A Different Way to Learn

Jerk Off

Think, what would it be like if you could start over, if you were once again innocent, untouched, totally naïve about sex; What if time were turned back, if everything was different…

Dawn is breaking on the island, the light of a new day begins filtering into your room, your just starting to stir, you think you hear something in the distance, someone calling your name, finally, fitfully, your eyes begin to open, slowly, another day is starting, suddenly you find yourself fully awake. Your hear it again, your name, your mother, calling to you, are you up yet, you must get ready, showered, dressed, we need to leave soon. Out of bed, into the shower, your body alive, anticipation, apprehension, your thoughts are scattered, today’s the day, running your hands over your body, getting yourself clean, you again notice your nipples, standing firm, hard, they ache, just washing increases the tingle, what’s wrong you wonder, your front slit, this strange moisture lately, not urine, just moist, a peculiar tingle, or itch, or something you can’t explain, doing your best to ignore the sensations, you quickly finish your shower. Watching, waiting, you see her, your mom, standing at the open door, holding your towel, waiting for you to get out.

Having been sheltered from the outside world, your parents, your teachers, the entire village, all sworn to secrecy, all careful to keep information about sex, about boys, foreign not only to you, but to all girls. Sure, you were told to expect your menses, that you would bleed, that this happened to everyone, but why, it’s cause, the reason you had to bleed each month, that was never explained. Whenever you ask, the answer was always the same, it happens to everyone, as you get older, as your body begins to fill out, it just happens, when your older, when your of age, you’ll learn more, until then, keep yourself clean, don’t play with your slit, it’s not allowed.

But lately, the last few days, it’s been difficult, the feelings, an itch – no, a tingle – sort of, you can’t explain it, you’ve ask your mom, but all she tells you is to ignore it as best you can, that this happens sometimes, she reminds you sternly, you must not touch, it’s not allowed. You’ve been raised to believe touching yourself, even in private, even if no one were to ever find out, would leave you ruined, cause problems, make you somehow less of a person, less female, unnatural. Trying to behave, to listen, to ignore the feelings, it’s getting harder, you want, no, you need something. Not understanding what’s happening, asking your mother more questions, she tells you she’s setup an appointment with the doctor, to see what’s wrong, what’s happening with you.

Now, getting ready to leave, to find out what’s going on, why you keep getting these strange feelings, you wonder what will happen, will it hurt, will there be problems, are you sick. Smiling at you, telling you everything will be fine, your mom tries to reassure you, says you should not worry, tells you the doctor is smart, will know what’s happening, it will be OK. Having just turned eighteen, you’ve learned over the years that most of the time, actually, almost always, your mom is right. Handing you a glass, your told to drink, it’s from the doctor, looking somewhat like orange juice, but somehow pearly, you do as your told, it’s strange, sweet, bitter, your not quite sure.

Time to go, your mom’s waiting, telling you we need to get moving to be there on time. In the car, you begin to ask questions, what will happen, what tests will be performed, smiling, she takes your hand, tells you to relax, not to worry. But mom, it’s starting again, that tingle, a warm feeling, I can’t explain, I feel, this is embarrassing, if feel wet. Shifting in your seat, almost feeling itchy, like, well you’re not sure what it’s like, stronger than before, the feeling, much stronger than you’ve ever known. Again, telling you to relax, your mother says your just nervous, tells you to not to hold your breath, that it’s best to breath slow and deep, it will help. As you arrive, you’re afraid to move, the tingle, the sensations, pleasant, scary, something more, like… almost like something welling up inside you, an emotion, a no, a feeling, again no, it’s almost like you can taste the desperation, eyes wide, you want to… grip something, you begin to tense. Somewhat flushed, your almost panting, hand on your shoulder, again reminding you how to breathe, telling you it’s important, you must relax, we just need to get you inside, the doctor will understand, can help, will know what to do.

Seeing your face as you enter the office, the secretary immediately knows what’s up, quickly she tells you to come on back, leads down several halls to a back office. Ushering you in, she tells you to quickly remove your clothes, the doctor will be in momentarily and will need to check you as soon as possible. Helping you with the clothing, so embarrassed so excited, you’re ready to cry, to scream, to faint, you’re not sure, you’ve never felt this before, not like this, heart pounding, fully flushed, once altyazı porno again you must be reminded not to hold your breath, you must take slow deep breaths. Pulling out a step, your helped onto the table, told to lay back, you hear her telling you to take it easy, it will be ok, you’ll be fine.

Moving to the foot of the table, the nurse pulls something out, strange, steel hoops, taking your ankle, she places your heel into the opening, first one foot, your mom takes your hand, tells you it’s ok, now the other foot, straps, around your ankle, eyes getting wider, beginning to water, again your mom continues to reassure you, tells you it’s ok. What’s happening, you ask, kissing your forehead, again your told to take it easy. Now taking your hands, guiding your arms back, above your head, the nurse, your mother, they begin securing your wrists. Why, what are you doing, please mom, I don’t need to be tied down, this isn’t right, tears now blurring your vision, getting scared, your pleading for an answer, asking why, don’t understand.

Looking into your face, stroking you cheek, your mother tells you this is for your safety, to keep you from interfering with the doctor, tells you the feeling will soon grow stronger. Pulling out a strap on the edge of the table, your mom hands it to the nurse, positioning it low across your hips, just above your pelvic mound, it’s secured in placed, snugged down, holding you tight against the table. Ouch! The nurse gives you a shot, the needle piercing your hip, the medication stinging as it’s injected. Asking what that was for, your just told it’s something to help, told the doctor will be in in a few minutes. As you wait, you again begin to sweat, you feel hot, nipples constricting, pulling at your wrists, you need to touch, something below is aching, that tingling spot in your slit, whining, looking to your mom, asking please. Once more, stroking your hair, whipping away your tears, she tells you to relax, reminds you to breathe each time she notices you holding your breath, tells you not to clench yourself, you need to keep your muscles relaxed, this is important, darling, I know what your going through, trust me, it’s ok.

Finally, a knock on the door, opening slowly, the doctor enters, your eyes go wide, looking toward your mother, trying to speak, tugging at your wrists, no words coming out, you mouth silently saying “Mom, the doctor’s a man”. Never have you been like this, nude, uncovered, so utterly exposed to a male, you’ve always been told, be taught, whatever happens, never expose yourself, your body, like this. Told the only man that should ever see your exposed body is your husband, not ever having to chance to date, let alone meet anyone other than your dad, your friends fathers, and now this. Looking again to your mother, the shocked, his hands touch your ankles, checks your restraints, then it starts, as he pulls up a chair down at your feet, your legs, opening, the table is forcing your legs apart, spreading you, exposing you, then more, the table, under the very edge of your bottom, begins retracting under the sanitary paper covering, leaving you on the edge.

Looking up, across your stomach, the doctor introduces himself, tells you he’s here to help, he understands your feeling strange, he knows what’s happening. With this, he has your attention, you want, no you need to know, asking what’s wrong, if you’ll be ok. Again looking up, he assures you all is fine, tells you this is normal, something all ladies go through, must endure. Gently, he now touches your thigh, near your slit, he tells you to relax, he’s going to do a quick check, tells you he will explain everything he’s doing.

OK young lady, first, you need to relax, take a breath, slow, deep, for now, whatever happens, do not hold your breath, this is important, please continue to breathe slowly. I’m going to touch you now, open your slit, and check to see that everything is normal, please, try to relax. Gently, opening your slit, he begins telling you things you’ve never heard, explaining, this is your labia, women have outer as well as inner labia. Now as he’s holding you open with one hand, dipping the fingers of his other hand into an open cup of warm lubricant, he begins slowly running his finger through your inner labia. Trying to arch your back, to get a bit more stimulation, you find yourself pleading, wanting more, asking what’s happening. Again speaking to you, the doctor asks if you’ve ever touched yourself like this, if you’ve ever looked closely at yourself, somewhat shocked, you answer no, it’s not allowed, it’s unnatural.

Well, he begins explaining, that’s not entirely true, now that your older, since your body has had time to develop, it’s not unclean. In fact, the vagina, then he runs his finger ever so gently through your inner labia, circling what feels like an opening in your slit, he tells you this is the entrance to your vagina. He explains that the female body has many wonderful functions, tells you he will explain everything in a few minutes, but first, amatör porno he needs to finish his exam. Dipping his fingers again into the lubrication, he again begins running touching your slit, however this time there’s more, he moves further up, opening you with the other hand, carefully, ever so gently, he places the lubricant on the tip of your hard spot. Taking a quick, deep breath, you find yourself gasping, you feel yourself beginning to tighten, what’s happening, what this stuff doing to you, the feelings continue to increase.

Telling you to try and stay relaxed, he picks up a strange looking device, smooth, cylindrical, kind of pointed, but without a point. You watch with trepidation as he dips it into the lubrication, a wire coming out from the bottom, he adjust something, you hear something strange, a humming sound, then as it contacts your body, your head goes back, eyes shut, pulling at your wrists, your body begins shaking, your trying to fight something, a sensation begins overtaking you, your breathing changes, trying to remember to relax, it’s impossible, what’s he doing to you, what is this thing, a scream, your scream, your legs, trying to close, begin to vibrate, that thing against your hard spot, it’s driving you mad, then the suddenness of the sensations overtake you. Never have you felt anything like this, it’s crazy, no words can explain this, the intensity, it’s amazing, it scary, lovely, you feel so over excited, you need a break.

Moving the… what did he call it, the vibrator momentarily away from your hard spot, running it through your slit, your labia, teasing you, then again contacting your spot, arching, another gasp, trying to arch, to pull away, so amazing, so quickly are the sensations building so fast you can’t even speak, your trying to breathe, your body explodes again. Once more he forces you to explode, you out of breath, warn out, sweating profusely, confused, what was that, what did you do, find yourself begging, pleading for him to wait a minute. Knowing he’s got your attention, he again begins to explain things to you, your body parts, what they are, your clit, your vagina, that you have a uterus, how babies are made, and finally, why you bleed. Explaining about your period, why you have one, explaining more now, about your breasts, about pregnancy, he answers many questions, it’s now starting to make since. Now his hands, there checking your breasts, around the base of each, working up, to the center, to your nipples, then squeezing, the ache, the sensations nice. Explaining as he goes, about what needs checked, why, how often, continuing, explaining more, about men, how there different, what will happen, even about your hymen.

That scares you, why would you let someone hurt you, tear something inside your body, uneasy about this, you begin to ask questions. Still bound, you first want released, telling you not yet, he needs to bring you off again, several times, he explains about orgasm, the moisture you feel, the excited feeling, what happens to your body as your excitement grows. Your told about marriage, how it’s arranged, what is expected, what will happen. As he’s explaining this, he continues stimulating you, one hand roaming over your breasts, the other, guiding the vibrator, your orgasm building, bursting forth, the explosions racking your body, it’s too much, your getting over sensitive. The sensations so overwhelming you never dreamed, how is this, how can it be. Telling you more, about a device, something you must wear, what happens next.

Still tied to the table, he takes time to clean you, now spreading cream, shaving you, unwanted, why would he do this, this is insane. Finishing the job, your now so exposed, now nothing is hidden, a camera, he’s taking pictures, turning on a television mounted to the wall, images are displayed. The doctor now begins explaining, the images on the screen, like nothing you’ve seen before, your body, foreign to your eyes. Showing you your parts, exactly what they are, switching to video, aligning the camera, now touching you again, opening you, retracting your clitoral hood, exposing your clit, explaining everything. Now opening your more, your hymen, explaining about your vagina, picking up an imitation penis, normal in size, scaring you, telling you this will enter your body, will feel good, is something you will want, will long fore, will crave. Explaining that the first time may hurt, you may bleed, may get score, but not for long, will quickly get better.

Finally, after once more cleaning you off, he shows you something, a belt of sorts, releasing the strap across your hips, carefully fitting a cup, covering your slit, adjusting the straps, locked into place. Why, you keep asking, this isn’t right, you beg him to take it off. Checking the fit, once more opening the thing, applying something, that jell, rubbing it into you, retracting your hood, coating your clit, so very sensitive, almost uncomfortable, unable to resist, still bound, he continues to stimulate you, gently, carefully, once more animasyon porno your panting, your body, the swelling within, you feel yourself again getting moist, so very wet, working you up, once more approaching that wonderful bliss, that pleasure, so wonderful, nearing completion, now on edge, your orgasm beginning, ready to start, the nothing, he stops.

Please, what are you doing, why did you stop?

Your mom, stroking your face, shocking you, realizing what she’s seen, tells you it’s ok, this too must happen, she’s here for you, can now answer all the questions you’d been asking. As she’s explaining more about things, the doctor is busy, locking you up, unhooking your legs, your arms. The nurse, again at your side, helping you up, tells you to wait, not to get down just yet, to take some time. She doesn’t want you to stand too quickly, wants you safe, taking your hands, she helps you stand.

Now more is explained, you’re told to come back in two weeks, your mom starts explaining, you’re to be stimulated, the nurse, twice daily, for the next two weeks will come by your home, you’ll again be restrained, stimulated, brought to the edge. Multiple times, this will happen each morning, then again before bed, first you’ll shower, restrained, and then the belt will be opened. Once you’re ready, needing to cum, aching for release, crying from the helpless desperation of your need, again you’ll be denied, the belt will once more be locked, your clit will ache, you’ll yearn for your orgasm, for your release, but it’s required you be left this way, needing to cum. However difficult it may be, this is imperative, you must not disobey, touching yourself, steeling this pleasure, it’s still forbidden. The teasing, the stimulation, they serve a purpose, it’s essential, again, something you must endure, soon, very soon, you’ll understand. For now, enjoy your body, the feelings, the excitement, when you ache, if you find you can’t take any more, just remember, how it felt, the orgasm, the explosions within. If you wait, do as your told, embrace the ache, the desperation, soon all will make sense, you’ll understand.

How it all started:

So, how did all this get started, how did these families end up living as they do, all having great jobs, everyone adhering to the policies set forth, our while community safeguarding unwanted information from our girls until it’s time? Well twenty some odd years ago I had an idea, while studying abroad, I befriended this Chinese chap. We actually attended university together, soon finding out we had a lot in common, a lot of the same interests, we became good friends. After finding out I’d been staying in some cramped housing project setup for students, he invited me to his family’s home. Turns out they were very well off, his father not only a business man, but a man many looked up to; turns out he had with quite a few political connections, good friends within the government. As luck would have it we were both doing quite well in economics, having many discussions about possible jobs, what we like, as well as our respective country’s needs. Noticing right off the imbalance of women to men in and around the area, I began to question him about this; it just seemed strange, hard to find a date. As it turns out there is an unbelievably large disproportion of men to women in China. So much so that a man’s prospect of finding a wife is not all that great, seems the one child policy has caused a major upset in the balance of children, most families wanting a male child. After learning some of how this takes place, I began to feel sick, this is abhorrent, being raised in the States, it just seemed shocking. Then the idea, that night, thinking of things, mind continuing as I slept, I sat up, that’s IT!

Jotting some notes, a few random Ideas, I decided morning was soon enough to continue our discussion. Over breakfast, I laid it out, my idea for a business venture, on that would soon be able to help others, but that could prove extremely lucrative for us as well. Not having money enough to even pitch something of this magnitude on my own, we worked together for about a year, gathering information, putting together our plans, preparing presentations, then, as school was nearing an end, wanting to present our idea as our project, we needed a way to protect it as well. Well, who better to help than his dad? We got everything ready, sat down with his father and presented our information, our for business, as well as what we found to be the many obstacles we’d need to overcome. That night, for the first time, his dad took us to dinner, not just any dinner, after a few phone calls we were off to a private dinner, off to pitch our plans. Turns out he did have the connections needed, not only that, but after our presentation, after we began discussing how lucrative and beneficial this could become, we had all the funding we could want. Being lawyers, papers were immediately drawn up, after signing, the university was contacted, a draft with major bits of information submitted on our behalf — along with legal papers, even binding articles already signed by a judge stating any and all information contained was forbidden release, to be kept in strictest confidence. Needless to say, we aced the class, everyone wondering what we presented was told to leave it alone, the information was now considered classified.

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