A Greedy Girl

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You know that feeling when you’re looking at something in front of your eyes and your brain is telling you, ‘No fucking way!!’ even though there’s no doubt? That was how it was when I cycled home from the Town Library around 7pm last night and saw my 18-year-old sister standing on the porch of our house still wearing her cheerleader’s outfit after practice, my dad with his arms around her so he could cup the cheeks of her bare ass, one hand fondling the perfectly pert curvy globe, the other working back and forth between the lips of her pussy.

It was obvious from the way Teri was standing with her face pressed into Dad’s chest, her huge breasts mounded either side of her body, my father with his eyes half-closed kissing the top of her head, that she was close to orgasm from being finger-fucked where anyone passing could see her and my instinctive reaction was to spring an awesome boner and immediately reach for my phone to take pictures. A lot of pictures…

I had a really great relationship with my sister until she reached her mid-teens. Because my mom passed away when Teri was still young, I stepped up to the plate, looking after us both because my dad had to go back to work as soon as the funeral arrangements had been completed: he works as a realtor and property sales is a cutthroat business. I helped round the house, took Teri to school with me, helped with her homework, downloaded music and movies for her to listen to and watch, set up her first cellphone Dad gave her the Christmas after our mom died. As a family we pulled together and eventually there was love and laughter instead of misery and sadness which suited me just fine.

I’m a year older than Teri so when I discovered how good it felt to stroke my cock until I spurted cum all over my belly, my eyes closing with the pleasure surging through my body, like all teenage boys I became addicted to masturbation and did it as often as possible. I even got a little creative, finding out that my orgasms were even more pleasurable if I used something to fuck my asshole while I was stroking my cock. Doing that didn’t worry me I might be gay: I could stand in the showers at school surrounded by cocks and feel absolutely nothing but the sight of a pair of big breasts under a tight cheerleading sweater made me hard as a rock.

Now talk of breasts is what made things awkward between Teri and me. She has always been pretty with long blonde hair she either tied up in a high ponytail with a scrunchie or let fall free down to her ass but, when her figure started to blossom two things happened. The first was she developed a killer body with long legs, a bum that looked like a succulent peach and made you want to bite into it, and breasts that were bigger than many of the women in the neighborhood. They were incredible: almost too big for her slender frame, stunningly sexy when she wore a revealing cut-off t-shirt in the summer or, better still, a bikini when she was in the pool or sunning herself on a lounger. There is no more erotic sight in the world than Teri’s big, heavy breasts barely contained by her bikini-top and, although I knew I should feel guilty about it because my desire for her was incestuous, she quickly became the star of my masturbation fantasies, my balls barely recharged before I was hard again.

It never occurred to me my dad might be just as susceptible to Teri’s emerging sexuality as I was but it soon became obvious that was the case. She started walking round the house at night wearing a babydoll nightie so sheer I could see her breasts bouncing and jiggling underneath it and I knew for a fact she kept her sex shaven smooth, her clit protruding from the split peach of her pussylips.

The first time I figured there might be something going on between Teri and Dad was when I was up early one morning and she emerged from his bedroom. There had been a thunderstorm during the night which always scared her; when she was younger she used to climb into my bed for reassurance.

“Oh hi, Rob,” she said, looking sheepish while my eyes were drawn to her boobs jiggling and swaying under her nightie. “You know me and thunderstorms,” she said with a smile and a shrug and I just nodded and went down to fix my breakfast.

But her closeness to Dad happened more and more. I would walk into the kitchen and Teri would be sitting on his lap, whispering in his ear. Or we’d all be watching TV in the evening with Dad and Teri on the sofa and I heard little noises that sounded like she was stroking his cock through his pants or he was working his fingers in and out of her wet cunt. I mean, I could have just turned round and seen what they were doing but I didn’t want to because I felt Dad should still be grieving for Mom instead of letting, or encouraging, my sister to take Mom’s place which was what appeared to be happening.

And now here I was, sitting astride my bike outside the house, taking pictures of my dad masturbating my sister openly, seemingly unconcerned that any of our neighbors could have şahinbey escort seen what was happening. So I waited until they went in and then returned home ‘officially’, opening the garage door to put my bike away and closing it with a bang.

I walked into the kitchen and Dad was arranging warm bread rolls in a basket to put out for dinner.

“Hey, Rob,” he said, smiling at me. “All good? Dinner in ten minutes, okay?”

“Is Teri back from cheerleading practice?” I asked innocently.

“Sure, she’s upstairs taking a shower.”

“Okay,” I said. “I’m going to go wash up.”

“Great,” he said. “And seeing as it’s Friday night, do you want a glass of half-and-half with your dinner?”

“Now you’re talking, Dad,” I said and grinned at him. He lets me drink red wine but only half wine, half water. It doesn’t matter to me that it’s watered, red wine is fantastic with Dad’s Bolognese sauce.

I walked upstairs and turned on my computer then connected my phone. I heard the bathroom door open as I downloaded the photos I’d taken and then scrolled through them, very slowly, blown-up on my monitor. I came to one near the end where Teri’s mouth was open, her hand on Dad’s cock masturbating him as he thrust his fingers deep into her pussy and made her climax. It was a really nice shot catching Teri’s mouth open as she gasped and trembled in orgasm, three of Dad’s fingers thrust deep inside her widespread pussylips.

“Hey, big brother,” said Teri, stopping at the door of my room on her way by. She had a towel wrapped round her body and was toweling her hair dry.

“Hey yourself,” I said and turned to look at her.

She saw the sly expression on my face and glanced across at the monitor. Her face drained of color and I could see her breasts rising and falling rapidly as she took in what I was looking at.

“Oh god,” she said in a small voice. “You saw – “

“Saw and recorded,” I said quietly, my eyes meeting hers. “Is there anything you want to talk about, Teri…?”

“No – I mean – I better get dressed,” she stammered and ran out of the room. I reached for my mouse, switched my PC onto ‘stand by’ and went to wash up for dinner, just as I’d told Dad I was going to.


Teri was very quiet during dinner, so much so my dad asked her if anything was the matter which showed she hadn’t told him what she had seen on my computer screen.

“I’m fine, Dad,” she said with a weak smile and then went back to half-heartedly eating her meal which was a shame as it was damned good.

Afterward I excused myself, went upstairs and lay down on my bed, reaching for a book I was enjoying and trying to decide whether to catch a late show at the movies or just jack off and then have an early night. I decided my dick needed attention and pushed my sweats down around my thighs, reaching for my cock which was both hard and sensitive which I love, conjured up a vision of my dad sliding his fingers in and out of my sister’s tight, wet cunt. I came almost immediately, spurting gushes of thick, warm cum all over my stomach. It felt great and I cleaned myself up, deciding an early night would do me no harm when there was a knock on my bedroom door.

I called out, “Yo…” and Dad put his head round.

“Hey Rob,” he said. “Can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Sure,” I said, wondering if he could smell the scent of sperm in the air but then I thought what the hell, I’m a teenage boy and it’s like a cologne we wear 24/7.

Dad was wearing a bathrobe, his hair wet so he must have just showered. He sat on the edge of my bed and I waited, knowing from the expression on his face that Teri had told him what I’d done. I felt ambivalent: he’s my dad and I love him but he was masturbating my sister, his daughter, out on the porch where anyone could see, the ‘anyone’ in this instance being me.

“Teri told me you saw us, son. And that you took pictures. Is that right?”

“Yes,” I said, my face impassive.

“Were you going to do anything with them, maybe show them to your friends? If they told their parents our lives, my career, our life as a family would be ruined. Incest is illegal in our state and I could go to jail. You do know that, don’t you?”

“Of course, Dad,” I said. “The shots aren’t for anyone else to see. But they’re sexy as hell, Dad, because Teri is a beautiful, incredibly sexy young woman and I often jack off thinking about her.”

“Beautiful and sexy is right,” Dad said with a laugh. He paused, took a deep breath, and I waited, my eyes meeting his. Then he said, “Teri wanted me to talk to you to explain how it is between her and I. Is that alright?”

“Sure,” I said.

I guess he thought I might be upset, or angry or whatever, but I wasn’t any of those things. I was just really envious.

“When your mom started to get sick, she spoke to Teri and asked whether, when she was old enough and felt ready, she would take Mom’s place in my bed. Mom knew I could never love another escort şahinbey woman the way I loved her but I wasn’t ready to forego having sex regularly and there is so much of your mom in Teri it just seemed like it might work. If Teri wanted to, that is, and I would have totally understood if she had said no or felt it was wrong. Does that offend you, Rob? Can you understand?”

“No it doesn’t offend me and of course I can understand, Dad,” I said.

“The first time was a month or so ago, the night of the thunderstorm. Teri climbed into bed with me and she snuggled up close. I was more than half-asleep and just thought it was your mom. Lame, I know, but the absolute truth.”

I laughed softly and shook my head. He was right, it did sound lame. But that didn’t mean it wasn’t true.

“At some point your sister must have started feeling horny because she reached down for my cock, started stroking her huge boobs against my back and whispered in my ear, “Fuck me, please fuck me…” and I just thought it was your mom, I truly did, and I turned over, hoisted her legs onto my shoulders, started suckling her nipples and slid my cock home, totally unaware it was Teri and I had just taken her virginity. Later I realized her hymen must have been long gone because the moment I slid inside her she started moaning in ecstasy and thrusting her hips up to meet mine, her hands on my head to smother me with her glorious boobs and then giving me open-mouthed wet kisses whenever I surfaced before pushing me back down again. I’m not going to lie to you, Rob, it was fucking incredible…”

Dad glanced down at my groin and laughed: the huge erection bulging against my tight pajama pants was obvious as hell but I figured there was no point trying to hide it. My sister being fucked by her father? What reaction could I have had other than to get as hard as a rock?

“Anyway, to no-one’s surprise I came like a freight train deep in Teri’s body and luxuriated in the incredible feeling of bathing my cock in her cunt overflowing with my cum and her cream. And it was then that she whispered, “That was amazing, Dad,” and I realized it wasn’t your mother I had been fucking but my own daughter.

“I recoiled in shock but Teri grabbed me and hissed, “No!” knowing I was about to withdraw, desperate to tell her that I had made a terrible mistake. “I wanted you to!” she said. “And I want you to fuck me again, Daddy. First in my ass and then in my mouth…”

“Holy fuck, Dad,” I said, wondering if I was about to come without even touching myself. My sister liked anal?

“Yah, you got that right,” he said, shaking his head but also smiling.

“So – did you -?” I started to say.

“Three times,” he said with a laugh. “Twice in that glorious peachy ass of hers and then she sucked me clean until I came in her mouth. After that, I couldn’t get enough but then neither could she…”

“Man,” I said, more envious than ever. I wasn’t a virgin, several girls at school had happily seen to that, but I hadn’t had anal sex and it was a cherished dream that one day I would find a girl prepared to take my not-inconsiderable cock into her asshole.

“And we’ve been fucking ever since,” Dad said quietly. “I’m really sorry about the subterfuge but I could hardly say, “Okay, Rob, your sister and I are off to bed now so I can spurt a really big load into her bowels…”

The matter-of-fact way Dad said something so erotic made me laugh out loud but also want to reassure him.

“It’s okay, Dad,” I said, putting my hand on his arm. “It’s really okay. It’s what you and Teri both want and enjoy so I can understand although maybe finger-fucking her on the porch with her bare ass on display under her cheerleader outfit might not be the best idea if you don’t want those nice guys from the Sheriff’s Department to pay us a visit…”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Dad said, shaking his head at how he had allowed his dick to overpower his common sense.

He paused and looked down at my aching cock.

“Do you want help with that?” he said.

“Jesus, Dad, you’re not -?” I started to say, seriously worried.

“God, no!” Dad said hurriedly, waving his hands at me to dismiss the thought. “I meant that Teri is waiting for us in my bedroom.”

I was almost too shocked to speak. “She’s wha -?”

“Come see,” Dad said and I climbed off the bed and followed him.


The sight that met my eyes took my breath away and robbed me of the power of speech.

My sister was lying back on my father’s bed, her eyes going from Dad’s to mine and back again. She was naked, her huge boobs heaving with her excitement and arousal because she was totally on display, her ankles secured to her wrists by soft leather manacles which meant her legs were spread wide. The base of a buttplug was visible between the spread cheeks of her ass and there was a black ballgag in her mouth, saliva drooling from the corner of her lips onto the pillow beneath şahinbey escort bayan her blonde hair spread out across the pillow. Her pussylips were glistening with her slippery cream, her clit standing proud of its hood which made me wonder if Dad had already made her come by pleasuring her with his mouth. She looked like a wanton slut desperate to be fucked and I couldn’t help it, I put my hands to my sides to grip my thighs and pumped out an enormous quantity of cum into my pajama pants, my cock spasming as I emptied my balls.

Dad gave me an indulgent smile and reached for a tissue; I hoicked my pants down and wiped up the cum.

“I guess the sight was a little too much for you, huh?” he said with a smile.

“Yeah, a little,” I said. “But you know how it is with 19-year-old boys. Five minutes and we’re ready to go again…”

Dad laughed. “Yeah, I figured.”

I could see from Teri’s expression she was getting a little ticked off with the delay so Dad moved between her legs and stroked his hands slowly down the inside of her thighs, his fingers caressing the lips of her cunt and prizing them open so he could show me the rippling pink walls flooded with her creamy cum. Then he reached down and took hold of the base of the buttplug, working it in and out of her anus to keep Teri on the boil. She squirmed and did her best to raise her hips, wanting her asshole fucked, but her freedom of movement was limited and she let out a ‘mmmph’ sound of frustrated desire.

“What your sister and I discovered is she is a submissive,” Dad said, stroking Teri’s clit gently with his fingers. “Being secured like this was her idea because it means I can do anything I want to her and the gag explains why you’ve never heard us fucking although it was damn difficult for me to stay quiet when I came. I’ve discovered your sister likes being fisted, not only in her pussy but in her ass as well. In fact, the only thing we haven’t tried yet is something I’m hoping you and I can do together which is fuck her pussy and asshole at the same time…”

“Jesus…” I said, so aroused I was afraid I might well come spontaneously again because, once more, my prick was hard as a steel bar.

Dad stood up and untied his robe, letting it drop to the floor. Like father, like son I thought, because his cock looked a little bigger than mine but was just as hard, jutting out from his groin, drops of oily cum dripping from the tip. I glanced down to see Teri’s eyes were fixed on Dad’s cock and I guessed she was long overdue to feel him buried to the balls in her body.

“Okay if I go first, Robbie?” Dad said, his eyes drawn to Teri’s nipples which were stiff with the intensity of her desire. “Otherwise I’m going to go off like you and it’s been a while since I did that…”

“Be my guest,” I said with a laugh and moved to climb onto the bed, looking into Teri’s eyes as I leaned down and, very softly, kissed her eyes, her nose, along her jawline to her ears which I closed my teeth on and then licked inside her ear before lapping my tongue across her lips bulging out round the ballgag. I could see she was taken aback by how soft and loving I was being; she probably expected the caveman approach, but that wasn’t my style and she could tell when a moment later, I cupped both hands round one of her breasts and brought her nipple to my mouth, circling the tip with my tongue before suckling it hungrily, then did the same to the other, heightening her arousal even more when I pressed both breasts together and closed my teeth round both nipples at the same time.

They tasted delicious and my dad must have been turned on watching what I was doing because he started moaning softly the moment he slid his cock into Teri’s juicily-wet pussy, his hands on her knees to keep them apart as he fucked her, sliding the full length of his cock into her cunt one moment then flexing his lips back to withdraw until only his glans was held by her labia. I could see from the way Teri’s breasts were trembling in my hands she absolutely loved what both of us were doing to her because it was sensual and erotic rather than hot and heavy although both Dad and I knew that was only minutes away.

Perhaps concerned the neighbors might hear, Dad stifled his bellow of bliss when he came, ramming his cock as far as it would go into my sister’s body, releasing his sperm as his hips jerked and shook. I loved watching him climax: his virility was the source of my own and I was aching for release. But not in Teri’s now cum-flooded cunt: I wanted the hotter, tighter passageway between the cheeks of her luscious ass.

Dad slid his cock from Teri’s pussy causing a flood of his sperm to pour out and ooze down over her anus. I really wanted to use it as lube for my cock when I entered Teri’s asshole but decided not to rely on that alone having spied a pump-top bottle of lube on Dad’s nightstand. Squeezing out a generous length while Teri watched me, I slathered it over my cock and even down to my balls, the sensual sensation making my prick even harder. Then, as Dad stood aside, I knelt between her legs, applying my mouth to her cunt and heard her moan deep in her chest as I started lapping up the thick, delicious mix of Dad’s sperm and her cream, swallowing it down at the same time as I withdrew the buttplug from her anus leaving it gaping and ready.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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