A Girl’s best Friend: Chapter 1


“Well, maybe we should practice?” Claire wrinkled her nose a bit as she laughed. “Are you serious?” “Of course! You’re in high school, Claire. Any guy is going to expect you to know how to french kiss. You don’t want to embarrass yourself tomorrow night.” “I guess,” Claire said, yet unconvinced, “but it isn’t my fault I’ve been going to an all girls school for 8 years. He knows my situation. He knows I just moved to town last week. He won’t hold it against me.” “Trust me Claire, boys don’t know shit.” “Such language, Eva!” Claire grinned. “Does your mother let you talk like that?” “No,” Eva replied, a wry smile breaking on her lips, “but that’s never stopped me before.” “You’re such a bad influence! I’ll let it slide since you’ve been so nice to me this week even though we just met.” “I can’t be the first girl you’ve heard talk like that, can I? You were a Catholic school girl for crissakes. I thought you were all bad girls at heart.” “Well I’m not. Or at least I wasn’t.” Claire looked away but quickly turned back to her new friend. “I don’t really know what I want to be right now other than kissing Matt.” “Well,” Eva said, ominously scooting her small frame closer to Claire, “that’s what I’m here to help you with!” Eva reached out to cup the side of her friend’s shoulder, but Claire interrupted with a hand. “This is so weird Eva. I’m not a lesbian.” “So what? We’re just friends, and I’m just giving you some friendly advice.” In one eager movement, Eva slipped up her bed and positioned herself beside Claire. She flopped her palms onto Claire’s shoulders and turned them to face herself. At first eye contact, Claire broke down giggling. “This is so silly, but you know what you are talking about, right?” Eva smiled but remained reticent. “Right?! How many guys have you kissed?” “Oh…” Eva trailed off, her eyes drifting toward the ceiling, “six or seven. Trust me, Claire; the first kiss is Sex hikayeleri the most important, and you don’t get a second chance at it.” Claire cocked her head and teased, “well in that case maybe I shouldn’t waste my first kiss on you.” Eva recoiled in mock shock and replied in her best received pronunciation, “Despite that grievous insult, it is still my duty to help you.” Eva brushed a strand of light-blonde from her own face and draped her arms around Claire’s neck, drawing her close. Claire couldn’t help but giggle at first, but she finally settled into position with eyes sealed. They moved closer and closer until Eva, her eyes now fastened as well, could feel the heat between their faces. She could feel the soft hairs on their lips brushing. She could feel— “Ow!” Claire yelped as their noses gracelessly collided. “I thought you said you’d done this before.” “I have,” Eva retorted, clearly embarrassed. “You, on the other hand, obviously need some practice.” Once again Eva pulled Claire in, this time keeping her eyes well open. With an apt tilt of her head, contact was made. The first touch of their lips sent a noticeable shiver down Eva’s spine. She instinctively pressed harder, squeezing her eyes closed. All she could feel was this drive, this need to be closer. She wanted to press their faces so hard that they might collapse into each other, the two becoming one, and the kiss never ending. She recovered her senses just in time to remember her mission. Her tongue forcefully tested the boundary of their kiss. Claire was hesitant at first, but more earnest pounding from Eva and the resistance was overcome. Eva sought Claire’s tongue with her own and encoiled it. As their bodies bound, Eva’s feelings were ineffable. She felt consummate contentment. She knew perfect love. She saw images of Claire, her naked body, the two of them on a boat, married and sailing the ocean. Sikiş hikayeleri Time stopped. Forever was now, and that inimitable moment was everything Eva could have dreamed of and more. When Claire finally pulled away a breathless Eva turned her hungry eyes up to Claire— —only to see Claire doubling over in laughter. The blood drained from Eva’s face. Her joy turned to depression; to anger; and finally, disgust. “Oh wow Evaq that was ridiculous,” Claire choked out between gasps for air. “That was seriously nothing close to what I expected from my first kiss.” Eva, barely able to muster a response through her embarrassment, muttered grimly, “And what did you expect?” “Well I didn’t expect you , for starters.” Claire stood up. “I was definitely expecting more hot and less hilarious. But I’m actually happy we did that. I’ll be a lot less nervous tomorrow. Thanks.” Through the whole exchange Eva had been fighting tears, and fighting the urge to hit Claire and throw her out the bay windows. However, Claire’s final compliment assuaged that fury, and Eva saw an opportunity to salvage whatever gratification she could from this encounter. “So what are you going to wear, Claire?” Eva asked. “I hadn’t even thought about it!” Claire responded, panic slipping across her face. “My parents haven’t even sent down most of my clothes. I just have the 3 outfits I brought with me on the plane.” “Good God woman! You traveled across the country with only 2 changes of clothes?” “I don’t know. That’s what I’m used to. I’ve worn a school uniform 6 days a week for the past 8 years. Maybe I can borrow something from my cousin Becky.” “You’d be better off wearing your uniform”, Eva paused for a moment, pondering a wholly inaccurate fantasy of Claire in a Catholic school uniform. “Becky dresses like it’s 1994. I’ve seen less denim on K-Mart couches. Trust me, you do not want to borrow anything Erotik hikaye from her.” “Well, what do you suggest, Mrs. fashion guru?” Claire replied sarcastically. A wide smile appeared on Eva’s face as she stood up and walked to her closet. “Step into my office.” Eva swept open the double doors to her closet and flipped on the light. At once the girls were assaulted by a sea of colors and sparkles. The room was cavernous, or it would have been were it not filled to the brim with clothes. Three decks of low shelves housed myriad shoes. Scarves, hats, and bangles hung on platforms dangling from the vaulted ceiling. At eye level there were half a dozen racks for outfits, a single rack for jeans alone. “Wow,” Claire gasped, taking a moment to come to grips. “I don’t think I’ve seen this much clothing in my life. I mean, like, all the clothes I’ve ever seen combined.” “It’s a hell of a collection,” Eva boasted. “I bought a lot of it, but I got most of this stuff modeling for Forever 21 last year,” she turned to Claire beaming, “and now my bounty is your bounty.” “Are you serious? That is amazing! But I’m at least five inches taller than you. I don’t know how much of this is going to fit.” Eva was undaunted. “You’re just as skinny as I am. You won’t be putting on any of my pants but I have of shorts.” “I hope you don’t plan on putting me in those,” she said gesturing to Eva’s denim cutoff shorts. “I may have left the boarding school, but I don’t think I’m ready to show my butt cheeks to the world.” “My butt cheeks are well concealed thank you very much,” Eva pouted. “But if you insist on remaining a puritan I have some mid length skirts that should suit you.” She grabbed a black skirt and matching print top. Claire wrinkled her nose again. “This is almost as short as what you’re wearing. I don’t want Matt to think I’m a whore—no offense.” Eva rolled her eyes. “Claire this is what girls wear in the first world. You’ll have to get used to it. Just throw it on. It will look great on you.” After a moment’s trepidation, Claire cracked a nervous smile and hopped in front of the full length mirror that was set on the back of the now open closet doors.

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