A Reversal of Roles Ch. 02


Continuing the story of David and Sue…

A pleasant vibration in his pocket alerted David he had received a message on his mobile phone.

“It can wait,” he thought, “if it was really important, they would have rung.” His focus returned to the work at hand, all thoughts of the waiting message quickly forgotten.

Hi, D. Sue here. Call me.

“Fuck! Where did she spring from?” David looked at his phone in amazement.

It had been three months since that long night in the hotel room. She had kept him going half the night, demanding he fuck her again and again. Her authoritarian manner teased him back each time her thought that there was no more to be had. He had almost crawled out of her room sometime in the early hours, facing a day’s work he wasn’t sure he’d stay awake for.

She has phoned him later in the day to thank him for his company the previous evening, telling him she appreciated the chance to share a drink and meal with someone. She made no mention of their night of sex. He had not heard from her again until now.

Thinking about that night caused a slight stirring in his cock…….she was a hot number all right and obviously liked her sex.

“Nothing to be lost by giving her a call” he thought, as he pressed reply. The assertive tone of her answer had him instantly aware of his stiffening cock. What was it that this woman did to him? After three months of total silence, a simple “Sue Thatcher, speaking” had him salivating at the thought he might be able to see her again, forcefully finger her again as she had demanded of him.

“David here, Sue. You called?” He tried so hard to sound nonchalant. “Probably sounded like an idiot!” he thought to himself.

“Thanks for returning my call, David. Busy tonight?” A little taken aback her abruptness, he struggled to recall whether he had anything on. Was she back in town? He decided that if there was anything that he was meant to be doing, it was too bad. He was free for her if that’s what she wanted!

“Nothing that can’t be postponed, Sue” he replied coolly.

“Good!’ She gave him her hotel name and room number, told him she would be there from 7.00pm and she would see him later. David stared at the silent phone in his hand. She had hung up before even ascertaining whether he would come or not.

When he gathered his thoughts, he realised he was as hard as a rock. A glance at his watch told him he had enough time to get home and have a shower and change before he would need to be back in town at her hotel as she had ordered. A soft groan escaped his lips as he rubbed his hands down the front of his jeans. God, she made him horny!


The bathroom was filling with steam as he quickly shed his work clothes. Stepping under the water and letting the warmth soak in, he began to relax. It had been a tough week at work and the early starts combined with poor sleep over the past few nights were taking their toll.

As he lazily soaped himself up, his thoughts turned to Sue. There was an immediate stiffening in his groin as he recalled their night together. Not one to waste a chance for some pleasure he began to stroke his soapy cock, one hand cupping his balls. Leaning against the side of the shower, he let his mind replay their encounter. His clearest memory of that night was her instruction to ream her out with his fingers….he remembered her gasps and sighs of delight as he twisted and turned his four fingers in her, his thumb planted firmly in her hole.

Sliding his hand up and his pole, his thoughts turned to what she might want of him tonight.

Would eskort bayan gorukle she want his sex with him?

Would she want him to ream her again?

Maybe she might tell him to use his whole hand in her cunt?

His cock jerked and throbbed at that idea, his balls tightened as his foamy hand worked harder and faster. He had never fisted anyone. What a hot prospect! He groaned as cum spurted hot and ropey over his hand. Breathing hard, he steadied himself, letting the hot water flow over him sluicing the suds and semen from his body.

He had best get moving, she wouldn’t want to be kept waiting.


A few minutes to seven saw him standing outside her door. Finding the hotel had been easier than he thought and the manager had just smiled and pointed him to the lift when he had asked for directions to her room.

She opened the door smartly at his knock, a polite smile on her face changed to one of pleasure when she saw that it was he.

“Come in, David. I was hoping you would be free tonight; just let me get my jacket and we’ll get going.”

“Going? Going where?” he wondered. This was something unexpected. He had thought that tonight would be more or less a repeat of their first encounter; drinks, a meal in the room and then more hot sex.

He gave her an appraising glance as she shrugged into her jacket and picked up her bag and keys. Those firm breasts straining under her sweater were as outstanding as he had recalled. Neat tailored black pants and jacket to match, she looked almost severe, certainly “corporate”. It was not a “look” that stirred him at all; he fancied his women in dresses or skirts.

“I hope you don’t mind, David, I have a dinner to attend tonight with some associates and their partners. I don’t usually worry about taking anyone with me, but tonight I thought that having some company would be good.” She smiled ruefully, “To tell you the truth, the idea of sitting there on my own with work the only topic of conversation unless you are interested in puking babies was just too much to contemplate!”

He laughed.

“I don’t mind being your safety valve for the night as long as you don’t expect me to be interested in puking babies either!”

Sue closed the door behind them and they took the lift down to the hotel garage. He checked the impulse to walk to the driver’s door. No one ever drove him anywhere! Again he found himself on the back foot, so used to being the one leading, controlling, directing; taking the subordinate role was so foreign to him.

Dinner was at a restaurant about 15 minutes drive from the hotel. Sue had handled the car with the same clear decisiveness she had displayed on other occasions. The chat in the car had been casual and easy, old friends catching up. He spent some of the time sitting back and letting the conversation wash over him, watching her as she talked with her colleagues. All thoughts of an evening satisfying her carnal wants had dissipated.

Suddenly the night was ending; there was talk of babysitters and distances to drive. As they walked back to the car, she brushed against his shoulder, a casual touch at best but one that evoked a sudden surge of desire in him.

“Are you in a hurry to go home, David?” Sue asked, as they did up their seat belts. “I thought we might go for a drive and find a spot for a walk. I need to exercise a bit of this meal off, I think!”

“There’s a nice park not far from here that has a small lake in the centre. Would that fit the bill?” David was a little surprised she wanted to walk at this time of night but he was happy mudanya escort to stay with her a little longer.

“Sounds fine. Navigate, will you?” She started the car and headed off in the direction he indicated. There was no conversation as they drove this time, just his quiet instructions where relevant.

Sue pulled the call into the parking area and sought a place to park far from the road and the security lighting. She turned off the ignition and quickly got out of the car.

“Right, my friend… take me for a walk around this lake of yours.” She pulled him away from the car, locking the doors automatically behind her.

David’s eyes took a while to adjust to the gloom. He was grateful there was a moon as he sought the trail that led down to the lake. He took her hand and guided her over the rough ground onto the gravel path that meandered through patches of native scrub down towards the water.

The sounds of the highway they had left were replaced by the noises of the night; the crunch of their shoes in the gravel, the occasional rustle in the undergrowth, the squawk of a night bird disturbed by their passing.

It seemed as if they had been walking for some time when suddenly the bush beside the track gave way to an open expanse of ground leading to the shore of the lake. An involuntary gasp escaped from Sue as she first caught sight of the moonlit water.

“This is rather beautiful, David…..not the sort of place you would expect to find in town.” David laughed ruefully.

“It’s the romance of the moonlight that does it, you know! Its really rather ordinary when you see it in the cold hard light of day.” He felt rather than saw her smile as she stood gazing out over the water. “Shall we continue?” he asked indicating the path around the lake’s shore.

She turned and held out her hand to him. “Lead on, sir. Find me a dry place where I can sit.”

Taking her hand, he started them both along the shore path in the direction of the small landing he knew to be short way around the lake’s edge. His grasp on her hand loosened as they walked; he was about to reluctantly let it go when he felt her grip tighten on his.


He turned to her, puzzled at her sudden change of heart. Before he realised what she was doing, her body was pressed against his, her hands holding his face and her mouth reaching to his. Her kiss was hard, almost ferocious. He gasped as she released him.

“Take me to this dry place of yours now.”

The landing wasn’t far away and in no time, he had found the side path that led down to it. A cleared area in the bush at the base of the landing housed a timber picnic table with bench seats concreted into the ground and a rough fire pit. The landing itself was old timber with a broken railing on one side.

Sue paused briefly, looked around the clearing, settled on the picnic table and started across toward it. Her jacket was quickly tossed across the top. David was intrigued at her actions, his body reacting to the memory of what her body felt like under his hands. He watched as she climbed up onto the table and sat on her jacket … her shoes kicked off in the dirt.

She held out her hand in his direction. “Come here now and take off my pants for me, David.”

There were no second thoughts in David’s mind as he stepped quickly across to the table. His fingers sought the button and zipper. She raised her bottom off the table as he slid the pants over her hips.

The light of the moon was sufficient for him to be more than aware she not wearing any knickers under those pants. She shivered involuntarily bursa evi olan escort as the cool night air washed over her pale bare skin.

“Hungry?” Her voice was almost a low growl, as she lay back a little and spread her legs wide. “Eat me, David.”

Her pussy was glistening in the light as he bent over her. He groaned as he caught the first waft of her aroma. Hungrily he pressed his lips against her mound, breathing her in at first. She rose to meet his mouth, her hand snaking around the back of his head. She pressed his face into her cunt.

“Eat me! Fuck me with your tongue. Make me cum, David.” He did not need to be encouraged. She tasted delicious as his tongue probed into her. He flickered over her clit and plunged again. Licking and sucking her clit, stroking his tongue across her lips, he ate her as hard as he could manage.

He was in no doubt when she came… her body convulsed and tightened; her juices flowed over his face, her fingers tangled in his hair forcing him against her throbbing pussy.

He straightened up briefly to ease his back and caught a glimpse of movement from the corner of his eye. Startled, he stood still for a moment focussing on the darkened scrub. In the gloom, he discerned a figure standing motionless at the edge of the clearing. They were being watched.

He leaned over Sue and whispered quietly in her ear, “We have company. There is someone watching us. Do you want to leave?”

Her throaty laugh was not the response he expected. She sat up and began to take off her sweater. “Let’s give him something to enjoy, shall we?” Her skin was milky white in the moonlight. “Suck me!” she ordered as she freed her breasts from their lacy bra.

He grinned and bent to take her hardening nipples in his mouth.

From where they were and in the poor light, they could not tell whether their watcher was a man or a woman. All David could think of was how hot it was to know that someone was watching him as he sucked and ate this naked, sexy woman in the park. His cock ached to be released from his pants.

He remembered she liked to have her nipples pinched as he stroked and licked her. Pinching one firmly, he rolled his tongue around the other and nibbled it gently before sucking it in hard. She was writhing and moaning with his attentions to her breasts.

He lowered himself to her hot cunt again, his mouth seeking her clit. He worked her breasts hard, pinching and twisting her nipples firmly. Again he bought her to a shuddering climax, made all the more intense by the knowledge they were ‘under surveillance’.

“Enough for now, David. Lets go back to the hotel.” She sat up, collected her clothes and dressed quickly. A little taken aback by her abrupt halting of proceedings, he shrugged and helped her find her discarded shoes.

The presence of the watcher had temporarily slipped his mind, but as they turned to leave the clearing, he wondered where the mysterious person had gone. He glanced over in the direction where he had first caught sight of the pale moonlit face, but there was no sign of anyone.

They returned to the car quickly and were surprised to note another parked discreetly across from theirs in a shadowed area not evident on their arrival. He wondered had the car been there all along and not noticed by them when they had first pulled into the car park. There was no way he could know whether they had been followed there from the restaurant.

Sue gave him little time to think further on the matter as she unlocked the car and settled into the drivers seat. She leaned across to him, and kissed him firmly.

“I was getting a little cold out there. Somewhere a little warmer would be nice now, I think.” Her hand found his crotch and squeezed his hard cock.

He grinned to himself as she started the car.


There is more to this story, why don’t you come back soon and find out what else happens to David and Sue.

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