A Lesson in Love

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Liz sighed heavily as she pushed aside the book she’d been studying for the past two hours. Rubbing her tired eyes, she glanced over at the clock. It was well past midnight, and she had a class at nine. With another sigh, she stretched and headed for the shower.

In High school she had been an honor student, but university was proving to be more of a challenge than she had expected. Her desire was to be a forensic scientist and join the police force, but with the stress and hassles of day to day life, and living alone in the house left to her by her grandmother, she just wasn’t able to give her studies as much as she needed to.

Standing in the shower, letting the water run over her body, relaxing and letting the heat wash away all her cares, she thought a little about the offer her professor had made her a few days earlier. There was a guy in one of his other classes, a complete geek from what she understood, who was brilliant when it came to the subjects she was having trouble with, and was looking for a way to make a few extra dollars. He would make a great tutor, providing she could stand his company, and at this point, with finals only a matter of months away, she didn’t see much of a choice. It was either the geek, or failure.

The next day after class, Liz went to her professor and swallowed her pride. She still didn’t really want to do this, but what other choice did she have? She needed to pass this class to graduate. Mr. Kingston wrote down the guy’s name, and his phone number for her to call and make the arrangements for herself. She looked at the slip of paper in disbelief. Wesley Quest, they had to be kidding. What kind of parent would dislike their child enough to give him a name like that? No wonder he turned out to be a geek. But still, she reasoned, in this case, it worked in her favor. She needed this geek to help her get her grades up.

Setting the piece of paper down on the desk beside the phone, Liz looked at the name again, shaking her head, trying to push away the mental image that had been building in her mind all afternoon. Some how all she could visualize was a short chubby guy, with thick glasses, and a really bad haircut, snorting when he laughed at his own less than humorous jokes. The idea had her quite perturbed. She had never considered herself a snob, but she had always managed to be one of the popular people, and made friends easily. For some reason, there was something about geeks that made her uncomfortable.

She picked up the phone and dialed the number, tapping her foot and waiting for some one to answer.

“Hello, Quest residence.” The voice on the phone was smooth, almost sexy.

“Hi, this is Liz Macmillan, would I be able to speak to Wesley please?” she tried to keep her voice calm, but her hands were shaking.

“This is Wesley. You must be the girl Professor Kingston told me about. You’re looking for a tutor?”

“Um. Yes I am. I am having trouble with chemistry and DNA. If you could help me get my grade up I would really appreciate it.” Some how the image she had been building of him just didn’t match his voice, but she figured she would not make a judgement until she saw him with her own eyes.

“Sure. I could help you with that. My fee is ten dollars a session, payable at the beginning of each session, and I can help you any day but Thursday. When would you like to start?”

Liz was a little stunned with how up front he was with her; she had not expected it at all. “Would tonight be too soon for you? I have a paper due in day after tomorrow and I could really use a descent mark.”

He went silent, and for a moment she was worried he might not be able to help her so soon. “Sure, tonight would be fine. I can be there in about half an hour.”

She breathed a sigh of relief as she gave him the address and said goodbye. She hadn’t realized until that point just how much stress she had been under worrying about this next paper. Having a little help would make it much easier. Picking up the phone again, she ordered pizza, cooking not being one of her strong points, then headed for a quick shower.

Wesley and the pizza arrived at the same time, and for a moment she had the pizza delivery guy mixed up with Wesley. The pizza delivery guy looked just like the image she had built up of Wesley, and Wesley was nothing like what she had expected. He was a little taller than she was, with a full head of dark, shoulder length hair, pulled back in a tie, deep-set brown eyes and a wicked grin. This is the geek? She had to remind herself to lift her jaw up off the floor.

The smirk on Wesley’s face as he walked into her living room with an arm full of books, made it more than obvious that he’d seen this reaction before, and quite enjoyed it. Setting the books on the table, he turned and held out his hand to her. “Hi. I’m Wes. You ready to study?”

She took his hand, surprised at how comfortable his touch made her feel. “Yes, I sure am, just give me a second to grab bakırköy escort a drink and we can get started. Would you like something to drink?”

“Yes, thanks, what ever you’re having is fine.” As Liz vanished into the kitchen, Wesley quickly surveyed his surroundings. The home was much the same as when her grandmother had left it to her, and her tastes were simple, not cluttering her space with useless trinkets. It was clean, and well kept. Tasteful. An old piano in the corner caught his eye, as did the photographs the covered the top of it. He was looking at then when she came back into the room. Handing him his drink, she pointed out a few of the pictures, and named them. Her parents, her grandparents, her brother, and a few assorted relatives, but no friends or lovers seemed to have any place amongst them. Wesley wondered a little at that, but thought better than to ask about it.

Sitting side by side at the kitchen table, Liz showed him the requirements for the paper that was due in next. He looked over the paper than raised an eyebrow at her. “I’m not going to give you any answers Liz, but I will help you find them for yourself, and show you how to remember them. You’ll never learn if I just give it to you.”

Liz understood, and in a way she was relieved that he had that attitude. She needed to learn this stuff, not just look good on paper. The session went well into the night, neither of them paying much attention to the time, and both enjoying the learning as much as the company. When Wesley left a little after eleven, Liz remembered she hadn’t given him his money, but had booked another study session for the following night and thought she would give it to him then.

The following evening, when Wesley arrived, Liz was finishing off the last of her take out Chinese dinner and rushing to get the table cleared off to make room for the books. He picked up a few things and followed her into the kitchen, more to take a look than to actually help. He was not surprised by what he found. The kitchen was spotless, basically because she never used it. The woman was brilliant in a lab, but probably couldn’t boil water. He smiled a little at the image he got of her trying to cook, but once again, said nothing.

The studying went well into the night once again, but when Liz handed in her paper the following day, she was more than confident of a good grade. They had set up a plan for regular study times, Monday and Wednesday nights, but when Liz arrived home that night, she was a little disappointed with herself for not booking him to come over more often. With a sigh, she picked up the directory, contemplating if it would be pizza, chicken or Chinese tonight, though she really didn’t feel like any of them.

There was a knock on the door, and with the directory still in her hands, she went to answer it. No sooner had she opened the door and Wesley pushed his way past her and headed for the kitchen, his arms willed with bags of groceries. She looked at him a little stunned. “Wes, I didn’t book you for tonight.”

Without looking back he answered, “Tonight is a cooking lesson, and they don’t require a booking. Come and help me make dinner. I hope you like spaghetti.”

Closing the front door, still a little stunned but with her heart pounding in her chest from the unexpected thrill of seeing him, she followed him into the kitchen, watching him unpack all kinds of things onto the bench. “Actually I love spaghetti, but no one can make it like Nana did, so I have not had any for quite some time.”

“Well, I can’t promise to make it as good as your Nana did, but I will do my best, now, where do you hide the pots and pans?”

Liz knew where everything was, but she had no idea what a lot of it was used for, or even what some of it was called, but soon they had stove covered in boiling pots, and simmering pans. The kitchen had not smelled so good in years. As Liz stirred the sauce, Wes spluttered something about her going to fast, sliding his hand down over hers and guiding her at the right speed. She suddenly became away of the closeness of his body as he pressed himself against her back, his instructions almost whispered in her ear sending a shiver through her, the spicy scent of his cologne filling her senses, and she found herself leaning back against him.

Wesley could read the signs, could feel her need and her heat, leaning in and pressing his lips softly against the side of her neck, nuzzling into her hair and nibbling on the back of her shoulder. A soft moan escaped her lips as she let go of the spoon, reaching back over her head to run her fingers through his hair. His left arm circled her waist, pulling her harder against him, and his right lifted her chin, turning her face so that his tongue could easily dance across her lips. Her lips parted ever so slightly, his tongue finding the space and filling it with its heated moisture and strength.

As Liz’s tongue reached out to touch Wes’s, beşiktaş escort their passion ignited in heated desire that stemmed from a mutual need for physical release, as well as a deep longing for each other. Turning her in his arms, Wes crushed her body against his, pulling her to him in his desire to make her body one with his. His mouth smothered hers in wet kisses, his tongue exploring the inner reaches of her mouth, dancing across her delicate pallet. Liz dug her fingers deep into his hair, pulling his mouth still harder against hers, breathing in every breath he released, her heart racing as her knees threatened to buckle beneath her.

Sliding his hands down the soft curve of her back, he cupped the cheeks of her ass and lifted her onto the bench, pushing aside various pans and dishes, making room to slide her back. Pulling the edges of her t shirt free of her jeans, his hands worked their way over the bear skin of her back, releasing the clasp on her bra, and pulling her hard against him once more. As the front of her bra lifted up over her breasts, he could feel her hardened nipples pressing against his chest and he longed to taste them.

It was a physical effort to separate his body from hers, but he hungered for her naked fresh, pulling away just long enough to pull her shirt off over her head. He hesitated for a moment, his eyes devouring the sight before him, her well-rounded breasts, dark hardened nipples and heaving chest, he could wait no more. His trembling hands cupped her breasts, lifting them, delighting in the weight and feel of them before sucking the first tender nipple into his mouth.

Liz could feel the heat of his lips sucking her deep into his mouth as the tip of his tongue flickering back and forward over her sensitive, hardened point. His thumb worked it’s way around and around the nipple of her other breast, and there was nothing she could do to keep from melting beneath his touch. Her fingers still buried in his hair, she lifted his mouth from her breast for just a moment, kissing him hard, then returning his mouth to her wanting nipples.

A hissing sound and the smell of burning pasta brought them quickly back from their frenzied passion. Wes made a dash for the stove and pulled the pots from the heat, but it was too late to save the meal. He leaned against the stove, looking over the charred remains of their dinner, shaking his head and sighing heavily. “I am sorry Liz, I should have been paying more attention.”

Liz jumped down off the bench and went to stand behind him, her arms circling his waist as she snuggled in against him. “Oh I don’t know Wes, I think you were paying attention just fine.”

Wes looked back over his shoulder at her and she gave him a wicked grin, reaching around to the front of his jeans and rubbing his crotch in small circles. “Now let me try and remember, it was stir slowly to the right, the slowly to the left, and be sure it’s not sticking in the middle.” As her hand rubbed right, then left, then squeezed gently, she could feel him hardening beneath her touch. He moaned softly, running his hand down over hers, pressing it against him a little harder. With her other hand, Liz worked on the buttons of his jeans, pulling free his belt and sliding her hand up inside the front of his shirt, running her fingers through the soft hairs on his chest.

Pulling his shirt off over his head, Wes turned and looked down into her passion filled blue eyes. “Pizza or chinese?”

Liz burst into laughter. This was not how he had planned the evening to go at all, but it was not going to badly, none the less. “Oh, I have something much better in mind than pizza or chinese.” Sliding her hands down over his chest, she finished unfastening the front of his jeans, hooking her fingers into the belt loops and pulling them down his legs. As she lowered herself to her knees before him, she reached out and took his hard shaft in her hand his balls in her other hand, marveling at how perfectly matched they were.

Wes leaned back against the stove, smiling down at her as she fondled and stroked his shaft. The sight of her pretty face so close to his cock, the way she ran her tongue over her lips, making them glisten and shine, he could not wait to feel what pleasures her tongue could induce. Her tongue reached out to taste the smooth head of his cock, running rings around the rim and making trails up and down the shaft. Their eyes met as she opened her mouth wide and slipped it over his cock, sheathing his mighty love sword in her beautiful mouth. He could only moan as she began to suck, applying gentle pressure with her tongue and gradually increasing the speed. The warmth and depth of her mouth, feeling his hard knob rubbing against the roof of her mouth, her hands fondling his sack, it was all he could do to stop from shooting his load down the back of her throat, and as much as he wanted to do that, he wanted more. He wanted her body.

Getting to her beylikdüzü escort feet, Liz worked her way back up his body, kissing and nibbling his stomach and chest until at last her lips met his mouth. Once again their tongues explored the inner warmth of each other’s mouths, sucking and licking each other’s faces, almost devouring each other in their passionate heat. His fingers worked at the clips on the front of her jeans; releasing the clasps and letting them drop to the floor around her ankles. With a quick flick of her foot, she sent the jeans flying across the room, sliding her hands up her thighs and hooking her fingers into the sides of her panties. Turning around with her back to him, she bent from the waist, slipping her panties down the length of her well formed legs, presenting him with a perfect view of her womanly delights.

Wes stepped back a little, his eyes drinking in every movement her body made, feasting on every delicious inch of her flesh. Wes could take no more; he was starving for the taste of her. Taking her gently by the hips, he leaned her forward over the table, falling to his knees behind her and breathing deep the scent of her womanly juices. He reached out with the tip of his tongue, tasting her, feeling the shudder than ran through her body as he touched her tender folds of skin, but he wanted more. Reaching for a chair, he pulled it closer, lifting one of her feet onto the seat and opening her wetness up to him fully.

He opened her wide, gazing into her silky depths before plunging his tongue deep into her hole, licking and sucking the ample moisture from her glistening folds. She moaned sweetly, lifting herself a little higher to meet his searching tongue, her legs trembling beneath her. Wes was like a man possessed, taking her by her hips and pushing his face hard into her, smothering himself in her exquisite femininity. Leaning further over the table, Liz shifted her weight onto her arms, her legs threatening to give out beneath her trembling body.

Rolling her over and pushing her back onto the table a little, Wes kicked the chair closer, sitting between her thighs, spreading her legs wide and returning to the task of devouring her delicious juices. Liz gripped the edge of the table, trying to keep from wiggling as he plunged his tongue into her again and again. Her body taking on a mind of it’s own, crying out for more, but wishing this tender torture would never stop. When his fingers joined his tongue in exploring her luscious folds, Liz’s body exploded, lifting and gyrating as sweet release consumed her. Wave after wave of exquisite pleasure rippled through her, her juices spilling forth and coating Wes’s tongue in thick sticky sweetness.

Getting to his feet and kicking the chair away, his erect manhood long and hard, pointing in the direction of its desired destination. Liz eyed his erection with hungry eyes, spreading her legs a little wider and running her fingers over her already throbbing clit. Taking his cock in his hand, Wes rubbed it over her wet folds, moving it over her clit and back down to her welcoming opening. Slowly he pushed in the head, Liz’s back arching to accept him willingly, but he pulled it away again, teasing her with his smooth knob. She moaned, wanting, needing more, and he was more than ready to give it to her.

Rubbing the head around her entrance once more, he pushed him self in just a little, pulling back and pushing in a little further, filling her love cavity with slow, deliberate strokes, letting her warmth and wetness enfold him. He groaned soft and low as she engulfed him completely, holding back his own urge to release his heated load deep inside her. Increasing his pace, pushing into her deeper and faster with every thrust, his thick shaft filling her to capacity. Leaning forward over her, he cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples between his fore finger and thumb, making her cry out with the thrill of the increased stimulation. Again and again he drove his hard shaft into her depths, lifting her pleasure to even greater heights, her hands reaching out and digging her fingers into his forearms.

Panting and moaning, tossing her head from side to side, she cried out his name, “Yes Wes, oh God yes, more Wes, more, harder, fuck me Wes, Fuck me harder.”

Her words were all that was needed to tip him over the edge, taking him to the pinnacle of his pleasure zone and sending him soaring on waves of pure pleasure. Deep within her love canal, his throbbing cock pumped shot after heated shot of creamy seed into her, her own body responding with anything orgasmic release. Just when he though it could get no better, he virginal walls began to contract, squeezing his shaft, milking him of ever drop is his many juices. With one final thrust, his body drained from its great release, he sat back on the chair, pulling her to him and sitting her on his lap. He could feel the warm sticky juices running from her as she cuddled into him, his arms enfolding her, holding her close and delighting in their bonding.

Lifting her chin and looking deep into her eyes, Wes looked for the right words to say. “Liz, I know this is a little sudden, but I have never met anyone like you, and the thought of not being with you drives me crazy. Liz, would you be mine? Would you be my girl?”

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