A Start to my Realizing my Dream

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Before I could go any further in my bringing Ed to a climax and living out my fantasy, he reached down with his hands and lifted me to my feet. It was his turn to undress me and he proceeded to do just that. He dropped to his knees and gazed up into my eyes – I could look anywhere else except down at him. He leaned forward and kissed the obvious bulge in my slacks and then unfastened my belt and slowly lowered my zipper. His hand reached inside my pants and wrapped his fingers around my straining cock. His thumb grazed the spot on the bikini briefs that were wet with my own precum and then moved his thumb to his lips and licked off the moisture that coated his digit. I heard a guttural groan and it took a moment to realize that it came from deep in my own throat. Ed’s own moan echoed mine as he savoured the taste.

With more haste than I, Ed slid my slacks and shoes off and pulled down my bikini briefs at the same time. My seven inch cut cock stuck out only inches from Ed’s lips and, even as he lifted my feet to remove my slacks and socks, surrounded the head of cock and licked of the streaming precum as fast as it appeared from my urethra. This feeling was so intense that my knees weakened and I almost slid to the floor. If it weren’t for Ed’s arms surrounding my waist, I would have collapsed. As it was, Ed left his ministrations and stood to take me in his arms for another kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck and raised myself up on my toes to bury myself in his embrace.

As I mentioned, Ed was a strong and well-toned 190 lb man who obviously spent a lot of time at the gym. I, on the other hand, am the stereotypical 160 lb weakling. I felt his large soft hands cup the cheeks of my ass and lift me effortlessly off my feet. I wrapped my legs around his waist and nuzzled my lips in the spot where his neck and shoulders met. I could smell the clean unscented skin and I ran my lips along the side of his neck while he carried me into the bedroom. This room of the suite agrı escort also had a small electric fireplace and I had turned it on as well as placing lit candles on every available flat space. I am a hopeless romantic, what else can I say? Even in a case of meeting a man for the first time, I wanted to put a spot of romance in it.

Ed laid me gently in the centre of the king-sized bed that was already turned down. I scooted up to the headboard and fluffed the pillows to lean against. I watched Ed as he walked around the bed looking at all my arrangements and, for just a minute, I was afraid that he might laugh and spoil the whole effect I was trying to create. He then turned to me and smiled; my fears evaporated.

He said “just a moment” as he returned to the sitting room. He returned with a small paper bag in one hand and the chilled champagne in the bucket along with the glasses in the other. He put the wine on the bedside table and drew from the bag a large tube of KY and a box of condoms. I couldn’t believe that I had forgotten these critical items! He smiled and then climbed on the bed and knelt with his knees on either side of my hips and he slid me down so there was only one pillow under my head. I could feel our cocks as they rubbed together when he bent down to kiss me gently. This was turning out to be the best thing that had ever happened to me! The heat we were generating was matching that spreading out from the fireplace. His longer and thicker cock seemed to dwarf mine in the most intriguing way and, as I reached down between us to wrap my hand around it, I was even more impressed – and not a little frightened. Could I possibly take that monster in my ass when we got to that point?

The concerns melted away as we continued to kiss; I never thought or dreamed that I would ever kiss another man and, even if that unlikely event would happen, would I be so absolutely turned on? Never in my wildest dreams or fantasies!

My escort ağrı hand had barely started to caress Ed’s shaft when he raised himself up on his elbows and looked into my eyes. I was almost hypnotized! I hadn’t realized how mesmerizing his smoky grey eyes were; I hadn’t even seen his eyes in the detail or even this close. There were even gold flecks that seemed to sparkle in the flickers from the artificial but realistic fireplace flames. Just as I was preparing to sink into those smoky depths, he started to kiss my jaw line and then the side of my neck. The latter caused goose bumps to spread on my arms and I shivered deliciously.

“Oh my” was all I could whisper.

Ed continued to run his lips and tongue down my neck as he occasionally sucked and nibbled on my ear lobe. The warmth of his breath had my breathing shortening as I struggled to hold it together. Already my cock was as hard as I have ever known and I loved it. All of a sudden, I saw stars!! Ed was running his tongue over my left nipple and tucking on it lightly with his teeth. His other hand was strumming my right nipple and both were becoming harder and, impossibly, longer – or so it felt. No one had ever done that to me before although I had occasionally pinched them myself when lost in a masturbatory haze. It felt so much more erotic to have it done by someone else!

Ed changed back and forth over my nips until I was groaning almost non-stop with the overwhelming feelings. I could almost feel the increase in the flow of my precum as it poured forth. I could certainly smell the aroma of arousal in the room. Ed slid down my body as he trailed kisses and his tongue from my hairless chest and over my rib cage until he dipped his tongue into my belly button. I cried out with disappointment as I felt the loss of his glorious cock leaving mine. However, he had something else in mind!

I felt his hand easily encircle my slim cock (it really is less than an inch ağrı escort bayan in circumference) as he rubbed the head to distribute my precum along the shaft. He then proceeded to ever so slowly stroke my iron hard 7″ (how I wish I could be longer and thicker) and he looked up to meet my gaze. It was almost if he had read my mind.

“I love your beautiful cock. It is just the right handful and I would bet that it will fill my mouth just perfectly” he smiled. To prove his point, he circled the base of my shaft with his fingers and started to slide my cock past his lips and to bob his head several times. With each successive move, his mouth took in another inch of length until his lips were just touching my shaved pubes (oh yes; I forgot to mention that I preferred to shave all the hair from my groin and around my ass and perineum. It feels so much sexier). Although my cock is only 7″ or so long when erect, I could just feel the tip touching the back of his throat. I was moaning almost non-stop as I felt the warmth of his mouth encase my cock. Then he swallowed and the muscles of his throat massaged the sides of my cock!

As a final exquisite torture, he moistened his fingers with some of my precum that had flowed over my ass and slid two fingers all the way into my ass to massage my prostate! It was all my could do to cry out,

“Oh God!! I’m going to cummm! O holy hell; look out! I can’t wait…!”

Ed’s only response was to hum with me deep in his throat as I felt my cock grow and thicken and the muscles of his throat griping and releasing me until I exploded straight down his gullet. He just kept swallowing and swallowing until he had devoured every drop I had to give! He then proceeded to suck the last I had to offer and held me in his mouth until I started to soften.

He then crawled up on top of me and slid his tongue into my mouth to share the last of my cum with me. Although I have sampled my cum before, it never tasted as wonderful as it did this unbelievable day.

Ed fell into my arms as we pulled a light blanket over ourselves and dozed off in a tangle of legs and arms. As my eyes were finally closing and I felt Ed’s heart beating as I lay with my head on his cheat,

“Your turn next, lover”

To be continued..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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