A new day, a new me part 12


After way too much rewriting and a month of personal and technical bullshit, I present the final chapter to this possible first volume of A New Day, A New Me.

The rest of Tuesday went by fairly uneventful save for Katy being really quiet around me for the whole night. Wednesday morning started normal, I wake up early so I can get my shower before everyone else takes the hot water. I’m relaxed and gingerly rubbing my stitches when the sliding door on the shower opens. I try to get the water off my face but I have no time as my back is put up against the shower and lips are latched onto mine. I trail my hands down my kisser’s back and get my hands around a nice round ass.

“Morning Katy,” I say breaking the kiss.

“You are planning on making yesterday up to me I hope,” Kate tells me kissing down my neck.

“What did I do to you yesterday,” I ask as my cock hardens against Katy’s body.

“It’s what you didn’t do to me yesterday, everyone else but I got attention. My turn,” Katy tells me dropping to her knees.

I watch Katy take my cock in her hand and start stroking it with purpose. She leans her head forward and starts to lick up and down my shaft before plunging her mouth down three inches deep on my cock while continuing to stroke me with her hand. I lean my head back and enjoy the warm water and Katy’s warm mouth for a few minutes when she stops and stands up. I turn Katy around and push her up against the wall; I spread her ass cheeks with one and start rubbing my cock head against her asshole. I hear Katy moan and watch her back her asshole onto my cock letting the first inch slide inside her. I move both my hands to her hips and start sliding all seven and a half inches of my cock in and out of her ass.

“God your ass feels so warm,” I tell Katy pumping the last three inches of my in and out of her asshole.

We rock our bodies together gasping in the water when the bathroom door opens. I whip my head over to see Dad’s figure heading towards the toilet.

“Hey buddy, just using the bathroom before I leave for work early,” Dad tells me lifting the toilet seat.

I quietly turn Katy and my body to put my back to the glass door, I watch her turn her face towards me as she smirks and backs her ass onto my cock. I groan a little and mash her entire body up against the wall.

“You little minx I’m gonna fuck you silly for that,” I whisper into Katy’s ear.

“Don’t need silly, just wanna make you cum,” Katy purrs back sliding her hand down and rubbing her clit.

I hear the toilet flush and Dad wash his hands in the sink, the whole time grinding my hips against Katy’s ass. I nibble on her ear and try to keep my cock buried in her ass as I feel her rubbing her clit frantically.

“Hey Guy, don’t take all the hot water, your sister and Katy need some too,” Dad says heading out of the bathroom.

As soon as the door closes I start hammering in and out of Katy’s asshole as fast and hard as my hips will let me. I can hear the wet slapping noise of my hips and Katy’s ass cheeks slamming together almost over the shower. I open my eyes long enough to see Katy biting her hand to keep from screaming. I grab a fist full of hair on Katy’s head and turn it to the side to see her face, she opens her eyes wide at the sensation and we look at each other long enough for her to take her hand out of her mouth opens her mouth groaning out an orgasm. I don’t let up on fucking Katy’s ass and soon enough I kiss her cheek and lips as I groan and shoot a deep load of my semen into her rectum.

I pull out of Katy’s ass and wash my dick off as she soaps up quickly. I watch her lather up and rinse off then we quickly exit the shower and dry off.

“Don’t leave me out next time you have sex romp,” Katy says ducking out of the bathroom in a towel.

Morning goes by normally and we head off to school in Tracy’s car. As we pull into the parking lot I decide to let the next bombshell of my plan drop.

“I need to talk with Heather and let her know that things are okay,” I get out as the girls start leaving the car.

“Okay now you’ve lost it,” Korinna tells me getting in my face,” You wanna be friends with her again, WHY?”

“Easy Kori, I’m not doing this for that reason. I got three girlfriends; good, bad and tough,” I tell her placing my hands on her shoulders.

“Okay but why, why won’t you tell us the whole plan,” Kori asks in a worried tone.

“Honey, anyone else knows it all and people will talk or try to stop me,” I tell her,” Trust me, this is working out perfectly.”

I see her nod but I know she’s not convinced, I watch the girls disperse and head off to my first class. The day goes smoothly and I text the girls during lunch saying I’ll be busy and just eat without me. I head off to the library to find Heather, I had Jun find out where she’s been eating lunch since I called her out in front of everyone in the cafeteria. God I love the nerd community, Jun got one of the girls from his friends to keep Derek occupied with some Gym help during lunch, gotta pay him back for that favor. As soon as I’m inside the library it takes me all of a minute to see Heather sitting quietly with her friend Margaret. I head over and see both of them get scared as I approach the table.

“Hey ladies, Maggs do you mind if Heather and I talk privately please,” I ask quietly pulling up a chair to their table across from Heather.

I watch Margaret mumble and quickly leave after grabbing her bag. We sit quietly for a minute when I decide to break the ice.

“Listen, I know everything has gotten really tense with the three of us,” I start in from my hood,” I’ve been really hard on the two of you about all this.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Heather stammers nervously from her seat.

“Heather I’m not here to make you nervous or scared I’m just trying to make some peace with all that happened,” I tell her taking off my hood and keeping my face downcast,” I’ve been beaten up and left for dead. Now after all that I just wanna try to live peacefully and I just want to at least be able to walk past my former friends and not have to think about hurting someone just to be left alone.”

I hear her get up and move around the table to the seat next to me. Quietly she puts her arm around me and we sit quietly at the table for a minute.

“I know what happened between us was fucked up and I don’t expect you to trust me like that again but can you just let me be a friend,” Heather asks quietly.

I smirk at the thought then lightly nod my head, I can hear her sigh and feel her rubbing my back like she used to when I was stressed. I drop my smirk and sit my battered head and face up so she can see me.

“One thing, just let me talk to Derek myself,” I ask her,” It was really hard to come to even say anything to you but give me some time so I can just try to talk to Derek myself?”

I see her nod lightly and relax; we sit and talk about little things. She tells me about how she and Derek have been trying to work on a relationship but she’s having trouble because she can’t talk to him much without explaining everything. I chuckle at it, his lack of forethought. We hear the warning bell for fourth class and grabbing our bags we head off to our separate classes.

Fourth period comes and goes as I head into fifth I see Heather and Derek talking from their new seats on the other side of the classroom. Heather is trying to talk politely but Derek is obviously agitated about something. I let them go about their business as class rolls on and head out directly to home room afterwards. I’m only there about two minutes to get my pass and head out to the cafeteria. It takes a few minutes but Kori is the first to show up followed by Jun and Katy. They take seats around the table, Kori directly opposite of me and avoiding any contact.

“Okay, I know I’ve been really secretive about what I’m doing and not everyone here agrees with how my plan is going. I don’t need anyone’s help with the last part,” I tell them,” but I want it. You won’t understand why but I am still asking for trust.”

“One question man,” Jun asks,” Are you trying to or going to get yourself killed?”

I shake my head no and start chuckling. I start to lay out the last parts of my plan minus Friday night, the night I end it. I see them all mulling over their own parts, Kori and Katy more than Jun.

School ends and we head to Tracy’s car, all the girls get into her back seat leaving me in the front with Tracy for the first time. The drive is short and as soon as Katy and Liz get out of the back Kori just moves to the front seat and Tracy takes off.

I spend the next couple hours by myself in my room when my phone get’s a text, its Kori telling me she doesn’t think it’s worth my time to make peace with Derek. I tell her that I’m tired of the suspicion and need to let it all calm down. I don’t get another response that night.

Before bed I get a knock at my door and Liz enters before I can tell her to come in. I see she’s wearing her pink cotton short shorts and a tank top.

“Are you really going to ruin everything with Korinna and the other’s just to make peace with that asshole,” Liz asks me moving to the foot of my bed.

“I just need you all to trust me, is that so hard,” I ask in reply.

“Okay, we got you two of them facing expulsion from school. Then we got you Lajita’s stalker. So now you pull a complete turn around and just want ‘peace’. Everyone thinks you’ve lost your mind,” Liz says sitting down on the edge of the bed.

I feel done with the talking; I grab Liz’s shoulders and pull her up the bed. I position her so that her back is against my chest and her ass is against the crotch of my shorts. I start running my hands up Liz’s side and slide them inside her tank top groping her breasts. I feel her grinding her ass back into me; I can hear her moaning lightly. I get her ass grinding against my now hard cock and decide it’s time for some real fun. I take my hands from her breasts and pull her legs apart, and then I take my left hand and push it down into Liz’s shorts and quickly find her slit.

“Oh fuck that’s good,” Liz moans lightly leaning her head back.

I start rubbing the length of her slit and move my right hand back up to her breast. I move my fingers down and insert my middle finger into Liz’s pussy, immediately she starts bucking against my finger and I barely get a chance to put another inside her with all the thrashing. Liz is getting wild when my door comes flying open quickly and Katy darts in shutting it quickly behind her.

“I knew you two were fucking,” Katy says with her personal devil grin on,” I wanna get in on this.”

Liz starts to get shy but I give her a few thrusts from my fingers and she’s ‘relaxed’ again. Katy doesn’t bother to strip off her pajama pants and t-shirt, just grabs Liz from my grasp and pulls her off my groin and turns her onto her hands and knees facing my crotch. I pull my shorts down and watch as Katy takes Liz’s head and gets about half my cock in her mouth on the first push.

“Guy, don’t let her stop and blow your load in her throat,” Katy tells me moving behind Liz and pulls her shorts down off her ass.

I watch Katy kneeling on the side of the bed start rubbing Liz’s pussy with one hand and groping her breast with the other. Liz starts moaning harder as I take the back of her head and work five inches of my cock into her mouth. I lean my head back and enjoy the sensation of my stepsister’s throat when I feel Liz grunt with my cock in her mouth, I look to Katy who has moved behind Liz and looks like she’s pumping her arm in and out of Liz’s pussy.

“I think she could take more than a couple fingers,” I see Katy say smiling,” see if she likes this.”

I watch Katy’s arm move a little and Liz’s eyes go wide as she starts groaning on my cock loudly. Katy is pushing Liz’s whole body forward as I buck my hips into her face. I listen to the gagging/moaning coming from Liz’s mouth when I get a tingle in the base of my cock then almost violently shoot my load into her mouth. My vision blurs from the orgasm but I know my cock has fallen from Liz’s mouth thanks to her grunting, I look down to see her cum then get rolled onto her back by Katy who moves on top of Liz and starts holding her while she catches her breath.

“I knew she was a freak but that was fucking hot,” Katy says smiling.

“What the brother/sister thing,” I ask pulling my shorts up.

“No she stuck her finger in my ass,” Liz says a little angry.

“Well next time don’t talk to me about how much fun it would be to try it,” Katy replies gently nudging Liz.

We sit quietly for a few minutes before Liz fixes her clothes and leaves Katy and me alone in the room. Katy sits up on the foot of my bed and stares at me with a serious expression.

“You’re not planning to make peace are you,” Katy finally asks.

“What did I say I was going to do,” I ask in reply.

“You said you wanted to make peace and end the hostility or some such shit,” Katy says.

“Just remember that I said that, only that,” I reply smiling.

I watch Katy’s face go from confusion to realization. I just lean back as Katy crawls over me like a cat and rests her body over mine staring into my eyes.

“You’re probably the most complicated person I’ve met and defiantly the most dangerous, it’s really hot,” Katy says smiling,” now you tell Kori this like you told me or I will for you.”

I watch Katy quickly get up and leave my room, I know she’ll tell Kori if I don’t but I can’t keep giving away the end game. I push myself under the covers and try to figure out my most difficult part of the plan, how to tell Kori.

Thursday morning and the usual bustle of everyone getting ready for work and school passes as normal until Tracy and Kori show up and I get some bad news.

“You’re not getting a ride today,” Tracy tells me from the driver side window.

I stand there dumbfounded then coldly pull my hood down over my face and walk away to the nearest school bus stop. It’s an interesting ride to school with the freshmen on the bus. I get to school with about five minutes to spare before first class and get my seat. First two classes go by quickly but as soon as I’m in third period I’m getting the silent treatment from Kori and Liz but decide to ignore it as class gets underway.

As soon as class is out I grab my bag and leave as quickly as my feet will carry me. Sure enough I’m not half way to the cafeteria when I get grabbed from behind by Kori. I stop and just watch her from the quiet of my hood. I can see she’s torn up about something we’re doing but I decide to keep the silence.

“You really have it all planned out,” Kori asks me finally.

“Yes,” I answer her.

“And none of this suicide shit Jun keeps talking about, there is a plan and Katy says I really have nothing to worry about,” Katy asks me again.

“I am just make peace, and I really need you to trust me and remember what I said,” I tell her smiling.

Kori grins lightly to me and heads away from the cafeteria. I get inside the cafeteria and after getting my lunch I sit down next to Jun and Lilly. Lilly is quietly eating and Jun is making polite conversation when Lilly decides to interrupt.

“So do I have to fuck Guy to be considered part of the group,” Lilly asks.

I don’t know who choked harder, Jun or I. When I finally get my coughing fit down I hear Jun talking to Lilly in Japanese. They take a few minutes of talking and Jun is giving me a very serious look.

“Dude, I don’t speak Japanese. You might want to fill me in if you’re expecting some answers,” I tell Jun smirking.

“Man Lilly asked if she has to fuck you to be considered one of us,” Jun re asks for Lilly.

I notice it’s about the end of lunch time when Kori pops into the cafeteria and makes her way over. I watch her take the apple from my tray and take a bite from it.

“It’s done,” Korinna tells me,” so why are they looking at you like that?”

I chuckle and explain the situation to Kori who just smirks and shakes her head before pulling Lilly aside and talking with her privately. We all head out after lunch and get to our classes which go by quickly till fifth period. I show up to class and see both Heather and Derek sitting at different tables, Derek isn’t looking at me and Heather’s giving me the ‘help me Obi-wan Kenobi’ look. I take my usual seat and let the whole thing go on without me as class begins.

Class ends and I’m almost knocked out of my chair as Derek hurries out of the class room. As soon as I get my bag and exit I have Heather chasing after me in the halls.

“Derek thinks we’re having sex,” Heather finally blurts out.

“Why the hell would he think that,” I ask stopping in my tracks.

“I don’t know, he said your girlfriend told him that we were having sex while she covered for us,” Heather tells me on the verge of tears.

“Okay, I’ll fix this but I need you to talk to him and tell him I’ll meet him tonight where we met last Friday,” I tell her quickly leaving for my home room.

After school I don’t have to take the bus home, apparently Tracy is willing to give me a ride home today and I get to relax in the back seat with Katy and Kori again on the ride and give Kori a long kiss goodbye before I head inside the house. I’m home for about twenty minutes when I get a text message from Heather asking when to meet Derek, I tell her eight tonight and start to get myself ready.

We eat dinner at six and I ask my Dad if I can head out till eleven. I get permission but Dad asks me if it’s really important, I nod my head and tell him that I’ll be with Mathilda. I help clean up after dinner and get myself in a mindset for plans. Seven thirty rolls around and Mathilda is right on time, I tell mom and dad I’ll be back later and head out to the car. As soon as I’m inside Mathilda peels out and we’re off and down the road.

“Okay so I’m just supposed to drop you off at a gas station and leave you there,” Mathilda asks me focused on the road.

“Yep, I needed you for this cause I know you’ll be able to drive away from me and won’t come back cause I asked you,” I tell her in reply.

I see Mathilda nod her head as we pull into the parking lot of the Circle K. I pull my hood back and give her a kiss before getting out of the car and heading past the gas station. It takes me about ten minutes but in the dark I recognize the rock field when I come to it. I decide to just wander around fiddling with the phone in my inside coat pocket.

I guess I was there for about twenty minutes when I heard someone walking up to me from behind. I smile to myself knowing its Derek when I turn around to greet him. I can see he’s holding something in the poor lighting.

“I didn’t think you’d be here alone, you decide not to bring friends with you,” Derek asks me.

“I don’t need friends for this Derek,” I tell him tapping a button on my phone and pulling my hand out of my coat.

“Yeah well since you decided to take out everyone else who left you here I figured I’m gonna get you before you get me,” Derek tells me.

I finally see Derek’s right hand, a nice hunting knife. Now I’m racing, this is not what I expected. I hoped he’d bring his bat but a knife makes this more difficult. I need to stall for time.

“Why bring a knife, I just wanted to talk and settle this,” I tell Derek keeping my distance.

“You’re a idiot Guy, I looked out for you and Heather just liked me better man cause you didn’t have the balls to fuck her like a bitch like I did,” Derek starts in,” Then you try to prove you can take me but I had your number and getting people to help me was fucking easy. You trust people too much now you want to make peace and have everything go back to you being the smart guy well I guess you don’t get what you want Gi.”

Now I’m smiling, I hate being called Gi and Derek knows it. I know he’s angry and trying to get me to back down. I open my arms and approach.

“You really want to kill me Derek,” I ask him,” are you really that insecure about all this?”

I get the last words out of my mouth when Derek lunges with the knife; I pull back from him and watch the blade go past my face. I move my hands in front of me and duck under Derek’s backswing. I think about how I have never tried to learn knife fighting from Dad or if he even knows how to. Derek sees me pause and tackles me to the ground and puts himself on top of me. I can see him turn the knife upside down and I reach up grabbing his hands and struggle with him before he can stab me.

I roll him off of me and quickly roll away and spring up to my feet, I watch Derek get up and after a little handiwork get the knife up from the ground. I can see Derek thinking about what to do next and I figure I better take a chance while he’s debating about his next move. I duck towards his offhand and watch him bring the blade up to where he thinks I’m going and I quickly dodge to the outside of his arm and latch onto his wrist and elbow with my hand. I see his punch coming and lower my head as Derek’s knuckles pop against the top of my skull. I shove him away and see him flexing his hand in pain. I decide to get in closer and feint my move against him but this time instead of reacting he swings a little too quickly at a downward arc tearing my denim jeans open with the blade and sending a wave of pain into my leg. I grab the wound with my hands and fall to the ground gasping in pain. I look up to see Derek smiling, I know I need to stall and keep my distance but I can’t run let alone stand up. It’s almost like a movie, I can see him cover the five feet between us and raise the knife up so I can see the blade, what I hear next is the best sound of the night.

“Freeze, put the weapon down and place your hands on your head,” I hear from coming from behind Derek.

I look to see flashlights, two of them and they’re advancing on Derek and fast. I can tell Derek is confused as he turns to see the police officers pointing pistols at him when he turns to look back to me I quickly still puzzled. I make eye contact and smile at him, I know he sees it and the rage hits his face and he lunges towards me. I hear the gunshots from the officers and my face is covered in warm liquid. I watch Derek hit the ground and I move over to him and roll him on his back. I can see the wounds, he’s got them in his chest and I can see he’s still conscious. I hear the officer’s calling on their radios for an ambulance.

“Since I have you here Derek maybe this would be a good time to confess,” I tell him holding pressure on his wounds,” I knew you’d come here looking for a fight, gaziantep escort I wanted you to. I told everyone including your girlfriend I wanted peace. You did this to yourself Derek, and now I want you to look at me so I can watch you die. You broke my trust, I let you go. You decided to bring people and come after me; you should have killed me then.”

I feel hands pulling me away as one officer helps me up and the other tries to stop Derek from bleeding. I start feeling fuzzy and black out from blood loss. I wake up in an ambulance hearing a man talking on a radio about a cell phone call to nine one one. I can see my leg bandaged and there’s a tube sticking out of my arm. It gets harder to keep track and I lose consciousness again.

I don’t know what’s going on but I can hear people talking and it sounds like everyone is worried about something.

“Hey can I know what’s going on,” I ask the people present.

“Hey buddy, are you okay,” Dad tells me taking my right hand as my vision clears up a little.

I can see just about everyone is here, Kori and her parents, Mathilda, My family too. Dad settles in and starts to tell me what happened. It’s Friday in the afternoon, Derek was shot three times and died on the way to the hospital, the police asked everyone what was going on but all they knew is that I was planning on meeting Derek to make peace with him and he decided to attack me. The police searched his car and found a bat with dried blood and hair fibers in it. They figure Derek attacked me and want to confirm that I was the one who called nine one one.

“I’m just glad you’re okay son,” Mom tells me as most everyone starts to head out.

I watch everyone leave except for Kori who hangs back; she pulls up a chair and takes my hand in hers. I can see she’s upset and scared.

“Did you really have to take it this far,” Kori asks me.

“Baby, I love you, I love all you girls. But I can’t have you lying for me,” I tell her,” Did you all talk and figure it out on your own.”

“Yes, we did,” Kori says rubbing my hand with hers.

We sit quietly before she gives me a kiss on the cheek and leaves me to my sleep.


It’s Friday and I get a call from Kori asking me to come by with Katy. We take the 30 minutes to walk down and I see Mathilda’s car in the driveway. At the door Katy doesn’t even knock and just walks in, Korinna’s parents aren’t home and I watch Katy disappear upstairs.

I reach the top of the stairs and make my way down the hall, after a month I’m walking fine. I find them in Kori’s parents bedroom giggling. I get into the room and see all three girls stripped down to their panties, Katy is wearing a white and black plaid thong, Mathilda has pair or red panties and Kori is in a pair of silk purple panties.

“We won, now we get our victory party,” Katy tells me as they beckon me over to the bed.

I cross the room and as soon as I get to the bed all three girl’s pull me onto the bed and flip me onto my back, pulling my clothing off of me till I’m naked. Kori starts kissing me deeply and I feel a mouth latch onto my cock and start bobbing up and down quickly to get me hard, then a second mouth taking my testicles and sucking on them. I shove my tongue into Kori’s mouth and she responds back with hers.
I’m hard as a rock when all the girls take their mouths off my body, I start to move but Mathilda apparently goes first as I feel her straddle my hips. I feel my Amazon slide my cock into her pussy. It’s warm and wet as she grinds her hips back and forth keeping my whole cock inside her. I feel her pussy clamping down on me when I see Kori hop off the bed, I turn my attention back to Mathilda as I see Katy move up behind her and snake her hands down to Mathilda’s pussy. Not wasting time with nice and slow Katy goes all out with clit rubbing and after a minute I feel warm release on my cock and hear Mathilda grunting out her orgasm.

Kori helps Mathilda off of me and onto the bed, I get up and see Katy distracted by Kori and Mathilda and decide to have some more fun since I haven’t gotten off yet. I grab Katy by the shoulders and turning her around bend her over the bed with her ass up and her legs off the bed, I reach down and yank her panties off her ass. I smile to Kori a little and after lining my cock up slam it deep into Katy’s asshole. I’m already good and hard but not very close so I just start ramming my cock in Katy’s ass hard and fast, I listen to her screaming and spitting profanity into the blankets.

“Oh Christ you fucker,” Katy grunts out from the blankets.

“Oh god she looks like she’s gonna pass out when she comes Guy,” Mathilda says watching Katy’s face.

I lean my body upright and taking a handful of Katy’s hair continue railing her ass. I see Mathilda staring in wonder as I fuck Katy but Kori has moved to the head of her parent’s bed and is lightly rubbing herself off. I slap Katy’s ass and hear her howl as I arch her back pulling her hair, a second slap and she starts shaking as stop moving and leave my cock buried in her ass. I pull out and help Mathilda pull Katy onto the foot of the bed.

I look to Kori at the head of the bed and walk around to her, as soon as I’m close she leans up taking me by the neck and pulling me into and kiss while moving my body so I’m laying in between her legs. I try to angle my cock to her pussy but she takes a hold of me gently and guides me in slowly till I’m buried in her vagina. I thrust slowly to let her try to build her orgasm as she continues rubbing her clit. Kori’s insides are so hot I look down to make sure my cock didn’t melt, quickly she stops rubbing her clit and takes my head while looking me in the eyes with a ‘please cum in me’ gaze. It makes my cock jump a little inside her and Kori latches onto my mouth with hers as I feel my cock erupt shooting a month long injured dry spell load into her warm pussy. Kori is moaning with me as her orgasm hits from my own triggering it. We lay there quietly for a few minutes as I finally relax and Kori helps me roll off onto my back.

Mathilda quietly moves up onto my right side with Kori on my left. I see Katy stirring and after pushing my legs apart gives me a sloppy cleaning job with her mouth before moving in between Mathilda and my leg. We all relax and drift off to sleep.

Problem with sleeping in a bed with three girls is that they don’t want you to move. It’s eight at night when I get the call of the bathroom and after working my way out of the naked girl pile I get into the master bathroom for a long piss. As I head back to the girls in bed I notice my phone going off, I quickly check the message, Heather wondering if I was busy. I shake my head and take a pic of the three girls sleeping naked then just decide not to send it and say reply with a yes. I drop my phone and crawl back into my girlfriends arms on the bed. It’s not perfect but who said revenge was about people seeing you happy, it’s about you being happy and them living with the regret. Or in Derek’s case dying with it.

Thank you everybody for reading this series, I’m thinking about bringing this character back for another grouping of stories and will only take PM requests for ideas and thoughts. I will not stop writing but it’s really hard when you’re computer is in the shop and you can’t get on your phone to write these. To my fans you are the only reason didn’t take a break at part six and to people who are mad about the time it took to put it out, sorry but things happen.

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