A Helping Hand Pt. 01

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I had met Adi when I was living away at college, and we hit it off instantly. We had the same taste in music, movies, clothes, and we were both bi, though I was out and she wasn’t. The reason she wasn’t was that she came from a very strict Indian household, and finally away from her parents and family, she was able to fully be herself as long as we were on campus.

We weren’t roommates, but we spent every available moment together. Taking classes, going out, hanging with our other friends, it was great to have someone I could be so close to. And even though we were both bisexual, there was never a hint of sexual tension between us, though I did think she was very cute. She stood just about 5’2, with a thin frame, which made her 32B breasts and small, but firm ass proportional to the rest of her body.

During homecoming week, Adi’s parents and brother visited from Kentucky. Her demeanor completely changed; she dressed way more conservatively, was way quieter, and carried her laptop everywhere, to give the impression that she was always doing work. We felt bad, but we understood, and even played along, our friends constantly remarking about Adi’s “relentless study habits” much to the delight of her parents.

“Oh, oh, this is Izzy, she’s my best friend here.” Adi said, introducing me with her famously bright smile. I was good with parents, I was never too abrasive, showed just the right amount of interest, and I could hold a conversation with adults. They took to me immediately, which I thought was due to my shining personality, though I later learned that Adi’s parents thought I was also Indian.

Given my skin tone, and the fact that my parents were both born in Ecuador, this was a mistake that got made frequently (the number of times I’ve heard, “you’re light skinned for an Indian girl”) but given how frequent it was, I was able to brush it off fairly easily.

Me and Adi looked similar in some respects, though I stood 5’6 and was a bit chubbier than she was. Once, while giving her a tight hug, she remarked of my 34D breasts “God they’re so soft, I could fall asleep!” She said, before I shoved her away, giggling. Furthermore, upon seeing me in jeans, she once remarked, “If I had an ass like yours, I wouldn’t know how to act.” Though I thought her cute ass was nicer than my larger, softer ass, I appreciated the compliment.

Adi begged her parents, and I mean hands on knees and everything, to stay with my family during the first part of summer break. She told them that because she’d earned a remote internship, she could work from anywhere, and given how close we were, working in my presence would surely increase her productivity and her mood. My parents were both working people who were just excited that I got into college, I couldn’t imagine having to come up with a hundred stories just to go see a friend.

Her parents were less than enthused by the idea, but I did seem to have Adi’s best intentions at heart (which I did) and, to them, I seemed relatively harmless. They agreed, Adi jumping up and down with excitement, me giggling along right next to her.


My house was not particularly big by any means, but it was just me and my parents, so it was enough for us. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a guest room, which meant Adi would stay with me in my room. I had a decent sized room and a queen sized bed, though Adi insisted on sleeping on the floor, in a makeshift contraption of pillows and blankets. “Believe me,” she said, “It’s still preferable to being at home.” The days would mostly follow a routine: during the week, my parents would wake up early to go to work, and not return until late. Adi would wake up early to start on her internship tasks, and work until the late afternoon, after which we’d hang out, usually inside.

I was lazy and had no educational prospects for the summer, but I was more than happy to accompany Adi as she worked from a corner of my bedroom. In fact, her habits were starting to rub off on me, as I began to wake up early with her. I had no real “tasks” to do in the morning, but just getting up early was an accomplishment for me.

One morning, about two weeks into Adi’s stay at my house, I awoke and stretched, and decided I would go for a run. I saw Adi, crouched in a corner of my room, her laptop on a small table in front of her, typing away as she drank from her water bottle.

I stretched again, still in my pajamas as I walked over to her. “Hey, I was gonna go for a run, but when I come back we can get breakfast from that bakery you said you liked.”

Adi smiled and nodded, “That sounds great! I should be just about ready to take a break by the time you come back.”

I smiled and meandered over to my dresser. Adi had seen me naked many, many times at this point, though she was too shy to change in front of me. I, however, was not shy, and stripped down right there as I looked for my running clothes. I grabbed a sports bra, shorts, and underwear before pulling them on, checking myself in the mirror again. I couldn’t be sure of it, güvenilir bahis but I could feel Adi watching me as I changed. I didn’t mind, but it was a thought that lingered as I grabbed my headphones and water bottle.

I was not one for exercising most of the time, and as such my runs were fairly short. I just felt being active in any way was a step up from where I was. I turned my music on and started to run.

As I ran, that thought still ran through my mind, the feeling of Adi’s eyes on me as I changed. I tried my best to push it down, we’d never even talked about doing anything like that, and for now, I intended to keep it that way.

I’d run about half the length of my normal route before making an unfortunate discovery: I hadn’t filled my water bottle up all the way, and was now out. I considered continuing, but the thought of passing out on a morning run was not particularly appealing to me. I slowly made my way home.

I walked in through the front door, placing my water bottle on the counter so I would remember to fill it later. I still had my headphones in and music playing, which was unfortunate as I opened the door to my room to a sight I had not intended to see.

Adi had taken off all her clothes, which were strewn around the room, except her pink panties. She’d draped a towel over the corner of my bed and was grinding against it, passionately. My headphones were playing music, but if they weren’t, I’d have heard her moaning from downstairs.

As the door opened, Adi turned and saw me, so surprised that she fell off the bed and onto the floor, grabbing the towel and using it to cover herself. “Izzy! O-oh my god, I, I thought you’d, you’d be gone longer, I…”

I stood there dumbfounded. The image was hard to process, though I could feel how wet I suddenly was all the same. I took my headphones out, trying to process everything. Adi wrapped the towel around herself as she sat on the floor, I got down and sat there with her.

“C-can I explain?” She asked, timidly. I wanted my face to convey that I wasn’t upset, but Adi may have been panicking too much to tell.

“I…” Adi sighed heavily before speaking quietly. “When I’m at home, I masturbate a lot. Like…most of the time. It’s one of the few things I can do by myself, locked in my room.”

I wanted to hear more, but I cut her off. “What’s ‘a lot’?”

Adi, her cheeks flushed, looked away briefly, “Uh, at school? Probably once or twice a day. When I’m at home…probably five or six?”

I smiled, trying to make light of the situation, “Wow, I didn’t realize you were so horny all the time.”

“On top of that, I haven’t…masturbated since I’ve been here.”

I looked over at her, “Adi, you’ve been here almost two weeks.”

“I know, I didn’t want to say anything because you and your family have been so nice. But I’ve been really…pent up.”

“You know, you could do it in the shower or something? There’s places here where you can have privacy.”

Adi shook her head, “I…I’d be too nervous. That’s why when you said you were leaving the house I was like, oh, perfect timing, but…it wasn’t clearly.”

I wasn’t sure what to say next. Poor Adi was so embarrassed, she could barely look at me. We were very close, but nothing like this had ever happened before. I decided to slightly change the subject.

“Is that…how you always do it?”

“Hm? What do you mean?”

“Like with the towel and the corner of the bed and stuff?”

“Oh…sometimes yeah. Usually my hand is quicker but that way usually feels better.”

“Have you ever used a pillow?”

“A pillow?” Adi asked quizzically.

“Yeah, like, you sit on top of the pillow and just kind of grind against it. You’ve never done that?”

She shook her head, “I guess I’d be afraid of my parents washing a pillowcase or something. Does that work?”

“It works for me when I do it.” I said with a small smirk. Adi gasped.

“You do it that way?”

“Well, sometimes.”

We sat in the tensest silence I’ve ever experienced. Adi wanted to, I wanted her to, but we both sat tightlipped, our breath caught in our respective throats. I cleared my throat and decided to be the one to speak up first.

“I mean…I could give you a pillow and you could try it now–unless you’re hungry and wanted to get stuff from that bakery?” I asked. “Nailed it.” I thought to myself. I offered it to her earnestly, but gave her an out in case she didn’t want to.

“Yeah, yeah I really would wanna try.” Adi said, still wrapped in the towel she had been grinding against not ten minutes prior.

I was surprised, but elated, standing up as I walked to my closet. I grabbed a pillow off the top, “This one’s good.” I said, laughing softly as I pulled it down. I sat on the edge of my bed, the pillow in my lap, Adi still on the floor.

“Oh, uh…did you want me to leave?”

Adi sighed, “Izzy, I can’t kick you out, it’s your room!”

“I mean, yeah, but if you want I can–“

“Actually, since I’ve never done this before, maybe güvenilir bahis siteleri you should stay, just to make sure I’m doing it right.”

I found this part of the request odd, but I had a suspicion that it’s because she couldn’t phrase it how she truly wanted to.

“Sure, yeah, we can do that.” I put the pillow on the floor in front of her, standing up to lock my door, “Just in case,” I said with another small laugh.

I sat back down on the bed as Adi sheepishly removed her towel. I could see that she was sweaty, probably partly because of the shock and nervousness around being caught, but also because she really was working herself into that towel before I interrupted.

I watched her closely as she got on top of the pillow. I was throbbing under my shorts, but did my best to keep my hands at my sides. However, right before she started, that same throb overtook my brain.

“Do you always do it with your panties on?”

“Huh? Oh, I mean, usually. Just in case my parents walk in on me or something I can quickly cover myself.”

“Well, I don’t think they’re gonna walk in on you here.”

Adi looked at me, slowly standing, sliding her panties off, and sitting back down on the pillow, a small tuft of hair between her legs as she positioned herself on top of it.

“Like this?” She asked me. I nodded, not taking my eyes off of her as she very slowly started to move. Adi was clearly tense and unable to let herself relax initially. Small moans escaped her lips, but she was holding back.

“How does it feel?”

“Mm, it feels pretty good.”

“Is it too much? You’re going kind of slow.”

Adi shook her head, “No, it’s fine, I just need to work myself up a little.” She said with a small smile in my direction. She put her head down and started to roll her hips a little harder, louder moans coming from her now.

She adjusted the pillow underneath her and brushed the hair out of her face. Adi then put one hand on the pillow, her other hand on the floor, as she started to go for it with the same intensity she was when I had arrived.

“Oh, fuck–” she said, riding the pillow hard, as her moans increased in both frequency and volume.

I wanted to…I didn’t even know what I wanted to do at this point, I was barely even sure how this situation had gotten as far as it did. I was digging my nails into the palm of my hand just to prevent reacting. I knew it was a bad idea, but I said, “Are you getting close?”

She nodded, “Yeah, yeah, I’m really close, I really am…” she said, slowing down briefly as she looked up and locked eyes with me. When our eyes met, I saw all the pent up frustration within her, my mouth opening slightly as her eyes widened before thrashing her head down, “I’m gonna cum–” was all she could mutter before reaching climax, her body shaking as she yelled, biting her lip doing little to muffle her noises.

Breathing heavy, she let herself rest against the pillow briefly. I smiled, “Told you it was good, right Adi?” I asked before noticing that she was still going. “I mean, she did say five or six times…” I thought to myself.

Adi muttered, “It’s so good, mm, fuck, it’s so fucking good.” She said, still hanging her head as she recovered from her previous orgasm.

I smiled down at her, “Did you need any help? Need me to position you or anything?”

She laughed, before saying, “If I felt your hands on me I’d probably–” quickly cutting herself off.

“You’d probably what?”

Adi didn’t respond right away, eventually saying, “I’d probably, mm, probably cum–” cutting herself off again, this time to have a second orgasm, her legs twitching against the pillow under her as she tried to keep herself steady.

When I saw that she had no intention of stopping after her second, I stood up and positioned myself behind her, sitting down as I watched her back move in front of me. Seeing the sweat slowly drip down her back made me nearly feral; it took all my energy to not pin her to my rug right there and then.

“Let’s see, what do I remember you telling me…” I said in a teasing voice. I remembered exactly what she had told me, particularly that one thing that always arouses her is the feeling of someone dragging their nails lightly over her skin. I moved my hands to her arms and did just that, feeling her shudder and exclaim out as I slowly moved them up and down her arms.

“Izzy!” She shouted, which only elicited a laugh from me. I was still in my workout clothes, and still sweaty, though Adi was beating me easily in that department. I moved closer to her, the feeling of her body heat making me throb harder as I bit my lip, and attempted to stay composed, though I already knew it was a losing battle.

I moved my hands to her sides, scratching lightly as she continued to buck against my pillow. I continued until she came to a sudden stop, turning to look at me over her shoulder. Her face was flushed and sweaty, and we locked eyes yet again.


“Yeah Adi?”

She paused, eventually iddaa siteleri blurting out, “Are we gonna fuck?”

I answered before I had time to think, “Only if you want to.”

She swallowed and nodded, “I really want to.”

Adi continued to grind on the pillow, turning her head forward again. I moved my hands up, taking a nipple in each hand as she moaned out again.

“Fuck Izzy, I’m really gonna cum if you do that–” cutting herself off with a moan yet again, as I pinched and pulled her nipples until she was screaming, barely able to talk as she fell back, another orgasm shuddering through her. I felt her shake against me, her orgasm slowly subsiding.

I stood up and moved in front of her. I started to strip slowly, my sports bra first, followed by my shorts and underwear. Adi, still on the floor, watched in awe. It wasn’t the first time she’d seen me naked, but this time was obviously different.

She stood up, a few inches shorter than me as she looked up slightly. “Uh, we’re both…kind of sweaty. Should we…in the shower?”

I opened my mouth to respond, but had nothing. Instead I grabbed Adi by the hips and pulled her to me, pressing her lips to mine for what felt like an eternity. When we broke the kiss, Adi nearly tumbled over backwards. All she could muster was, “T-the bed?”

Things were happening so fast I was slightly disoriented. I grabbed her again, kissing her more softly this time, before grabbing her shoulders and bending her over the edge of my bed, her ass resting against my waist.

“Oh my god Izzy…” she said, simply from feeling me against her. She turned to look at what I was doing, and pouted slightly when she saw I was just standing there. She playfully wiggled her ass against me, making us both laugh.

I reached forward, sliding my fingers into her mouth, which Adi accepted. I kept dragging my nails down her back before pulling my hand back to me and taking a step back. I slowly moved my fingers around her lips, actively dripping down her thighs. She moaned again, trying to speak, though nothing resembling words came out.

Adi gasped when I slipped my fingers into her. I watched her white knuckle grip my sheets as I slowly pushed them further inside her. I held them there briefly, using my free hand to land a quick spank on her ass, Adi yelping as I did.

“That feels so, mm, fucking good Izzy,” she said between moans. I kept my fingers in her as she started to move back and forth on them, moaning out loudly, taking advantage of my empty house.

“Oh fuck me,” she whimpered, as she started pushing back against my hand even harder now. I slid my hand up her back, running my fingers around her long hair. “Are you gonna pull my hair?” she asked quickly as my hand got closer. I pulled it back momentarily.

“Maybe. Is that okay?” Adi didn’t respond immediately, instead, turning over her shoulder to look at me again with the most desperate eyes I ever could have imagined. I smirked and pulled, firmly at first, but as soon as she got loud, I gripped and pulled back hard.

She gasped and gripped the bed again, her legs buckling as I felt a warm stream of squirt hit my legs, Adi’s entire body shaking as she fell forward onto my bed. Her thighs were drenched, as was a small part of my rug. I wiped sweat from my forehead as Adi tried to turn over. She made it onto her back, looking up at me as she took deep breaths, trying to reorient herself.

Without thinking, I walked forward, pushing her legs apart as I pressed my hand against her, holding it up to show her how wet it was. Wordlessly, I slowly licked it clean, Adi watching with amazement. “You’re…the hottest person I’ve ever seen.” She blurted out, blushing as I smirked in response.

Adi slowly sat up, kissing my stomach as she moved down, grabbing my hips as she rolled her tongue against me. I let her for a second, just enough to get her mouth wet before stepping away. Adi looked confused before I gestured for her to come over to me.

She stood slowly, her legs wobbly as I took her hand and lowered us both to the ground. “I…want to return the favor.”

“You’re about to.” I whispered before kissing her neck. I knew this was a particular favorite of Adi’s as she writhed underneath me.

I was only a few inches taller than Adi, so it wasn’t too much effort to comfortably get on top of her. I pushed her legs apart, hovering over her, the warmth between my legs meeting hers as I gently pressed myself into her.

“Fuck,” she groaned.

“Grab my ass.” I said, biting my lip.


“It’s probably best if you hold onto something.” I said with a wry smile.

Adi opened her mouth to speak again, but nothing came out as I felt my pussy slide against hers, both of us still dripping. She threw her head back, almost looking like she was gasping for air, as she dug her nails into my ass. The sensation only made me grind harder.

Finally, once Adi’s moans had subsided for a second, she managed to say, “Mm, so, mm, wet.”

I smiled again, loving the sensation, and the noise. I slowed to a stop, placing a finger on Adi’s lips. We sat in silence for a second until I started to grind hard and fast, letting the room be filled with the lewd noise of our wetness spilling all over each other.

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