A Girl by the Name of Alayna Ch. 01


**This happened about a week ago and I haven’t been able to sleep much, so I wrote it down to get my head cleared and figured I’d post it. By the way, I recommend you listen to the songs I mention, because I think they’ll add more to the story and your understanding of my feelings at that time.


I’ll start back in September, when school started. First period, 7am, I walked groggily into chem class and sat in my assigned seat and rested my head on my backpack. Seats were sorted alphabetically, of course, which I usually despise. Can’t say the same for this time though because that’s how I met her.

She walked into class a little bouncy as the tardy bell rang. I was kinda confused about how someone could be energetic at that hour on the first day of school, but quickly got rid of that thought as I sat up and realized how…hot, she was. I’m straight (or at least I think so), but I definitely noticed how attractive she was. Stood about 5’8″, slim but nice curves, I’d say she’s probably a C or at least nearly C. And her ass, wow. I’m guessing her being half Mexican helped in that area; it definitely wasn’t the normal skinny white girl flat butt, but it wasn’t huge like most of the black girls I’ve seen — it was the perfect balance. She had light brown hair, smooth caramel skin, and the most entrancing green eyes I’d ever seen, with a hint of hazel around the pupil when the light hit it at a certain angle.

Thank God she didn’t notice I had stared at her since she walked through the door. She plopped down in the seat next to me and smiled politely.

“Hi, I’m Alayna.” Instantly the song Alayna by LFO popped into my head (which is where the title of this story came from; you’ll come to learn that I’m a big music person) and I was drawn to her, in a straight way though; aside from her obviously good looks she had this vitality about her.

“Jolene,” I smiled back. I didn’t really know what to say and there was a bit of an awkward pause, so I looked away. Say something idiot! I told myself. She began to get some basic supplies out, making a little rustle, so I looked over and said, “how is it that you are so awake right now??” She just giggled and my heart jumped; I smiled instantly.

I guess I’ll take the time to describe myself now. Back then when we met, honestly, I was fat. I mean, my 100% Filipino background gave me the right curves, but I always had trouble w/ my stomach. Right around the start of school, though, I decided to stop being the funny fatty and by the end of winter break I had lost all of that and I got that sexy line down the middle of my abs. Needless to say I think I’m hella good looking now.

I’m about 5’6 1/2″, slender, with pretty nice boobs — BB — not as big as hers, but they’re nicely rounded and a decent handful. My ass is a little bigger than hers, probably by a few inches, but well shaped and toned. I have long straight black hair, layered though, the longest of which goes down to about mid-breast, and brown eyes and skin to match.

Graduation wasn’t as big and dramatic as most people play it out to be, but I did feel freer, at 18 I had the “the world is my oyster” feeling. And I knew I’d see the people I cared about over summer, even though I really only cared about her.Alayna and I had become pretty close by then; she helped me w/ the weight thing and we helped each other through a lot of family troubles. I remember one big fight between my father and me and my siblings got me so upset I snuck out my window after I locked my door and ran about a mile and a half to her house, in my pjs. I think I was kinda smelly and sweaty but she didn’t care, she just hugged me and held me, not saying anything, not expecting anything; just holding and listening to me.

One day, my dad was out of town, so my sister was spending the night at her boyfriend’s and my brother was out partying, and he wasn’t the designated driver so I had the house to myself. I called up Alayna. Her aunt was out of town visiting other family with her cousins and they wouldn’t be back until around noon the next day. I picked her up and we drove around for a little bit, catching up. I found myself stealing every glance at her I could. She wouldn’t be looking at me though, I guess she didn’t see the point since I was driving, but I didn’t mind, I’d just look at her eyes staring out onto the road.

We stopped at the park (because there isn’t much else to do in our city), and as we were walking to the playground area I just kept my eyes on her, and several times I had to stop myself from putting my hands on her; the small of her back was so tempting. Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t restricted to our own little personal space bubble; we always played around with each other, hitting and slapping and such, and she was a little touchy, but I just wasn’t that way. I thought I was straight as an arrow anyway, even though I’d never had a boyfriend or kissed a boy for that matter; and I thought this sort bursa escort of attraction to her was just me thinking my friend was really pretty.

Since both of our folks were out of town, we decided she’d spend the night at my place. We watched tv for a while, just sitting on my unusually proportioned couch. It’s just really wide, if I stretch my legs out there’s still about a foot of couch left, and it runs the length of the short wall, so you could fit about one and a half of me laying down on it. I sat at the end, sort of snuggling up to the arm of the couch and she sat in the middle, propping her elbow up on the back rest.

After a couple hours we were getting a little tired and bored, and I was hugging a pillow, so she took it from under my arm and situated it and her head on my lap. My heart started beating faster and I adjusted underneath her to distract myself from it. She grabbed my phone off the floor and started flipping through stuff.

“What’re you doing” I asked lazily, slurring a little bit cause I was tired.

“Nothing,” she said in a tired but playful tone. I was aware of my increasing heart beat again.

I don’t really like people sifting through my phone, just a quirk I guess. So I grabbed my phone through her hand and flipped it closed. She put the phone down next to her, but instead of letting go she weaved her fingers in between mine. We held there for what seemed like forever, my hand over hers, electricity pulsing through me, and I could feel my nipples hardening a little and I could feel a light throb in my clit. I had no idea how she felt, because like I said she was naturally touchy and playful, but my mind was racing. What should I do? Does this even mean anything?

Quickly, but hating myself for it, I let go and grabbed the remote. I switched the input of the surround sound to the iPod, and I started playing a playlist I made for parties and dancing and whatnot. Some upbeat hiphop but mostly good slow grinding and R&Bsongs. We chatted through some songs, but then Get Low by Lil Jon n the East Side Boyz started, which brought us back to middle school dance days, and immediately we ditched our little “moment”, got up and started dancing. Call it lame cause we were by ourselves, but for us it was being stupid and having fun.

We were dancing for a while, I’d say for 7 or 8 songs, getting closer at times but I’d pull away. I didn’t really know how much space was right for friends …I’d always had crushes on boys, but I’d never been with one, and she had an on-again off-again but currently on-again boyfriend, but he lived in The Valley somewhere.

And then my song came on. Tell Me by Bobby Valentino always makes me want to get down, but for this situation, since it was just the two of us and we’d been dancing for a while, and it was such an intoxicating song, I argued with myself between getting closer and keep going or taking a break.

Suddenly she was getting closer to me, and turned around so her perfect ass was grinding on my frontside, her hand finding its way to the back of my neck and pulling me to her. I didn’t know what she was thinking – if she was just into the song or if she was into me – but I didn’t stop, only hesitated for a split second. I let myself get lost in the song, in her. We were grinding, feeling our bodies move on each other, hips in constant contact, my nipples rubbing on her shoulder blades when she arched her back. I was getting so wet I thought I felt it forming on my jeans. Something had come over me and I turned her around and our legs found their place between each other.

I thought the we’d been dancing for forever but the song was barely thru the first verse, as I stared at her, and I felt like I was looking at green fire, flames burning bright in my eyes, but I couldn’t look away. I gained better control of myself but decided to make a bold move, and moved even closer to her, gently cupping the back of her neck and brought our faces closer, slightly sweaty, but damn it was so sexy. God, if I wasn’t dancing I’d’ve been shaking from the excitement. Electricity pulsed through my finger tips grazing over my nipples and stabbing at my pussy,making me even more wet.

Our faces were forehead to forehead, still staring at each other, her eyes bore into my soul and thoughts of love filtered into my head. Our mouths were open, breathing heavily and lips grazing as we gyrated, trying to combine our bodies. Her hands heated my hips and thighs, traveling the length of my back. I moved my hand slightly, so it was on the side of her head, my left thumb on the back of her cheek by her ear, my index finger started lightly stroking the area behind her ear and she closed her eyes slightly, getting lost in my hands. My right hand outlined her body from the ass up; when I reached the side of her breast she opened her eyes wide, engulfing mine in a sea of green and she kissed me.

Those sultry soft lips locked onto bursa escort bayan mine and all my hesitation was gone. Damn were they soft. I focused both hands on her head, one grabbing her hair; I wanted to know I wasn’t dreaming and that she was there, kissing me, me kissing her and — wow she tasted so good.

My lips almost felt numb, they were tingling like when you sit on your leg for too long. I slipped my tongue in first, surprised by my authority. I think she was too, because she stopped for just a split second and then adjusted herself closer and moved her hands down my body. Trails of fire followed her fingertips as they wrapped around my hips, squeezing a little and then one traveling back up, over my shoulders and running through my hair.

Our tongues were dancing, exploring and devouring each other, I was trying to learn every crevice of her mouth. The hook of Tell Me rang in my head, Yous a sexy thang,…your girls they cant compare to you, can’t help but stare at you, lets make a toast to the good life…We just stood there now, our hands raced all over; it felt like there were twice as many. My whole body was tingling now, again sending electric pulses over my rock hard nipples and to my clit. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I hadn’t kissed anyone before, and I hoped I was doing well. I’d never felt this way about anyone, boy or girl, and then it all my thoughts and worries came running up to the front of my mind, opening my eyes, which made me break the kiss (goddammit!!!). “Wait,” I said, or maybe just thought really loud; I was so breathless.

“Wha-what wait what are you doing” she started breathlessly.

I backed up, falling to my butt on the couch, my eyes racing around as fast as my thoughts. The music stopped and I noticed the remote sticking out from under me. I tossed it aside.

And then I looked up at her. “What’s—we’re—it’s just—God, I don’t know.” I didn’t know how to start, different questions kept popping into my head at the same time. “I dunno I dunno!” I said quickly. “Jesus! I mean you know how – – whatever, unexperienced I am! I’ve never been with anyone, let alone done all this with. ‘All this’ probably isn’t much to you, but this means a lot to mean a lot to me. I mean, how do you feel? Did you want this? Have you wanted this? Did you..expect? Any of this?”

“God no!” she said rushing to me, her big eyes looking deep into me, and her eyebrows scrunching up in the cutest sad puppy face I ever saw, and my heart went to my stomach.

“How do you feel?”

“I-I don’t know. I don’t know how to explain it; you’re my best friend, but I’ve always thought you’re beautiful.” My heart fluttered. She knelt down, looking up at me, she traced a C around my face with those magical smooth fingers, and tucked my hair behind my ear. She held her hand cupping my cheek, the other gently placed on my thigh; I wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t look down when I blushed. She chuckled when she saw my embarrassment. “Hey, it’s ok. Look at me. ” I did. My heart sank further. “It’s ok. We both want this.”

She brought herself closer to me, pulling my face until our lips were less than an inch away from each other, but that’s where she stopped; she was waiting to see what I’d do. She didn’t want to force me or make me uncomfortable, and I appreciated it; my feelings for her grew deeper. I almost started crying because of all the emotion. I thought I loved her right then, but I wasn’t sure. I was happy that she wanted me like I wanted her, but I was scared because I didn’t know what’d happen to our friendship or her relationship with that guy.

I looked up and down her face, taking in every square inch, while she kept her eyes locked on mine. (Green is my favorite color now.) Walls of tears forming at my eyes, she smiled and stroked my face with her thumb. I am SO falling in love with you! I screamed in my head. I kissed her, not hard but firm and sensual. I decided to set the deep cautious feelings aside, for now at least, and let my lust and passion drive me. I kissed her bottom lip and sucked, nipping a little, and I felt her smile against me and immediately she pushed her tongue into me, toying with that bridge of skin between my gum and my top lip which made me gasp and moan into her mouth. If my pussy wasn’t moist before, it definitely was now, I could feel my juices soaking thru my thong.

I tilted my head a little, giving further access to both of us. We stood up and turned around, and never breaking the kiss, I lay her down on the couch while she clutched my wifebeater to drag me down with her. I supported her with my hand at the base of her head, softening our landing with my other one. My lips moved to her chin, following her jaw line up to her left lobe. I flicked it with my tongue a couple times, took it in my lips and sucked then nibbled at it, and used my tongue again to trace the out line of bursa sınırsız escort her ear.

I think her ear is one of those adrogynous spots for her, because when I moved to it she bit the base of my neck and let out a deep moan; one of those throaty-sounding “uhhh”s. It drove me crazy and made me want to please her all the more. My left hand started at her shoulder and I let my finger tips tickle down over her chest, increasing the pressure as I traced around her nipple through her bra. Almost like it had a mind of its own, I let it trail down her flat abs, over her hips, grab her thigh and bring it up. I squeezed her ass and she giggled. So hot.

I noticed that the music was back on – we must’ve bumped the remote when we laid down – and Tell Me was finishing and So Good by Day26 started playing. My arousal heightened, and I pushed harder on Alayna with my mouth, making a muffled whimper release from her. I backed off just a touch, and kissed her top lip before diving back in and letting our tongues dance to the music.

Her hands started from my face and moved down to squeeze my globes, and as I felt my nipples try to escape from my bra I moaned into her mouth again and she chuckled a little bit, then continued to invade my mouth with her delicious, soft tongue. Her hands stayed at my breasts for a bit, before wrapping around my back and moving under my shirt, giving me goose bumps, and slid up to my bra and undid it. As much as I didn’t want to, I stopped kissing her long enough to take off my shirt and slip off my bra. I went back to kissing her, and tickled the roof of her mouth with the tip of my tongue. She gasped and exhaled deeply into me and the sweet smell of her enhanced her taste.

My right hand outlinedher hips, up her abs to her breast, cupping it and she let out another soft moan as I pulled her tanktop and bra down enough to expose up to mid nipple, and I kissed a trail down her neck to the top of her mound, licking from the valley and circling around it, and sucked and nipped.

I needed to feel her skin on mine. I licked my way from the base of her neck up, grazing my lips along her jaw to her hot spot. Then I hunched my back so I had room to slip my hands under her shirt. It felt like all my nerves went to my hands, and slowly they slid up her stomach, traced back down slightly, and slid back up further.

We moved up, me sitting on my knees and her just sitting with her legs around me while my hands never broke contact with her soft smooth skin until I lifted her shirt up over her head. While her arms were still up I used my nails to tickle up her sides, and when I reached her arm pits she giggled against my lips, making me smile while we kissed, but I continued up her arms and my fingers weaved into hers. We laid back, with me still on top of her. I wanted to please her first; I think because I wanted to do it slow and right, and I didn’t want to have any influence of her pleasuring me first. I guess you could say I wanted to set the bar. I heard the lyrics of So Good in the background, So goood, thats why I can’t live without it…and I couldn’t. I didn’t want this experience, this friendship, this love to end.

I let go of her hands, the electric pulses from mine stopping but our kiss still generating some. I unhooked her bra and tossed it. I went back to interlock our fingers, and felt our boobs smush together, our hard nipples tickling each other. She arched her back to push herself more into me and I responded flicking her nose with my tongue. She smiled and bit her bottom lip and I was smitten. I kissed her again and lightly traced up her chest to her neck and stopped where it met her shoulder and licked little circles and sucked it because I knew it was one of her pressure points. She exhaled in shock and pleasure, a harsh sudden “huh!” and turned her head onto me and bit tugged at my ear lobe, which made me give a high pitched whimper.

A bunch of songs had passed while we made out and now Take You Down by Chris Brown was on, combining with the feel of Alayna’s body to make my head fuzzy. I figured we were both soaked enough in our juices by then, so slid down a little to suck on her nipple, circling it with my tongue then taking it in my mouth, while my hands unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down. I wasn’t ready to break away from her twin mountains yet, so I only pulled them down about half way and I ripped off her panties, feeling her juices on them. We were both shocked at my aggressiveness and she gasped. My hand didn’t go directly to her pussy, though. I started at her hips, tickling along her waist when she moaned “Touch me, Jo. I need to feel you on me, there.

And that was all the encouragement I needed. My middle finger ran over her landing-strip-trimmed pussy and down her wet slit, parting her big, wet, soft lips. “Ohhhh Godd” she exhaled, and her hands snaked into my hair as my index finger replaced my middle one and circled her entrance a couple times, before going back up and slowly circling her clit. She shivered when I reached it and i felt her fingers tighten around my head. I kissed and licked my way between her valley, down her abs, making a pitstop at her cute little bellybutton, tickling around it with my tongue, and I felt her stomach twitch beneath me.

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