A Night of Endless Passion Part 2_(2)

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I close my eyes and drift off to sleep, savoring the feel of her warm breath against my chest. I slowly start to wake up and I can hear some noises off in the background. I try to sit up but realize that I am still tied to the bed. I open my eyes and look around the room. It’s still dark outside so I know that I haven’t been asleep that long, maybe a couple of hours.

I tilt my head to the side and see my naked wife walking towards me. As she does I can’t help but to admire her sexy body. Her long black hair is now pulled back behind her, leaving her beautiful breasts exposed.
As she gets closer to me I look down at her beautiful mound. It looked so smooth and wonderful leading down to her sexy slit. Despite our sexual adventure earlier in the night as I find myself staring at her mound, I can’t help but get a little aroused again. I could feel my dick slowly starting to firm up and rise up off my chest.

“Are you ready for round three already?” she said coyly and she slid herself on top of me.

“I’m always ready,” I tell her and gently kiss her lips.

“We’ll see how ready you are by the morning,” she said through her smile and started kissing my neck. I laid my head back and savored in the feeling of her warms lips softly pressing against my exposed neck. She started to flick her tongue out onto my neck and I turned my head to the side to expose my neck even further to her.

I savor the feeling of her tongue sliding over my now slippery neck and I start to softly moan my pleasure. Slowly she starts working her way down my body. I feel her tongue work its way down towards my nipple and she slowly starts to lick it back and forth. This drives me crazy and I throw my body up against my
restraints, with my moans getting louder and louder.

She gently kisses my nipple and starts to work her way down my body again. I feel her tongue and lips’ working their way across my stomach and it feels amazing to me. She stops right in the center of my stomach and works her way to the side just a little.

She smiles at me and opens her mouth to start sucking my side. Amazingly this feels really good. I thrust my side up as far as I can as I try to shove my side further into her mouth. I feel her other hand come and push me back down flush against the bed.

She lets my side go out of her mouth and I can hear the pop as it snaps back into place. She starts to lick the now raw skin with her tongue and it is driving me absolutely insane. She slowly stopped kissing me and moved her face overtop my now raging boner.

My wife opened her mouth up and started to go down on my dick before raising it back off of it. God if I had my hands free I would grab the sides of her head and slam it down onto my cock. But right now the best I could do was thrust my hips up as far as possible, which always left my dick just outside her open mouth. It was so close that sometimes she would stick her tongue out and escort london give the head a quick lick driving me insane.

After what felt like forever, but was probably closer to ten minutes, she suddenly went all the way down on my cock. I looked down at her and saw her lips buried to the hilt of my cock. I could feel the back of her throat against my dick and it felt amazing. I could see her slobber escaping her mouth and sliding into the base of my dick and back towards my balls.

She stayed down there for about thirty seconds before coming back up for air. As she caught her breath I could see her saliva running down her chin. She looked back down at my cock and went to work. She was a pro at this, I know she could have me cumming within minutes if she wanted me to.

She worked her way up and down my cock, sometimes deep throating my cock, while other times she worked the top, running her tongue around the base of the head. I could feel my orgasm getting close and I wanted to fill the back of her throat with my cum. But before I had the chance she stopped sucking my dick and worked her way up towards my face.

She gave my lips a lick as she worked her way past my face. Her boobs slid off of my face as she kept sliding up further. I knew what she was getting at and I was excited. I closed my eyes for a second and when I opened them back up I could see her pussy in front of my face.

She slowly lowered it into my mouth and I started licking and sucking it like a madman. She kept lowering herself down until she was sitting on my face completely. This made it extremely hard for me to breath, but just added to the excitement. I kept licking her pussy trying to shove my tongue as far in as possible.

“If you don’t start sucking my clit now, I’m going to suffocate you with my pussy,” she threatened. I eagerly slide my tongue out of her pussy and start sucking her clit vigorously. I get the lips of her pussy inside my mouth and it feels so good. I can hear her moans turning into all out screams.

“Don’t fucking stop,” she yells at me repeatedly. The thought never even crosses my mind. Finally I feel her entire body start pulsing as she came onto my face. Her juices dripped out of her pussy into my face and I did my best to get it all into my mouth. They tasted so fucking good.

To my dismay she slid her pussy out of face and worked her way back down towards my cock. As her breasts slid across my face she stopped.
“Suck on my boob now,” she ordered me. I opened my mouth and slid her nipple into it. I sucked away at it savoring the feeling of it inside my mouth. Suddenly
she grabbed hold of the boob and slammed it further into my mouth.

“I said fucking suck it not play with it,” she scolded me. This excited me a ton. She’s never been this aggressive with me before, and I was enjoying every second of it. I felt her nipple hitting the back of my throat and it felt amazing. I was unable escort service to swallow it was so far in, so my saliva was sliding down all over her breast and over my face.

I could hear her moans as I sucked her breast.

“Nibble on it babes,” she moaned. I happily obliged doing my best to bite down on her massive boob. Her moans got louder the harder I bit.

“God I have to fuck you now,” she moaned as she slid her breast out of my mouth. She hurriedly slid her pussy down towards my cock and shoved my penis inside it.

“God yes,” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

“That feels so damn good,” I moaned back at her. She reached down and slapped me across the face hard.

“Did I tell you to talk bitch,” she questioned me.

“No, mam,” I answered obediently.

She slapped me again, “It’s master not mam, got it”?

“Yes, master,” I answered quickly. I could feel the blood flowing to my face where she had smacked me and I knew it was going to leave a handprint on my face, but I didn’t mind one bit. I loved her being this aggressive with me.

She went to town on my dick slamming it in and out of her pussy. It felt so damn good, but I was scared to moan because I didn’t want to get smacked again. So I just laid there with my mouth open, a look of ecstasy spilling across my face. I could feel the cum building up inside my cock.

She must of recognized the look in my eye because the next second she told me, “if you cum in me before I tell you, you’re going to be punished in a way that you don’t like, and that’s hard for you so it’s going to be extreme. Got it?”

“I’ll do my best master,” I quickly replied. I was truly terrified of what she would do to me if I came too early. I also knew that she better tell me to quick though because it was building up fast, and she had no intentions of fucking me any softer.

She started to moan as her orgasm grew. Unfortunately her moaning was a huge turn on for me and it pushed me right over the edge.

“I’m so sorry, master,” I eked out as I blew my load inside of her. After my penis pulsed for a second time, I saw her hand coming down out of the corner of my eye and I cringed a little.

SMACK! Her hand flew into my face and I was seeing stars.

“I fucking warned you,” she threatened, “and your punishment is just getting started,” she continued on. She went and untied my hand arms and legs. After being stretched out for so long they were stiff and I tried to stretch them out a little.

My wife wasn’t giving me any time to recover though.

“Get on all fours, you disappointing piece of shit,” she yelled at me. I was terrified; she has never treated me like this before. However, I quickly got on all fours because I didn’t want to disappoint her.

As soon as I got into the position, I saw her arm rear back. SMACK! It stung, she was smacking me as hard as she could. SMACK! Another one to the escorts in london same cheek. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The barrage went on for a long time. Each cheek probably got smacked 20 times, and I knew they were going to bruise. But, I deserved it, I came before she did when we were fucking. I had let her down.

“You have one more fucking punishment,” she told me menacingly. I cringed a little, I thought that that would be it.

I felt something slippery and cold start to push up against my ass hole. At first I thought it was her finger, I didn’t mind it when she fingered my ass. But it was much too large for that.

“If you fucking stop me we’re never doing anal again,” she threatened me. That’s when I realized what it was. She had her glass dildo pushed up against my ass hole. I was instantly terrified. I thought about backing out, but how did I love anal. I actually slightly preferred it to vaginal sex, so I decided to take it.

I felt her start to push it up against my ass. I threw my ass up a little to try and let it slide in easier. As soon as it did I felt the head of the dildo slide it. My ass hole felt like it was on fire. I never had anything close to this large up inside it before.

She slowly slid it in further, and it felt like she was pushing my insides apart. Like she had lit a fire inside me. I screamed out in pure pain.

“Shut up and take it,” my wife ordered. I obediently closed my mouth, but my face showed pure agony.

“So you took the whole fucking thing,” she sneered down at me. “Now you gotta adjust and I’m going to fuck you with it, understand?” she questioned.

“Yes, master,” I moaned out in pain. Slowly she started to slide it in and out of me. It hurt so damn bad. Then she picked up the pace a little and I could feel my asshole stretch. It started to hurt only when she was pulling out and not when she was pushing in. Then finally the hurt subsided all together. It didn’t feel amazing, but it didn’t feel bad either.

“How’s that feel?” she asked me. The menace was out of her voice and I knew that she had wanted to do this to me for a while. It had been a set-up. Right now I didn’t mind though, since the pain had stopped.

“Not too bad anymore,” I answered and despite myself I felt my dick start to grow a little. I felt her reach around and start stroking it as she fucked my ass with the dildo. As my dick started to grow harder and harder, the ass fucking actually started to feel better and better.

“God girl you’re going to make me cum,” I moaned at her.

“Go ahead, you dirty little boy. This is our little secret don’t worry,” she cooed back to me. And despite myself I unloaded my cum onto the bed. She rolled me over to the side and flopped down next to me directly into my pile of cum. This turned me on and I laid my head against her massive chest and slipped her nipple into my mouth and closed my eyes.

I heard my wife laugh at me before she ran her hand through my hair and said “I’ll wake you up in a little bit for the next part,” I smiled again and dozed off with her nipple in my mouth.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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