A Father’s Helping Hand Pt. 02

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It had come suddenly, and unexpected, but Andy loved the new arrangement he had with his father. Every day for the past week, he left his door unlocked as he started masturbating, anxiously awaiting his father to come home. He had fantasized about him for years, but having it finally happen was amazing. Masturbating was fun, but nowhere near as good as getting to suck his daddy’s massive cock, and drinking down his thick cum. His father was also an amazing cock sucker, and made him cum so easily. Andy was already addicted, and was thinking about his daddy all day. Andy started having sexual day dreams about him at school, imagining his father’s cock in his mouth. He was 18 and a senior in high school, and he should be thinking about college, but that’s not what he wanted to think about now. He had to hide his erection, but desire sometimes takes over and he rubs his cock though his jeans. Today was no exception as Andy rubbed away in history class, imagining it was his father’s hand touching him.

Much like his son, Ted was fantasizing about his son most of his day at work. This was not different fro before, but now that he had started this new phase of his relationship with his son, those fantasies were intensifying. Thankfully, having his own office gave Ted the privacy to rub his cock under his desk, and imagine anything and everything he wanted to do with his son. Today though Ted didn’t have as much luxury of time to fantasize as much as he wanted to. He had a load of work to do, and he could easily slip into daydreams of his son’s cock. He had to focus, and stay on task. He was successful for a few hours until his secretary paged him on his phone.

“Mr.Richards, your son is here. Should I send him in right away?

Andy was supposed to be in school at this time, so he wasn’t sure why he would be showing up to his office now, let alone at all since he never had before. He hoped everything was ok.

“Yes Anna, send him in,”

Ted met his son at the door to his office just as he walked in.

“You ok kiddo? Everything alright? Why aren’t you in school?”

As he asked Ted started walking back to his chair and sat down. As he did he saw his son had followed him behind his desk, and then almost immediately sat down on his lap and planted a kiss on his lips. Ted didn’t mind this at all, but he was still confused as to why his son was there. He broke there kiss to ask.

“Believe me, I want to kiss you, but I just need to know, first are you ok? Second, what brings you to my office when you should be in school?”

Andy had a longing look on his face.

“Daddy, I just couldn’t wait. I was sitting in class, thinking about you, and about your daddy cock, and I was so horny. I just couldn’t wait for this afternoon to see you.”

Ted’s cock started growing immediately. He pulled his son in without saying another word, and they began making out passionately. Ted grabbed the back of his son’s head, holding his face tight to his as there tongues danced together. Ted broke his kiss again, and got up, forcing Andy to get off his lap.

“One second son.”

Ted went over and opened his door, and told his secretary he was going to take a long lunch and told her to take a long lunch as well. She never turned down an offer to take a long lunch, and she immediately grabbed her purse and headed out. Ted closed the door and locked it. Ted sat back down on his chair expecting

Andy to hop back on his lap, but he didn’t. Andy dropped to his knees in front of his sitting father, and reached for his belt buckle, undoing it and pulling it out swiftly. Ted did not protest his son’s actions. Soon his pants were unbuttoned, and his son grabbed his briefs and pants together, giving them a strong tug. Ted lifted his butt to make it easier. Once his pants were down to his knees, Andy immediately grabbed his father’s cock by the base with his right hand, started stroking it with his left hand, and wrapped his lips over the tip and began sucking. Ted let out a huge moan, which surely would have been heard by his secretary, had he not sent her away on lunch. Ted ran his hand through his sons thick blonde hair.

“Oh sweetie you were hungry for daddy’s cock, weren’t you?”

Andy looked up with his blue eyes and nodded yes with his father’s cock still in his mouth. He continued stroking and sucking his daddy’s salty cock, getting hard himself from feeling his own father’s cock sliding into his throat. He was enjoying sucking his daddy’s cock, as much as his daddy was enjoying getting his cock sucked. He couldn’t explain why, but it just felt right to have a cock in his mouth, especially his father’s. Like it belonged there. He thought of another place he felt his father’s cock belonged, but right now he wanted to focus on sucking his daddy’s cock better than it ever had. Even though he didn’t travesti gaziantep verbalize it, Ted was thinking that his son gave the best bjs he had ever received in his life. Adding to how hot this all was, Ted loved hearing the slurping sounds from his son hungrily licking and sucking his eager cock. Andy took a long deep throat of his father’s cock, making his gag reflex kick in, then took his mouth off it for the first time since his started blowing him.

“Daddy, I haven’t eaten today. Please feed me that delicious daddy cream.”

Ted grabbed his son by the back of his hair and pulled his mouth onto his cock, making Andy immediately start sucking him again. Andy leaned forward, forcing his sons mouth fast and hard up and down on his cock. He gave a kiss to the top of his son’s bobbing head.

“Yes sweetie, yes! Suck daddy’s fat cock! Daddy’s dirty little boy wants daddy’s cum in his belly, doesn’t he?”

Andy moaned an affirmative as he continued feasting on his father’s delicious penis.

“Daddy’s going to give you all the nutrition you need right here! Fuck baby, you suck daddy’s cock so fucking good!”

Ted’s orgasm built fast, and soon he grabbed a full handful of his son’s hair, as he prepared to fill his sexy mouth with his daddy cum.

“You ready for daddy’s cum baby? You ready to swallow your daddy’s salty load?”

Andy’s response was to suck his daddy’s cock even harder, and within seconds, Ted was explosive orgasm flooded his son’s mouth. Andy enjoyed the taste and thickness of his father’s cum, and allowed much of it to slide down his throat, wanting to savor it, and not swallowing it all up too fast.

“Oh sweetie, you’re so fucking good. You know how to handle daddy’s cock so perfectly.”

Ted pulled his sons mouth off his cock, and up to his face, putting his tongue in his mouth. Ted could taste some of his cum still in his son’s mouth, and he loved it.

“Good boy. Now it’s daddy’s turn to eat lunch.”

Ted picked up his son from his kneeling position on the floor and lifted him onto his desk to his but was on the edge and his legs dangled off. He took off his son’s sneakers and socks, then his t-shirt. Seeing his son’s hairless chest always drove Ted crazy with lust. He began planting kisses on his son’s upper chest, then worked his way around, He sucked his right nipple a few times which made Andy moan, then he sucked his left nipple the same way. He traced his tongue all around his son’s chest and down to his belly button. Ted then undid his sons jeans, and pulled them off, leaving him just in his briefs, with his son’s erection stretching the material. Ted leaned down and began planting kisses on his son’s cock through the material, and then started licking it.

“You feel daddy’s hot breath, and the wetness of his tongue on your cock through your briefs sweetie.”

Andy simply nodded yes enthusiastically.

“Don’t worry, daddy just wanted to tease you.”

Ted grabbed his son’s underwear by the waste band and pulled them off, giving them a quick smell, before tossing them next to Andy on the desk. Ted marveled at the beauty of his son’s cock, and could not control his desire to suck it. Ted sat down in his chair, and pulled himself up close to his desk. He grabbed his son by the ankles and put each bare foot on either side of him, onto his armrests. Ted now had a perfect view of his son’s gorgeous cock and balls. He licked his licks in hunger, and began dragging his tongue from the bottom of his son’s balls, up to the base of his cock, eliciting loud, and sexy moans from Andy. After tonguing his son’s salty, and slightly sweaty balls for a couple minutes, he began sucking on each ball back and forth for a few seconds each. While doing this, Ted was also stroking his son’s magnificent, veiny shaft. His tongue eventually found i’s way up to that shaft, and he began licking it from base to tip, up and down, enjoying the taste and feel of it.

“You ready for daddy to start sucking your perfect cock sweetie?”

“Fuck yes daddy, please suck me!”

Ted took his sons sensitive tip in his mouth, and suckled on it for 30 seconds, before taking it all in his mouth. Ted bobbed his mouth down half his son’s cock 3 times, then deep throated. He repeated this pattern over and over, and it was driving Andy mad with lust. He wanted to cum immediately, but it was the greatest feeling in the world, and he wanted to make it last as long as possible. He did everything he could to hold off his orgasm, as his sexy daddy sucked his long cock like he hadn’t eaten in a week, and was trying to suck all the taste from it. Suddenly though Ted stopped. Andy was so close to cumming, and was disappointed his daddy had stopped sucking him.

“I’m going to make you cum a different way, sexy.”

Ted gaziantep travesti pulled his son off the desk and turned him around so he was facing the desk now. Ted pulled his son onto his lap, and then reached under, and spread his legs over his arms. He reached his right hand up from under Andy’s leg and began stroking his son’s cock. He quickly reached his hand up and sucked his own pointer and index fingers, getting them wet with his saliva. He then put his left arm back under Andy’s leg, and put those to finger’s right up to his son’s virgin asshole.

Andy shuddered with excitement, and surprise. Ted pressed slowly but didn’t insert his fingers just yet.

“It’s time you felt daddy’s fingers inside you sweetie.”

Andy simply nodded yes, as his father inserted his two fingers into his son’s tight, warm anus. Andy let out a huge grunt, as for the first time, he was penetrated. Ted slowly fingered his son’s asshole as he stroked his cock. Andy was in heaven. He never imagined having anything in his asshole could feel so good, but his father’s fingers in it were sending him to the moon. Andy began instinctually rocking himself onto his fathers fingers, increasing the depth of penetration. Exciting him even further was his father starting to kiss and suck on his neck, like a passionate lover would. A couple times Ted took his fingers out of his son’s asshole to suck them and get them wet again. Each time he did, he enjoyed how his son’s ass tasted. Ted kept fingering and stroking his son, and soon Andy began to quake, and his cock pulsed. Ted aimed his son’s cock upward, sending arcs of his cum onto the desk. After a few seconds of cumming, Andy’s body went completely limp on his father’s lap. Ted withdrew his fingers, and sucked them one more time.

“How was that kiddo? Did it feel good having daddy’s finger’s inside you?”

Andy sifted himself on his fathers lap so his legs were slung over his father’s legs now, and he put his right arm around his father’s neck.

“I love you so much daddy.”

He gave his father a deep kiss, and the made out for a couple minutes.

“He kiddo, I have an idea. You head on home, and when I get off work, I’ll pick you up and we can go to the gym together.”

Andy was a bit disappointed and his father’s proposition, as he was hoping he and his father could have another repeat of what happened just now, and enjoy each other’s bodies until his mother got home. Ted could see the disappointment in his son’s face.

“Don’t worry kiddo, I promise it will be a good time.”

Andy smiled and got dressed, and headed out. Right as he left Ted looked down at his son’s cum on different parts of his desk. He leaned over and licked every last drop off of it. He couldn’t wait for this evening, and the special plans he had for his son.

That afternoon, as Ted pulled into his driveway, Andy was waiting outside, ready with his workout shorts and tank top. He ha grabbed his dads workout clothes so Ted could change in the gym locker room. He jumped in the car, and off they went to Ted’s favorite gym. It was a beat up old gym that rarely had anyone going in anymore, ever since one of the big chains opened up in town 2 years ago. Ted liked that he usually had open field for any workout machine, or weight benches since he was usually the only person in there, aside from the gym manager, Todd, that he had befriended. As they walked in, they waved to Todd and then each jumped on a treadmill. The did a mix of cardio running, and walking for about 0 minutes, then they both hit the weights. Ted was muscular and had no problem lifting very heavy weights without needing a spot, but his son Andy was slight in build, and very skinny, so Ted happily spotted his bench presses. Ted did his best not to get an erection watching his son work out, every few minutes thinking about sucking his young cock. As soon as they finished they went into the empty locker room to take a shower. They both undressed, and Andy turned to walk into the shower, until his father grabbed his wrist.

“No shower yet Andy. Come here.”

Ted pulled his son in, and cupped his ass cheeks, pressing his son tight against his body. He began kissing his son, and Andy through his arms around his father’s neck. It was not lost on either that their cocks were pressed against each other, and both were growing to fullness together. Father and son made out for a few minutes before Ted pulled his son down to the locker room floor with him. Andy went to start sucking his dad’s cock, but Ted stopped him.

“No baby, turn around and put your perfect, young cock in my face. Lets 69.”

Andy was so turned on at the thought of 69ing with his daddy. He complied, and Ted gave a long look at his son’s tight, hairless ass cheeks as he backed up towards his dad’s gaziantep travestileri face. As soon as his son’s cock was in position, Ted started sucking it hungrily, as his son did the same. Here was father and son, both dripping with sweat, on a gym locker room, sucking each others cocks. They were both in heaven. After a few minutes Ted went for broke, and took his son’s cock out of his mouth, and reached up to spread Andy’s ass cheeks. Ted’s cock twitched in his son’s mouth out of excitement, seeing his boy’s tight, pink asshole, ready for eating. Ted slowly licked is ring once, making Andy exclaim, “Oh yes daddy!”

Ted gave a few more licks, then started giving his son a full rim job. Andy continued stroking and sucking his daddy, as he got his asshole eaten out. He moaned even louder when his dad started full on tongue fucking his ass.

“Fuck sweetie, your asshole tastes so fucking good! I need to eat it every day!”

“Daddy, you can eat my ass any time you want! You own my ass daddy! It’s all yours!”

Ted continued to hungrily eat out Andy’s asshole, occasionally moving his tongue down to lick his balls too. Both had been at it for 20 minutes, and both were approaching orgasm. Ted could tell by his son’s body shivers that he was on the edge of shooting his load.

“Not yet sweetie. Don’t cum just yet. Daddy has something special for you.”

Ted spanked his son’s ass and asked him to get up, and go into the shower with him. Ted turned on the hot water, and a nice steam built up. He grabbed his son and started kissing him under the shower stream. He then slowly turned his son around and started kissing his neck. Andy truly felt owned by his big, many father.

“Kiddo, lean forward and put your hands against the wall'”

Andy complied and had his hands against the shower wall, his eyes staring at the blue tile, not knowing what his father had in mind. Ted looked down at his son’s sexy ass, and grabbed his ass cheeks tight, then spread them open. He let a glob of spit out of his mouth, and it fell right onto his fat cock. He looked at his sons exposed asshole, and knew his dream was about to come true. He aimed his hard cock at the tight, pink target, and slowly thrust his hip until his cock head was touching his sons button. Andy was already breathing heavy with anticipation. There was now no doubt what his father had planned, Andy wanted it more than anything.

“You ready for daddy’s cock baby? You ready to have me in your asshole?”

Andy whispered a nervous yes, and Ted slowly parted his son’s asshole with his thick cock helmet. Andy nearly screamed just from that. Ted knew it was his son’s first time, so he would be gentle. Slowly he thrust in and out, only giving his tip to his boy. He asked Andy if he wanted more, and Andy nodded in approval, so Ted gave him a couple more inches.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck! Daddy, daddy, daddy! Yes! Oh God yes!”

Andy’s anus was throbbing in both pleasure and pain. His anal walls were stretching to fit his father’s thick and long cock, that was far above average, and it was the greatest moment in his life so far it’s what he wanted for so long, and now it was happening, with the man he always wanted, his own father. Soon Ted gave into his animal instincts, and was thrusting his cock hard, but still slow, into his son’s rectum. Every time he did, a small ripple went across Andy’s ass. Ted had his hands tight on his son’s hips and began pulling his son onto his cock each time he thrust up into him. Ted couldn’t believe he was fucking his sexy son’s asshole like he had been fantasizing about for so long, and now it was not only happening, he was also going to fill his sons anus with his daddy cum. Andy himself couldn’t believe that neither he or his dad was touching his cock, yet his father’s anal skills had him close to cumming. He didn’t think that was possible but his hot daddy was about to prove him wrong.

“Baby, are you about to cum?”

Andy nodded but also responded.

“Fuck yes I am daddy! Your gonna make my cock squirt from your cock deep in my asshole! Fuck me daddy, fuck me!”

Ted grabbed his son’s hips even tighter, and began full on, balls deep, fucking his sons anus. The sounds of Andy’s ass cheeks being slammed into by is father, echoed through the shower, and locker room. Andy and Ted both grunted loudly in pleasure, as both reached orgasm. Andy was the first to explode, no-hands cumming against the shower wall, moaning loudly as each rope shot out of his penis. Shortly there after, Ted exploded, shooting thick glob, after thick glob of his daddy cum, coating his son’s anal walls with it.

“Fuck yes, that’s my boy! Oh fuck baby, oh fuck! Fucking, and cumming in your ass is the greatest feeling I’ve ever felt! I need it every day baby. I fucking need you!”

Both father and son were spent. Ted leaned against his son, his cock still in his asshole, until it softened enough and slid out. Andy turned around and began kissing his father. Ted grabbed his son’s ass cheeks, and father and son continued making out, as they continued their hot shower, their cocks pressed together again, twitching against each other, as both wanted more.

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