the half-inch flame over the contents of the bowl. She sucked through the long end of the pipe in the reverse action of blowing a bubble. As the hot, distinct tasting smoke traveled past her tongue, she removed her thumb from the air hole on the bowl of the pipe. A rush of hot smoke burned the back of her throat, and she had to fight the urge to cough. She held in the smoke, and felt a tingling in her lungs. She slowly exhaled the smoke, as she passed the pipe back to Devon.

She unlatched her bra, letting her breast free, and now stood completely naked in front of the bathroom door. She could already feel a little of haziness that accompanied a high from some good weed. She could feel a chill crawl up her spine, and feel her rosy nipples become hard. It was time for a relaxing shower.

After getting the shower steamy and warm, she entered and shut the curtain behind her. Instantly the warm water began to cascade down her body, running down from her neck over her still perky tits, down her flat stomach, and into her bushy triangle. Devon was right, she thought, and began to look for her friends shaving tools. She started to trim up, but decided to go back to her bald “Brazilian” look that she normally donned, especially when there was a chance that she’d have sex. Grabbing ahold of the loofa hanging from the showerhead, and slathering some ocean breeze scented body wash over it, she began the soothing process of bathing her naked curves. She lathered her self from neck to toe, slowly and carefully to see that every inch of her barley tanned skin had been attended to. She couldn’t help but cup her chest a little as she washed them. She could feel the excitement building in her, and she knew she always fell victim to horniness when she smoked weed or drank. She even took a little time out to wash between her legs in a slow deliberate fashion. She ran the soft soapy sponge from as far back as she could reach from the front, and brought the lather forward, feeling the tingles of pleasure from her asshole, to her small, but very pink labia, up toward her quickly swelling clit. She repeated this more than once, all the while thinking of the one time that Jefferson, her secret love, had licked her in the same fashion when they had succumb to the drinks and emotion that they shared one night, a couple years ago.

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