A New Feeling

Big Tits

Being a CEO of a major corporation specializing in Corporate “raiding”; image to me is and always has been everything. The way I am perceived, the power I radiate, the level of achievement I portray, all play significant factors to my success.

I am the stereotypical Upper Class Male. I have a beautiful half a million dollar house on a golf course, a three car garage, filled with your typical sport utility vehicle, a Cadillac, and of course, my Porsche.

My wife, is the Stepford wife type, Mrs. Country Club. She makes sure she performs her “wifely duties” dependably once a month when I have banked enough “Honey Do’s” to be honored with entering her. I get to lay on top of her, in the very dark of the bedroom for five minutes of very Vanilla, strictly dutiful sex. After which ,she immediately runs into the bathroom and showers away every last scent of me from her. Once she sneezed and moved under me while I was inside her. It was the kinkiest thing she had done in 10 years!

I am not complaining, don’t get me wrong. There are other associates of mine, also in their mid forties, that would be delighted to even get that treatment.

Like I said, “image is everything to me.” So it has kept me from falling into that revolving bed routine that I see some of my friends get hooked on.

Perhaps a combination of all these things were what threw me for a loop when I met Carry.

I was at a local coffee bar just down from my executive offices. It was early, yet there was still a long line of people ordering coffees in front of me. As I perused the cover of the Wall Street Times, I heard the orders “Tall Latte” , “Mocahchino” , double expresso.”

The ordering seemed to be held up a bit, the flow of the line slowed, as I heard a desperate plea, asking “Don’t you just have regular fresh ground coffee”?

I looked ahead, my eyes had to trail down a bit to locate the source of who said this. Standing 6’3,” this little gal ahead of me barely reached my chest.

Besides her echoing my sentiment for a cup of “REAL” coffee, I was struck by the most beautiful long , golden blonde hair hair I had ever seen. The length came just above her waist band of her jeans.

I just had to get a look at her face.

I had a feeling I was going to be disappointed. She probably looked like a mud fence, yet I had to see her.

I spoke up to the young gal at the counter, still trying to process what the young lady had ordered. “Yes, I will have the same of your “Morning Roasted Blend, Number 4 on your menu.”

The confused gal at the counter, now understood what the young lady in front of me was trying to order. She turned around to thank me. It felt like someone had kicked me in the stomach. She was beautiful. She had a golden brown tan, the most beautiful hazel eyes with long eyelashes I had ever seen, and beautiful white straight teeth.

When she smiled at me, her eyes met mine. She did not turn away, but boldly captured my eyes in hers. Her head tilted slightly to the left, and when she smiled, her eyes lit up and sparkled. I felt like I was THE most important man in the world at that very second.

Before I knew what I was doing, I had insisted on buying both coffees, and was leading her, or she lead me, or somehow we ended up at a table together. I smiled at the contrasts almost immediately. Her aft height to my 6’3.” Her long blonde hair to my dark salt and pepper tinged hair. Her jeans, long sleeve white t-shirt and jeans, to my Armani suit. Her youthfulness, I was guessing mid 30’s to my mid 40’s.

Yet, there we both sat, savoring our cup of “real coffee” as though our life’s depended on it. Both of us with a copy of the Wall Street Journal. In no time at all, I could tell that she was not some whimsical blonde.

We continued to meet at the coffee shop on and off. Ok, I admit, I spent way too much time driving in and out of the place hoping to “bump” into her. I couldn’t get enough of her laugh, her smile, her candor. I never had to guess what she was thinking. She always told me how she felt about things.

It wasn’t long before I was starting to be very sexually attracted to her as well. I just wasn’t sure how I was going to approach doing anything about it. One morning, as we were discussing the Bloomberg report from the previous day. Right in the middle of Ford falling three points and Airline stock recovering a bit, she looks at me and says.

“I want to make love to you.”

It took everything I had to keep from choking on my coffee, and to act non chalont. My heart was racing. I felt like a randy college boy. My cock was so instantly hard, I thanked God, I was sitting down and could be hidden under the table.

We worked out the logistics of our meeting. I would have loved to take her right then and there.

We met at one of my corporate apartments the very next afternoon.

I was so nervous as I paced back and forth waiting for her to arrive. The minute she walked through the door though, all nervousness was gone. Replaced with a lust and fire I had never felt before.

I immediately took her in my arms. I kissed her lips, slowly spreading them and slipping my tongue into her warm mouth. She tasted fresh and minty. I loved toying with her tongue as my hands roamed up and down her body.

Her hands were also busy. Being the one used to being in charge, I pulled back from her and started to unbotton her pants. She moved my hands away. Looked me right in the eyes and proceeded to take off her clothes. I watched mesmerized as she removed her shirt, her jeans. In broad day light, she was doing the most erotic strip tease for me. By the time she stood in her pale yellow silk bra, with her full heavy breasts straining against that silky material, and her matching French cut bikini panties, I was rock hard and in awe.

She continued on, unfastening her bra. Exposing beautiful full breasts. With large brown nipples. She licked her finger and circled her nipples for me. Making them erect and at attention. She stepped out of her panties revealing a beautiful shaved smooth pussy.

I wasted no time in grabbing my belt buckle. She once again stopped me. I looked at her with a questioning look. She answered by again taking the lead from me and unbuttoning my shirt, my belt, my pants. I followed her every request, although most things I just followed her lead and her encouraging looks.

It wasn’t long before we stood naked with each other. She finally came close to me and our skin touched and our bodies were on fire. I knew I had to have this woman.

Before I could lead her to the bedroom. She had sat in a chair and had pulled me to stand next to her.

She began rubbing and kneading the inside of my thighs. Her kisses and soft licks followed her fingers wherever they went. As she cupped my balls, and began gently squeezing, a moan escaped my lips. My head was thrown back. I had totally put myself into her hands. Something I had never done in my life, sexually or Non.

Her warm tongue found its way to my balls. She lapped them like a kitten cleaning itself. She opened her mouth and took my swollen sacs into her warm wet mouth. That warm rush görükle escort of feeling is like nothing I can put words to. She increased pressure and sucked gently on them, one at a time. My cock was jumping everywhere. As she was still sucking my balls, her other hand began to slowly stroke my long shaft. The rhythm she had started had my entire body rocking back and forth to be closer to her.

She let my balls escape her mouth, for her only to capture my now soaked head of my cock. In one motion, she engulfed my entire cock. I now know how rocket fuel was invented. I was going to the moon. Almost immediately, I felt my cumm rise from my balls. I was not going to last for 3 minutes of her delicious sucking. As she would suck my cock down her throat, her tongue would dance around my head and my sensitive hole. Her hands now massaging my balls, still wet from her sucking. I tried to pull away.

“Darling, if you keep that up this is going to be over before its started” I pleaded with her.

It only fueled her to suck even faster, with more pressure. There is no way, even trying to say my ABC’s backward in my head, could I ignore this incredible feeling. The orgasm built from my toes. I knew I was seconds away from erupting. I could tell she did too, as her pace quickened even more. I could count the times on one hand that I have had the luxury of cumming in a womans mouth. My still sane portion of my brain managed to say “OH God, babe I am cumming”!

To my surprise, rather then her releasing my cock as it began spurting my cumm, she swallowed me even deeper into her throat. Sucking and swallowing as I pumped for what seemed like forever. My cock was so sensitive, it was almost painful as she kept sucking me down. I had long since stopped erupting and she kept my cock in her mouth. It wasn’t long before I could feel it begin to take form again. Hell, I don’t think it was ever really soft, just not AS hard.

She released my cock from her mouth and stood up. She pulled my face down to hers. I could smell myself on her breath. A thought that I would have possibly thought, would have been disgusting was now an incredible turn on to me. As she kissed me, and put her tongue into my mouth, I now tasted myself on her. The eroticism of it all was incredible.

I lead her to the bedroom. A big king-sized bed awaited us. She laid down and I followed suit next to her. My cock had fully regained its hardness at the thought at what was to come. She almost immediately positioned herself over the top of me.

“You want to fuck my pussy don’t you?” she asked me, once again looking into my eyes. Past my eyes actually, into my soul.

“Yes baby, please” I found myself answering.

She had positioned herself over me. Her body was sliding up and down on mine. Her pussy touching just close enough to my skin, that I could feel her heat and wetness. Oh God, it was an incredible turn on.

She raised far enough forward so her breasts were in my face. She held one of her firm breasts and lead it to my mouth.

“Suck that” she commanded of me.

I gladly sucked it. The nipple came to life for me, hard and firm. I sucked and gently nibbled.

She repeated that with the other side. I took them both and squeezed them together so I could just go back and forth to each now pink and ripe nipple. If I wasn’t sucking on one, I would roll the nipples in between my fingers.

“I’m going to fuck you now” she told me. She lowered herself over my hard cock. I will never forget the incredible feeling as she locked my eyes with her, and spread her pussy lips with one hand and descended down on top of my cock, her pussy stretching to accommodate me. She was so incredibly tight and warm.

I saw instantly in her face and eyes that she was as caught up in the feeling as I was.

She began to rock on top of me. Grinding her pubic bone into my cock. The head of my cock was as deep as it could go. She found a rhythm, I leaned upward so I could keep my cock even harder for her to please herself on. I took her hips and began to help her set the pace she was creating on my cock. I felt her tense. The look of pure ecstasy crossed over her face, as I felt her pussy muscles squeeze my cock. She shuddered in wave after wave of incredible excitement. I could feel her juices running down between my balls. She was so incredibly wet and warm.

In an instant, she had rolled me over to be on top. The first time since we were together that she had allowed me to be in command. Yes, now familiar territory, I began thrusting my cock in and out of her tight wet pussy. She met me with every thrust. Moaning and begging me to fuck her more.

“Fuck me harder damn it” she yelled.

She had wrapped her legs around my waist and was pulling me deep. Her hands were on my ass, pulling me closer. I could feel another orgasm building. Her right hand had moved even farther down on my ass. My cheeks are firm and tight from working out. I thought she was just massaging my muscles. I was not prepared for what she did next.

Her fingers spread my ass cheeks. As good as my cock felt in her wonderful pussy. I could not help my mind from wandering to those God awful rectal exams from the DR. office. Being so straight, I am almost homophobic, my ass is the last place I think of when I am thinking erotic thoughts.

As if she sensed my hesitation, she tickled the cheeks of my ass with her finger nails. Allowing my ass cheeks to close.

“Let me finger fuck your ass baby” she whispered to me.

Even as she said it, I could feel her pussy tighten and radiate even more wetness, more heat.

All I could think of was how “unmanly” that was. But how MUCH she seemed to be turned on by it. Wondering what the men in the board room would think, the feelings were too intense to analyze long.

Her fingers found their way back again to my inner cheeks. This time it was not such a surprise. She was so slow, gentle, tickling her way to the underside of my balls. I began to get used to her presence there. She would tickle my balls, then run her finger up the slit of my ass. Every time she would cross my asshole, she would stop and give just a little pressure to it.

As I was still plunging in and out of her pussy, I was growing used to her fingers being near my ass. I found myself even pushing and changing my rhythm I was entering with, to push against her fingers when she paused near my tight hole.

I felt her fingers between us. She had slid her little finger in her pussy hole along with my cock. I wasn’t sure what she was doing. But it felt great. She was obviously getting off on it. I felt her orgasm building again.

She removed her little finger from her pussy. Now dripping with her juices, she spread my ass again, and with ease form all her pussy juices, slid her little finger in my virgin ass. There was surprising no pain, far from it. With a few more thrusts, and that magic pinky in my ass, I exploded with a huge climax.

As I was still pumping my cum into her, I felt her squeeze around me again. It was such a turn on to know that this turned her on enough to bring her to a climax, it changed the way I would think about things forever.

Not only was I used to the “magic finger” treatment. I looked forward to it.

That was only the beginning of what my new “take control” lover would introduce me to.

Look forward to part 2.

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