A Night at the Manor Hotel Ch. 02

Solo Male

This chapter follows on from Ch1 but can be read in isolation.


As Jon drove away from the hotel he knew it was only a matter of time before he returned. After the most amazing night of his life he could not get Emily out of his mind. The feel of her sweet lips around his morning woody as he awoke was an experience he defiantly wanted to repeat.

Twenty minutes up the road his phone bleeped indicating an incoming text. Glancing at the phone he saw Emily’s name on the screen & a smile spread across his face. They had swapped numbers before he left but was unsure if he would be lucky enough to hear from her. Pulling into a bus stop briefly he opened the inbox…

Message from Emily…

Hi Hansom. Thanks for a fantastic night. My skin is still tingling thinking about your touch. Check your jacket pocket, I left you a little gift ;)…xxx

Jon put his hand into his pocket only to find a few coins & small pack of gum. Swapping hands to the left pocket his fingers encountered something unexpected. Pulling his hand free revealed the tiny white thong with black trim that Emily has worn the previous evening. Checking to see that he was unobserved, Jon could not help but bring the wisp of silky material up to his face to stroke his cheek on the soft fabric. Unable to resist he brought the worn knickers up to his nose & inhaled deeply. The material had dried but Emily’s intoxicating scent has infused into the fabric. Jon felt a stirring at his groin as the fragrance triggered his desire.

With a smile Jon returned the sexy lingerie to his pocket & scrolled through his phone to send a message back.

“Thursday evening. 7:30pm. be ready. I will pick you up at the hotel…No excuses!”

With a grin Jon hit send. Thursday was only a couple of days away. He had no idea if she should be working or had prior plans. He would be available & hoped that a demand rather than a request might spark her interest & excitement.

As he worked for the next two days his mind kept drifting to the sexy receptionist. He knew so little about her but after just one passionate night he felt he could easily become addicted to her. Many times he had used his fingers to caress the panties she had left for him & closed his eyes to recall the intimate details of their first meeting.

He had received no reply to his text so it was with a little nervousness that he drove back towards the Manor Hotel. Maybe he had misread the situation & she did not want to see him again. He pulled into the car park & reversed into a space facing the main entrance.

At 7:40pm he was about to give up when the entrance doors flew open & there was Emily. She looked flustered, but gorgeous! Carrying a handbag she wore here uniform. The hem of her tight skirt hugging her thighs just above her knees as she walked as fast as her high heels would allow towards him. Jon climbed out of the driving seat & met her as she arrived at the front of the car.

“I’m sorry I’m late I had too…”

But her sentence was cut short as Jon reached out, curling one hand around her slim waist and pulled her hard to him. His other hand slid to the back of her neck as he leaned in to push his lips against hers. Within a moment their tongues were wresting between teeth eager to taste each other. Jon held her tight feeling the warmth of her body against him & feeling her relax into his grasp. Her soft breasts pushed into his chest with only her name badge pinned to her blouse disturbing the feel of her curves.

“Mmmmmm…Hello” she said as they parted their lips, her chest rising & falling as she tried to catch her breath.

“Hey you” Jon replied “I’ve missed you”

Holding her hand he guided her to the passenger door & opened it for her. He could not avoid watching her long legs fold into the seat, causing the skirt to slide up her thigh a couple of inches. As he started the car Emily smiled & placed a hand on his thigh.

“So I’m here as you requested. Where are we going?”

“Well I thought the least I could do is buy you dinner. I know a nice little place not too far from here where we can get something nice to eat & get to know each other a bit more.”

“Sounds good. I’m starving. But just how much better do you want to know me?”

“Well let’s just see how much you want to share, but I want you know you inside & out!”

“Hmmm well the inside might take time to discover but the outside I’m sure we can give you a refresher course!” She winked & continued. “How long till we get to the restaurant? I’ve been in these clothes all day & want to change.”

“We are about 15 minutes away, do you want to change when we get there?”

“Oh I have a much better idea” replied Emily as her fingers moved to the buttons of her blouse.

Jon swallowed hard & tried not to swerve all over the road while watching the sides of Emily’s blouse, ease apart as each button was slowly released. He was sure she pushed her breasts out more, arching her back as her cleavage & lacy black bra came into view. All the buttons were soon Eskişehir Escort undone & she tugged the tails of the shirt from the waist band of her skirt. Leaning forward she shrugged her shoulders & pulled our each arm from the sleeves. Sitting back the black seat belt crossed between her breasts carving a bold line across her pale smooth skin.

Jon glanced at the road to ensure they were still on the right side of the white line but his eyes were soon drawn back as Emily felt behind her back to release the clasp of her bra. The thin straps slid from her creamy shoulders & she pulled the lace cups away from her chest & out from under the seat belt. Jon released a small groan as he absorbed the curve of her pert tits with salmon pink nipples.

“I’m not distracting you from driving am I?” She asked with a sideways grin.

“Oh don’t worry about me. You just carry on!”

Emily dropped her hand to her hip & drew down the short zip from the waist band to the top of her thigh. Easing the seat belt forward she lifted her hips from the seat & slid the tight material of her skirt down under her perfect behind. A string of black elastic scribed a thin line across her hip revealing she wore a sexy little G-string. The skirt slid down her thigh & disappeared into the darkness of the cars foot well, leaving Emily naked on the passenger seat all but for her knickers which appeared to be made of dental floss & a postage stamp size triangle of shear lace.

Emily gave Jon a wicked grin & stretched out in the seat, straightening her legs as much as possible & thrusting her breasts upwards. A car passed in the opposite direction & its headlights illuminated her in her full glory for a split second. Jon could not help wondering if the other driver had been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the sexy angel sitting next to him.

“Mmmm that feels so much better & I see you are enjoying the show” says Emily as she reaches over to pat the growing lump at the front of Jon’s trousers. Shame I can’t stay like this to go to dinner but I suppose I’d better put something on.”

“I’m sure nobody would complain!” Jon said optimistically & received a gentle thump on the arm & a chuckle from Emily.

Instead she reached into her bag & pulled out a dress made of deep blue satin fabric & pulled it over her head. Freeing her blond hair with one hand the thin spaghetti straps fell into place on her shoulders. Her manicured fingers unravelled the material and it slid down her body. Her nipples growing harder as they ploughed little lines in the silky material. The hem bunched around her waist but she made no attempt to pull the skirt down to its full length.

Glancing down Jon could just see the triangle of lace part obscured by the dress but still tantalising to his eyes. Emily’s long smooth legs looked amazing.

A couple of minutes later they arrived at the restaurant. Opening her car door Jon held out his hand to help her out of her seat. It was the act of a true gentleman but he could not avoid his eyes falling onto her exposed upper thigh as she exited the vehicle.

The restaurant was small but welcoming. Nice furnishings & secluded lighting. The host at the reception desk ticked his list to confirm the reservation & trying not to be too obvious looking at Emily’s cleavage (& failing) he escorted them to a corner table.

They order from the menu and waited for the food to arrive, sipping wine and talking quietly slowly getting to know each other. Emily’s eyes sparkled in the candle light & the sheen of her lip gloss made her mouth look far more appetising than anything else the restaurant could serve.

The service is excellent and in a short period a young cute brunette waitress approached the table with our food. She was dressed in the classic white blouse and black skirt. The skirt fitted her hips tightly and the fabric of her shirt allowed a semi obscured perception of a white lace bra. She smiled, with a pink blush forming on her cheeks below her large brown eyes. As she placed a plate of amazing sea food in front of Emily the waitress bit her lip. Emily’s breasts had caught her eye, with her nipples were pressing out against the silk blue fabric of her dress. The girls eyes dropped lower and they widened at how high Emily’s hemline was sitting on her thigh. Emily teased her briefly, opening her knees a few inches and running a finger up her exposed skin to brush briefly against her lace thong.

Emily slid her other hand onto the back of the girls leg and up past the back of her knee to just above her hem level. Keeping direct eye contact she purred,

“Mmm thank you sweetie, everything looks like it will taste divine!”

Jon reached over and rescued his plate, the red wine sauce from the medium rare rib eye stake was almost about to drip onto the table cloth as the plate tilted with the waitresses attention focused on her seductive customer.

“I’m so sorry Sir.” She stammered, “I was a little distracted there for a moment!”

With a blush to her cheeks she Eskişehir Escort Bayan hastily exited through the kitchen doors.

“She was cute. I wonder how much fun we could have with her later?” said Emily.

“Behave, I’m old enough to be her father, and anyway I’m concentrating all my attention on you tonight.”

“HeHe” Emily chuckled, “Oh I’m sure we could help her with a few Daddy issues! But Ok let’s just put her on our ‘To Do’ list.”

They continued chatting and flirting. The food was very good and Emily was giggling more and more with the glasses of Chardonnay she consumed. Her eyes sparked as she looked at Jon and her hand rested on his leg her fingernails teasing the skin of his this thigh through his trousers. She leaned forward with an elbow on the table and rested her chin on her hand. As she chewed her lip and her eyes looked deep into his, Jon felt her fingers walking higher up his thigh till her little finger was gently stroking the lump behind the button fly of his black jeans. His cock had been semi firm for most of the evening but her touch increased his heart beat to pump a little more blood into his member making it twitch in his shorts.

“I’m thinking that desert would be better served somewhere a little quieter. What do you think?” She purred applying a little more pressure with her finger.

“Sound like a good idea to me!” Replied Jon with a wry smile.

“Ok good” smiled Emily in return. “You get the bill, but leave the tip to me.”

Jon looked around and caught the cute brunette’s eye. With the international signal, scribbling on his hand with an imaginary pen she blushed a little, nodded and walked over to the counter to sort out the bill.

Emily was wriggling in her seat and also bending down into her handbag. Pulling out a delicate notebook and pen she wrote a few words on the paper, ripped out the sheet and replaces the pad and pen. A few more wiggles and she was back in her seat, and gave Jon a sexy wink.

The waitress approached with a small leather folder and Jon glanced at the bill it enclosed and took his credit card from his wallet for her to swipe in the machine.

“Was everything ok with your meal?” The waitress enquired.

“Very nice.” Replied Jon.

Emily leaned in a little, exposing a little more cleavage. “Sorry we are not staying for desert, but my guy here needs to save room for eating me!”

With that she tucked her thong which she has surreptitiously removed into Jon’s jacket breast pocket leaving a shed of silk lace exposed. The waitress went a darker shade of pink and her hand pulled at the hem of her short skirt not knowing quite how to respond.

Jon and Emily stood and he put his hand on her waist to start guiding her to the door. Emily paused and handed the waitress a lten pound note as a tip, wrapped around a folded piece of paper. As they reached the exit door Jon glanced back and saw the waitress smiling after them, and tucking the tip and note down her blouse and safely into her lace bra. Their eyes met and she bit her lip and gave a tiny nod.

Walking across the carpark Jon asked about the note.

“Oh it was just my phone number and an invitation to join me, or maybe us one evening when she is free.”

Jon’s smile widened at the recollection of the cute girls smile and tiny nod of approval!

“But that will be another day. For now it’s time for the next course.”

Emily stood by the car as again Jon opened the door and watched her slide into the leather seat. The silk blue dress rode high on her thigh and only just covered her pussy that Jon knew was exposed beneath.

Jon started the engine and began to pull out of the car park.

“Turn left and keep going for about a mile or so” said Emily, resting her hand on his leg as he drove. “There is a small wooded area with off road parking and a picnic area, I’m sure we will have it to ourselves this time of night!”

Glancing across Jon saw that a spaghetti strap on the dress has slipped off her shoulder and the fabric if the stunning dress was only held up because Emily had her eyes closed and was pinching her hard nipple between her fingers. Soon an entrance appeared with a sign to a recreation area. Jon swung the car into the parking area, the tires crunching over gravel. The headlights illuminated a wide grass area with a group of rough picnic tables. The type with a bench seat each side fixed to a solid timber frame.

Switching off the engine the interior light automatically came on, shining its warm glow over the angel on the passenger seat. Emily was still pinching her nipple and squeezing her own breast the other hand was under the short hem of her dress.

“Mmmm you look very tasty, I think I’m ready for my desert!”

“Good to hear, let’s go over to the benches and I will serve you a sweet treat.”

Together they walked to a nearby table, just bathed in the glow at the edge of the car headlights. Emily turned into his arms and they kissed deeply. Their tongues wrestling together Escort Eskişehir and lips crushing with passion. After a few moments she pushed him away and pointed to the nearside bench.

“Sit” she commanded. Jon was in no mood to argue. And swung a leg over the wooden plank and sat facing the table. Walking carefully on the rough ground in her high heels, Emily circled the table to the far side. Looking into his eyes she stepped up onto the bench and up onto the table to stand over him. She began to sway her hips and ran her hands up her body dancing to some imaginary tune in her head. She shook her head, her hair cascading down her back.

As Jon took a deep breath and watched in admiration she slid both straps of her dress off her shoulders letting the garment fall around her waist. Raising her hands again to run up her neck and through her hair she continued to dance. The soft light from the car lights made her skin glow and her pert breasts swayed as she slowly gyrated for him. She turned away from him and paused, slipping her hands into the bunched up dress and keeping her legs straight at the knee bent over at the waste and dropped her dress to pool around her heels. Jon could not help licking his lips at he gazed up at her amazing arse with her tight pussy lips peeking out between her thighs.

Turning back to face him she kicked the discarded frock to him to look after and stepped down onto the bench, a stiletto heel on either side of him. Jon ran his fingertips up the back of her calves, to the back of her knees, and smiled recalling Emily doing a similar move on the waitress in the restaurant. She purred at the caress. Her crotch was mear inches from his face and he leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on the smooth hairless pubic mound.

She briefly pushed her hips forward feeling the slight stubble on his chin rasp her delicate skin. With her hands on his shoulder she lowered herself to sit on the bench. Her legs spread wide and fully exposed to him wearing only her spiked heels.

“Please Sir, desert is served.” And with that she reached down with one hand and spread her pussy lips wide open highlighting her aroused clit and moist pink inside. The other hand reached behind Jon’s head and glided his face down between her creamy thighs.

Jon took a deep breath, inhaling to sweet musk of her sex, then blew out a stream of air, his mouth an inch from her spread pussy lips. Emily moaned in appreciation of the warm focused jet of air as it run up between her spread lips and stopped directly on her clit.

“Don’t tease me, eat me!” she gasped and Jon ducked forward and sank his extended tongue deep into her open vagina.

Emily gasped and threw her head back as Jon’s tongue swirled deep into her moist pink lips. He changed technique from deep stabs to a long slow wet lick from the back near her butt hole through the tight petals of her womanhood and across her sensitive bud, which was peeking out from its protective hood seeking attention. Her left hand clawed at the back of his head pulling his hair and driving his face harder against her pussy. Her right was grasping her breasts and pulling her erect nipples. Jon’s senses were overwhelmed. His taste, smell, touch, sight were in overdrive and his hearing enjoyed the music of her passionate moans of delight, all be it dulled by her thighs clamping his ears. Emily lent back with her elbows resting on the rough wooden table, the silk dress bunched up around her midriff. The globes of her breasts pushes upwards with her nipples hard as bullets pointing out in the moonlight. Jon looked up over her stomach to appreciate the exquisite view. She hypnotised him with her sexual magnetism.Emily tapped his head.”Don’t even think about stopping yet, you are driving me wild, I’m so turned on right now!”With that Jon redoubled his efforts, licking, kissing, nibbling, sucking, using every oral skill he possessed. Emily’s hips bucked against his face as her nerve endings danced with pleasure. Her hand pulling him even harder into her pussy lips. Her legs curled up over his shoulders and she lay back on the picnic bench, her ankles digging into his shoulders.

Her climax was approaching fast and her breathing panted out with here increasing arousal.

“Oh Fuck Yesss! Just there!” She gasped as Jon sucked her clit between his lips and flicked his tongue back and forth across here engorged pleasure bud.

Emily exploded! Her body jerked as if charged with electricity. Her thighs clamped hard around Jon’s head as if trying to crush it like a Walnut. A long low guttural moan passed through her clenched teeth as juices flooded her virgina. Jon was not sure if she had squirted but his face was slick with her fluid as he continued to lick as much up as he could. She tasted delicious. Careful to avoid her now oversensitive clit he gently kissed and licked between her legs as she slowly came back down to earth.

“What the fuck did you do to me?” She gasped as her breath slowly returned to a more normal rate. “I have not cum that hard for ages!” With that she turned, swivelling on her buttocks and stretched out flat along the table. Naked in the moonlight except from the crumpled silk dress still forming a band around her waist, and the sexy heels on he feet. Her head was near the end of the wooden platform and her hair cascaded down towards the floor.

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