A Pregnant Swap


My wife and I were on the bed making out before sleep when she suddenly stopped and said, “it’s just not working now, ever since I got pregnant I just haven’t been in the mood.” This was a common theme through the first four months of her pregnancy. We had intercourse once, and though she tried, it was clearly more for me and seemed maybe even a little painful for her.

To be fair to her, I should not have been too sexually frustrated. She was an amazing partner, still willing to give me a hand job and occasionally blow job even if she wasn’t in the mood. The problem was now that she was pregnant she absolutely did not want to be touched. And had no interest in sex at all.

The irony of it all was her best friend, who was also four months pregnant almost to the day, was in the opposite circumstance. According to my wife, her friend, and now my friend, Ally, was incredibly horny and wanted sex all the time. Only in her case, her husband would not touch her now that she was pregnant.

Given how beautiful Ally was and how horny I was now, I could not even fathom that scenario.

Admittedly, my horniness had increased lately. Something had turned on inside of me where I’d become attracted to pregnant women in general. Not in a fetish way exactly, but in a, ‘wow, my wife is beautiful and pregnant’ – and through that thought process, I started to notice how beautiful other pregnant women were.

All those thoughts were running through my head as my wife continued rubbing my chest and running her hand along my stomach. Even though she had no interest in sex, she was willing to pleasure me. I immediately felt guilty for thinking of Ally while this gorgeous human was right next to me. What in the world was I thinking?

I knew this playfulness wasn’t leading to intercourse though. It would most likely end in a hand job and orgasm. Afterward, she would turn over and go to sleep. Still, I had to admit it would feel good.

Her hand traveled under my boxers to my now very hard penis. She pushed down my boxers a little and pulled out my penis. She knew it wasn’t necessary to take them off. After she had me in the place she wanted, she spits saliva on her hand and began stroking me.

I was already pretty worked up from the short make-out session and she knew exactly how to get me to cum. I just sat back and enjoyed the stroking – looking at her full chest – knowing I couldn’t touch it – but imagining that I was.

She stroked me hard, adding a little more spit along the way. Her other hand pinched my nipple as she knew that would make me cum faster – just as I was wishing I could grab her nipples – knowing that was not happening tonight.

In a few more moments she had me cumming all over her hand, with some cum even landing on her pregnant stomach. She casually toweled it off without ceremony, kissed me on the cheek, and as predicted turned over to go to sleep. I just smiled and sighed in the aftermath of it all.

It was two nights later when I asked if she wanted to try sex again. It was then that she brought up something completely unexpected.

She said she wasn’t in the mood at all and it had nothing to do with me. She did not expect it to change while she was pregnant. And to that end, she’d been thinking about a new scenario that might work for both of us, at least in the short-term.

She asked if I remembered how Ally wanted sex Kayseri Escort and was hornier than ever. How her husband refused to touch her. I, of course, remembered the conversation and, in fact, had masturbated the next night thinking about fulfilling her needs.

I honestly could not believe where this conversation might be leading, but it led directly to the place of my inner fantasies. By the end of the conversation, she suggested that I start having sex with Ally. Her thinking was that until her sex drive returned and/or Ally’s husband was again interested in sex, it would solve everyone’s needs.

This whole conversation was shocking. It was logical and practical in a way that fit my wife’s thinking, but it was still shocking. We had never had an open relationship, no partner swaps, no threesome. In fact, prior to the pregnancy, we’d maintained a very happy, healthy sex life without any of those adventures.

She didn’t have details on how Ally and I would come to sleep together only that it would solve two things for her. I would quit bugging her about sex and she would not feel guilty about not having sex. I did not express how I thought it could very easily introduce other issues.

She then bluntly asked what I thought.

In my fantasies, this all worked out. And my gut was that this could actually work in life if all parties agreed. She further explained that she loves Ally, trusts her and trusts me. She said I should at least try it once. I told her I’d think it through. Though in my heart I wanted to drive straight to Ally’s.

Over the course of the next few days, we talked a few more times and she convinced me she truly wanted me to try it and would not feel bad about it. In fact, thought it would be freeing for her. Plus she had talked to Ally and she expressed that she was all in.

Making this more possible was the fact that Ally’s husband traveled every other week for 5 days at a time.

Ally had tried a few more times to express her frustrations about their sex life. His response to her was telling her to do what made her happy. My guess was he was thinking about a vibrator, not engaging in sex with another man, but she decided to do what she needed to do.

It was four days later when I knocked on her front door awkwardly, even though I realized I would have normally just walked in and announced I was there. This visit felt very different from our normal couple get-together. My heart was pounding and I almost walked back to my car.

Ally, who was not shy, called for me to just come in from somewhere in the house. The door was unlocked. Once inside I took off my flip-flops. I was dressed in well-worn blue jeans and a soft white t-shirt. And nothing else. I could feel my penis twitch inside my jeans, just thinking about what I might find inside the house.

I found Ally in the familiar kitchen cutting up some bread and cheese. She had already laid out grapes, strawberries, and some dip. “Nice, spread friend,” I said, impressed with the assortment. She looked up at me and smiled one of her beautiful full smiles.

She appeared calm, but I could tell she, too, was more tense than usual. I took her in. Her dark hair was styled straight, cut short to about mid-neck. She was wearing a loose-fitting sun dress with short straps. Her full breasts were noticeable in the dress, as was her still small Kayseri Escort Bayan pregnant belly. Nothing was too tight. I noticed her darkly tan legs and feet were bare. She looked freshly showered.

Trying to appear calmer than I was, I walked deeper into the kitchen and poured some water from the pitcher she had set out into two glasses. She also had set out a bottle of red wine.

Ally, seeing me looking at the wine said, “pour a sip for me too please.” Though I knew she would never drink while she was pregnant, I think the idea of a small glass would be calming.

I grabbed us each a glass and started moving the food into the living room. The television was on Chip and Joanna and the hard-working couple was currently upgrading a house in Texas.

We both settled into the couch and pretended to watch. She tipped up her glass and said cheers. As we clanked, I could not help drinking in her beautiful blue eyes. I had never truly looked at Ally liked I was now. She was truly beautiful.

I decided I needed to break the ice. So just as the sip left her lips, I leaned over and kissed her very lightly. My hand found her soft, silky hair as I gently connected our lips. I pulled away slowly to gauge her reaction, but as did I placed my hand on the top of her leg, right below the edge of her skirt.

She kept her eyes closed and leaned in for another kiss and moved her hand to the top of mine. We both knew why I was there on this visit. I returned the kiss placing my other hand behind her head and through her hair.

After a second she grabbed a grape from the tray and moved it to my lips, forcing me to open them and take a bite. Without a word she watched me eat. She then leaned over and gave me another kiss, moving her hand from my hand to my chest.

This was a delicate, careful dance we were dancing. We were moving from close, married friends to something much more intimate. I think we were both feeling out what that meant. We both loved our spouses and had not imagined we’d be in this situation.

She leaned back and took in another small sip. Her foot grazed my leg as she shifted positions.

My hand had not left her leg and found the end of her white skirt, playing with the edge. Her legs were very tan, very dark, opposite my wife’s who was creamy white. I had a sudden realization of how differently beautiful these two women were.

My wife was petite, blonde and had creamy white skin and an amazing ass. Ally was a tanned dark, brunette, with full, large breasts. Made fuller by the pregnancy.

I moved closer to her, to where our bodies were fully touching, getting in to kiss her neck. My hand traveled up the back of her leg under her skirt to her ass while I kept kissing and lightly sucking on her neck.

She released a soft moan and started to relax as she grabbed the back of my head and ran her fingers through my hair.

My hand found her silky panties and I grabbed them strongly from behind and pulled them down. She adjusted so I could pull them fully off. They were soft, white and damp from excitement.

We’d reach a point of no return, so I just went forward.

Pushing up her skirt I could not wait to taste her. Ally’s pussy was gorgeous. Her dark hair was neatly trimmed and her lips were swollen and wet. Her baby belly was still small, it was cute but also very present. Making Escort Kayseri me impossibly harder. I moved my hands to her hips, feeling her stomach while positioning my tongue firmly on her clit.

She moaned and uttered a soft, almost inaudible, “yes,” at the same time pushing my head deeper into her pussy. Her legs tightened around my sides and still clothed ass and less than subtly pushed me to her mound.

Using her hands on my head as a guide to her pleasure, I used my tongue at full pressure on her clit. I positioned two fingers at the front of her opening and slowly guided them inside. Pumping them in and out while I began a to lick and suck on her clit.

Ally reached up and found the back of my shirt while I worked her clit. She roughly pulled off my shirt while grazing her nails across my back. Then she pushed me back into position.

I continued working her clit with my tongue while using my fingers to fuck her. She was wet and tight. I glanced up to see Ally playing with her very large breasts, pinching and milking her nipple. Her eyes were closed tight and she was clearly enjoying herself. I noticed a small amount of liquid appear from her nipple and my penis, already impossibly hard felt like it was going to rip through my jeans.

It was just a few more moments and I felt her vagina contract against my fingers. A gush of water escaped her and flooded my face. Ally let out a scream of pleasure and a few choice words. I had never been with someone who gushed as much as Ally did just then. It was such a strong turn on.

Ally then leaned up and pushed me upright. She quickly undid my pants and pushed them to the ground. I stood up and my erect penis grazed her belly. I slid my feet out of my pants so I was standing completely naked in front of her.

Now that we were both naked, she looked into my eyes and said, “fuck me, fuck me very hard.”

Not hesitating, I leaned over and kissed her, feeling her tongue against mine. Then pushed her shoulders back, positioning her comfortably on the couch. The television was still playing behind us but neither of us cares at all about that. I moved my penis into her pussy and slowly inserted it. While it was tight from the recent orgasm it was also very wet, I slid in with relative ease.

She grabbed my ass and encouraged my full entry, giving me further encouragement by moaning in pleasure. Once again she raked my back with her fingers and I could not help wondering if the scratches would leave a mark.

It was obvious to me that I wasn’t going to last long. I was so turned on by the experience from start to finish. Being inside Ally felt absolutely amazing.

Ally looked to be feeling the same. She was flushed and beautiful. Her very large breasts were moving up and down with my thrusting and her legs were wrapped tightly around my ass. I noticed her beautiful baby bump was also contracting. I could not believe I was fucking this gorgeous creature.

My thrusting continued, I briefly considered changing positions but were both clearly enjoying the one we were in. I took her hands and moved them above her head holding her wrists down. I partly to fully expose her body to me but I also wanted to allow her to fully enjoy the intercourse.

A minute later I knew I could not hold out any longer, I thrust in deep and came inside her filling her fully. I continued moving inside her and she orgasmed again a few seconds later, contracting and pushing more cum from me.

We both collapsed on the couch next to each other, spent.

I knew at that moment our relationship would never be the same and knew this would not be the last time we’d be together.

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