A Ride in the Limo


My name is Tanya, and I live with my mistress, Raven, who is rich as hell and owns a spectacular mansion where she keeps several slaves. I’m her favorite, but she recently taught me a lesson about what happens to slave girls who get uppity. She told me that I have to write and tell you about it, so…

Last week, I wanted to go into town to do some shopping. Even though Mistress Raven has given me a sweet little Porsche for my personal use, I decided that it would be cooler to take the limousine, since Miss Raven was away for the weekend with Coulter and Neddy, her boy slaves. I’m not authorized to take the car anywhere by myself, but I talked the driver, Sam, into taking me. Well, by “talked him into it”, I mean I sucked his cock and balls and let him fuck my tits and come on my face, but anyway, it got the job done, and I got taken into the city in a limo. It was so cool, the way people stared at windows, trying to see who was inside. When Sam let me out at different stores I could feel people staring at my smooth, tanned skin and long blonde hair, trying to figure out if they had seen me on TV or in a movie. It was so much fun! I kept Sam out all day, even though he was starting to get a little cranky near the end.

Well, I guess he was crankier than I thought, because he told Mistress Raven what I had done when she came back. She didn’t let on that she knew, though, until two days ago, when she treated me to another ride in the limo—one I will never, ever forget!

It was about noon, and I was sleeping it off after being up late dancing for a group of Miss Raven’s houseguests. I had to dance butt-naked in high heels for two friggin’ hours, after which they decided it would be fun for me to lie in the bathtub while they took turns pissing on me and beating off onto my face. It took another hour just to get cleaned up after they finally got tired of me. Nevertheless, even though I had only gotten about 4 hours of sleep, when Miss Raven tells you to get up, up you get. I was a bit whiny, at first, but my mood improved when my mistress said she had a treat for me—we were going to take the car into town!

She left me to get ready, and I got all dolled up, looking forward to a fabulous day of shopping, then maybe dinner at a chic restaurant and drinks afterward at a hot club. I was excited by the possibilities, and when Sam pulled the long, sleek limo around to the front of the house, I was waiting in my sexiest red dress and heels, silk stockings and plenty of flashy diamond jewelry. I had my hair pulled back into a sexy ponytail that flowed down my back. Miss Raven was already in the car, but instead of opening the door for me, she just rolled down the window and looked out.

“Take off that dress,” she commanded.

She didn’t like my dress? I was surprised. She had bought me the dress herself and said I looked fabulous in it.

“You want me to wear something else?” I asked.

“No. Take off the dress and put it on the ground.”

I looked around, embarrassed, at the landscaping and maintenance staff, and the other slaves and houseguests who happened to be outside, all of whom seemed to be looking at me. I wasn’t embarrassed to be naked in front of them—hell, I’m proud of my sexy body, and everybody’s seen me naked; tied, getting whipped or fucked or whatever—but I had been getting off on seeing everyone watching me jealously, wishing that they could be the one to go in the limousine privately with Miss Raven, and now, I was being denied access to the car and told to strip.

Miss Raven didn’t appreciate my hesitation. “Now, slave!” she snapped.

I did as I was ordered, stripping the dress off. I wanted to at least carry it into the car, but she insisted that it be laid right there on the grass at the edge of the driveway. She let me keep my shoes and stockings and jewelry; I was butt-naked otherwise, as I never wear underwear, but it was sexy to slide in bare-assed next to Mistress Raven in the slick leather upholstery. I started to get kind of turned on, especially when the car started rolling and Miss Raven ordered me to play with my tits while she watched.

I leaned back in the seat facing her, spreading my legs apart so that I would be completely open to her gaze, as I had been taught. I squeezed and caressed my big, round tits, then pinched and tugged on my stiffened nipples, rolling them between my fingers. I enjoy having a lot of pressure on my nipples, and I wished I could be wearing a set of nice, tight clamps. My pussy started throbbing at the thought as I continued to torture my tits. To my pleasant surprise, Miss Raven opened a compartment next to the wet bar and took out a set of wicked-looking nipple clamps connected by a steel chain. She always ilginç porno knows what I need!

She watched while I attached a clip to each nipple, then used the screw to tighten them until my hardened nipples started to throb. When all was secure, Miss Raven leaned over and tugged on the chain to ensure that I had made the clamps tight enough. I remember the first time I was allowed to put my own nipple clips on—I didn’t make them as tight as the masters and mistresses did, and Miss Raven was able to pull them off immediately. The punishment for that was very harsh: I had to wear a leather hood with a ring at the top of my head; my nipples were put in very tight clamps, whose connecting chain was drawn over my head, through the ring. As you can imagine, this was extremely painful—my tits were pulled up practically to my ears, and I had to walk around like that most of the day. To make it worse, everyone knew that I was on punishment, so any guest or even another slave who felt like it could just bend me over a table and fuck the daylights out of me, just to make my tits bounce. What a nightmare! I’ve put my clips on right ever since. I like it now, anyway.

Happy that I’d put my clips on nice and tight, Miss Raven used the chain to pull me back over to her side. She popped her own gorgeous, milky-white boobs out of the top of her dress and ordered me to get to work. I felt her up, then settled down on my hands and knees to lick and suck her stiff little brick-colored nipples. While I sucked on her tits, she reached across my back and slid her finger into my cunt, got it all slick, and then pushed it into my ass. I enjoyed the feeling of the tight clamps pinching my titties while my mistress popped her finger in and out of my ass. I kept sucking her nips until Sam announced our arrival into the city.

“Stop suckling and sit up,” Raven ordered, withdrawing her finger from my ass. I did as she said, and I asked if I could remove the tit clips. She gave her permission, so I gently unscrewed the little bastards and returned them to the console. My nipples throbbed with pain, a delicious sensation that I could continue to enjoy even though the clips were removed.

Miss Raven told Sam to drive around downtown, and we amused ourselves by watching the people on the street who couldn’t see us. Mistress made jokes about them, and she was really mean, but funny. I was laughing and having a good time, despite not being dressed to leave the car. After a while, she suggested a game: we would try to find the ugliest man in the city. We found several good candidates, and I enjoyed making fun of them as they innocently went about their business. Some tried to look into the car, and I shook my tits at them to make Miss Raven laugh.

Finally, we saw a guy standing on the corner at a bus stop who we agreed was definitely the ugliest man in the city. As a matter of fact, he was the ugliest motherfucker I have ever seen! He was about medium height, with a huge beer gut. His hair was frizzy and so dirty and greasy it looked like he had never washed it in his life. His clothes were tatty, dirty and sweat-stained—you could tell just by looking at him that he probably had hellacious B.O. I was so happy the windows were closed!

And it wasn’t just a case of bad grooming. This guy could lose weight, wash up, get a stylish haircut and clothes and still scare people off, because his face was just a nightmare! He had bulging eyes and big, furry-caterpillar eyebrows, a big nose, no chin, big red zits all over his forehead and cheeks, and, worst of all, he had the nastiest, skuzziest teeth ever. His breath had to be deadly! Miss Raven laughed while I talked about how butt-nasty this dude was, then she said,

“Let’s tease the poor bastard, shall we?”

So she rolled down her window and called the guy over to the car. Of course he was, like, ‘who, me?’, but when he saw sexy Miss Raven, he came a-runnin’. I laughed at his desperation as he fell all over himself to come to her window. When he looked in, I thought he was going to pee himself, because there I was, all in my naked glory, leaning back in Miss Raven’s lap with my legs spread wide, teasingly rubbing my clit while Mistress fondled my breast.

“Do you like my little girlfriend, here? Think she’s hot?” Miss Raven asked the staring, drooling fool.

“Uh, h-hell, yeah!!” the guy sputtered. Such a way with words.

“How would you like to fuck her, sonny?” Miss Raven purred. I thought the dude’s eyes were going to pop right out of his head and roll down the street! I giggled and looked at him real sexy.

“Uh, I sure as hell would! But, I, uh, don’t got any money…” the guy stammered, but Miss Raven let out a sweet japon porno little laugh and said, “Oh no, my dear, it’s not like that. It won’t cost a thing! See, my girlfriend is just a randy little cunt, and what she likes to do is ride around and fuck random men off the street while I watch. Would you like to fuck her while I watch? Do you think you can fuck her good and hard for me?” The guy couldn’t even talk. I thought she had blown his mind, for sure. He just nodded his head like crazy, looking like a starving dog under a buffet table.

At that point, I thought she was going to laugh in his face and peel out. But to my shock and amazement, she opened the door and let him in the car with us! Just as I had guessed, he had awful B.O. and shit-nasty breath to boot. I was horrified, and I looked to Mistress Raven, sure she was going to put him back out, but she ignored me and told Sam to drive around while our new “friend” had his way with me.

Man, once he got the nod from Miss Raven, that bastard was all over me like a sunburn. He tried to kiss me, but I saw that skuzzy mouth coming and turned my face, so he just snuffled around on my neck while he squeezed my tits all to hell. My nipples were still sensitive, but I like for my tits to be handled rough, so that part of it wasn’t so bad. But then he got down to licking and sucking my nipples, and all I could think about was how he was leaving his saliva all over me, and I was so disgusted! Miss Raven was no help; she was just watching it all and smiling. I knew it was something I would just have to get through.

The guy stuck his nasty fingers into my pussy while he worked on my tits, and I heard him give this delighted gasp when he felt how wet I was; he must have thought I was really into it. I wanted to tell him that wetness didn’t have a damn thing to do with him, then I wondered if Miss Raven had planned to get me all worked up for this very reason. I sure couldn’t tell from looking at her—but was that smile more of a smirk?

Now the guy was fumbling his pants open after mangling my poor clit with his unskilled hands. I guess he was going to skip going down on me, and I prayed that he wouldn’t want me to suck his rod, because I was sure I couldn’t keep from throwing up. The guy’s body odor was so bad, it was like another whole person in the car with us!! I noticed that Sam had raised the panel that separates the front of the car from the back, which I have never seen him do, and opened his windows. If only we could open the windows—but then the whole town would get to see me get fucked by Mr. Skuzzy!

He whipped his dick out, and that dude was swingin’ pipe! That was some big damn dick; long and thick, both. I wondered if he knew how to use it, and for two seconds I actually thought I might get some enjoyment out of this, after all—then I made the mistake of looking at his face. Agh!! He didn’t ask me to blow him, but he was about to try to jam it into me bareback, and I struggled. Mistress Raven stopped him and gave him a condom, insisting that he wear it. At least she was still looking out for me where it counted. I can wash off the spit, but who knows where that nasty dick’s been!

He didn’t want to wear it. “Aw, do I have to?” he whined, “Whenever I wear a rubber, it takes me about an hour to come!!”

“Well, do you think you can fuck her for an hour?” Mistress asked, laughing.

“Hell, yeah, I will!”

Oh, shit.

So, Mistress Raven told me to unwrap the damn thing and put it on him. I did it slowly, pretending I was trying to be all sexy, but really just trying to put off having him all up against me. I couldn’t make it last forever, though, and as soon as it was on, he pushed me flat on my back, threw my legs up over his shoulders, and just rammed that big pole right up in me. I gasped a little and he croaked, “Yeah, take it all, baby!” I swear I could see Miss Raven shaking with laughter.

For someone who looked so out of shape, that bastard sure had a strong back for fucking. He fucked me so hard I could barely catch my breath! Now, I like it good and rough, and I can take a big cock, so that part wasn’t so horrible, but I couldn’t enjoy it because this guy was just so yucky, and of course now he was stinking even worse and starting to drip sweat onto me. I know how to hold on and take my punishment, or I wouldn’t be Miss Raven’s best slave. But after 20 or 30 minutes of getting poled by this guy, his sweat was all over me, soaking into my hair, even, and hairs from his fat belly and chest had come off of him and were stuck to me in the sweat, and he was panting his nasty breath in my face. I had hoped he would just shoot his load and be done, but he was right about lasting latin porno a long time with a rubber.

I had to get out of this some way, so I pretended to be in a lot of pain, and I started to complain that it was hurting me and that he had to stop. “I’m so sore! Please, I can’t take any more! My pussy is worn out!” I whined. The guy stopped, unsure, and looked at Miss Raven. Somehow he knew it was up to her, not me. Damn, what if I was in pain for real? I’ll bet the bastard would keep right on if she told him to. But she knows me too well, and she had the perfect response:

“Oh, she’s just saying that because she wants you to fuck her in the ass, now. The little slut loves to take it up her ass! She’s just embarrassed to let you know how much she wants it. She wants to be face down with your big, fat cock shoved in her tight little hole—don’t you, you little slut—go ahead, put her face in the upholstery, honey.”

He flipped me over in a heartbeat, and he was going to plow that big dick up my ass dry when Miss Raven stopped him and made him wait until she lubed me up. Thank God!! I could really have been damaged—what a dumbass! Even slaves get lubricant, first! Even with the grease, I knew that big tool was going to stretch out my little asshole, but what could I do? I tried to get out of taking my fucking like a good slave, and I deserved a hard buttfucking. It was gonna get Miss Raven off, anyway. As I felt his thick member pushing into my dirty little hole, I saw Miss Raven pull up her dress and start rubbing her clit, nice and slow. At least I could watch her tickle herself off while I got reamed.

He pounded that thing into my ass over and over, grunting and panting. I felt a little faint from the pressure, and my poor, tortured asshole was stretched to the limit and throbbing. I knew I had to take it until he finally shot his load up my ass, though; I couldn’t come up with any excuse to stop, this time. I held onto the seat firmly so I wouldn’t slide away when he banged my ass. I was going to make this bastard come, and I was going to watch Miss Raven come, too. I kept my head turned so I could see the expressions on her face as she fondled herself. She had the sexiest look of sheer lust on her face as she watched that huge dick push into my ass over and over. Her pussy glistened and her fingers worked faster and faster.

Just when I thought the son of a bitch couldn’t fuck me any harder, he started groaning and just slamming that big cock up my ass with no mercy. I didn’t know if I could take any more, but I knew he was going to come, and Miss Raven was breathing fast and beginning to moan softly; she was close, too. As he fucked me harder and harder, I started to yell. I couldn’t hold back! And then, I realized I was coming, too! I felt the waves of pleasure rock through my clit, pussy, and ass, and I felt Mr. Skuzzy’s big cock throb as he blasted cum inside my ass, and there was Miss Raven, shaking and moaning with pleasure as she joined her climax with ours.

As soon as everybody calmed down, Miss Raven smoothed out her dress, looked the ugly guy in the eye, and said, very businesslike, “Where can we drop you off?”

I guess the dude knew enough to be grateful for what he could get, because he just said back on the same corner would be fine. He slid his big dick out of my used-up ass, put the condom in the trash, and pulled his pants back up. Sam drove back to the corner and dropped him off, where he stood, looking dazed and happy. The whole car smelled like body odor, bad breath, pussy, and ass. Not the best combination. Miss Raven cracked all the windows and told Sam to drive home.

Home!!! All that shit I had to take—sweated on and groped and fucked and sodomized by the nastiest, ugliest, skuzziest guy I’ve ever seen, just for Mistress’s amusement, and now I wasn’t going to get any kind of reward?

“I thought I might have earned something after all that,” I huffed, sitting curled up on the bench seat, pouting.

Miss Raven’s expression was cold, but her eyes flashed fire. “Let me tell you a thing or two, Slave Girl. You just got what you earned, for assuming you could take my car without my permission, waste my driver’s time, spend my money and think I would never find out! Second, how could we possibly stay in the city, with you stinking like a hog farm? Obviously, you’ll want to go home and clean up.”

I hung my head in shame. She was right on all counts, as usual. When we returned to the mansion, my dress was gone, of course, and I had to walk all the way back to my room, naked, sweaty, covered with body hair and smelling like sewage, while everyone stared and laughed at me. After I had a really long, hot shower, Miss Raven said that I had to write the story of my humiliation for you before I was allowed to go to bed. So here it is; I hope you had fun reading about how I took it up the ass from the skuzziest guy on the planet while my mistress just laughed and stroked herself off.

Now I’m going to sleep!

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