A Special Drink

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A Special Drink

Many thanks to Todger65 for editing expertise.

A tropical concoction makes for an amazing vacation


It isn’t the kind of thing that you plan, or even think of, normally. It takes a wild combination of circumstances and the juxtaposition of just the right people. Even then, grabbing the moment and running with it is beyond what most married couples would consider. I know that is what happened to us. We never would have dreamed that we would fall under such circumstances. Certainly not the way that we did.

Normally I would never consider another man even flirting with my wife. The idea of it pisses me off to no end. I don’t know if it is possessiveness or feelings of inadequacy on my part that makes me feel that way. I mean, sure, I have fantasies about my wife being joyfully serviced by other men while I watch, but that is all they are. The reality would be too much to bear.

I would be overcome with jealousy. Jealousy based on feelings that she would no longer want me, or that she now would want other men all the time. Or maybe it is jealousy based on the fact I consider her mine and mine alone. On the other hand, I want my wife to be happy and orgasms make her very happy.

For her part I can’t imagine that she would ever consider such a thing. My wife is very conservative. We have rarely kissed in public. She doesn’t even like to hold hands in public, much preferring to have her hands free. She is not big on being possessed or controlled, mainly because she is a strong-willed woman in her own right. That is one of the things I love about her. She is no shrinking violet in need of a man to lean on. It makes her love for me that much more real.

She may not like public displays of affection, but the bedroom is another matter entirely. When we have sex, she is open and wild. Surprisingly contrary to her aversion of public displays of affection, she fantasizes about us fucking in front of people. I find that very strange.

She doesn’t talk dirty, but she does become very vocal when she orgasms. The sounds she makes leave no doubt that she is thoroughly enjoying herself. We experiment a lot, although anal sex is off the table. She thinks I am way too big for that.

I am curious about anal sex, but not to the point of causing my wife pain. It isn’t that important to me. Especially considering that the rest of her body is so enticing. She is a statuesque beauty with long legs and a rocking body, her tits just slightly more than a handful. She gets her fair share of looks from guys and occasionally one will get up the nerve to flirt with her regardless of the rings she wears. She is always quick to shoot them down.

We have talked about threesomes and such, but only as fodder for our sex play. Neither of us has ever really considered bringing another person into our bedroom. As a fantasy it is a great idea. In reality, it would be too awkward and uncomfortable for both of us. Neither of us can truly envision fucking someone else in front of the other, and we certainly wouldn’t do it alone with someone else.

Of course, I wouldn’t be writing this if things had remained as they were.


I’m writing what happened down for two reasons. First, to get it on paper while it is all still fresh in my head and secondly, so that my wife and I can read it again in the privacy of our bedroom. We got lucky and have no regrets about what happened so reliving it will add spice to our sex life.

It all started at an adults only resort in the Bahamas. We work hard and after several vacation free years we treated ourselves to an all-inclusive vacation away from the stresses of our work. We couldn’t have been more excited. Our libidos were working overtime thinking about the fun places we could make love, or just fuck. We even tried to join the mile high club, but the stewardess was on to us and put a stop to our shenanigans before we really got started. Oh well, it was a nice thought.

By the time we got to the resort we were both tired and feeling dirty from a long day of travel. Barbara insisted that we immediately change and go to the ocean. She just couldn’t wait to get in the salty water and feel the sand on her feet. I begrudgingly agreed and put on my new swim trunks. I was a bit nervous about them as they were more revealing than I was used to.

My jaw dropped when Barbara came out of the bathroom in her new bikini. It was way more revealing than the full body suits she usually wore. I wanted to molest her right then and there, but she laughingly pushed me away, “Get a grip big boy. You’ll get your chance. Right now, I want to go to the beach.”

I took her rejection in good grace, and we made our way to the beach. I couldn’t help but notice the attention she was getting from the guys, some of whom were getting dirty looks from their significant others. I found myself getting a bit of a chubby as those same significant others checked me out. Although I’m not güvenilir bahis tall, I’m a fit guy and I know I am well endowed. It boosted my ego considerably to know that there were women other than my wife that found me attractive. Barbara smirked at me when she noticed the attention I was getting. She was not so secretly proud of the swim trunks she had surprised me with.

This was a side of her I had never seen before. Usually, she is very jealous of any attention I get from other women. If she sees me talking to a woman, she automatically assumes that the woman is flirting with me. I have nearly lost my temper with her on occasion because of it. Imagine my surprise at the way she was acting now. I was very skeptical and anxiously waited for the other shoe to drop.

We swam in the ocean for a while and played like kids. It was great fun, but we soon decided that a tropical beverage would be even better. We exited the ocean and walked up the beach to the resort. The swimming pool had a swim up bar, and we decided that it was just the place for us. That is where we met Enrico for the first time. He served us up a tropical concoction and kept them coming as he entertained us. His outgoing personality and sense of humor had us both smiling and laughing.

Enrico was a fine-looking specimen of a man. His black skin glistened over the corded muscles in his arms. Barbara seemed a bit smitten with him, although only I would have figured that out. It was all great fun. We sat at the bar for an hour getting buzzed before deciding it was time to take a break in our room. It had been a long day and we needed a shower and some food.

We weren’t in the room ten seconds before our mouths met and we began stripping each other. Our arousal had been building all day and we finally let loose. We didn’t make love, we fucked like bunnies. Luckily the door was closed or you could have heard our moans and cries of joy all the way to the beach. Neither of us had cum that hard in a long time. We lay on the bed panting afterward and nearly fell asleep. Luckily, I managed to climb out of the bed and pulled her reluctantly to her feet. The shower we shared reinvigorated us and we dressed for dinner.

We entered the restaurant and were seated at a table for four. Soon after we were seated another couple was escorted to our table and seated. I’m the extrovert in our marriage so it immediately fell on me to do the introductions, “Hi! I’m John and this is my wife, Barbara. Who might you be?”

The gentleman of the couple smiled, “I’m Phil and this is my wife, Gabriel. She prefers Gabby.”

Ron was a lanky blonde guy standing a bit over six foot tall. Gabby was a petite blonde with a rocking little body on her. I could tell I needed to watch myself around her. I couldn’t get caught staring at her. The thing is that there are two body types I like in women. The first and foremost is my wife’s taller, long-legged figure. I love watching her walk and the feel of those long legs wrapped around my waist. My second preferred type is petite spinners. The typical cheer leader types with cute little asses and tight bodies. The kind of woman you can picture sitting on your cock as you spin her around.

I also knew Barbara’s preferred body type. In fact, my body type was normally her second preference, at least before we met. I’m an inch shorter than my wife and broad shouldered with a muscular build. Phil was more toward her first. Taller than her, with a lean body that looked very fit. I could tell right away that Barbara and I had some new fantasy fodder for the bedroom.

Dinner was superb and we hit it off great with Phil and Gabby. The four of us clicked and Barbara came completely out of her normally reserved shell. We sat at the table for almost two hours before the staff politely asked us to free up the table for waiting guests. We went out to the poolside bar for a nightcap.

To our pleasant surprise Enrico was tending bar. He told us that normally during the day he runs the swim-up bar while in the evenings he runs the poolside bar. He went on to say that he works four days at a time before taking two days off. He was just starting his four-day shift. He had us all laughing in no time.

During a lull in the festivities Enrico turned to me, “My friend John! How would you all like to try my very special drink? I assure you that it will enhance you love life!”

I grinned at him, “Maybe tomorrow night. We are both worn out from travel and need some sleep.” He just nodded and smiled.

Phil and Gabby had arrived that day as well and were just as tired as we were. We finished our drinks, said our good nights, and headed to our cabins. Barbara and I were asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows.


The following day started out wonderfully with sex in the shower. That isn’t something we do at home because the shower just isn’t big enough to be comfortable. Our shower in the cabin was massive and obviously intended for sex as well güvenilir bahis siteleri as hygiene. It was a lot of fun and led to eating a hearty breakfast.

We spent the morning on the beach catching rays and occasionally swimming in the ocean to cool off. After lunch we napped before spending most of an hour in our cabin’s hot tub. After that it was over to the main pool for a cool dip and a trip to the swim-up bar. Enrico smiled with happiness when he saw us.

“Good afternoon, John and beautiful Barbara! Is it time for my special drink?”

I grinned at the suggestive statement, “I think we will stick with the lovely cocktails we’ve been drinking for now my friend. The day is still young.”

We sat at the bar for an hour before saying our goodbyes and heading to our cabin. We dressed for dinner and went to one of the other restaurants on the property. We had a romantic candle lit dinner in a quiet corner where we could make googly eyes at each other. After dinner we decided that dancing for a while would be fun, and we walked over to the resort dance club.

We entered and began to scan around for a table. I saw hands waving and got Barbara’s attention. Phil and Gabby waved us over to their table and we sat down with them just long enough to say hello. I quickly grabbed Barbara and pulled her onto the dance floor. I love to dance. Barbara is ambivalent about the fast stuff, but she does like it when I hold her close for a slow song. That is until I get too handsy, then she gets embarrassed and makes me stop. I know for a fact that it turns her on though.

We got good and sweaty before sitting down to catch our breath. Gabby commented on how much fun it was to watch us on the dance floor. We are pretty good at it if I do say so myself. Phil was a bit more tentative on the dance floor, but I could tell that he and Gabby were having fun. The four of us spent a couple of hours at the club before deciding to get some air.

We exited the club and meandered around the property for a while. Eventually we ended up at the poolside bar where Enrico waited. There were a few other couples at the bar, but they were so self-involved that Enrico looked bored until we walked up. He gave us his big smile, “Now it is time for you to try my special drink!”

He moved away and began mixing various items together. I noticed that he bent down under the bar once, but I didn’t think anything of it. Soon, he presented us with tall glasses with a multi-colored concoction. While a bit sweet for my taste, it did go down smoothly, and the aftertaste was pleasant. The four of us talked to Enrico while downing two of the drinks each.

It wasn’t long before I began to feel a bit overheated. I noticed that Barbara had a sheen of sweat on her chest and Phil wiping his forehead. I decided what the hell, “Hey guys. I don’t know about you, but I am feeling kind of hot. Why don’t we take a night swim in the pool?”

Everyone readily agreed and it wasn’t ten minutes later that the four of us were in the pool. The cool water definitely helped. We swam around for a little while before we gathered closer and just talked. We hadn’t been doing that long before I noticed that my cock was beginning to swell despite the cool water. It wasn’t long before I was fully hard. Not long after that I was achingly hard.

Barbara was acting fidgety and kept looking toward the side of the pool. Finally, she stopped in mid conversation, “Excuse me, but I think I’m ready to get out of the pool.”

Gabby immediately agreed with her which left me in quite the quandary. I managed to get out of the pool and grab a towel to hide my erection before either woman noticed. I wrapped the towel around my waist and held it in front. That is when I noticed Phil doing the same thing.

Apparently, the girls had decided we were heading to Phil and Gabby’s cabin because the next thing I knew we were walking in the door. Gabby turned on some island music and mixed drinks for everyone while Phil and I sat with our towels on, and our legs crossed.

Gabby handed out drinks then looked at Phil and I funny, “What gives with the towels guys? Hiding something or just embarrassed?”

Barbara stood next to her, “Really! Let’s lose the towels guys. You look like two high school boys.

Not having much choice in the matter, we both stood. Gabby reached out and grabbed our towels before another word was said. She pulled them away, then froze as she and Barbara stared at our crotches. As if it were rehearsed by both women we heard, “Holly shit!”

I felt a hot rush over my body. I was filled with lust in that moment and my cock was throbbing with need. I looked at my lovely wife and noticed her staring at Phil’s crotch. I looked over at Gabby and she was staring intently at mine. Both women were flushed, and I could see the goose bumps on their arms. I thought ‘What the fuck is happening?’

Gabby was almost trancelike, “I want to see them.”

She looked at Barbara who iddaa siteleri seemed to be off in a world of her own. Finally, Barbara looked at Gabby and nodded her head.

Gabby’s eyes returned to my crotch, “Lose em boys.”

Normally I would have been thinking a thousand thoughts at this point. I certainly wouldn’t have entertained the idea of showing my aching cock to another woman. I would have harumphed and vacillated trying to figure out a way to escape.

This wasn’t normal. I was filled with lust and all I wanted to do was show these women my cock. I wanted them to see my weapon and lust after it. I wanted to fuck someone, and soon. I shucked my trunks off and couldn’t help but notice Phil doing the same thing.

We stood in all our glory in front of our wives. My cock was a bit fatter and more curved than Phil’s. His was a bit longer and nearly straight. Both women stood in silence staring for the longest time. Gabby reached out and took Barbara’s hand. The two of them walked close to us, Gabby facing me, while Barbara faced Phil. Both had their eyes firmly glued on our aching cocks. Both cocks swayed as the blood throbbed through them.

Gabby reached out tentatively as if to touch my cock before hesitating. I so much wanted her to touch it in that moment. Instead, she took my wife’s hand from hers and moved it toward her husband’s raging erection.

Barbara was in a near trance as her hand got closer and closer. Her fingertips brushed against his length and his cock jumped. Her hand started to move back, but then reached out and grasped his cock as if to keep it from jumping around.

I should have been angry. I should have put a stop to it right then and there, but the reality was the touch of my wife’s hand on his cock made mine throb that much more. I watched as my wife began to slowly stroke his cock.

Gabby turned to me and I felt both her hands wrap around me. She began to slowly slide them up and down as she stared entranced. I could barely hear her, “Oh my, so fat and hard.” She lowered herself to the floor and continued to stare at my cock just inches from her mouth. I looked over and saw Barbara doing the same thing.

I watched as Barbara’s mouth opened and she moved toward his throbbing cock. Mine was nearly touching Gabby’s lips when I suddenly pulled away, “Phil! Let’s trade places.”

I could see the momentary disappointment in our wives’ faces. Then both shook their heads for a moment as if to clear them. Barbara smiled up at me then and took my cock into her mouth. Gabby did the same for her husband. My wife’s hot mouth on my cock felt heavenly. She started slowly, but soon picked up the pace and sucked me greedily. I was so charged up that I wasn’t about to stop her. Within moments I was shooting a massive load into her mouth and down her throat. When I finished, she looked up at me and grinned. I was still hard as a rock.

I pulled Barbara to her feet and practically tore her bikini off. I threw her on the bed and buried my face in her pussy. She moaned loud and long as I ate her to a massive orgasm. Phil and Gabby were next to us on their bed doing much the same thing. I still remember Gabby’s sweet cries of ecstasy as she came on his face.

I didn’t hesitate to climb on the bed and, without further ado, begin burying my cock in my wife. I wanted so badly to just ram it home, but I knew that I didn’t want to hurt her. I slid into her inch by achingly hard inch until I was buried deep within her. She began orgasming immediately, which is something she had never done before.

I kissed her hard and started deep stroking into her. She was torn between throes of ecstasy and watching Phil plunge his cock into Gabby. I moved back on my haunches and shoved Barbara’s legs back, exposing her glistening pussy. I began shoving my cock deep into her, showing off for Gabby and Phil. It wasn’t long before Phil followed my example and we all watched each other fuck. Barbara couldn’t stop cumming. She has always been multi-orgasmic, but I have never seen her cum this much in such a short time.

We switched positions several times. Normally I like the standard missionary for the most part because I can kiss my wife’s soft lips and our tongues can dance. Now I was a bull in rut and all I wanted to do was fuck her in as many ways as possible. We eventually ended up in doggy. Her head and chest were flat on the bed while I fucked her hard and fast. By this point she was completed exhausted from multiple orgasms and could barely move. I finally reached the point of no return. I felt my cock swell and I blasted cum deep into her. I couldn’t seem to stop cumming. It just went on and on as my wife shuddered under me.

Finally spent, I fell onto the bed next to Barbara. She rolled over on her side and I spooned her as we watched Phil finish shooting into his own wife.

The next thing I remember is waking up to the morning light coming through the shades. Barbara was still asleep spooned against me. Phil and Gabby were still out as well. I gently shook Barbara until she finally stirred. She looked up at me and smiled with all the love and warmth she could generate. I kissed her lips softly and whispered, “Let’s go back to our cabin.”

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